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The Science Behind Procrastination And How You Can Beat It

Procrastination has been around since the start of modern civilization. Historical figures like Herodotus, Leonardo Da Vinci, Pablo Picasso, Benjamin Franklin, Eleanor Roosevelt, and hundreds of others have talked about how procrastination...Show More Summary

When Does My Child Need A Psychotherapist?

How do you know when your child is just going through a downcast phase or seems more nervous than usual or if something more significant is brewing? What are the signs of a problem that is significant enough to warrant professional help? When you seek professional help, the first task is a phone call for a consultation. Show More Summary

What I Learned About Addiction From Louise Delage's Fake Instagram

Photo: Imagine a beautiful girl with thousands of followers on Instagram who leads a glamorous life with incredible photos of traveling the world while she indulges in the riches of life, food and drinks. I bet we could all name at least three people like this we are following on Instagram right now. Show More Summary

8 Common Effects Of Narcissistic Parenting

“Character is the trace of relationship,” wrote Christopher Bollas, the brilliant post-Freudian psychoanalyst, in his ominously titled but infinitely hopeful book, The Shadow of the Object. What he meant was that we all develop in context,...Show More Summary

An Open Letter To The Woman Who Accused Me Of Trying To Replace My Stepchildren's Mother

First of all, I want to thank you. When I wrote this Instagram post, I only expected to recieve comments from other Stepmoms who feel the same way about their stepchildren. Your comment, accusing me of trying to replace their mother, was a wonderful reminder of why I have chosen to be so open about life as a stepmom in the first place. Show More Summary

Get Fit With The Help Of 5 Free Walking Apps

My profession often finds me outside, walking around in search of the best nature shots and fishing spots. While I tend to get plenty of walking in, my wife and I have found that by using free walking apps, it's easier to stick to an...Show More Summary

30 Weird Reasons You're Tired AF

If you're feeling fatigued, the best place to start is pretty obvious: sleep. Without regular ZZZs, you're going to be tired. But the real secret is that your energy level is connected to a lot more than just your sleep. In fact, the way you eat, move, and sleep all influence each other. Show More Summary

This Could Revolutionize Your Yoga

Mound your glutes Breathe wide into your side or lateral ribs Bring the weight into the front of your paw hover your heels above the earth Draw the energy up the back of your legs Bend your knees Make a soft gentle fist Open your mouth Keep your eyes horizon Not your yoga teacher's classical alignment cues, right? There's a new yoga kid in town. Show More Summary

7 Very Simple Tips For Healthy Living When You Are On A Tight Budget

Image Credit People with a limited budget are often concerned about the potential costs of making changes in their life that will improve their overall health. However, there are many small changes that you can take at a limited cost and some may actually even save you money. Some of them are: 1. Show More Summary

Not So Fast: 3 Ways To Slow Aging

If you live to be one hundred, you've got it made. Very few people die past that age. George Burns Americans are getting old. In 1900, life expectancy at birth was 47. Only 13% of the population was 50 or older. 100 years later, life expectancy had climbed to 77. Show More Summary

Yoga Warrior And Wounded Warrior Program

Being a Marine veteran myself I am humbled and honoured to have the opportunity to join 'The Wounded Warrior Project' in Washington, DC in helping to bring the healing power of yoga to our returning veterans. As you know many of America's...Show More Summary

25 Ways To Stop Eating Sugar

A new World Health Organization guideline recommends adults and children reduce their daily intake of sugar to less than 10 percent of their total energy intake. A further reduction to below 5 percent – or roughly 25 grams (6 teaspoons)...Show More Summary

The Role of Occupational Therapy in Sleep and Wellness

Every activity that we engage in has benefits and potential problems or risks that accompany it. Likewise, sleep has benefits to our health and well being and problems that can occur when we lack sufficient quality sleep. The benefits...Show More Summary

Sharing My Health Story Made Me a Powerful Disabled Diva

If anyone would have told me in my 20's that I'd be writing about living with multiple chronic illnesses in my 40's I would have laughed. I've been experiencing various symptoms since the age of 10, but my flare ups were rare and never long in duration. Show More Summary

Deaf Awareness: Communication Made Simple

People who experience hearing loss can feel isolated and alone. It is important that the hearing public understand how to interact with deaf people and those who are hard of hearing. It is not difficult to adapt communication, but for...Show More Summary

How To Be Happy And Healthy By Spending More Time In Nature

Just like everyone else out there, I'm always looking for ways to optimize. Optimize my work, my pleasure, my health. There's a ton of advice out there about how to be more productive at work, how a new gadget will save you time around the house, or how to get a promotion. But there's less out there about ways to improve your spiritual satisfaction. Show More Summary

Have Anxiety? Meditation May Help

When I was growing up, I just gave in to the idea that I was a "worrier." I thought it was normal to worry about anything and everything, and occasionally to worry about nothing. When the feelings of "worry" hit me, it was almost debilitating. Show More Summary

Me vs. Fibromyalgia: Part 10 -- The Dangers of Negative Thinking

Since my 2008 diagnosis, I have experienced a list of grievances so long, I could complain about them every minute of every day, month after month and so on. My hands ache and my feet feel like you put them between two blocks, hit them with a hammer and then set them on fire. Show More Summary

One Good Reason to Stop Your Pet from Licking You

Many pets enjoy licking lotions and other types of topical products off their human's skin. In fact, one of my dogs tends to wait by the bathroom door, hoping he'll get a chance to sample whatever I've applied to my skin after my shower. Show More Summary

Creating Opportunities For Deaf Employees

"Where do you work?" "What do you do for a living?" In America, these are among the first questions a new acquaintance will ask us. This simple inquiry reflects the cultural emphasis placed on work and career choice in the modern world. Show More Summary

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