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Mindfulness is About as Religious as Red Wine

The business world is rapidly embracing mindfulness as a "productivity" and "performance" tool, with the thinking that calmer, more focused peeps make better employees. At the same time, I sometimes hear the concern that mindfulnessShow More Summary

6 Tips for Buying the Right Running Shoe

By Samuel Blackstone for DETAILS. (photo: Getty Images) Ask any experienced runners and they'll tell you, the most important piece of fitness equipment in their run is the pair of shoes on their feet. Unfortunately, buying the wrong pair of shoes is easier than you think. Show More Summary

3 Secrets to Your Slight Edge: How to Be in the Top Five Percent

"Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated." -- Confucius Take a moment to close your eyes and think about your greatest professional aspiration and what you need to do to reach it. How do you feel? When I do this...Show More Summary

The Story Of Implementing Skin To Skin In Our OR

By, Sarah Copple, BSN, RNC- MNN Stepping into the "Skin to Skin in the OR- Don't Let Triplets Stop You" session at the AWHONN Conference last year, I had no idea what a difference it would make in my nursing or in the experience of my...Show More Summary

5 Types Of Orgasms -- And How To Have More Of Each

By Amber Brenza, (Photo by: Getty Images) Don't get us wrong, we're all for the "If it ain't broke, don't' fix it" mentality when it comes to a family recipe or your tried-and-true makeup routine. But having the same orgasm every time can be repetitive. Show More Summary

10 Things The Adult Child Of An Addict Wants You To Know

There are many adults among us -- many of whom you might not recognize -- with intimate knowledge of what it's like to grow up with an addicted parent. Sadly, there are also many people who love those adults and don't know what it is like to have become an adult who was once a child raised amongst chaos. Show More Summary

7 Simple Steps to Developing Creativity in Your Life

"Innovation is often given complex definitions. We prefer the simple one: 'New Ideas that Work.'" -- Geoff Mulgan, Chief Executive of the National Endowment for Science Technology and Arts Do you think you are a creative person? If yes, you should know most people never benefit from being creative. Show More Summary

Busy Woman's Guide: Why Clean Eating Isn't So Clean

Photo credit: Jupiterimage/thinkstock If I am going to eat something bad for me, I want to know it and enjoy it (mmm... raspberry pound cake this past weekend... but I digress). What I don't like is trying to eat nutritiously and then finding out that my food comes with a side of harmful substances. Show More Summary

Hello, Goodbye: Endings as Positive Opportunities

By Chris Murchison, VP of Staff Development & Culture at HopeLab Investing in new employee orientation is a no-brainer for most organizations. A thoughtful beginning sets staff up for success. Positive orientation experiences help create...Show More Summary

24 Hours -- It's Not As Long As You Think

Image: Amanda Yuill A few times a year, something magical happens in my world. I find myself in possession of something akin to the Holy Grail -- 24 hours without any plans. When I realize that one of these days is on the horizon, it captures my full attention, and I go to extreme lengths to protect it. Show More Summary

When Have People Been Caring?

When Have People Been Caring? The Practice: Feel cared about. Why? Everyone knows what it's like to care about someone. Remember being with a friend, a mate, a pet: you feel warmly connected, and want him or her not to suffer and to be happy. On the other hand, you've probably had the sense, one time or another, of not being cared about. Show More Summary

30 Things To Do In Your 20s To Ensure You Succeed In Your 30s

By Brenda Della Casa Success means a lot of things to a lot of women. Whether your definition is a corner office, seeing the world, or finding long-term love, the truth is that lasting success stems from a stable, peaceful, and contented self. It's for this reason that we must create a solid foundation on which to build a life we love. Show More Summary

What Every Successful Person Knows, But Never Says

Ira Glass is the host and executive producer of the popular National Public Radio show, This American Life. Each week, This American Life is broadcast to more than 1.7 million listeners across 500 different radio stations. For Glass,...Show More Summary

What Mindfulness App Is Right for You?

How do you choose from the hundreds of mindfulness apps out there? There are over 500 mindfulness apps available, but some are better than others. A new study published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research sorted through hundreds of mindfulness mobile apps and ranked 23 of them. Show More Summary

The Future of Care

By Rick Valencia While the 20th century brought many developments to the field of health care - from the mainstream use of X-rays to the practice of open-heart surgery - the landscape 100 years ago was dramatically different than the world we know today. Show More Summary

Partnership Evolution: 3 Tips for Embracing Change in Your Relationship

Change is everywhere, whether we recognize it or not. Day turns into night, flowers bloom and wither, stocks rise and fall. We move houses, change jobs, meet new people, and shift our mindsets. Change is a natural part of life but sometimes, especially in our intimate relationships, change can be a challenge. Show More Summary

Just One Drink Per Day Can Open Door to Alcohol-Caused Cancer, Says New Study

If you think that just one drink can't hurt, an emerging study disagrees with this logic, purporting that just one drink per day can increase risks of alcohol-caused cancer. Most people don't really think twice about sucking down a cold beer or enjoying a glass of wine after a long day (I sure don't). Show More Summary

Sometimes Healing Is Hard

It was a Saturday afternoon and I was sitting on his couch with my eyes closed, sobbing harder than I had in months. I had stopped breathing, resisting the next step of the process with every cell in my body. I could literally feel every...Show More Summary

The Preventative Double Mastectomy: Not an Easy Yes

It's late June, a golden-blue day wrapped in soft, honeyed rustles hinting at untold promises and glories of the summer at hand. My small children are gliding into a friend's home, their goodbye kisses and laughter floating through tousles of hair. Show More Summary

Four Back-to-School Habits That Are Bad for Your Child's Body

It's that time again... children are returning to school. New clothes, new classes, new friends and the same old problems that students and parents alike have to manage each year. Four such problems -- let's call them bad back-to-school...Show More Summary

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