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Disconnect to Connect

Summer is an excellent time to nurture your relationships with others. Why? During the summer months the pace of life just seems to slow down a bit. People take vacations (often with others) and they spend more time outdoors away from the TV and other electronic distractions. Show More Summary

Conquering the Mountains of the Mind

I am, no doubt, a city girl. I love the grit, the people, the commotion and the hustle and bustle city living offers my active mind. However every few months I find myself desperate to get into the outdoors. Space. Like John Muir, founder of The Sierra Club, so greatly said "Keep close to Nature's heart... Show More Summary

Love Has Given Unto Love

This post originally appeared on Yagnaram's blog. Last month, I officiated at the marriage of two wonderful women. This was the first wedding I ever conducted, and it seemed fitting to me that it should be a same-sex marriage. The venue was a historic outdoor market in Philadelphia. Show More Summary

What I, Leann Rimes and Johnny Depp Have in Common

What do little me have in common with a whole bunch of celebrities? Well, let me tell you a little bit about me, and then I'll give you the answer. Obviously we're all humans. And humans have their gains and their losses. Where these...Show More Summary

Master Your Mind

Traveling always provides food for thought and self-reflection. Discovering something new to us in the world serves as a mirror to discovering more about our inner selves. Last week, I sat in the furnace room of a glass factory that was founded in Venice during the 1300s. Show More Summary

8 Incredible Affirmations for Self-Love

We pass through life forming and reforming hundreds of relationships with friends, coworkers, lovers, relatives, peers, acquaintances, etc. And what we learn from this amalgamation of interactions, ultimately, is that anyone may come and go at any given moment. Show More Summary

Goal Setter or Problem Solver?

I know so many people who have hopes, dreams and aspirations yet they are not realized. My life as a pastor, motivational speaker and a writer is devoted to inspiring people to fulfill their dreams. What I have realized is far too many never actually make goals let alone write those goals down. Show More Summary

This Message Is a Choice Point

Life is too short to waste being afraid, and far too fragile to leave room for wonder. When we're at the end of the line and there's nothing left to do but wait for our last breath, we're not going to fondly remember the moments where we held back and played it safe. Show More Summary

5 Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

By Samuel Blackstone for DETAILS. (photo: Getty) It's officially summer! Time for barbecues, fireworks, and best of all, vacation. But just because you're off from work doesn't mean your body is on break too, especially if you're going to the beach. Show More Summary

Why Empathy Is Key to Life and Work

Throughout our lives, people come in and out. They come to teach us by adding to our lives or making a mess in our lives. Society conditions us that there are rules of how we should act and play. Don't you know what's cool and uncool?...Show More Summary

Why You Need to Take a Break Sometimes

There are times in life when we operate on autopilot, whether that's doing our job, taking care of our family or just going about our daily routine. Some of us stay on autopilot our entire lives. It's comfortable and predictable. The...Show More Summary

Do You Have an Honest Relationship?

For all the great things we say about being honest -- that it's the best policy or that the truth shall set us free -- research tells us that we aren't all that great at it. According to studies by Dr. Bella DePaulo, people lie in one in five of their interactions. Show More Summary

Yoga and Career: When to Stick It Out, When to Jump Ship

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?" -- Mary Oliver In my quest for living the present moment to the best of my ability, I have been choosing to stay with difficult situations longer when in the past I would have left. Show More Summary

Another Day

We fall in and out of the deepest understandings out in the world while getting groceries and pumping gas. Another Day I was in the market recently, when I closed my eyes until the cup without thought at the base of all I know began to collect the tenderness of those who've gone before us and I heard the cries of the world. Show More Summary

Spicy Lessons From Veggies: Yoga Lessons From the Farm

I have the honor of teaching yoga in a very beautiful barn at a local farm. When the yoga season started this summer at Amee Farm in Pittsfield, Vermont, the tomatoes were seedlings, roughly an inch tall, growing indoors. All striving to be full grown tomato plants that would produce fruit and thus "survive" as future seeds. Show More Summary

The Well-Meaning Friend

Is the term "well-meaning friend" an expression to signify one who does unintentional harm while providing acts of kindness and sincere concern? Or... is it an idiom that points to intentional harm, under the guise helping a friend in need? I pose this question for reasons of my own, as well as for all my mets sisters and brothers. Show More Summary

Dear Millennials Who Haven't Found Their Passion Yet: Do Not Settle

We live in a world where everyone is in a hurry to figure out their lives. Everyone is in a rush to learn what they are going to do and who they are going to be. After graduating college many Millennials discover that what they thought they wanted to do throughout the past four years of their education is not what actually makes them happy. Show More Summary

The Creativity Myth

I have a distinct memory of going through my journals and notebooks when I was 10 or 11 and grading my own artwork; I gave almost everything an F. "This is terrible," I scrawled across one page with the beginnings of a sketch of a minaret, my intense frustration apparent in the big, sharp-edged letters and the dark, hard lines of the pencil. Show More Summary

How an Alternative High School Saved My Life

Photos by Alana Saltz The high school I graduated from was different than most. It wasn't unusual to see a student throwing a tantrum or cussing out a teacher. Occasionally, someone launched a textbook at a wall, got busted for smoking pot in the bathroom or attempted to light a teacher's pants on fire. Show More Summary

You Are Enough

The words are simple enough, but the meaning is very regularly lost. Maybe not lost, but dismissed. Tossed aside. Neglected. I think we are all familiar with these words, but if you are anything like me, you see them for a brief moment...Show More Summary

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