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Brand Damage From Brexit

It's two months after the Brexit vote, and the financial damage is continuing. According to Reuters, New York just passed London as the number one place for foreign investors to put their money into commercial real estate. The imageShow More Summary

Startup Idea for Addressing the Talent War in India

Along the lines of my previous piece, Startup Idea For European Entrepreneurs To Create Jobs For European Engineers, I believe there is a set of very similar ventures to be developed in India. The Indian IT industry is going absolutely gangbuster. Show More Summary

Did Obama Threaten National Security in Negotiating TPP?

The latest line from proponents of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) implies that President Obama threatened long-standing national security relationships in his negotiating of the TPP. These proponents are not pushing the economic...Show More Summary

5 Things to Know Before Abolishing Your Performance Review

Are you thinking of throwing out your company's performance appraisal? A lot of companies are including GE, Accenture, Netflix, and Adobe. It is easy to understand why. Annual appraisals feel antiquated in a world where priorities continuously...Show More Summary

5 Innovative Ways to Increase Small Business Cash Flow

If you are a small business owner like me, increasing cash flow is practically the center of our professional lives. Although it is crucial for any business, it is especially important for small business owners because we are in business for, and depend on ourselves, as well as our loyal customers. Show More Summary

5 Ways to Nurture Your Network Without Overthinking It

As a female entrepreneur I know how important the art of networking is to small business success. However, I also think some women in business way overthink networking to the point of paralysis by analysis. I mean, I still have friends I've had since grade school. Show More Summary

Top 20 Affirmations to Get You Out of Your Career Funk

Do you dread waking up on Monday mornings? Ever wonder if the work you are doing is adding value? Do you wish you had a better relationship with your boss? You are not alone; an overwhelming number of Americans are dissatisfied with their jobs and are looking for a way to escape their career anxieties. Show More Summary

Killing the Annual Performance Review - Part II

by Bill Sanders, Principal and Sr. Consultant with Roebling Strauss Time to read: 4 minutes Last month I provided Three Reasons to Kill Annual Performance Reviews; it has out lived its purpose, it is primarily one-way communication, and it isn't helping change the current atmosphere of employee disengagement. Show More Summary

I'm Not Interested in Converting... Despite What Facebook Says

Do they really know everything about you? No...I'm not talking about your parents, significant other or best friend...but I will return to them... I am referencing Facebook and Google as proxy for the all-knowing, all-seeing eye of digital. Yes...those...Show More Summary

Do You Really Need an MBA to Succeed in the Tech World?

Are MBAs going to become more or less useful in the tech and startup industry in the next ten years? originally appeared on Quora - the knowledge sharing network where compelling questions are answered by people with unique insights. Answer...Show More Summary

From Brand to Buy: Build Everything Around the Customer's Experience

Brian Cohen, EVP Group Director, Catapult Worry less about what to call the purchase journey and more about new ways to unlock its power As far back as I can recall, we, as marketers, have been searching for the right model to illustrate how consumers go through the process of making a purchase decision. Show More Summary

AI Assistants: 3 Things Businesses Should Do Now To Be Competitive

Mike Gullaksen, Chief Operating Officer, iProspect Personal digital assistants, like Siri and Cortana, are just two examples of AI systems going mainstream as users widely adopt voice-based queries and expect immediate search results pulled from both the web and on-device content. Show More Summary

Wilson & Miller: A Brand With Purpose

 I’ve said it many times. The key to building an attractive brand is having a strong brand purpose. It’s the main thing that will set you apart from your competition. When your brand embraces a purpose that transcends your products and services, it becomes more attractive to your audience. Show More Summary

What's Missing in Marketing Today: The Human Touch

Panos Bethanis, CEO, In case you hadn’t noticed, machines are taking over much of our society. Robots are replacing doctors in hospitals. Self-serve kiosks are supplanting bank tellers and airline ticket counter reps. AndShow More Summary

Let's get real about the future of food

Food and agriculture are in the midst of disruption. Dannon recently pledged that all of its flagship brands will go GMO-free. McDonald's has started sourcing sustainable beef in Canada and Brazil, and Campbell's launched a website that...Show More Summary

Founder of 5ive Pillars talks Setbacks & Breakthroughs

In a dimly lit room, clothing designer Farrukh Ershad pulls out his notebook filled with doodles made on various flights and train rides. He rips out a page and pins it on the wall for a more precise perspective. After scrutinizing and...Show More Summary

Can Co-Working Help Fulfill the Entrepreneurial Ambitions of Students?

Students from across the United Kingdom received their exam results recently and will be either planning ahead to university or turning to plan B. Whilst that's interesting, what is particularly interesting is the attitude of students when they arrive at university. Show More Summary

Time to Rethink Time

On my desktop lives a document entitled "New Year's Resolutions [MASTER]." This slew of yearly lists provides an interesting vantage point to view the person I've been trying to become over the years. In 2007, I was focused on psychological...Show More Summary

How Resets Predict When We Look for a New Job

Imagine overhearing this conversation: Person 1 asks, "Are you happy?" Person 2 responds, "Compared to whom?" If you are the first person, you probably think that response is not a good sign. If you are the second person, however, that response is actually pretty reasonable. Show More Summary

Getting Clarity as an Entrepreneur

It's not easy getting clarity in your life -- this is a particularly tough topic for women. We seem to find it difficult to figure out what we want in life, let alone muster up the courage to do it. You see, women are often caretakers...Show More Summary

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