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Got Diabetes? You'll Love the New Nutrition Label

Have you ever wondered why there are carbs in meat like frankfurters, bologna or other processed meats? Or why your blood glucose levels go up higher than usual after eating these foods? Hidden sugar is most likely the cause. Often times, food manufacturers list these ingredients using unfamiliar terms like maltose or levulose. Show More Summary

The Fountain of Youth, Where No One Drinks

I was greatly privileged this past weekend to deliver a keynote address at the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) World Congress in Hollywood, Florida. I have spoken before at the Academy's conference in Las Vegas, and will...Show More Summary

Yoga to Lower Blood Pressure and Restore Balance

by Susi Amendola The way we respond to stressful situations can affect our heart rate and blood pressure. A stress response can up regulate the sympathetic nervous system, which is also known as our fight or flight response. When the sympathetic nervous system is chronically up regulated, it increases cortisol and adrenaline in the blood stream. Show More Summary

What Is a Community's Role in Work-Life Balance?

I've been wondering lately what would happen if the conversation about work-life balance shifted out of living rooms and conference rooms and into the communities in which we live. Think about the community you live in right now -- how...Show More Summary

Choosing the Right Home Exercise Equipment

by Phil Hardesty There are a number of reasons to create a fitness area in your home. Maybe you want an occasional break from the gym, an option for those rainy days, or you want to fit in a quick 20 minutes at the end of a long day....Show More Summary

5 Myths Disabled Patients Desperately Want Debunked

As a young woman battling serious illness, with multiple hidden medical devices, I have found there is a high incident rate of unnecessary, and hurtful comments by those assuming I am not sick. This encounter seems to be a reoccurring experience for many patients battling hidden, or invisible disabilities. Show More Summary

Stop Wasting Your Time Writing and Updating a Resume, And Instead, Do This...

Resumes are where all relevance, originality and impactful verbiage goes to die. They do little to get you hired and are mostly a complete waste of time. What human being on the planet actually enjoys reading them let alone writing them?...Show More Summary

6 Things You Should Consider Before Filing a Suit for Medical Negligence

Credit Our health is very sacred to us and we very readily would do anything to protect and enhance it. If our health does fail or we desire to make enhance our health conditions we hand our health and indeed our lives to professionals called doctors. Show More Summary

7 Empowering Thoughts to Tell Yourself Next Time You're Stressed

It's only Tuesday, and you're likely still drudging through the priorities and responsibilities Monday had to bring. But when it comes to to-do list, nothing is less empowering than getting down on yourself. Acting with fear, trepidation, and worry wastes valuable time not just in the workplace, but in your personal life. Show More Summary

Exploring Gender Differences in Lung Cancer

To the surprise of many, lung cancer is the leading cancer killer of women. That's why the American Lung Association launched LUNG FORCE, which raises awareness of the impact of lung cancer in women and critical funds for lung cancer research. Show More Summary

Weight Loss Myths You Shouldn't Believe

Society, the media and the internet have said so much about weight loss, that it may be difficult to determine what is true... Most of the information delivered is unproven, while some is just plain false. Click Here to see the Complete...Show More Summary

Does Lung Cancer Have a Gender Bias?

By The Society for Women's Health Research and The American Lung Association Recently, the American Lung Association surveyed 1,000 American women to learn their perceptions about which cancers impact women. One cancer in particular was barely a blip on their radar: lung cancer, the number-one cancer killer of American women. Show More Summary

What I Learned During My Post-College Gap Year

I did not mean to take a gap year after college. As I counted down to graduation in December 2014 I realized that the job market for non-teaching track Spanish majors in North Carolina was incredibly small, and I graduated with only temporary part-time employment prospects. Show More Summary

Corporate wellness - Three ways to motivate employers and employees

Corporate wellness - and the shifts taking place within it - are making headlines. With the growing popularity of wellness, coupled with the rise in health issues and costs, companies are investing more time and money today in corporate wellness programs. Show More Summary

How Your Metabolism Changes in Your 20s, 30s and 40s

By Samantha Lefave for Life by Daily Burn Photo: Pond5 You remember the moment it hit you: When you realize that, even though you've been eating about the same and exercising a fair amount, you've put on a few pounds. Or, you came back...Show More Summary

Learning to Grieve On Your Own Terms

Meiying Ng via Unsplash If you have ever lost a loved one, someone has probably explained to you that you'll experience the five stages of grief--a model developed by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross in 1969 in her book On Death and Dying. When...Show More Summary


Dear Mr. Moon... Why so blue ? Why so shy ? Why so lost in the sky?... I've been waiting To see you To meet you To greet you... Yet you hide In the shadows of The Clouds and The Rain Not to mention The Haze When will HE ever wane ?... Always blocking That amazingly Beautiful Smile So Majestic So Bright Such a sight Through the Night... Oh Mr. Show More Summary

What Are You Pretending Not to Know?

I used to think life was something to be lived in real-time, something that you were supposed to experience and enjoy with instant gratification. I finally learned that life is actually lived during the pauses or breaks when we makeShow More Summary

It's Not Up to You to 'Figure It All Out'

It always seems that when a chapter of my life is soon coming to a close that it's easy and natural for me to get caught up in the whole thinking of: What am I going to do next in my life? It happened when I graduated with my Bachelor's degree. Show More Summary

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