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Carbs, Coffee, and Cortisol

Day to day, you and I encounter many variables that affect our cortisol levels. From daily stress to the foods we eat--all can and do affect the way our adrenals function, and, consequently the way you feel and even sleep. Let's tackle a few questions to give you some understanding about your adrenals and how to lead yourself back to health. Show More Summary

Should the Supplement Industry Have Stronger Regulation?

According to Forbes, supplements were a 32 billion dollar industry in 2012, this number is expected to grow. Supplements including vitamins, minerals and different herbs are promoted to help us acquire better health. Our bodies needShow More Summary

Traditional Thanksgiving After a Non-Traditional Childhood

Are you growing up in a home or did you grow up in a home where you faced adversities? Because if you experienced adversities like physical abuse, Childhood Domestic Violence, emotional abuse, neglect, or any others, Thanksgiving and "holiday time" are often confusing and uncomfortable. Show More Summary

Loneliness Is Merely an Attitude You Can Abolish Today!

Image: Lies Thru a Lens Nobody -- whether single, in a long-term committed relationship or anything in between -- is completely immune from that often-painful feeling of loneliness. That is, however, until you can see it for what itShow More Summary

How to Stay Fit and Healthy During the Holidays

It's that time of year, which signals it's almost the end of the year and also the time when your calendar becomes bombarded with holiday events. Whether you're attending an event being hosted by friends, families or being hosted by you yourself, your nutrition and exercise regime may become wayward.. Show More Summary

How to Get a Ton of Work Done Without Having Any Discipline

A few days ago, my dad asked me how I've been able to write so consistently for the past 3 years and never "run out" of ideas. I wanted to say something profound to him about inspiration, or intuition or "feeling the flow." I wanted to tell him that it was all about finding my spirit animal and listening to the muse who calls me from my sleep. Show More Summary

Sex and Drugs, No Rock and Roll: Straight Talk in Group Therapy

Naming the dangerous, irresponsible, and sometimes illegal activities people use to cope when they're distressed is important during group therapy. Sure as Meryl Streep will receive another Oscar nomination, group members will have indulged in at least one of these activities. Show More Summary

You're Doing Lunges All Wrong

The lunge is one of the foundation movements for fitness workouts. When done correctly, lunges can help strengthen the hamstrings and the glutes--which is why they are commonly used in running warm-up routines. More: How to Meet Your...Show More Summary

5 Yoga Poses to Digest and Detox After Thanksgiving

Do you feel full? Bloated? Are you irritable from overeating all the delicious foods of Thanksgiving? The typical American consumes 4,500 calories for Thanksgiving. Now that is a collective stuffing! Yoga can be an effective way to help you digest and detox after over-indulging. Show More Summary

How to Put the Giving Into Thanksgiving

Gratitude and generosity go hand in hand. Here are three ways to help the generosity flow this Thanksgiving. By Kira M. Newman Before all the leftover turkey has been consumed, Americans start their frenzied shopping for Christmas. Millions...Show More Summary

6 Surprising Foods That Are Messing With Your Sleep

You know that having a double-shot latte after 4 PM or plowing through too much sugary dessert will keep you from snagging a solid 8 hours of z's. What you probably don't realize is that there are a number of nutritious foods—ones that...Show More Summary

What Are You Saying to Yourself?

This post originally appeared on Becoming mindful of your inner narrative is crucial if you wish to make changes in your life. Just as you are conscious of the language you use when communicating with others, the same approach is required when you communicate with yourself. Show More Summary

Silent Retreat, A Gift for Caregivers

Caregivers deserve a rest in the arms of peace and quiet! In our noisy busy world, caregivers, those who are giving their best and most day after day to maintain us in body and soul are often left with no place to restore themselves....Show More Summary

10 Things We Can Learn From Cats That Will Make Us Happier, Healthier Humans

Photo Courtesy of Lori Johnston and Brutus I recently wrote an article "What We Can Learn From Dogs That Will Make Us Happier and Healthier Humans" Show More Summary

Keep Adding Birthdays

One of my clients whose weight is upward of 300 pounds was asked by her doctor, "Have you ever seen a senior citizen at your weight?" She thought about it and answered, "No." He replied, "That's because people at your weight don't live...Show More Summary

Are You Sleeping On the Job?

I once had the experience of literally falling asleep on the job. I was working in a Cocoa Cola factory at the time, and my job was to sit and check bottle levels as the bottles ran by me on a conveyor belt. I was 19 years old at the...Show More Summary

I've a Few Reasons to Be Thankful But I Am

I see it; that look on people's faces when I limp by that lets me know I am being pitied. A few times, people have actually asked me, a stranger, why I walk with difficulty. I always answer. I say, "I'm not drunk or anything just more...Show More Summary

Surviving the Holidays: A Grieving Mother's Point of View

The holidays. Those two words used to bring such joy to my heart and plans to my head. I would head to the store with my list and always ended up with more than I bargained for. I would envision the day -- the table, the turkey, family and friends all together and celebrating our blessings. Show More Summary

For Those Who Don't Celebrate Thanksgiving

I really don't care about Thanksgiving. There, I said it. According to a Gallup poll, nine out of 10 Americans celebrate Thanksgiving Day with friends and family. Another poll stated that up to 13 percent of Americans will dine alone...Show More Summary

Dare to Be 100: The Ranks Are Thinning

Bruce Dayton died last week. He was a dear old friend. "Old" is right; he was 97 when he died. He almost made the hundred mark that I had goaded him about for a long time. We attended his 90th birthday at the Minneapolis club in Minnesota a few years back. Show More Summary

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