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Despite What You've Heard, 2015 Is Not The Year of Personalization

Erik Severinghaus is the founder and CEO of SimpleRelevance, a Chicago-based company focused on digital marketing personalization. Prior to that he received a patent while in IBM's IT optimization organization, and helped co-found iContact...Show More Summary

Creating the Impossible Begins With Ignoring Those who Love you

How often have you let the people in your life make you believe that something wasn't possible or that the choices you were making might not be the best ones? You might have even believed at some point that you might be best to quitShow More Summary

Why Massage Therapists Don't Want to Sell

For many therapists in the spa industry, retail selling has negative connotations. Some massage therapists consider their vocation to have roots based in spirituality. They don't think that commerce should enter into the process. "Render...Show More Summary

Bizzabo CEO Says Success Comes from Listening, Fighting, and Collaborating

Bizzabo is an event success platform that was started in 2012. Back then, CEO Eran Ben-Shushan never dreamed the company would make it to the level that it is today. They listened to their customers and developed a solution that makes it possible to have a hotspot for big events. Show More Summary

Redefining Empowerment, Stress, and Hybrid Leadership in Global Organizations

In my clinical and consulting psychology practice, as well as my work with global organizations in five continents and their respective cultures, I have identified operating variables that I believe are essential for sustainable productivity and wellness in the workplace. Show More Summary

Facebook Groups Are In, Fan Pages Are Out!

While the principles of marketing are constant, the channels business owners use to implement them are constantly changing. New social media platforms are popping up rapidly and when one of them gains popularity, it's important to be an early adopter so that you can ride its wave to success. Show More Summary

9 Hollywood Robots That Will Never Take Over Content Marketing

Robots may take over the world someday, but I guarantee this bunch won't be taking over content marketing anytime soon. (credit: 1. Hal 9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey because he hates humanity. One of the most critical parts of being successful in content marketing is showing that you at least have a general desire to help other people. Show More Summary

How to Measure Your Content Marketing ROI

Let's be honest. Content marketing really sucks. For the most part you're doing it as a means to an end to get new leads and sales. You really have no desire to spend hours channeling your inner Maya Angelou writing blog posts about your topic that all sound the same to you. Show More Summary

Email Marketing Best Practices for Lead Generation

Leads, leads, leads. Everybody wants them and once you have a few, you will want more. When you do get more, you'll want better quality ones. It's all part of doing business. In a survey of small business owners earlier this year, 45% of them said their biggest challenge was growing revenue; the very thing lead generation is for. Show More Summary

Student Loans 2016

This week millions of people returned to the classroom at college campuses right across the country. There are no less than 43.3 million Americans, including 25.9 million below the age of 40, holding at least some amount of student loan debt. Show More Summary

How to Clean Up With Your Own Pet Business

I thought this article Kelli Clevenger shared with me was awesome. It opens the possibilities for people who want to start their own business and who love pets. But one lucrative opportunity isn't in there, poop scooping. I know a couple of people who have really cleaned up by cleaning up. Show More Summary

Are you troubled by the 'bills you gotta pay?'

Do you ever feel like you're living the Lunchmoney Lewis song "Bills," that your whole life revolves around "bills I gotta pay"? (See full lyrics here: I heard this song recently...Show More Summary

How Now Brown Dow? Alan Greenspan vs. Dr. Seuss

When I was in junior high school I excelled in literature and math. You know -- fractions, algebraic equations, and Venn diagrams.  Economics, not so much. Too many theories, too abstract.  It wasn't concrete like Given: and To Prove. Show More Summary

Why Won't My Employees Admit They're Going on Vacation?

As another summer comes to a close, I find myself noticing once again that my co-workers and employees have been very reluctant to both commit to a vacation and to communicate that time off to everyone else. As CEO, I find this frustrating...Show More Summary

A 4-Step Breakdown of How I Started 3 Companies This Summer

This summer I set a goal to launch one company a month in June, July, and August. As every entrepreneur knows, being goal oriented is a key to success. Without goals, our ideas are just dreams. For me, as a young entrepreneur in college, I set actionable deadlines that push myself forward. Show More Summary

Hurricane Katrina 10 Year Anniversary: 2 New Orleans Family Business Updates

It's been ten years since Hurricane Katrina barreled down on New Orleans, breaking the levee systems, flooding the city, killing over 1,800 people and leaving everyone else in a major state of devastation that has taken every momentShow More Summary

Alphabet Soup

Google's proven, in a genius move, that you don't have to be a branding genius to come up with a simple, effective name with impact. (Although it helps!) When the new name for Alphabet, the new holding company, of which Google is just...Show More Summary

Setting the Culture Is Not Enough, You Have to Make It Go Viral (2.6)

----------------------------------------------------- How did the programmer die in the shower? He read the shampoo bottle instructions: Lather. Rinse. Repeat. ----------------------------------------------------- In a previous post,...Show More Summary

10 Reasons Why You Should Start Your Own Business

This post originally appeared on Are you thinking of quitting your job and starting your own thing but not sure if it's the right decision? Are you scared of failing? of going broke? of living uncomfortably? of disappointing...Show More Summary

China's Market Crash Means Chinese Supergrowth Could Have Only 5 More Years to Run

Ever since I became an adult in 1980, I have been a stopped clock with respect to the Chinese economy. I have said -- always -- that at most, Chinese supergrowth likely has five more years to run. Then there will come a crash -- in asset values and expectations, if not in production and employment. Show More Summary

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