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Dear Mr. Moon... Why so blue ? Why so shy ? Why so lost in the sky?... I've been waiting To see you To meet you To greet you... Yet you hide In the shadows of The Clouds and The Rain Not to mention The Haze When will HE ever wane ?... Always blocking That amazingly Beautiful Smile So Majestic So Bright Such a sight Through the Night... Oh Mr. Show More Summary

What Are You Pretending Not to Know?

I used to think life was something to be lived in real-time, something that you were supposed to experience and enjoy with instant gratification. I finally learned that life is actually lived during the pauses or breaks when we makeShow More Summary

It's Not Up to You to 'Figure It All Out'

It always seems that when a chapter of my life is soon coming to a close that it's easy and natural for me to get caught up in the whole thinking of: What am I going to do next in my life? It happened when I graduated with my Bachelor's degree. Show More Summary

How to Keep Your Screen Addiction From Harming Your Happiness

There's a reason why you don't see screen addiction programs popping up all over the place and politicians touting the need for increased spending on screen addiction research and treatment. It's because the constant use of our personal...Show More Summary

The Correct Way to Eat Chocolate

It has come to my attention that most people do not understand how to properly eat chocolate. This is a grave issue, and one that I feel compelled to address immediately. Do you find yourself eating chocolate (or any delicious, indulgent...Show More Summary

Using a Sunscreen With High SPF Might Not Actually Protect Your Skin

For Teen Vogue, by Emma Sarran Webster. Photo: Courtesy of CNP Montrose It makes sense in theory: If you're super pale and you burn easily, you should use the highest SPF you can find when you go out in the sun, right? Not necessarily. Show More Summary

Why Friendships Are Crucial to a Healthy Marriage

You have probably seen this happen before, or perhaps it has happened to you: you get into a relationship with someone, fall in love, get engaged, start planning your wedding, and realize that, somewhere along the way, your friendships...Show More Summary

How My Client Lost Her Food Rules and Gained a New Lease on Life

Last week I wrapped up a six month coaching program with one of my most amazing clients. I wanted to share, with her permission, a bit of her story with you all because it is seriously powerful. I am so inspired by this young woman.Show More Summary

Healing From Traumatic Brain Injury With Yoga

Yoga is something that I have done since college (if you promise not to do math, I'll simply say I've been doing yoga for 20+ years). There was a period of time when I considered going through the teacher training program and becoming...Show More Summary

Building Your Attention Span in the Age of the Internet

Future generations will look back on TV as the lead in the water pipes that slowly drove the Romans mad. — Kurt Vonnegut (@Kurt_Vonnegut) June 24, 2014 Rome's collapse was a little more complicated than that, but he has a point. Picture...Show More Summary

Ask JJ: Optimal Bone Health

Dear JJ: My doctor warned me I'm in the beginning stages of bone loss and that I need to be taking preventative measures now. My mom and grandma had osteoporosis. What steps can I take right now to reduce its impact? Decreased bone mineral...Show More Summary

Yoga Is Ideal If You Sit When You Work

Asana, or physical yoga, was originally designed to make it more comfortable for monks to sit and meditate for long periods of time. The goal of yoga is to release stress from the body, so one can sit and think quietly. It is the ideal...Show More Summary

Feeling Blue? 8 Questions to Tell If Your Grief Is Normal or Complicated

Have you had a recent loss? If so, are you feeling blue and out-of-sorts? Do you sometimes feel like you are going crazy on a roller coaster of sadness and depression? Are you sleep-deprived and wondering if your grief is normal?  If so, take the brief quiz below based on the "Complicated Grief" work of Dr. Show More Summary

The Upside of Aging

Aging is something I sometimes recognize in myself. When it does happen, I'm always astonished. It takes a literal upset to awaken me. Like this week when I fell. I had kicked an Amazon package inside my front door in the late sunny morning and went out to cut three peach-pink roses. Show More Summary

Are You Getting Rope Burn?

Are you getting rope burn? The Practice: Cling less, love more Why? As a rock climber and a parent, I know some physical kinds of clinging are good -- like to small holds or small hands! But clinging as a psychological state has a feeling of tension in it, and drivenness, insistence, obsession, or compulsion. Show More Summary

5 Surprising Steps to a More Effective To-Do List

Ah, the to-do list. Lately, I've had dozens of calls from high-achievers (a Head of School, a university athletic coach, a tech industry Chief Marketing Officer) asking me for specific instructions for keeping a more effective to-do list. Show More Summary

Is Botox the Answer to My Migraines?

I got sent home from school with my first migraine at age 9, fairly sure my head was about to explode. The neurologist gave me an MRI, the eye doctor gave me reading glasses: Grown-ups can't fix everything. I got through middle and high...Show More Summary

8 Ways Eating Fruit Juices Up Your Sex Life

We all know fruits and vegetables are great for us. But it gets a little boring hearing the same benefits over and over, like they'll reduce our risk of stroke, heart attack, diabetes, cancer, obesity, etc. So let's make health a little more fun. Show More Summary

7 Reasons Why Smart, Hardworking People Can't Find Success

Think back to when you were in high school. Do you remember that person who stood out amongst the class? That guy or girl everyone thought would change the world? They got straight A's on their report card and were praised all the time. Show More Summary

What You Need to Eat to Look and Feel Beautiful

Image source Let's be honest... words such as diet and nutrition immediately conjure up images of women (and men) trying all sorts of eating and fitness fads to lose weight. Diet has almost become a dirty word - deprivation and tastelessness all together in one unappetizing meal, with, of course, the proviso that all meals be like that. Show More Summary

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