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10 Low-Stress Ways To Resist The Trump Administration

So you want to organize and join the resistance against the Trump administration, but you have a mental illness – or physical – that makes travel, large crowds, reaching out to people, planning ahead, and maybe even just getting out of bed extremely difficult. Show More Summary

Advancing global mental health action: lessons from Canada

Originally published by the World Bank Group here co-authored with Patricio V. Marquez, Shekhar Saxena A portrait of Miliett Kangar at JFK Medical Center and E.S. Grant Mental Health Hospital in Monrovia, Liberia on March 07, 2016. (Miliett...Show More Summary

Affordable, universal health care can help end AIDS -- just ask Canada

Canada is a pioneer in providing universal, immediate access to treatment for people living with HIV. Chris Wattie/Reuters Bohdan Nosyk, Simon Fraser University Recently, in a Canadian hospital in British Columbia, the province where I live and work, an older man who was suffering from fatigue and post-operative issues was given an HIV test. Show More Summary

How to Stay Optimistic When The World Feels Scary

Fear feels thick in the air these days. If, like me, you're watching the news or scrolling through your Facebook feed, you're probably seeing and feeling a lot of fear. And seemingly, there are a lot of things to be afraid of. I mean, the world is a crazy place right now, right? Well, here's the thing about fear. Show More Summary

God's Wounds

Beyond all that pain has taught me, the soft well at the base of ime has opened, and life ouching me there has turned me into a flower hat prays for rain. Now I understand: to blossom is to pray, to wilt and shed is to pray, to turnShow More Summary

Odilia Beat The Odds As A Child; Soon She'll Be Walking A Runway In A Red Dress

As a 5-year-old settling into a temporary home, Odilia Cristabel Flores made friends right away. Bonding with kids was easy. Her spunky personality quickly won over adults, too. Everyone laughed as she rode through hallways on a skateboard, steering from her knees. Show More Summary

A Quick Guide to Getting Enough Vitamin D

Shanna R. Levine, MD Instructor of General Internal Medicine The Mount Sinai Hospital A Quick Guide to Getting Enough Vitamin D If you are like many of my patients, you may be wondering, "Am I getting enough vitamin D?" This is a valid...Show More Summary

Remembering Roe

This past week marked the 44th anniversary of the Supreme Court’s decision in Roe v. Wade. I’m proud to say that I was there at the time. By “there,” I mean that I was a law clerk to Justice William J. Brennan, Jr. when Roe was decided. Show More Summary

6 Cool Things To Do If Someone Hurts You

Have you ever felt so upset with someone for hurting your feelings that you didn't want to ever speak to them again? It's a common scenario: someone says something that's rude, accuses you of doing something wrong, or in some way makes you defensive. Show More Summary

Expanding the Emergency Room Model: 'Central Care System' Could Help Americans Gain Universal Health Care Access

By Dr. Sudip Bose, MD -- There are many reasons why emergency rooms are dangerously overcrowded. With millions of Americans lacking adequate access to primary care providers, emergency rooms have become the primary health care system and safety net for the uninsured, underinsured and those without access to other medical care. Show More Summary

A Modest Proposal: Mr. President, Get Some Sleep

Donald Trump’s first week as president of the United States is in the bag, and what a week it’s been. He came in promising to be an unconventional president, and on that score he’s delivered. But in another sense, he’s off to an all too conventional start. Show More Summary

American Chefs Meet The Persian Pantry

Chef Hoss Zare's Persian frittata or kuku. World-renowned chef Jim Dodge, director of specialty culinary programs at Bon Appétit Management Company has embarked on a new culinary journey to train the food service pioneer's chefs the fundamental techniques and flavors of Persian cooking. Show More Summary

Now Is The Time-Pitch In

I recently blogged about the political climate, about staying focused on an issue, and not getting distracted by partisan political "religions" and finding a way of working together for the greater good. That greater good in my lifeShow More Summary

Mourning For Ezell Ford: Being Black And Mentally Ill Is Not A Crime

Once again, a community sits in grief. Once again our neighbors writhe in inconsolable pain. Once again family members and friends are left with more questions than answers in the wake of police violence. Not only must a community mourn,...Show More Summary

Fracture Healing

Fracture healing is a process in which the body heals and repairs the broken bone. Requirements for bone healing A requirement for bone healing is vascularity (sufficient blood supply). The nutrient artery supplies 80% of the cortex....Show More Summary


Chronic osteomyelitis is an infection in the bone, which can be an incurable problem (Figure 1). What happens when the bone gets infection (osteomyelitis)? Usually bacteria causes infection in the bone. Leukocytes are attracted to the area and secrete enzymes in attempt to kill the bacteria (Figure 2). Show More Summary

Senator Rand Paul's ACA Replacement Plan Has Flaws That Should Concern All Mental Health Advocates

Senator Rand Paul has shared his plan for a replacement to the Affordable Care Act. While I commend the senator for starting a dialogue that includes specifics, there are elements of the plan that should cause mental health advocates to shudder. Show More Summary

Attention Boomers: Start 2017 Off Right With These Healthy Eating Tips

Turning 60 is a life-changing event. My own birthday had me trading the wet cement sidewalks of the West Village for the narrow cobblestone passageways that surround Princeton’s Palmer Square. I left behind exhausting 80 hour-work weeks...Show More Summary

Is self-compassion self-indulgent?

Interview with Kathleen Cator When you're struggling to stay motivated, feeling paralyzed by fear or looking straight into the face of failure, how do you push yourself through these moments? Do you let your inner-critic loose and give...Show More Summary

Penny George Institute & Allina: Big Changes in Nation's Leading Integrative Health Model

When Bill and Penny George began investing millions in integrative medicine and health at Minnesota's Allina Health, they had an overarching mission in which they have been successful. They created, then paid to have researched and documented, an inpatient-outpatient program that proved a model for the nation. Show More Summary

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