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5 Examples of Shock and Awe Advertising Techniques That Work

Have you ever felt the need to reach out and shake your customers awake, leaving a permanent mark on their subconscious? This might sound violent, but cutting through the 5,000+ ads consumers come into contact with on a daily basis is difficult. Show More Summary

All Of Ours To Do

Determining the next action is the crux of completing. And before doing that next action, first there is this decision to make: is this my next action or can I delegate it to someone else? (It's is good to delegate whenever possible.) And when there is no one to delegate to, clearly it is ours to do, and we do it. Show More Summary

5 Lessons I've Learned From Visiting 100+ Countries

If you've ever looked at my Instagram, then chances are you know about my love for traveling. I am so enamored with the entire process of traveling and so thankful that my job allows me to work from anywhere I want so I can travel virtually any place in the world that has internet. Show More Summary

Greed is Destroying K-12 Education System

We now know the results of rampant greed among the politicians in those states that are cutting education budgets in their K-12 school systems. They would rather preserve the wealth of the wealthiest one percent than see any value in governments or governing of any kind. Show More Summary

Here's What You Need to Know to Start and Sell a Hugely Successful Business

What are the keys to successfully starting and selling a business? originally appeared on Quora - the knowledge sharing network where compelling questions are answered by people with unique insights. Answer by Peter Baskerville, started...Show More Summary

6 Ways to Turn Down a Business Opportunity Without Harming Any Relationships

As a new business owner, it can be tempting to say "yes" to opportunity that comes your way. But once you have a better sense of what the right opportunities are, you'll feel more comfortable turning down those that don't suit your business. A. Show More Summary

6 Skills Every Great Negotiator Has

Negotiating isn't just about getting the deal you want. It's about finding common ground and gaining the trust of the person you're negotiating with. So before you head out to make your next deal, keep the following skills in mind. A. Show More Summary

How Business Owners Can Make the Most of Facebook's New Algorithm

By Chad Keller It's not surprising to anyone that Facebook is one of the top means of attracting new customers to your brand. In fact, it's how my own brand was able to get off the ground just a month after our launch. But after allShow More Summary

Millennial Entrepreneurs Must Steer Clear of 'Quick Fix' Attitudes

By, Molly McElwee Millennials are the first digital native generation, profiting from our second nature relationship with essential tools like the Internet, social media and technology in general. Our experience coming of age in arguably...Show More Summary

11 Things You Absolutely Must Know Before Retiring Overseas

11 Things To Know Before You Retire Overseas Here are 11 things I've learned from the school of hard knocks after three international moves across three continents with two kids, a dog, a turtle, a husband, and two businesses: 1. The...Show More Summary

Putting courage at the heart of business

Courage. In the past few weeks, I've seen more evidence of this amongst global corporations than I could ever have imagined. When I launched the Thomson Reuters Foundation Stop Slavery Award last year, an initiative to reward businesses...Show More Summary

The 5 Types of Entrepreneurs Most Likely to Succeed

There are many types of entrepreneurs out there, but some are likelier to succeed than others. There's no such thing as a "correct" entrepreneurial style. While there are some best practices you'll need to conduct as a leader for your organization, you have lots of options to play with. Show More Summary

How to Manage Your Small Business Invoices

Dealing with invoicing is no one's favorite job, especially when you're dealing with a lot of different clients. Regardless, getting paid is arguably the most important aspect of business, especially for small business owners. It is important to devise a strategy for managing your invoices. Show More Summary

The Money Mistake

"Invest in yourself to the point that it makes someone else want to invest in you." -Anonymous If you refuse to make the sacrifice of investing in yourself, who will? No one. You are the only one who will invest in you. You must make choices and invest in yourself based on the future you are creating versus where you currently are. Show More Summary

To Improve Health Care Value, We Need To Know What We Are Paying For

Along with improving quality, cost containment is vital to redesigning American health care to increase value. The problem of uncontrolled costs was highlighted recently by reports that a couple was charged $40 for simply being able to hold their newborn "skin-to-skin" after a caesarian delivery. Show More Summary

Sales - How To Close the Credibility Gap

One of the biggest things I see new Advisors struggling with is the notion that they are not credible yet. The belief that because they have less than a year in the profession, it's unlikely prospective clients will take them seriously. Certainly...Show More Summary

So, You're Thinking of Online Trading? Here Are 4 Things You Need to Know

Once upon a time, making money off the financial market was reserved to the shiny spires of Wall Street and the likes of it. For the common person trying to invest funds,getting the best returns can be incredibly frustrating. You can pay a broker or an investment firm to do it for you, but you'll be paying their administrative fees as well. Show More Summary

Planning for Retirement: How and How Much?

Photo credit: Raymond Sam/StockSnap. The idea of planning for retirement is easy - you just tuck some money away into a savings account every week or month and when you retire you'll be all set, right? If only it were that easy! It's...Show More Summary

4 Steps to Building Your Dream Career

I was having a chat recently to a family friend of mine who was going through a bit of a transition phase with their career. She had been working in a marketing agency for a number of years and was starting to become disengaged withShow More Summary

Three Lessons Women Can Learn From Donald Trump's Accusers

One of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's chief defenses against charges that he inappropriately touched women over the years has been deceptively straightforward: If this really happened, why didn't they speak up at the...Show More Summary

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