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The Top 10 Workout Songs for June 2016

Flickr: Ernst Moeksis The summer possesses a strange magic that allows it to draw pop songs out of the woodwork--even from acts that aren't necessarily pop acts. Even if the season itself isn't pulling the strings, music lovers are definitely gravitating to big choruses from a variety of sources. Show More Summary

The Day I Reached an Orgasm While Training!

This may sound rather odd or weird to you, and I have no idea how or why it actually happened, but I swear to you folks that it really did happen! There I was, in the middle of a 90 pound e-z curl bar biceps extension. The weight was really heavy, and I struggled fighting against gravity. Show More Summary

5 Reasons to Add Smoothies to Your Daily Routine

Smoothies seem to be everywhere you turn. They are on the shelves in the produce section of your grocery store, blended up at your local Starbucks and coffee shops, and smoothie and juice chains and shops. They might even be blended up in your very own kitchen. Show More Summary

Gluten-Free Shaming is not OK

May is Celiac Awareness month and with that in mind, I'd like to thank Elle Magazine for raising awareness by posting the picture above to a combined following of 5.6 million people on their social media accounts with the caption "We all have that friend... Show More Summary

My Friend Fed My Daughter When She Couldn't Feed Hers

I still remember the day my friend Sarah asked me, timidly, if I would like to have her breastmilk for my daughter. Her expressions, body language, and voice all told me that this was something she had thought about for a long time and that it was a big brave thing for her to ask me. Show More Summary

Santa Monica-Based Kriser's Natural Pet Store Chain Teams with Wings of Rescue to Save Companion Pets in Need

There is no doubt that mainstream America has embraced natural and organic food consumption expanding a niche demographic of health conscious individuals, which at one time was deemed rather radical. However, healthy eating is no longer a fad among the privileged and elite. Show More Summary

Do These Four Things to Cut Your Cancer Risk

If you knew you could be helping yourself to cut your cancer risk in half just by practicing 4 things, would you do it? This is the message from a study published in the journal JAMA Oncology that sought out the answer to the question...Show More Summary

Why This Should Be the Summer You Live IRL

As a writer and journalist in her 20s, I suppose I fit the description of "social media obsessed" that comes with my age bracket. The latest Snapchat filters? I've amused myself with them for hours. Where do I find out about current events most of the time? Twitter. Show More Summary

5 Things People Misunderstand About Mental Strength

Decades of research have gone into studying how people can grow stronger by changing the ways they think, feel, and behave. But there are a lot of articles on mental strength and mental toughness that just aren't accurate, so I wanted...Show More Summary

A Little Prick

Injections to the knee joint used to be scary, and almost always involved cortisone. No more. Here is what has changed. Cortisone injections became popular because they shut down cell activity and inflammation. [1] Unfortunately, this weakens the tissues in the process and thus inhibits healing. Show More Summary

Trigger Warning: Rape

The fact that I have to even start this piece with tw: rape shows just awful rape culture has even gotten. Many victims of rape have to live in constant fear of something triggering the memories of their experiences and that deeply saddens...Show More Summary

Don't Drunk

When I was seventeen, back in 1981, the legal drinking age rose from 18 to 19 and then to 21. It was pretty frustrating for a generation of kids looking forward to their first legal drink but it was a positive change motivated in large part by Mothers Against Drunk Driving. Show More Summary

Why I Chose to Take a Gap Year

My whole life has always been about getting to the next step -- always about getting to that next level which would just lead to me to another and another -- a never ending cycle of accomplishments that are designed to make me a "successful" adult. Show More Summary

Making a Difference: How One Woman Achieved Her Dream of Living Authentically

Living an authentic life is a dream for many, yet for some women it is their reality. Have you ever looked at those living life differently and wondered how they achieved it? Sharon Thompson is one of these women. A photographer by trade, she has also made a name for herself as a sensitive and talented stillbirth photographer. Show More Summary

Is Beauty Worth the Risk?

Yesterday, I read an old news story where a young woman, a mother, tragically lost her life. The mother went to The Dominican Republic to have cosmetic work done. She was supposed to have a tummy tuck, and lipo suction. These are relatively common procedures, and they are usually safe. Show More Summary

A Letter to My Mental Illness

Dear My Anxiety, You are probably thinking, "Why in the world is she thanking me? Don't I make her life miserable?" and to answer you, yes you do make me miserable. I never asked to be statistic. I never asked for the panic attacks, for the sleepless nights, for the tears. Show More Summary

Women With Chronic Kidney Disease Face Unique Challenges

Women are more likely than men to get kidney disease. But while already living with this potentially debilitating illness, women face additional physiological challenges related to their sex. Kidney disease, or CKD, doesn't display severe symptoms until it's advanced, and it can be diagnosed at any age. Show More Summary

Observations From Below: Transitioning Into College

One of the first things I learned graduating high school and going to college, was that college requires a lot more responsibilities and work. In high school, you may have had a whole support group behind you, such as physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, etc. Show More Summary

Families Take Action: It's Up to You to Get Help for Your Loved Ones Abusing Opioids

It is believed that at least 7 percent of the US population are substance abusers. Young people are one of the largest groups of drug users with prescription pills, painkillers, and heroin being among their top drugs of choice. MoreShow More Summary

Ways Lifting Weights Will Change Your Life

Knowing that you are responsible for the results and you did it on your own is one of the perks of lifting weights. Click Here to see the Complete List of Ways Lifting Weights Will Change Your Life Other than the obvious fact that lifting...Show More Summary

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