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Philippine Economy and Elections: Emerging Markets and Electoral Cycles

Soon, the Philippines will be engulfed by an election fever. And in promising emerging markets like the Philippines, electoral cycles are extremely crucial to shaping the short-to-medium term growth trajectory of the country. In recent...Show More Summary

This is Your Neighborhood on the Drug War

In cooperation with our longstanding partner, Crowdrise, The Huffington Post is celebrating its 10 year anniversary by focusing on the promise of the next 10 years ahead. We're highlighting causes that are near and dear to our ethosShow More Summary

Detroit South: What Is It the South Is, (and Isn't) Doing for Auto Manufacturing?

If you picked up the USA Today last week, you may have noticed that international auto manufacturer Volvo has announced plans to build a new plant in South Carolina. This fall, the company will bring its very first facility to North America. Show More Summary

Fitbit IPO: The Road Ahead

Fitbit made its S1 filing coming off a quarter of astounding growth: $336.8M in revenue - up from $108.8M in Q1 2014. The enterprise generated $48M in net income. Last week we learned it hopes to raise $100M through an IPO. Why would Fitbit IPO now? There are any number of traditional reasons - raise capital, return money to investors, etc. Show More Summary

10 Things Your Mom Never Told You About Work

Remember that old television commercial where a beautiful woman danced across the television screen singing seductively,"I can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan and never let you forget you're a man!" Yep, the concept that women could do it all was alive and well as I transitioned from student to working adult. Show More Summary

Sharene Wood: Balancing Marriage, Motherhood and Career

This interview originally appeared on Mr. Refined Lifestyle Magazine, where Ronda is a contributing writer. She is the President and CEO of 5001 FLAVORS and Harlem Haberdashery. She is a pioneer in couture urban fashion. If Jacob the...Show More Summary

The ONE Question Every Entrepreneur NEEDS an Answer To

Question: WHY do you do what you do? Who you are is made up of hundreds of tiny little decisions. Your business is made up of hundreds of tiny little decisions. All day long you make small yet important choices. Choices that impact who...Show More Summary

The Banksters New Fix

Just a few years after the world economy nearly collapsed, the banksters are back at it again. Like an alcoholic who must have a drink, or a drug addict who must get high, banksters must get their fix. It has recently come to light that...Show More Summary

Viva la Verification! Addressing Online Ad Fraud

Online ad fraud is costing millions. Every year advertising pounds are wasted because of fraudulent traffic, and if the industry continues on its current course this amount is only set to grow. A 2014 report from eMarketer predictedShow More Summary

Seven Strategies for Humanizing Brand Storytelling

Prior to the emergence of social networks, brand storytelling would typically unfold as a controlled narrative told from the perspective and interests of the business. Traditional media such as TV and print brought such brand stories to life and distinct traditions formed in how these stories were communicated and crafted. Show More Summary

A Day in the Entertainment and Media Business, as Told by My Blood Pressure

I know I'm not alone when I say that when I get home at night from work, I'm exhausted. I love my job at Situation. (Fun fact: I haven't taken a sick day in almost 14 years!) But whether it's a good exhaustion or bad exhaustion, I am flat-out exhausted at the end of the day. Show More Summary

Sub-Prime Student Loans

After the sub-prime mortgage crisis, it was necessary to find a villain. For the left, it was greedy bankers foisting inappropriate loans on unsophisticated and inexperienced borrowers. For the right, it was government policies -- notably...Show More Summary

Amazon's Same-Day Delivery Service Taking Hits From Unreliable Third Party Couriers and Other, Faster Options

Most of us want what we want when we want it, if not sooner. Especially in the era of instant gratification. Given how quickly we expect things to come to us, even something as simple as an extra click on a web page could mean the difference between a successful site and an unsuccessful one. Show More Summary

The World Is Bifurcated and Disrupted

It has been ten years since Thomas Friedman's book The World is Flat became an international bestseller. This was a book that cast the widest net on defining what a modern-day globalized economy looked like. Like many of those who read...Show More Summary

The Smart Phone for Market Research

Successful real estate investors don't just drive through a neighborhood and buy homes for flipping or rental units. Sure, driving a market area is part of the research you need to do. There is no substitute for a firsthand look at the homes in an area, busy streets, and nearby amenities. Show More Summary

More Follow Up to Follow Up

I'll bet that some of you have a stack of business cards in a snarl of rubber bands on your desk. It's right next to that pile of spare change and the cell phone charger that doesn't go to your current device. Those business cards are...Show More Summary

Experts Share the Best and Worst Productivity Advice

Your ability to think, work, and create faster, smarter, and with a more innovative edge will differentiate you from your competition. Maintaining that competitive advantage requires time, patience, drive, and the consistent refinement...Show More Summary

Help Me Fall in Love With Your Brand: How to Build a Sustainable and Profitable Marketing Strategy

Most marketers are working to create worship relationships. Idolatry. Worship is established when we feel like a brand is cool, or sexy, or topical, or all three. Elon Musk is currently being worshipped by many today. Steve Jobs has been for years, both before and after his passing. Show More Summary

When a LinkedIn Connection Crosses the Line

Nowadays, Linkedin users are paying more attention to who views their profiles, especially prior to connecting. It is commonplace to joke about this behavior as "professional stalking." You may say with tongue-in-cheek to a repeat visitor, "Hey, I saw you checking me out on LinkedIn. Show More Summary

How to Prep Your Business to Survive Your Summer Vacation

Study after study stress the connection between vacation time and your health, mental wellbeing and productivity. While the average American now takes the least amount of vacation time in the past four decades, time off is even more elusive for the small business owner. Show More Summary

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