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Sometimes It's Just that Simple: The Do's and Don'ts of Success

In search of a good read, I surfed my bookshelves, running my fingers along the spines of the books, back and forth, until I settled on Patti Smith's memoir Just Kids, the story of her life with artist Robert Mapplethorpe. (Yes, that's right -- actual books were involved. Show More Summary

FDA Loophole Allows Possibly Dangerous Chemicals in Food

Don't Ask/Don't Tell Food Additive System Puts Many At Risk Since 1958, the FDA has allowed everyday ingredients in food without requiring a lengthy approval process for them. Food companies and their suppliers have never had to prove,...Show More Summary

Valentine's Day Ideas No Matter Your Relationship Status

Valentine's Day. Some love it; some loathe it -- but it always arrives on February 14th whether we like it or not. Most of my Valentine's Days have been solo, and one of my favorites happened by chance. Once, due to a travel mishap, I was stranded in Cleveland on Valentine's Day and had to crash my best friend and her hubby's romantic evening. Show More Summary

The Thin Magic

Sounds True recently published a new, expanded edition of Inside the Miracle: Enduring Suffering, Approaching Wholeness, which gathers twenty-eight years of my writing and teaching about suffering, healing, and wholeness, including thirty-nine new poems and prose pieces not yet published. Show More Summary

Take the Olmstead Pledge: A Time to Seize Justice

According to Facebook Chief Operating Officer and author Sheryl Sandberg, "Social gains are never handed out they must be seized." Recently, I was invited to speak at a faith-based community behavioral health luncheon. I spoke about therapeutic justice, ending the criminalization of people with mental illness, and the role of the U.S. Show More Summary

Being Mortal Is a Btch

David Wichs was walking to work in TriBeCa last Friday morning when a 565-foot construction crane toppled onto Worth Street and killed him. He was 38. I didn't know him -- I saw it in the paper. Workers had been lowering the crane as a precaution from wind gusts when it crushed him. Show More Summary

How to Stress Less and Achieve More

Let's be honest. Work is not always easy. Whether you're employed or your own boss, you got pressure to deliver. Today, that usually means higher demands, in less time, and with more distractions. You try to keep up, so you do more work. Show More Summary

Tragic News for People Who Love Seltzer Water

There's a potential side effect of drinking too much. By Nina Bahadur, SELF Photo: Romulo A. Yanes If you drink a lot of seltzer, listen up. You may believe that bubbly water is a super-healthy alternative to soda. This is logical, because...Show More Summary

When You're Hot, You're Hot

Having a hot temper is a burden. When anger overtakes volition, it works against us. We release what has been pent up and let the other person have it, consequences be damned. Over time, with repetition, colleagues drift away. Loved ones back off. Show More Summary

Know a Congenital Heart Defect Survivor? You Do Now!

Whenever we hear someone is pregnant, it is a guarantee they will be asked if they want a boy or a girl and the response from the expectant parents is likely to be, "It doesn't matter as long as the baby is healthy." Unfortunately, there are babies that are not born healthy, but we wouldn't trade them for the world. Show More Summary

The Myth of a 'Good Death'

No doubt, most of us, if given the choice, would prefer to die peacefully in our sleep with no unfinished business with ourselves or others. This we call "a good death." But it is important to look below the surface of this idea to understand its misconceptions. Show More Summary

7 Healthy Foods Beyond Carrots for Healthy Eyes

You have likely heard of degenerative diseases such as cataracts, keratoconus and macular degeneration. For preventative measures, I am sure you know salmon is good for your heart and oatmeal for your cholesterol, but did you know that...Show More Summary

The Secret to Getting Started!

This might just be one of the most over-discussed, over-thought and over-anticipated struggles on the planet. And I am here to share the million-dollar secret! Are you ready? Sitting down? Take a few deep breaths, please. Okay. The secret to getting started, is... Show More Summary

How Do I Know If I Have Breast Cancer?

For anyone who has ever discovered a lump in their breast or noticed some sort of physical change in the appearance of their breast or the area around it, the first thought that crosses the mind is that it must be cancer. And it may be or it might not be. Show More Summary

The Cancer Moonshot Could Depend Most on You

In his State of the Union address, President Barack Obama announced that Vice President Joe Biden would lead an effort toward a "moonshot" cure for cancer. More recently, Vice President Biden met with health care leaders at the World...Show More Summary

3 Unlikely Secrets to Being More Productive and Successful

By Brian Sabin Your phone is blowing up from calls, emails, and texts. Your growing to-do list on your desk is equally vying for your attention. You don't know where to focus and can't seem to get a single task done without interruptions. Show More Summary

A New Online Course Teaches Buddhist Meditation for Free

By Sonia Jones In this video, Sonia Jones, Sonima's founder, sits down with David Germano, Ph.D., a professor of religious studies and the director of the Contemplative Sciences Center at the University of Virginia, to discuss the school's newest online course on Buddhist meditation in the modern world. Show More Summary

Dear Normal Parents: A Letter From a Chemo Mom

I am the mother of a medically fragile child. I have been her mother for eight years, and for all of those eight years she has been sick, recovering, or dealing with permanent effects of the illness. She was born with Resistant Multisystem Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis, which is a fancy way for saying she had a rare, serious cancer at birth. Show More Summary

Repeat After Me: 'Hospice Means More Care, Not Less.'

I probably lost many readers just by having hospice in the title; hospice may be the most misunderstood thing in American health care. The mere mention of hospice crosses a line--for many it's synonymous with death or giving up hope....Show More Summary

The University of Pennsylvania Has An Empty Bed Epidemic

I'm a tour guide at the University of Pennsylvania, meaning it's my responsibility to show off our campus to caffeine-fueled, high-achieving high schoolers who often struggle to keep their eyes open on their seventh college tour of the week. Show More Summary

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