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Talk About It Over Turkey: The Power of Your Family History

No one ever said Thanksgiving was a healthy day. While we celebrate our gratitude in countless ways, most of us are guilty of overconsumption and sedentariness while we gather with loved ones. But between the helpings of mashed potatoes,...Show More Summary

The True Hepatitis C Prevalence in the United States: It's Higher Than What's Usually Reported

Hepatitis C, the most common blood-borne virus in the U.S. is now curable, and has been making headlines recently. With interesting presentations at the 2015 Liver Meeting of the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases (AASLD),...Show More Summary

It's OK to Outgrow Yourself

Recently I've been toying with the idea of pulling down years of content from my website. Which is hard, because I know that content has helped thousands of people over all the years it's sat on my blog. I know this because many sweet souls write in to tell me exactly how a blog post or video training has helped them in their life or relationships. Show More Summary

Breaking the Cycle

The recent world events have left us in great pain and mourning. But large public events, whether terrorist attacks or natural disasters, are not the only events required to incite such pain. Each of us and all communities throughout...Show More Summary

Expert Opinion on Dietary Fat: Is the Apparent Disagreement Real?

Answers are seldom, if ever, better than the questions that invite them. We will return to that in due course. (And yes, that luscious Lamborghini figures in it -- sort of.) I had the enormous privilege over the past two days of co-chairing a genuinely groundbreaking nutrition conference in Boston. Show More Summary

How to Pack Healthful Food for a Flight

Follow Travelle on Instagram and Facebook By Stephanie DeRosa You already know that plane food is plain bad. Those in-flight meals chock full of salt, preservatives and other yucky ingredients leave us bloated and uncomfortable. So how...Show More Summary

It's an Accessible Life: My 24-Hour Journey

Snippet Park: Remember those words. Thinking differently sure makes the world a more friendly and accessible place. And the experience I felt straight through my core was undeniable while listening to a presentation by a senior inventor...Show More Summary

7 Reasons Adult Coloring Books Are Great for Your Mental, Emotional and Intellectual Health

There are many times when I suggest adult coloring books to patients, and they look at me like perhaps we should be switching seats. However, time and again, they come back to me and tell me how beneficial they find them to be. ManyShow More Summary

Grief and the Terrible Holiday Season

It starts earlier every year it seems. Holiday decorations hit the shelves the week before Halloween in my area. It's crazy. As though you need more reminders that the holidays are coming. Looming. This time of year adds an extra measure of pain to people already bearing more than they can, more than they should ever have to. Show More Summary

Tapping Into the Helper High: Tips on Feeding Your Trainer's Helper Habit

Halfway into my long run, I knew I had already set a personal record for pace. I was like a fine-tuned machine except that I was almost weepy. Going into my sixth mile I was practicing gratitude for my trainer, my running coach, my physical therapist, my sports nutritionist, okay, even my massage therapist, whom I had just seen the day before. Show More Summary

How to Become Productive Without Getting Stressed Out

We all try to avoid the dreaded S word. But it somehow creeps up on us from time to time. Yes, we all want to lead productive lives and accomplish many honorable things but we do not want to develop high-blood pressure and ulcer in the meantime. Show More Summary

For Thanksgiving, Savor Harvest Produce

by Carra Richling There is something so nourishing and enchanting about fall produce: Nutrient-rich, crimson beets; orange Cinderella pumpkins; pearly white cauliflower crowns; evergreen kale and broccoli; vibrant purple globes of cabbage; Brussel sprout gems; and winter squash, which include kobacha, acorn squash, butternut, or delicata squash. Show More Summary

Thanksgiving and Thanks Getting

When I began writing this in the early days of November, I had no idea where the month would take us. I could not have anticipated the terror that would capture our attention, turn our stomachs, and break our hearts. It is difficult, as we hunker down with worry, to consider thanks-giving. Show More Summary

Insurance Authorizations: How to Get the Home Health Care You Need, When You Need It

At age 88, Mrs. J. has lived in the same Brooklyn neighborhood for more than a quarter century. A few months ago, she was taken to the hospital with an infected diabetic ulcer on her foot. It was the second time she'd been hospitalized this year, and on this occasion, her physicians had to amputate two of her toes. Show More Summary

The Neuroscience of Gratitude

What are you most grateful for in this moment? Right here, right now. Seriously, stop and ask yourself. If you're having a tough day and aren't able to come up with anything off the top of your head, that's all the more reason to ask the question. Show More Summary

Sizing Up the Little Pink Pill

Women have been feeling gender injustice in the bedroom for a long time. If you look at the sexual dysfunction scoreboard you would see 26 FDA approved medications for men -- erectile dysfunction -- and zero for women. It is clear not much attention has been paid to women's struggles under the sheets. Show More Summary

Vaccinate Yourself Against 5 Common Flu Myths

It's flu season again. And now, along with the barrage of helpful flu shot reminders, comes the annual outbreak of myths about the flu. First, here are some basic facts. Influenza (also known as the "flu") is a contagious respiratory illness caused by influenza viruses, and is different from the common cold. Show More Summary

It Honestly Does Get Better

From 1983-1991, my twin sister and I were relegated to a Catholic elementary school. For us, this felt like a fate worse than death...obviously it was not. It was, however, with little exaggeration, some of the worst years of our lives. Show More Summary

How to Practice Yoga, Part II

by guest blogger Holly Walck Kostura, certified Iyengar Yoga teacher This is the bad news: The word yoga has been reinvented. Much of what is being sold to the public as yoga is hyper-focused on the practice of postures, which is less than 1 percent of what yoga actually is. Show More Summary

How to Eat Healthy At a Conference

Follow Travelle on Instagram and Facebook By Eva Baczynska Coming up on our final post about conference travel tips, Travelle wants to talk about something all women encounter problems with: eating healthy at a conference. Between the...Show More Summary

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