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5 Ways to Fall Head Over Heels in Love With Life

For far too many people, life has become about surviving the circumstances that they are given. Trying desperately to make do with what they have without realizing that they have the power to create a life they are head over heels in love with. Show More Summary

Sleep Is the New Wonder Drug

Did I just give you permission to use a drug? Yes, I did. Sleep is THAT important. Scientists have discovered that sleep is not just important for the brain, but also for immune function, hormone balancing, learning and, my favorite,...Show More Summary

10 Mantras From Inspirational Movies That Could Change Your Life

Inspiration can come from anywhere and anyone. Mine often comes from books and movies -- books and movies that combine life stories with a spiritual journey. Here are my 10 inspirational mantras and movie quotes that may impact you the same way it does to me. 1. Show More Summary

When Meditation Is Not Good for You

As I travel from city to city offering Awakening Coaching Intensives, I hear statements from so many people like "I'm not very good at meditation,'" or "my meditation does not go very deep," or "I just sit and there is an endless buzzing...Show More Summary

Would You Rather Be Right or Be Real? Letting Go of Our Obsession With Rightness

The other day, as I was walking through the park, I decided to practice mindfulness, to listen in on my own thoughts and pay attention, on purpose, to what my mind was telling me in that moment. What I discovered was that my mind was...Show More Summary

Happy Stress Awareness Month!

Stress awareness month always confused me. Aren't we always hyperaware of how stressed we are? What we may not realize is how stress affects us. The Price of Stress When we are stressed our limbic brain takes over, shutting down all body systems which do not help us fight or flee danger. Show More Summary

Why Being Upset With Someone Is Always About YOU

You will not be punished for your anger. You will be punished by your anger. -Buddah A very wise teacher once told me that anytime I find myself angry or upset with someone, I need to look at what it is in them that I see in myself.Show More Summary

Ocean Waves: A Metaphor for Life's Challenges

I was 7 years old my dad taught me about waves. He grew up in Redondo Beach, CA and he knew the Pacific Coast well. What I didn't realize until much later in life is that he was teaching me a metaphor for life's challenges. The first wave he taught me to look out for is the most dangerous wave. Show More Summary

Arianna Huffington Visits Bermuda -- Thrive and Nourish

Last week Arianna Huffington, President and Editor-in-Chief at the Huffington Post, landed on our pink sandy shores in Bermuda. She spoke to a packed ballroom at the Southampton Princess hotel about her latest book Thrive: The Third Metric to Redefining Success and Creating a Life of Well-being, Wisdom and Wonder. Show More Summary

How I Got 'Rich'

I promise that I am not trying to dupe you with the title of this entry. I am not here to give you a get-rich-quick scheme or investment advice. I'm here to tell you how I personally got rich, and it's easier than I ever thought. Let me first explain the massive shift in thinking that brought me to this new kind of wealth. Show More Summary

Bridges, Planes and Panic Attacks: Getting Over Fear

I'm not sure when I first realized I was afraid of flying but it wasn't long after I entered college. I'd worry for weeks and weeks as the departure date would get closer and closer. I distinctly remember having diarrhea EVERY TIME I'd arrive at the airport. Show More Summary

Let's Stamp Out Stigma

High profile, gruesome incidents, like the March 24, 2015 crash of the Germanwing jet into the French Alps, naturally invite questions about the mental state of the perpetrator, Andreas Lubitz. In addition, the event may increase fear of people who suffer from mental disorders. Show More Summary

Are You Paying Attention

"Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for that is the stuff life is made of.". Benjamin Franklin (American Statesman 1706-1790) A question only you can answer and it is one often asked. Are you a loyal or a judgmental person? How to be loyal everyone can answer in his own way. Show More Summary

8 Reasons Forcing Creative Time Into My Schedule Has Changed My Life Drastically

1. When I suddenly became a single mother at 17 my creative time helped me out of some very dark moments. Putting the music on, sketching and creating helped me visualize my dreams and bring a smile to my face. Art changed my perspective and the scared feelings I had quickly turned into hope, joy and happiness. Show More Summary

The Specialness Epidemic -- What Our Need to Stand Out is Really All About

It happened to me at one of the most inopportune times. That need to feel special, unique, be selected, feel seen; that feeling happened while I was being blessed by a monk. On a recent holiday to Thailand, my husband and I were visiting The Big Buddha in Phuket. Show More Summary

Is Crowdfunding Your Medical Expenses Risky or Reasonable?

Every day, another headline gets released that either criticizes or praises medical crowdfunding. Is this a legitimately genius way to cover your vital medical expenses? One thing's for sure: there's a lot more to the medical crowdfunding...Show More Summary

In My Defencelessness My Safety Lies

I was very lucky. I was told this almost every day as a child. I was lucky to have hot food, clothes and people who loved me. Others weren't so lucky. It's strange how, as a child what we're told over and over can do one of two things:...Show More Summary

Feeling the 'Rocky' in Relationships

In 2008, a massive earthquake shook the Chinese province of Sichuan. Measuring 8.0, the quake killed more than 69,000, injured countless more, and left 4.8 million homeless. The Chinese government has spent billions on the region's recovery,...Show More Summary

Are You Enough? (Hint: The Answer Is Yes)

So many of us are regularly plagued by self doubts. Instead of feeling free, happy and powerful, so many of us feel sad, exhausted, or overwhelmed. When we continually live with these de-motivating emotions, it keeps us from achieving...Show More Summary

Measuring Success: Why It's Time for a Change

In a bustling society driven by technology and to-do lists, we tend to define our successes by how hard we work, what we have to show for it and what our next steps look like. For every individual, our successes are highly diverse and...Show More Summary

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