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Mad Men: Om Is Where the Heart Is

I love how Mad Men ended. After 7 seasons of running away from themselves, the complex characters managed to find their way home. And as the final curtain fell on the textured world that creator Matthew Weiner designed for our guilty...Show More Summary

Hollywood Has Met the Enemy, and He Is Us

A new storyline is emerging in Hollywood blockbusters: The revolution of the malcontents has replaced the revolution of the idealists. (Spoiler warning: This blog ruins the surprise of the movies mentioned.) Among the earlier films with this theme was the excellent Arlington Road (1999). Show More Summary

An Unpublished Interview with Roy Scheider on "Jaws"

Roy Scheider, visited by a Great White on the Orca in "Jaws." [photo by Paul Iorio] Forty years ago next month, the summer movie blockbuster was born. And its name, at birth, was "Jaws," released June 20, 1975, in an at-the-time jaw-dropping...Show More Summary

Jennifer Aniston: How Long Is Too Long?

Actors Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux got engaged in August of 2012, and their wedding has been much-anticipated by their many fans. However, reports last week revealed the two have been fighting and are now living separately. Justin...Show More Summary

Meet Kendall Custer: New on the Pop Scene With a Gracefully Bold Sound

Kendall Custer's first single, "Not Gonna Fall," and the accompanying music video were released May 22. The fact is, every moment we're in is the product of all the moments we've lived. That's just how it works. Still, some moments, some days, are bigger than others. Show More Summary

The Proliferation of Female Inmates and How TV Made Us Care

Shows like "Orange Is the New Black" (OITNB) and investigative documentaries like Diane Sawyer's "A Nation of Women Behind Bars" highlight life in lockdown and have opened up a national conversation about the lives and treatment of female prisoners. Reality vs. Show More Summary

Gloria Estefan Celebrates Her Freedom, Honors Her Dad

On Sunday, May 24, Grammy winning pop megastar Gloria Estefan will join an impressive line up of performers for PBS' National Memorial Day concert on the west lawn of the U.S. Capitol. Headlined by newly crowed American Idol winner Nick...Show More Summary

Eurovision Supervisor: Australia May Receive Permanent Place in the Contest

Guy Sebastian is keen to relive 'Tonight Again', and now Eurovision Executive Supervisor Jon Ola Sand has revealed to Swedish Eurovision broadcaster SVT that Australia may do Eurovision again too. News broke earlier this year that the...Show More Summary

Mad Men: Why the Ending Is Far Better Than the Speculation (And No Sell-Out)

"In the beginner's mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert's mind there are few." -- Shunryu Suzuki Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind Mad Men is over. Yet life goes on for its characters. This is not at all what a great many critics...Show More Summary

In a Field of Amazing Songs, Poland Reigns Supreme

In the Jury semi-final last night Monika delivered a stunning performance that could well take her on to win the contest. In my opinion it was right up there with Russia & Armenia's brilliant performances in the first semi. It's a brilliant song and she has an incredible voice. Show More Summary

Tomorrowland or George Clooney Moons Over a Too, Too Young Teen Robot

Warning: The plot of Brad (Ratatouille) Bird's Tomorrowland is an incomprehensible muddle. A Wachowski screenplay reimagined by William Burroughs would be easier to follow. I'm only telling you this out of kindness so you won't feelShow More Summary

Any Resemblance To Persons Living Or Dead

It's the end of a long day and, at last, you are in bed snuggling down with a book you hope will lull you into sleep. As you turn the pages you realise, with growing horror, that you are reading about yourself. Not only that, but this book is revealing things about you which you thought no one else knew. Show More Summary


As a kid I enjoyed staying up late and watching TV until the National Anthem played. That, and those vertical color bars indicated programming was over for the night. Of course there was always one TV channel that broadcast way, way, WAY until the night or early morning and featured old black and white movies. Show More Summary

Don Draper and the Nones

Sunday's final episode of Mad Men gave us an entirely unanticipated last look at Don Draper: sitting cross-legged with his eyes closed on a clifftop lawn at the Esalen Institute, chanting "Om," the primordial sound of the universe that...Show More Summary

My Conversation With Josh Groban on the 'Intimidation Factor' of Collaborations (VIDEO)

Tonight I'm joined by multi-platinum recording artist Josh Groban. The internationally renowned singer-songwriter is out with his seventh studio album, titled Stages. Recorded with a 75-piece orchestra in Los Angeles and London's famed...Show More Summary

The Zen of Mad Men

The finale of Mad Men was not what I expected. The day before the finale aired I was hoping Don Draper would change his name to Dick Whitman and turn his back on the advertising world. I hoped he would buy a ranch in Wyoming and fall in love with the perfect woman (a woman he would never even consider being unfaithful to). Show More Summary

Mad Men: Team Weiner Captures on Finale

Finales of TV series are tough to pull off. Let's all agree. That said, Matthew Weiner, creator of Mad Men, and his team pulls off a finale by capturing hearts and minds, and also with closure. So with that, spoilers also are ahead. The...Show More Summary

Jia Zhangke Back at Cannes with "Mountains May Depart": A Conversation about Changing China with the Director

Jia Zhangke's Mountains May Depart, a three-act movie beginning in 1999 and ending in 2025, seems very light in the first act. The film opens with a peppy shot of young people dancing in a circle to exuberant music and then we are led to the story of two young men vying for the attention of a beautiful girl. Show More Summary

Zaki's Review: Tomorrowland

It's hard to fault the optimistic underpinnings of director Brad Bird's new Disney opus Tomorrowland. Taking inspiration from the same brand of utopian philosophy that Uncle Walt himself espoused during his lifetime (and which he imbued...Show More Summary

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