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Why Playing in the Dirt Matters in Building a Business Empire

Most people suck at marketing. Why? Because they're too focused on the big picture and their end game (what I call the "clouds"). And I get it--the dream is what drives you. It's fun to be romantic about the clouds. The clouds are something I massively believe in. Show More Summary

6 signs your finances are like Netflix's show 'House of Cards'

If you've been watching the popular series "House of Cards," you no doubt think it is about politics. However, it also can shed some light on how people get into money problems. In the series, lead character Frank Underwood maneuvers his way from Congress to the Vice Presidency to the top job, so you could argue that he got what he wanted. Show More Summary

New Head of Zuckerberg Education Charity Sits on Board Governing Troubled For-Profit College

In an announcement that received wide media coverage, James H. Shelton  this week was named the first head of the education component of the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, a new corporation, dedicated to charitable ventures, that is funded by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Dr. Show More Summary

Celebrate Mother's Day by Erasing the Motherhood Penalty

Is motherhood bad for a woman's career? Even as "Lean In" has become this generation's rallying cry, and women with children head up Fortune 500 corporations, women who take an off-ramp -- i.e., voluntarily leave their careers for aShow More Summary

A Bittersweet Day for Working Mothers Living Off Tips

Like millions of mothers across America, my two little girls are taking me out to eat for Mothers' Day. I enjoy being with my children as much as everyone else, but this Mothers' Day will be bittersweet. As the co-founder and Co-Director...Show More Summary

3 Keys to Engaging Your Employees with Trust

Years ago, people went to work for one company for their entire career, knowing that they had job security. The entire work environment was structured with everyone having to come to one location to do their jobs. Those days are long...Show More Summary

4 Tips To Help Understand The Marketing Customer Path

Photo Credit: CC0 License Marketing to customers is an ever-changing art. It's almost like a chess match with people and businesses on the other side of the chessboard, only you can't see them... yet. This can be incredibly...Show More Summary

How To Write a Killer Script For Your Marketing Video

You can have a ridiculously expensive camera, great talent, a big budget, etc but if your story [or script] sucks your video is gonna suck and nobody is going to watch/like/share it. Just because you are a business doesn't mean you have to be completely serious or boring. Show More Summary

How to Master the Follow-Up and Keep Your Network Connected

By: Jennifer Robinson Image Source; Barrel When networking, most people fail in the follow-up. You know how it is; you collect some cards and have a few great conversations at an event. Then you find the cards in a pocket or a purse and don't recall who these folks are or why you have their cards. Show More Summary

Why the Lack of Diversity in Business Has Reached a Tipping Point

The importance of diversity in business isn't a new topic. Every year or so, a new study comes out condemning the lack of women and minorities in high-profile industries like technology, or in high-profile leadership roles across industries. Show More Summary

6 Lessons My Adorably Cute Dog Taught Me About the Job Search

A year ago, I got my first dog (a pit bull-chihuahua mix, if you can believe it). Nacho has since become my partner in crime through many career coaching calls and copywriting sessions. As I began to observe Nacho's behavior early on, I couldn't help but draw several parallels between his canine conduct and a successful job search. Show More Summary

How Does This Dairy Farmer Deal With Loss of Life?

I had shut off farmer's alarm clock. To be honest, I still don't even remember when he had got in the house the night before. It was sometime after I had gone to bed at eleven. It had been a long day but then again that seems to be the norm these days. Show More Summary

Bosch and Flex Planting an "Internet of Soil'

Sensors such as this one sold by CropX are part of the push for greater precision in agricultural operations. By Lauren Hepler Three sensors. That's how many $380 soil monitoring devices sold by smart agriculture upstart CropX it takes to measure keep tabs on the water needs of a standard 125-acre farming plot. Show More Summary

5 Fitness Franchises That Are Worth Considering

The fitness industry is booming. It's bringing in more money than ever before, with $3 billion per year. And that is enabling people to make huge profits off the backs of major names. If you want to build an entrepreneurial power relationship, choose a fitness franchise. Show More Summary

5 Reasons Why Helicopter Parents Are Sabotaging Their Child's Career

"Hi Ashley!" came the chipper voice on the other end of the line. "I'm so excited for our call!" "Great!" I said. "Let's get started!" But before I could get the ball rolling on the phone consultation, she interjected: "Before we get...Show More Summary

What HBO's Silicon Valley Can Teach Entrepreneurs About Doing Business in The US

HBO’s Silicon Valley show charts the growth of Pied Piper as multiple protagonists attempt to take their company to the heights of the startup world. There are lots of plotlines and any multitude of obstacles that Pied Piper comes up against. Show More Summary

Showing Up: Essential Keys to Unlock Extraordinary Doors

In the world of personal and professional development, you could often hear the phrase, "those that show up, go up." There's a great deal of truth that emerges from this principle. Andy Henriquez @AndyHenriquez, strategic storytelling...Show More Summary

7 Practical Tips for Increasing Empathy

We have something in common with rats that may surprise you. Those scurrying little (sometimes large) rodents ruling garbage cans across the world are actually capable of empathy, just like humans. Many species display empathy in some...Show More Summary

Thanks, Mom: How Your Influence Helped Me Succeed as an Entrepreneur

Photo Credit: Sergio Photographer As we grow into independent women, we often have a fear or hesitation about becoming our mothers or hearing her "words come out of our mouths" I, however, never had any resistance to growing up and "turning into" my mother. My mom is an incredible woman. Show More Summary

I Got It From My Mom

My mom is and has always been an inspiration for me. With Mother's Day almost here, I've been reflecting on how much my mom helped mold me into the woman I am today. Very recently I planned to have a room re-decorated in my home. A bit...Show More Summary

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