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The Five-Minute Rule

From time-to-time, people who learn about the inside-out nature of the human experience begin to feel guilty if they partake in any sort of outside-in action designed to improve the quality of their lives. As one of my own mentors said...Show More Summary

5 Simple Ways to Express Gratitude and Other Lessons I Learned From My Mom

Throughout our lives, we all need something and someone to believe in. We also need someone who believes in us. That was the role my mother played in my life. I was once told that when you lose your parents you lose your fan club, and this is exactly the way I felt when my mom passed away six years ago. Show More Summary

What's Up With All the Honking?

Recently I found myself in a new city. I won't mention it by name, but if you're curious I will say that it starts with an "F" and rhymes with "Mort Mauderdale." Hubbie and I decided to spend our one day there checking out the sites....Show More Summary

Finding Gratitude In Familiar Places

There is nothing for which I am more thankful than my "capacity to be grateful." This may seem a blatant effort to wriggle out of having to name one "thing" I appreciate most, and it is. But honestly, in my experience, the capacity for gratefulness truly trumps all reasons to be thankful. The vast majority of us have reasons to be grateful galore. Show More Summary

The Grass Is Greener Where?

The grass is greener where? As a child, I was often told, "The grass is always greener on the other side." I think I grasped the idea, and I would try to be happy and content where I was, rather than thinking that things were betterShow More Summary

3 Natural Energy-Boosting Strategies

Feeling tired or exhausted? You might think the only options for ramping up your energy levels include drinking coffee, energy drinks or taking some sort of stimulant. Well, as it turns out, you do have some natural options, too. There...Show More Summary

Take Back Your Life One Hour At a Time

Have you been at dinner and the person at the next table takes a business call, of which you hear everything? Or at the movies and in front of you, someone is checking their email? Maybe you've been out for a walk and instead of enjoying the scenery, people all around have their earbuds in, missing the first callings of spring. Show More Summary

Are You Sleeping With a Narcissist?

"He thinks I should be automatically turned on and ready to have wild sex with him with no effort on his part other than appearing naked in front of me," my client angrily explains to me. "There is no conversation, no foreplay, no hugs, romance or playfulness. Show More Summary

How Do I Get My Husband to Be Less Passive?

In my recent post Top Ten Fixable Reasons Your Wife Won't Sleep With You, one turn-off that really resonated with my female readers was when a guy acts "passive." Many women complain about their husbands being passive, not initiating...Show More Summary

Why Nice People Make Better Lovers

Good teeth. A sense of humor. Physically attractive. Can be trusted. Dresses well. Easy to talk to. These are some of the common features men and women say they look for in a partner. But new research is suggesting another overlooked...Show More Summary

Gratitude Journaling May Enhance Health in Cardiac Patients

For the last decade or so, the field of behavioral cardiology has shifted its focus from being primarily on psychological traits such as hostility, stress and depression to more positive psychological attributes such as gratitude, compassion and empathy. Show More Summary

Women and HIV in America: Making AIDS History

By Susan J. Blumenthal, M.D., and Jennifer A. Sherwood, M.S.P.H In observance of Women's History Month, there is much progress to mark for women and HIV/AIDS in America since the emergence of the epidemic three decades ago. RecentlyShow More Summary

It's Time to Change Our Approach to Sexual Assault

At 5 o'clock in the morning, I lay awake on the floor of my friend's living room, huddled in a thin blanket. A rerun of "Shark Boy and Lava Girl" was playing on TV. I stared at the screen, not really watching the movie. All I could see was the night's events playing on endless loop before my eyes. Show More Summary

How to Cultivate Happiness Even When It Is Hard

It is easy to choose happiness when we are sitting on the peaks of our lives. But what about when we are lost in the valleys? On those days when we find it hard to put one foot in front of the other, we are tested to go deep. It is then...Show More Summary

Angelina Jolie: Double Credit as a Role Model After Double Operations

With the recognition that 5 to 10 percent of cancers are due to inherited mutations, it is especially important that people work with their physicians to identify their cancer risk and, when appropriate, do gene testing to see if they have a mutation. Show More Summary

The Need for Health Activism in the Criminal Justice System

It has been said, "The social power to define and categorize another person's experience is not a power to be ignored." The health activation movement is alive and well at the 2015 College for Behavioral Health Leadership Conference....Show More Summary

Angelina's Choice

Admittedly, I don't have a lot in common with Angelina Jolie, but I relate deeply to her recent writing in the New York Times about having her ovaries removed because she has a mutation on the BRCA gene, predisposing her to breast and ovarian cancer. Show More Summary

Ask JJ: Maintaining Steady, Sustained Energy

Dear JJ: Even though I begin with the best intentions, some mornings I crash and feel like I'm running on empty all day. How can I create and maintain all-day energy without staying constantly caffeinated? As a single mom raising two...Show More Summary

The Cross of Mental Illness

The life-size wooden cross in middle of the sanctuary at Broadway United Methodist Church in Indianapolis is draped in purple and beneath it sits a bucket of nails. For the 40 days of Lent the cross represents both a reminder of God's activity in the world and an invitation to realign our lives if we have gone astray. Show More Summary

Neurodiversity Proponents Strongly Object to Viewpoint Diversity

Officially, April is National Autism Awareness Month, which directly follows National Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month in March. Although awareness of autism and the burdens it can sometimes bring has probably increased substantially...Show More Summary

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