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What Are Some Relationship Hacks That Are Worth Learning?

What are some relationship hacks that actually are worth learning? originally appeared on Quora - the knowledge sharing network where compelling questions are answered by people with unique insights. Answer by Anna Akbari, sociologist,...Show More Summary

4 Planned Parenthood Services At Risk Of Getting Defunded

Over the past few months there's been an increasing number of politicians and groups who have been pushing for the defunding of Planned Parenthood. Recently there have been a number of headlines in America media addressing concerns about...Show More Summary

Minnesotans With Disabilities Lobby For Reduction Of Medicaid Spend-Down

A group of Citizen Advocates, spearheaded by the Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance, are spending Tuesdays at the Capitol in an effort to bring their personal stories to the forefront of their Legislature’s radar. Here is a brief overview...Show More Summary

Can a flu shot wear off if you get it too early? Perhaps, scientists say

By Helen Branswell It can be jarring to see placards advertising "Flu Shots Today" in late July or early August in 80-degree weather. But those signs may be more than just an unwelcome reminder that summer's days are numbered. Mounting...Show More Summary

How Technologies are Helping to Improve Mental Health Care

McLean Hospital Guest Blogger Justin T. Baker, MD, PhD In today's world, everyone carries a smartphone. Why not capitalize on this and develop apps that will help improve health care--specifically mental health care? This is a question...Show More Summary

Should You Wash New Clothes Before You Wear Them?

For SELF, by Haley Goldberg. Here's what the experts say. “Aren’t you going to wash that before you wear it?” my sister asked me. The “it” she was referring to was the incredible “Life Is Better With A Yorkie” t-shirt that my mom got me for Christmas. Show More Summary

Flu Season Is Going To Be Worse This Year Than Last, The CDC Warns

For SELF, by Korin Miller. Here's what you need to do to protect yourself. Every year, you’re encouraged to get a flu shot before flu season rolls around, and you may or may not actually take that advice. This year, the Centers for Disease...Show More Summary

Is There A Bed, Bath & Beyond For Health Care?

I recently decided to buy a space heater as a gift for a relative who’s always cold. I took myself over to Bed, Bath & Beyond, coupon in hand (pro tip: they never expire). What greeted me was an overwhelming array of options; I had no...Show More Summary

The 6 Best Plank Variations Nobody Does

Have regular planks become too easy for you? Time to change that. It's no secret that I'm a big fan of planks. I include them in my clients coaching programs all the time. In addition to helping strengthen the core, they can improveShow More Summary

10 Ways To Save Money And Transform Your Life

Most people would like to have more money. Whilst earning more money is sometimes out of your control, and might not always be immediately possible, how much money you spend is within your control. By becoming more conscious of how and where you spend your money, you can make your money reach further for you. Show More Summary

Got the News Blues? We Can Help

by Kara Baskin If you're anything like me, you tumble down a rabbit hole of news every day. You know how it goes: you start scrolling through social media or flip on the TV, click link after link or switch channels--and before you know...Show More Summary

This Viral Photo Of Lemons Can Help You Learn To Identify Signs Of Breast Cancer

For Glamour, by Jessica Militare. Breast cancer is incredibly common in America: One in eight U.S. women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime. With those scary facts, it’s so important to get to know your own body, your...Show More Summary

Is It Safe To Make Desserts And Drinks Out Of Snow?

By Lauren Oster Pinterest and Instagram are full of recipes that use snow — think snow cones, slushy cocktails, and DIY ice cream. And while frozen margaritas sure sound like an ideal way to make the best of a blizzard, is it even safe...Show More Summary

This Is Exactly When You're More Likely To Catch The Flu

By Amanda MacMillan Cases of flu are on the rise, according to a recent statement from the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and experts are warning that this year’s flu season will be worse than last. Now, aShow More Summary

The Benefits Of Winter Hibernation

In 1992, I moved to Hawaii because Honolulu is 85 and sunny year round. In 2013, I moved back to Minnesota because Honolulu is 85 and sunny year round. Fickle? Not really. I just missed the change of seasons. Growing up in Minnesota with four distinct seasons gives you something to look forward to. Show More Summary

Feeling Too Much: Curse or Blessing?

I'm grateful to live in an age where people can openly discuss intuition, astrology and all things energy. It hasn't always been that way along my journey. I experienced a lot of abandonment, abuse and exposure to violence in my youth. Show More Summary

Wearables Could Soon Know You’re Sick Before You Do

By Rinku Patel for WIRED. Mike Snyder was learing brush behind his brother’s western Massachusetts house, erecting a fence to keep deer from the blueberries, when the tick bit him. A few days later, on a flight to Norway with his family, his palms itched and his head grew woozy. Show More Summary

Don't Repeal Me, Please!

I am luckier than most. After 20 years of having multiple sclerosis I am still relatively healthy. I have a spot on my foot which is mildly numb most of the time and markedly numb when I have an exacerbation. This is damage I got from not treating an exacerbation with steroid therapy. Show More Summary

Obamacare -- Price Transparency

By Dr. Sudip Bose Jan. 16, 2017 -- One thing is certain about the future of Obamacare, and that is that it will change under a Donald Trump presidency. And from President-elect Trump's recent statements, it will happen much sooner rather...Show More Summary

What Your Health Insurance Card Doesn’t Say: Will Changes To The Affordable Care Act, Obamacare Impact You?

For the silliest of reasons—what’s written on a plastic wallet card—many Americans are unaware that their health insurance coverage may be at risk if and when the Affordable Care Act, nicknamed Obamacare, is repealed —which the Trump...Show More Summary

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