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You Owe Me!

Entitlement is an ugly word. Most people probably don't associate entitlement with veterans. But I came home from Iraq with a healthy dose of it. Returning from the war, I was shocked at how little had changed at home. People still went shopping. Show More Summary

What is Yoga Therapy?

While millions of people around the world today use yoga as a form of physical exercise and countless others use it for spiritual liberation, the number of people using yoga as a therapy is perhaps its greatest area of growth. Physicians...Show More Summary

Feeling Beaten Down by Life? 5 Tips to Turn It Around for Good I am penning this lovely post from the tropical paradise of Bali, Indonesia where my husband and I have been house sitting for the last five months. We live a location-independent lifestyle and have been traveling the world for over four years now. Show More Summary

What Is the Difference Between a Psychiatrist, a Psychologist, a Psychotherapist and a Counselor?

When looking for someone to help you overcome whatever is holding you back from leading a productive life full of positive, loving relationships, it is beneficial to understand the differences between Psychiatrists (M.D.s), Psychologists (Ph.D.s &, Psy.D.s), and Licensed Psychotherapists (LCSWs, LMFTs, & LPCCs). Show More Summary

Take a Mindful Hike

Hiking Mt. Borgundkollen/ Sykkylven/ Norway at 9 PM. In a field of cloudberry flowers, I pause. Only to cherish this long Norwegian summer evening. Feel the sun. Just be. I awaken my senses. Touch, smell, sound and sight. If I was busy with talk or thought, would I then feel the calmness? A swarm of flies circle around my head. Show More Summary

Why Does It Take So Long to Succeed?

Why DOES it Take So Long to Succeed? Stop Learning More. Start Loving More. Many of my coaching clients are working on discovering their dearest dreams and bringing them into the world. I watch them melt down, freak out, and experience astounding progress, sometimes in the same day. Show More Summary

8 Ways to Live in Hormone-y

Everyday I keep trying to be the best me, the healthiest me, yet sometimes I am downright shocked and insulted when my body and brain go AWOL. Something is going on, and it's called menopause -- there I said it, the change of life. Sometimes it feels like "the curse," but I'm choosing to believe it's a new beginning. Show More Summary

Your Panic Attack Doesn't Care If You're Happy

A few weeks ago, my work was picked up by Huffington Post, and I was offered a really great job, on the same day. Yeah. It was pretty cool (read: awesome). I was surrounded by some of my very best friends when I got the news. I called my parents and cried lots of happy tears. Show More Summary

Cancer Mortality News, Between the Lines

A CDC report just released indicates that the age-adjusted risk of cancer death is declining for Americans overall, and the trajectory is largely in line with the aspirational objectives of Healthy People 2020. There are several, salient messages in this report- and at least one more between its lines. Show More Summary

When Cure Is Not an Option

"Has anybody asked the patient?" Jessica Nutik Zitter raised her hand to pose that question some years ago, at a "Morbidity and Mortality" conference wherein a room full of physicians were discussing treatment options for a dying patient. Show More Summary

3 Simple Truths About Happiness

There are a lot of things you can do with your time; you could join a gym, read a great novel, take a yoga class, or learn a new language. So why not invest time into being happier? After all, doesn't happiness happen when you achieve...Show More Summary

5 Reasons to Join the Locavore Movement

You may have heard people referring to themselves as locavores. You may even be considering joining the locavore movement yourself. Locavores are people who eat only locally-grown produce and, when possible, rely on meat, eggs, and other food products from local sources. Show More Summary

Viewing Ourselves In and Out of Context

When we compare ourselves with another person we usually do so either: 1. to inspire ourselves to achieve or 2. to put ourselves down. To compare in a negative light is to like hauling ourselves out of our own journey and hurling ourselves...Show More Summary

5 Reasons Why You Haven't Fallen in Love!

Every generation of singles seems to struggle with the same problem, asking the same question: why is it so difficult to meet someone to have a committed love relationship? Show me a person who says, "it's great being single and having...Show More Summary

How Sexism and Implicit Bias Hurt Girls and Women's Health

This piece originally appeared in Role Reboot. I had a headache that lasted for years. It was there when I woke up and there when I went to sleep. I got so used to it that one day, when my husband, bemoaning a rare headache, asked if we had any painkillers, I realized that for me the exceptional day was not having a headache. Show More Summary

Everything You Change Changes Everything

I get it. You like being a creature of habit. That's become a way of being for us. It's everywhere we look in everything we do. However, too much routine creates rigidity in the mind which in turn creates inflexibility in the body. All of this leads to ill-health physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually both personally AND professionally. Show More Summary

In Conversation With Fitness Entrepreneur Thara Prashad

Singer-songwriter Thara Prashad has collaborated with John Legend, and shared a stage with Ne-Yo. But these days, Prashad, 33, is more interested in yoga studios than recording studios. Well, yoga studio. Singular. As in: the one she...Show More Summary

The Healthiest Order At Every Major Fast-Food Chain

By: Adam Lapetina Main Photo Credit: Laura Murray/Thrillist You might've seen a headline like this before. The subsequent list was probably filled with dressing-less salads and veggie burgers wrapped in lettuce and it probably made you go, "Welp, guess I'm not eating healthy at those places anytime soon." DO NOT DESPAIR. Show More Summary

What It Is Actually Like to Be Chronically Ill

In this onslaught of popular media can you see past the facade of beautiful celebrities with their perfect hair, on point make-up and unscathed bodies during a hospital admission? Perhaps you look at those depictions of disease and believe it is an accurate portrayal. Show More Summary

Focus on These Four Aspects of Your Life and Evolve

Ever spotted how we cling on to that ratty old T-shirt or worn out pair of PJs though our wardrobe might be bursting with clothes. Or that special mug which we need to enjoy our coffee. The side of bed which is mine should always be mine. Show More Summary

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