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5 Natural Ways to Alleviate Anxiety

When anxiety strikes, it can throw everything in your life out of whack. Sleep, productivity, energy levels, diet, and routines suffer. These natural self-care techniques can help you achieve a balanced state, especially when you need time to address the deeper, underlying issues creating stress and anxiety in your life. Show More Summary

Moving Imelda

First day of nursery school for my daughter, twenty years later-the next chapter. When I signed up to move my daughter Maeve, I thought, "What a snap! Not so much. Soon I discovered, that as someone that is 6'6 and ½, it was going to be a tight fit. Show More Summary

5 Things Unhappy Couples Do

I often wonder how the couples I see strolling the malls, parks, or who wine and dine at the local cuisine near where I live are actually engaging in the “fake it till you make it” act to avoid public humiliation. I think about my own...Show More Summary

Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow, also known as lateral epicondylitis, is an overuse injury due to inflammation of the tendons attaching the forearm muscles to the lateral (outside) epicondyle (bony prominence on the outside of the elbow). Usually occurring in the extensor carpi radialis brevis muscle, tennis elbow is the most common injury in patients with elbow pain. Show More Summary

The 4 Best Natural Skincare Products in Your Kitchen

By: Liz Resnick Don't spend a fortune on cosmetics when everyday foods offer therapeutic and beauty-boosting benefits without potentially harmful ingredients. Cleopatra bathed in milk, Japanese geishas washed their faces with rice water, and the Romans slathered themselves with olive oil. Show More Summary

What Is In Your Mind?

What's in your mind? The Practice: Be mind full of good. Why? It's kind of amazing: right now, what you think and feel, enjoy and suffer, is changing your brain. The brain is the organ that learns, designed by evolution to be changed...Show More Summary

The Strength Training Workout Every Runner Needs

By Mallory Creveling for Life by Daily Burn Photo: Pond5 Kicking off a new running routine — whether you're chasing your first or fifth finish line — can sometimes feel downright hard. But tacking on more and more training runs won't necessarily make those miles breeze by. Show More Summary

Exercise In Hot Water: Gym Battles Bath For Best Health Practice

The heat is on in the world of exercise mimetics. Exercise what? Exercise mimetics, the odd but essential field focused on how to mimic the physiological effects of physical activity without the physical activity. You might say, an armchair science. Show More Summary

To Live Well, Do The Banana Dance

Creativity and dreams are available to everyone capable of thought. But living with chronic illness, as I do, restricts life in innumerable ways. I must be mindful of a multitude of health issues in order to maintain the delicate physical equilibrium that allows me to have a semblance of the life I want. Show More Summary

Malaria-Like Parasite From Ticks Spreading To U.K. Through Dogs

Mepron, a thick liquid antimicrobial drug used to treat Babesia and malaria, as well as a fungal infection called Pneumocystitis carinii. In 2011, the United Kingdom stopped requiring that dogs brought into the country be inspected for ticks. Show More Summary

A Unique Approach To Discomfort

"Destiny is not for comfort seekers. Destiny is for the daring and determined who are willing to endure some discomfort, delay gratification, and go where destiny leads." ~ T.D. Jakes "We ask God for signs, wonders and miracles, butShow More Summary

#HeartWarrior: Maddy Reyes

Maddy Reyes is a 12-year-old Heart Warrior participating in the 2016 Puget Sound Heart and Stroke Walk. She is also a social media ambassador, @MaddyGoCheer. I have a different heart than most kids. When I was born I was diagnosed with a heart condition called Tetralogy of Fallot. Show More Summary

How T Save Money On Prescription Medication

Prescription drug users are at an all-time high. It was reported in 2015 that 70% of Americans were taking prescription medications for a plethora of ailments. With the increase in users of several medications including Adviar, a drug used to treat asthma, makers have increased prices by 67 percent. Show More Summary

What No One Told Me About Following My Passion

Like much of my generation in America, I don't have to worry about where my next meal will come from. I don't have to worry about how I'll get to work. I don't have to worry about a safe, dry place to sleep. So I worry about something else, with which much less of the world has the luxury of preoccupation: purpose. Show More Summary

Attention, Parents: Keep Track Of The Sweet Stuff

Editor's note: The American Heart Association released on Monday its first-ever scientific statement on added sugar for children. It's part of an aggressive approach the organization is taking on this issue, one that you will be reading...Show More Summary

5 Things You Don't Know About A Dentist

A dentist is simply a doctor in charge of your oral hygiene. So, let me ask you a question: How many times have you visited a dentist this year? Alright, you don't have to tell me your answer. Most people don't visit a dentist until they have severe problems in their oral area. I am also part of this group even if I don't want to admit it. Show More Summary

How To Feel On Top Of The World

Exhilaration, elation, happiness, pride, and attitude -- these are words that would describe the feeling of being on top of the world. To me that feeling means that you have conquered an obstacle or achieved a goal. It may mean that you have helped others do the same. Show More Summary

Findings From A Day On The Pacific Crest Trail

No amount of preparation or dreaming could have adequately prepared us for what one day on the Pacific Crest Trail revealed. Mother Nature is a quiet, patient, brilliant teacher, and we could all benefit from more time in her presence...Show More Summary

Let Go of Pain In 5 Healthy Steps

Do you ever feel like you just can't let go? Can't let go of that feeling of betrayal, that dream that has eluded you, the job you didn't get, the friend who turned out to be less than (the list goes on). We don't often think about the...Show More Summary

8 Steps To Stop Worrying About What Other People Think Of You

Do you ever worry about what other people think of you? One afternoon I was going to a yoga class with a friend. When we arrived, the class had been cancelled. We were already in our gear and in the mood for movement, so we walked to...Show More Summary

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