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Everyday Innovation Can Produce Big Results

So many companies get obsessed with scoring the next Big Innovation. Of course we're all hungry to find that next giant disruptive idea that will revolutionize our industry. However, how often can you truly expect that big stroke ofShow More Summary

Required Minimum Distributions: What Are the Dates and Deadlines?

Dear Carrie, I'm turning 70 in a few months and know I'll be forced to withdraw money from my retirement accounts. How does that work and are there some special rules I need to be aware of? -- A Reader Dear Reader, I think reaching age 70 is an important milestone, so first of all, congratulations. Show More Summary

The Role of the Internet in Real Estate

Working in over 30 emerging markets, and having had the opportunity to visit many of these countries in recent months, I have noticed that the role of the Internet is changing. It is evident that across the emerging markets, an increasing number of people are switching online every year. Show More Summary

Six Frightening Facts You Need to Know About Health Care

Regardless of your political persuasion, there are some facts about the health care industry that are not well known to the general public but are key to the realization that the system is broken and that change is desperately needed. Show More Summary

4 Common Credit Card Mistakes to Avoid

Getting involved with credit cards without some guidance can sometimes feel like jumping into the deep end of the pool without knowing how to swim -- sink or swim, your (financial) life is on the line. Since credit scores and history...Show More Summary

Content Performance Marketing - Transformation of the Digital Organization

Transformation in any part of an organization is a task that very few manage with success. Managing change takes time and investment beyond the monetary. From board level approval through to emotional buy-in, the process can be long,...Show More Summary

TheFuturein5 Episode 24: Why The Internet of Things is Going to Change Everything

In this episode of the Future in 5, I talk about the internet of things. I've touched on wearable devices and things related to technology in the past, but I wanted to focus specifically on how the internet of things is going to change our lives. Show More Summary

5 Questions You Should Be Able to Answer When Meeting With These 2 Investors

John Rampton and Murray Newlands are not only interested in investing, but in providing start-ups with the right kind of support and insight they need to find success. John Rampton has been named the 3rd on Entrepreneur Magazine's list of Top 50 Online Influencers, a blogging expert by Forbes, and top 10 Most Influential PPC Experts in the World. Show More Summary

Why Omni-Channel Commerce Could Cost You Your Job (And 4 Things You Can Do About It)

At the recent Adobe Summit in Salt Lake City, the annual trek made by digital marketers from all over the world to hear everything marketing, there was a buzz around retailers and the challenges poised by omni-channel commerce. When it comes to omni-channel commerce, retailers fall into three categories. Show More Summary

Will Robo-Writers Put Humans Out of Work?

Answer: I, for one, welcome our new computer overlords. Question: What did Ken Jennings write in his response to Final Jeopardy!, knowing he had no hope of defeating Watson, IBM's artificially intelligent computer system, in a Jeopardy!...Show More Summary

Onward, Toward Plutocracy

At its national bargaining convention, now taking place in Detroit, UAW president Dennis Williams announced that he is not only opposed to a "three-tier" wage format (rumored to be on GM and Ford's agenda and aimed at members engaged...Show More Summary

Empowering Female Entrepreneurs and Crushing Tech Sexism at SXSW 2015

Last week at SXSW, you may have spotted a glass box across from the Austin Convention Center and wondered what was going on inside. With an endless array of on-site activities including career coaching, video interviews, networking and power discussions, The Ipsos Girls' Lounge is all about stimulating conversation, confidence and collaboration. Show More Summary

Why Having Women in the Arena Helps Car Sales

Stanford University, my alma mater, has a mostly distinguished history of co-education; it had nearly equal numbers of men and women in 1901, as today. 1904 was the exception, when in response to women's continued sweep the of the academic awards the president -- with co-founder Jane Stanford's support -- capped the number of women admitted. Show More Summary

The Republican Budget Opens Taxpayers' Wallets to Bail Out Wall Street - Again

The federal budget is a very big and complex document, but it sets out really important policies and spending priorities. Unfortunately, like the spending bill last December -- called the "CRomnibus" where the swaps push out was repealed...Show More Summary

E-Commerce Sales Sweep the Globe: Here's How to Get in the Swing

The days of shopping at the mall or dropping by your favorite downtown store may be fading as eCommerce continues to entice consumers to shop online. With 42% of the world's population having access to the Internet in 2015 alone, according...Show More Summary

Dating For A Job, Landing A Career

Nicolay Lameijer It all began with a simple concept: employed by the local community, students could pick up time-sensitive tasks or small gigs, such as moving boxes or fixing a computer, to earn their beer money for the weekend. However,...Show More Summary

Ivy League M&A: Barnard Wins. Radcliffe Loses.

Barnard and Radcliffe were the women's colleges most closely aligned with Columbia and Harvard respectively. When they were founded there were no good educational opportunities available to women. Today there are. In light of that, Radcliffe has merged with Harvard and effectively ceased to exist. Show More Summary

Rosy View of SEC Regulation At Odds With Reality

In an increasingly frantic effort to derail new protections for retirement savers, SIFMA, the self-described "voice of the U.S. securities industry," has purchased yet another study that purports to show why a pending Department of Labor...Show More Summary

Gratitude: Good for Your Wallet and Your Soul

Enticements to consumerism define our society like never before. From our tablets, to our email, to our smartphones, the next advertisement and the next purchase are only a click away. The result? The impulse buy -- the cash cow of many...Show More Summary

Growth Engine Smart Manufacturing Sparks Public Debate in Germany

It felt like an attention grabbing aside in the long speech given by German Chancellor Merkel to the top managers of numerous corporations at this year's World Economic Forum in Davos. It was an unambiguous warning of urgency to Europe's...Show More Summary

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