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Sharing a Mirage Economy

It's pouring rain out during the morning rush hour and you're standing on a corner with your aging mother with no taxis in sight. So you press the Ubu icon on your new $600 iPhone and, magically, a shiny black car with a polite driver pulls up to the curb within the promised five minutes. Show More Summary

Focusing on Specific Skills is Not Enough. Look Also for This.

At the Fuqua/Coach K Center on Leadership & Ethics (COLE) in Duke University's Fuqua School of Business, a consistent theme we hear from leaders across different industries and sectors is that an organization's most powerful asset is its people. Show More Summary

5 Expert SEO Predictions for 2016

Search engines are constantly working at refining and updating their algorithms in order to make the search results more applicable to the search. But they are also very committed to making sure the search results can not be manipulated - well, easily anyway. Show More Summary

Don't Fear the Feminine

Recently, I gave a talk to a group of female academic leaders, explaining how my research demonstrates that successful executive women "round off the edges" of stereotypically male behaviors expected of leaders so that they can avoid...Show More Summary

6 Reasons Brands Should Start Using SMS Marketing

6 Reasons Brands Should Start Using SMS Marketing Businesses of all sizes are discovering that they can effectively integrate SMS marketing into a larger marketing strategy. With the help of SMS marketing automation, brands can create, schedule, and automate smart targeting campaigns. Show More Summary

How to Regulate the Sharing Economy? Look to the Law Governing Lawyers

Whether it is ride-hailing services, the opportunity to rent a spare room for a short-term stay, the chance to participate in an on-line auction for Star Wars memorabilia, or the excuse to purchase artisanal jewelry, Sharing EconomyShow More Summary

How to Trust Your Gut

There's two types of intelligence. First there's the facts and figures, pros and cons and all the logical stuff that we usually focus on. That's all pretty straightforward and most folks know how to access it and use it. The other type is bigger, deeper and much more important. Show More Summary

Donald Trump and the Lessons of Wharton

Friends and associates ask me about Donald Trump as if I possess special insight. Their questions apparently come from the traits we share. We both have degrees from Wharton, are successful in business and active in politics. My colleagues also like to remind me that we share the same initials, DJT. Show More Summary

Suggestions for Executives When Your Employer is Under Government Investigation

Civil law and criminal law overlap so that a given situation may involve both the possibility of an administrative agency civil action involving a fine or an injunction and potential criminal charges against both the business entity and individual executives. Show More Summary

Pull-ups and Hard Work: From Avoidance to Embracing

As an executive coach, I often spend time with my clients supporting them to be more effective by focusing on and enhancing their strengths. This always made sense to me. It's more efficient to build upon your strengths than to commit to the heavy lifting of addressing weaknesses, particularly with no guarantee of success. Show More Summary

The Secret Sauce for Effective Fundraising

Here's a fundraising secret that will relieve a great amount of angst: resources flow. Resources like time, creativity, networks, ideas, passion and money.  These resources are ours to leverage. Unfortunately, they can get stuck andShow More Summary

Top 22 Table Manners for Men on Valentine's Day

Good manners always make a great impression. And no time is more important than when you're trying to romance your love on Valentine's Day. Sure, you probably know not to talk with your mouth full or wipe your mouth on your sleeve, but some dining etiquette points can be a bit more nuanced. Show More Summary

10 Valentine's Day Ideas That Won't Break the Bank... or the Romance

What does it cost to show your loved one that you care this Valentine's Day? Probably not as much as you think. My wife and I always try to celebrate with something that isn't too extravagant. This year, consider a more creative approach...Show More Summary

Doctor, Lawyer or Contractor? Try These Lead Gen Websites to Boost Your Bottom Line

Credit It may seem strange for a lawyer, doctor or contractor to need help boosting the number of individuals they serve. Doesn't the very existence of humans preclude a dip in demand? Shouldn't this be enough to satisfy their respective practices' financial needs? Unfortunately, no. Show More Summary

5 Cloud Video Solutions to Common Business Startup Problems

As if launching a startup wasn't hard enough, the challenges that come along with staying lean, bootstrapping, acquiring customers and growing a team can seem overwhelming. However, the technology we have access to today allows new ventures to launch, scale and soar within far less time than days past. Show More Summary

5 Ways a Penny Saved Can Equal Big Bucks

"A penny saved is a penny earned." - Benjamin Franklin "There are plenty of pennies out there just waiting for you to pick them up." - David Rae -- Fulfilling any meaningful financial goal means saving a lot of pennies, true, but it really can be easier than you think. Show More Summary

The Best Way to Find Your Business Strengths & Boost Your Confidence

When was the last time that you flipped the lens? My boyfriend took this photo of me the other day out on our hike in Loveland, CO. And, I kinda love it. I remember when I used to hate having pictures taken of me because I'd be so darn judge-y. Show More Summary

Mr. Goodbar Will Still Make You Fat: A One Act Play About Sugar

Exciting news, candy lover! Your Kit Kat will now contain sucrose molecules from Latin America instead of Minnesota. That's right, an anti-GMO group has been hard at work, fighting for your right to eat a new peanut butter cup that is exactly like the old peanut butter cup. Show More Summary

CRAP - Constant Regurgitation About Propsperity

I am here to tell you something special love, I believe in you, now its time for you to believe in yourself. Okay, now that I've got that in your head, let's talk about success. Yes, success. Everyone has different levels of it, some...Show More Summary

If Shakespeare Wrote About Business Today

You may not remember Dick the Butcher. He was a rather forgettable character in William Shakespeare's play, Henry VI, Part II. The chances are good, however, that you remember Dick's famous line: "The first thing we do, let's kill all...Show More Summary

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