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Healing Rejection From 15 Years Of Living With An STD

I was 21 years-old when I contracted genital herpes from my boyfriend. And let me just say that I really do hate that word- herpes. It doesn't have an abbreviation, it doesn't roll off your tongue like say, chlamydia. It just kind of sticks in your mouth like a wad of stale chewing gum. So yes, I was 21. Show More Summary

Revolutionary Way To Be Healthy #21: Keep Your Body Clean, Inside And Out

Your body is smart. But it does not necessarily know what to do with the chemical compounds manufacturers have been adding to their products (or making the basis of their products) over the past several decades. And whether that newfangled...Show More Summary

Carbs Part I: The Weight-Loss Industry's Biggest Lie

"I just can't stay away from sugar!" "My trainer does Paleo...." "I want to lose weight, but I love bread!" For almost a hundred years, low-carb diets have been recycled through our consciousness one bestseller at a time. Need to shed...Show More Summary

3 Ways to Use Yoga in the Classroom

By Yoga Journal Want to help cultivate better communication, focus, and coping skills in students of all ages? We turned to Rina Jakubowicz from Superyogis' Schoolhouse for advice on adapting yoga to a school setting. 1. Create a daily...Show More Summary

5 Ways To Have More Intimate Communication

If you are motivated toward having a happy, healthy, and satisfying relationship with your partner, you are probably always looking for ways to improve your communication and maintain a strong and secure bond. I look at love a little differently than some; I believe that it begins as a feeling but continues as a choice. Show More Summary

Want To Be A Therapist? Here's A (Not Very Serious) Quiz

Many readers tell me that they are interested in having a career like me.  Well, okay, maybe three people have said this but whatever.  In order to help you decide if being a psychologist in private practice is your ball of wax, I've created the following quick and easy quiz. 1. Show More Summary

Personal Trainers & Nutritionists: Stop Pushing Products on Your Clients

I'm a rarity as a holistic nutritionist. I don't sell any products. The key to a healthy lifestyle is to eat real food in reasonable quantities and to move your body frequently. Click on almost any Yelp page or business website for a...Show More Summary

Women With More Sexual Partners Are Less Likely To Divorce?

So often, what we assume to be true reflects an embedded set of conditioned attitudes. And those often reflect prevailing values and expectations more than real people's behavior or trends within changing social and cultural circumstances. Show More Summary

The Many Faces Of PTSD

Most days, I still don't think that I look much like someone with PTSD. This is an odd thought whenever I interrogate it: I look like myself, my self has PTSD -- ipso facto, if A=B, B=C, then A=C -- I look like someone with PTSD. But...Show More Summary

Why Your Random Eating Schedule Is Risky For Your Health

By Maria Masters Do you ever postpone dinner because you're in the middle of a project? Or skip breakfast because you overslept? As long as you avoid binging later on, it's no big deal, right? Well, maybe not. Two new papers published...Show More Summary

The Talcum Powder Lawsuit - The Truth, The Lies, and The Cancer Victims

Credit Recently the jury's verdict on the talcum powder's lawsuit left many people shocked worldwide. If Johnson & Johnson was found guilty and ordered to pay $127 million in compensatory damage, is this the irrefutable proof that their...Show More Summary

5 Times Your Fave Celebs Have Instagrammed Some Seriously Impressive Yoga

For Teen Vogue, by Lily Puckett. Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@msleamichele Miley Cyrus, Troian Bellisario, Lea Michele, and more show off their moves. June brings the celebration of International Yoga Day, and we are 100% ready to celebrate. The day was named in 2014 by the United Nations. Show More Summary

Help For Emotional Healing When Life Comes To A Close

The 75-year-old mother spent her final weeks of life being cared for in her daughter's Chinatown apartment. Exacting and demanding all her life, the mother never hesitated to complain and criticize, and resentment was mounting. Cooking, cleaning and caring for her mother, the daughter felt she could never live up to her mother's expectations. Show More Summary

3 Ways Gratitude Can Boost Your Satisfaction

Source/Credit: Are you searching to reach the next phase in life -- a new job, a new house, a life partner, starting a family? Certainly, we all have that list of things we hope to get or have. As life passes by, the road we...Show More Summary

Who's Left Off Your Gift List?

Who's left off your gift list? The Practice: Gift yourself. Why? Can you remember a time when you offered a gift to someone? Perhaps a holiday present, or a treat to a child, or taking time for a friend - or anything at all. How didShow More Summary

How To Supercharge Your Brain By Drinking Butter And Re-engineering Your Morning Routine

By John Fawkes. Originally published in my private mailing list. If you're like most modern professionals, your typical morning consists being jarred awake by a blaring alarm, taking a quick shower, wolfing down some eggs and toast,Show More Summary

What Your Breathing Tells You

In the last post, we discussed the importance of healthy sleep cycles. There are also other natural daily cycles in the human body that we can easily observe. Being in tune with Nature is an important part of wellness and all-round good health -- physical, mental and spiritual. Show More Summary

9 Bad Habits That Get In The Way Of Our Happiness

Habits. They are so ingrained in us that we do them without realizing it. They are second nature, and we can live our whole lives with destructive and harmful habits, scratching our heads wondering why we aren't happy or successful.Show More Summary

Independence Day Through The Eyes Of A Breast Cancer Survivor

The 4th of July has always been a huge celebration in our country to commemorate our independence from England so many centuries ago. There are parades and cook outs and fireworks galore. Many people travel at this time because the kids are out of school and the holiday allows for an extra vacation day. Show More Summary

Meeting Life

When we can still ourselves, our heart will sink -- of its own weight -- below the noise of the world, the advice of others, and even our own expectations. Once that still, our mind can relax and we have the chance to inhale what matters. Show More Summary

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