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Should You Co-Sign A Loan For Your Significant Other?

A good relationship succeeds because of compromise: each person gives generously to the other person and enjoys the same in return. Self-less generosity is the cornerstone of many long-lasting, loving relationships. Just ask anyone who has been in a relationship for years (or even decades). Show More Summary

Education Dept. Sent Corinthian Students to Westwood. Now Westwood Is Closing

Last spring, when for-profit Corinthian Colleges abruptly shut down under the weight of allegations of deceptive acts, Corinthian students had a choice under U.S. Department of Education rules: transfer to another school, or receiveShow More Summary

So... What is #NoLetUp! ???

There's a buddy of mine named Tony Luisi, whom I met when I was at 1-800-Flowers. He was on my team and supported me with corporate sales and a lot of other things. A very active guy, a ball player and a Dad, Tony started using the phrase...Show More Summary

Uber Logo Change: Are They Kidding?

Uber just changed its logo. According to Uber, the new logo represents bits and atoms. How does this help customers understand what Uber does, what makes it unique, or why anyone should do business with Uber? After all, bits and atoms are everywhere. Show More Summary

The Secret Sauce Behind Donald Trump's Social Media Success

By Barbara Nonas, VP/Director, Corporate Communications, DigitasLBi Full Disclosure: I am not a Trump supporter. But politics aside, there's one thing everyone can agree on: Donald Trump is a master of social media. And that's thanks...Show More Summary

Bringing Humanity to the Workplace

We now recognize that, the need to 'go to work to be working' has ceased to be necessary as technology has enabled us to work from anywhere. However, most of us still spend dark early winter mornings in overcrowded public transport or...Show More Summary

16 Easy Rules to Ensure Your Business Emails Are Effective

Being an effective leader requires many skills. You must obviously have knowledge about, and experience in, the area of your business. You must be smart and diligent. You must have patience and be resourceful. You must be a good communicator. Show More Summary

Financial Reform: It's About Improving the Financial System, not 2008

As the Democratic presidential race heats up, the debate on financial reform has taken a bizarre twist. Somehow the measure of a good reform is its ability to prevent another 2008-type financial crisis. While it is reasonable to subject a reform agenda to the 2008 test, this should be at most a side issue. Show More Summary

Why an Early Financial Start Can Change Your Life

This post appeared first on Reach Financial Independence. I started working at the age of 12 or 13. No child labor, I was a baby sitter, then a tutor to smaller kids, and since I also played the piano well enough, my music teacher would lend me the music room at lunch time to teach a one hour lesson. Show More Summary

Mumpreneur vs Entrepreneur; Should We Just Get Over It?

I was recently reading yet another article on mum entrepreneurs and how there is more to us than meets the eye. 'Underestimate us at your own peril' it implied, 'don't you know we are serious entrepreneurs?' Having written about some...Show More Summary

A Dirty Little Secret Corporate America Doesn't Want Out

Go behind the glass doors of any company, big or small, and you will find that a big secret is being closed guarded, but honestly it's time to finally let the world in on it so here goes. The global workplace is toxic and it's a breeding...Show More Summary

Is Clinton Bought By Wall Street? There Is A Test For That

Secretary Hillary Clinton has accepted millions in "speaking fees" and campaign contributions from interest groups - most notably Wall Street firms - that she will be in a position to help or hurt as president. She promises that the money will not influence her if she takes office, but voters are understandably skeptical. Show More Summary

Leading for Well-being

In a world beset with woes, people hunger for a sense of who they are, where they belong and what they believe in. Sixty million refugees are on the move, climate chaos is upon us, and the global economy teeters. Demagogues call forShow More Summary

It's Not Beyond Your Pay Grade

I once worked with a Director of Operations who was famous for slipping out of meetings before he was assigned something to do. He often found numerous ways to avoid tough tasks. In fact, he worked harder at avoiding work than actually doing it. Show More Summary

Mumpreneur vs Entrepreneur; Should We Just Get Over It?

FOR THE AUSTRALIAN VERTICAL. PLEASE FORWARD TO CHRIS HARRISON AT HUFF POST AUSTRALIA I was recently reading yet another article on mum entrepreneurs and how there is more to us than meets the eye. 'Underestimate us at your own peril'...Show More Summary

10 Great Social Media Content Resources

Brands that create great content will enjoy benefits like increased brand awareness, an improved brand perception, audience growth, and an increase in leads for their sales department. Developing the kind of social media content that can make that happen is challenging. Show More Summary

To Be or Not To Be ME? That is the question!

Wouldn't our organisations be simpler and happier places to work in if we all just 'fitted' in? If I had a pound for every time an organisation questioned whether he or she is a good fit I would be a very wealthy woman! So exactly what...Show More Summary

5 Ways you can listen in to your customers in the digital age

Success in business is hugely dependant on catering to what your customers want. Whether a company's been established for over a century or just starting-up; the one thing that defines its success is its ability to listen in to it's target audience. Show More Summary

Evidence of Affluence: Subtle Clues at Northern Jersey's Bridgewater Commons Mall

NOTE TO EDITOR: IMAGE FOR SOCIAL SHARING BLOG BEGINS BELOW. > > > > Hot on the heels of my podcast is another retail rumination. By now, it's safe to assert that the conventional enclosed shopping mall--long the paragon of middlebrow...Show More Summary

At 19 I Decided it Was Time to Fire My Boss -- Here's Why

If you're reading this article, chances are you're almost ready to do the same. Let me guess, you're stuck in the office right now, shielding your screen from nosey co-workers who are eager to bust you doing something other than your work. Show More Summary

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