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How To Become A Morning Person

Time to finally wake up and get that proverbial worm. For SELF, by Amy Marturana. Photo: Tara Moore / Getty We all have that friend that somehow jumps out of bed at the first chime of her alarm, and gets started with her packed day with a perky attitude. Show More Summary

Sugar: In Sickness And In Health, Until Death Do Us Part

Photo via Pixabay Being a health-conscious food lover, it's hard to believe what my eating habits were growing up. As a child, I used to drink a soda for breakfast every day, followed by three more before 7 PM. Yes, I know; you're judging me. Show More Summary

The No. 1 Thing That Is Ruining Your Diet

Have you ever been on a diet or program, diligently watching what you eat, counting your calories and/or carbs and turning away any desserts, drinks, and/or "unhealthy" items offered to you? Chances are you have. And even bigger chances are, you did great with it. You lost weight, drop a few sizes and stuck with it for as long as you could. Show More Summary

Unraveling and How to Prevent It

The word 'unravel' means a kind of taking apart. In a psychological sense, the feeling is horrifying, discombobulating, analogous to a ship lost at sea in a storm, with a broken-down engine, a shattered rudder, a mal-functioning compass...Show More Summary

Rethinking the Pain Puzzle

Rethinking the Pain Puzzle Dr. Lillie Rosenthal Pain is a puzzle to be solved. Pain deserves our attention -- our full attention. Pain is not merely a symptom to be suppressed; it is a signal arising from a complex system of integrated networks known as the human body. Show More Summary

Take the Lyme Disease Challenge: Make My Birthday Wish Come True

Although I have a background in writing about health and mental illness, I had never done so from a personal point of view until last fall when I began to discuss Lyme disease here. Within hours of the first article's publication, I had received a dozen emails, tweets and Facebook messages from Lyme patients, researchers, advocates and others. Show More Summary

How Fibromyalgia Can Be Eased With Mindfulness

Fibromyalgia Online Summit - 12th to 14th May When I first began my journey with mindfulness for health, my personal knowledge was limited to spinal and leg pain. I wasn't really aware that there are pain conditions that can affect the...Show More Summary

Sleep Tips From A Police Psychologist

By: Raymond K. Hsu, PsyD Recently, there has been a wealth of research published on the benefits of sleep. It can be seen as a barometer of both our mental and physical health. On average, people sleep between 6-8 hours a night. Problems...Show More Summary

Get Into a Relationship for the Right Reasons

By: Stan Popovich Some people get into a relationship so they do not have to be alone. This is not a good idea. Getting into a relationship with someone just so you are with someone doesn't always work out. A person should get into a...Show More Summary


Tweet Gary questions @mgaryneuman and follow Gary on Facebook MGaryNeuman On April 13, 2016, Ethan Couch, the teen who killed 4 people after driving under the influence, was sentenced to serve four consecutive terms of 180 days in prison...Show More Summary

Appreciating the Lessons Learned

In the summer of 2014 I visited Plum Village in France, founded by Thich Nhat Hanh, a spiritual leader, poet, and peace activist known throughout the world for his teachings and writings on mindfulness and peace. During my week there,...Show More Summary

Sleep Makes SENS: My Adventures Through a Sleepless Night

Whatever you do, don't set a bedtime. You're not a little kid anymore! When the sun sets and people start to fall asleep, don't turn off your TV. What would you do with the silence? When your eyelids grow heavy and your head starts to bob, definitely don't rest your neck on the ground. Show More Summary

The Top 10 Workout Songs for May 2016

Flickr: Chris Hunkeler This month's tops songs provide an excellent mix of college radio favorites, Top 40 hits, and clubland remixes. Starting with the outliers, you've got the latest from guitarless wonders Fitz & The Tantrums and the throwback sound of Ladyhawke. Show More Summary

'You're Just Like Your Mother': Celebrating Mother's Day Without Mom

I remember my mother's prayers and they have always followed me. They have clung to me all my life. -- Abraham Lincoln As Mother's Day approaches, I've been feeling a little melancholy. You see, I'm thinking about my beautiful mother; she'll be gone 25 years this year, and for some reason, it hit me kind of hard. Show More Summary

The Best Mother's Day Gift

For millions of mothers out there, Mother's Day can be expressed as a beautiful little nudge of a reminder about how much of a joy it is to be a mom. Each year our children attempt to brainstorm the perfect gift to share with us. They search for the best perfume, jewelry, flowers, and cards. Show More Summary

An Open Letter to the Children of Nurses

Dear Ones, I knew that my chosen career would mean many sacrifices for me. At the time, I did not yet know that it would also mean that my future children would sacrifice so much of their lives, as well. You had no say in my career choice. Show More Summary

7 Things People With Emotional Control Don't Do

We've all been there; that moment when we calm down and realize that our emotions just completely took over our bodies and caused us to behave in a way that we now regret. While this is natural and human, the frequency of this experience...Show More Summary

Coaching Is the Mass Customization of Personal Development

What does a Starbucks venti one-pump caramel, one-pump white mocha, two scoops vanilla bean powder, extra ice Frappuccino with two shots (apagotto style), caramel drizzle under and on top of the whipped cream, double cupped... and aShow More Summary

Finally - Commonsense Protections for our Kids from Tobacco

As a nation, we've long recognized the need to protect kids from cigarette marketing. However, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not had oversight over all tobacco products--including over e-cigarettes, which are a newer tobacco product. Show More Summary

10 Reasons to Stop Dieting Now

A fascinating study of The Biggest Loser contestants has reinvigorated the debate over the questionable benefits of dieting. As a long-time supporter of the anti-diet movement, here are ten reasons to stop dieting now (and/or to stop recommending dieting for your patients and clients). 1. Show More Summary

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