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Children: The Mother Of All Teachers

The tattoo on my left hip reads: Faith, Calm, Courage, Patience, and Grace, for these are the words I chose to signify the life lessons my children have brought into my life. The placement of the tattoo is symbolic as my left hip is where I carried each of them before (and, who am I kidding, sometimes even after) they could walk. Show More Summary

It's as Easy as CBA!

We all have dreams, but what does it take to make those dreams come true? It comes down to three simple letters C B A. These letters stand for Clarity, Belief and Action. With these three things you can start to make your dreams a reality. CLARITY The first step to making your dreams coming true is getting clear about what your dream really is. Show More Summary

Be an Everyday Superhero: Saving a Life Is Easier Than It Sounds

People tend to think that superheroes have magic powers, but ordinary mortals have the power to save lives too -- no cape required. Donating an organ is one of the most powerful things you can do to save a life. April is Donate Life Month and there are two different types of organ donation: deceased donation and living donation. Show More Summary

5 Amazing Benefits of Kissing

How often do you kiss your partner? And I don't mean just a peck on the cheek or a brief meeting of the lips in passing. I mean a moment in time when your lips meet and for a few seconds, that's all that you're focused on. Taking in the closeness of your bodies. Show More Summary

Is Water Overrated?

In my article “Coconut Water Changes Its Claims,” I reported how coconut water might not be any more valuable than plain water when it comes to re-hydrating. But now there is a growing body of science that water itself may be overrated. Yikes,...Show More Summary

Introducing the Thrive eCourse: Putting You on the Path to a Healthier, More Fulfilling Life

When I talk about Thrive and the importance of realizing that burnout doesn't have to be the price we pay for success, the question I am asked more than any other is: "Sure, but how do I go from understanding what I need to do to actually...Show More Summary

Understanding Medicare's Enrollment Rules

Dear Savvy Senior, Can you give me a rundown on Medicare's enrollment choices and rules along with when and how to apply? I turn 65 next year and want to make sure I know what to do. --Almost Retired Dear Almost, The strict rules and timetables for Medicare enrollment can be confusing to many new retirees, so you're wise to plan ahead. Show More Summary

Stealing From Yourself

When I was 6 years old, I was in the checkout lane at the grocery with my mom. She was busy loading groceries from the cart onto the conveyor belt while I was busy checking out all the tempting candy, all of which was at eye level for me. Show More Summary

What Are You Worth Naked?

So there we were: jogging up the bluffs with mud covered shoes and bodies covered in, well... nothing. It was one of those nights to do something out of the ordinary. Sometimes that means finding a new blockbuster to watch, sometimes...Show More Summary

The Beauty of Alone Time

I didn't realize it until just recently, but I am a huge introvert. When I tell people that I am, they usually give me a funny look of disbelief. As an outward-looking "social butterfly" who works as a corporate trainer and professional...Show More Summary

Mindfulness in Your 20s: Understanding the Brain on Stress

(Part two of an ongoing crash course on mindfulness in your 20s. Click here for the last post.) Before we move forward with some basic mindfulness practices, I want to give you a quick review of the stressed brain. I think it's useful to understand the effects of stress before we tackle how to respond to it. You're an animal. Show More Summary

Life: Sexually-Transmitted and Fatal

Life is a sexually-transmitted condition that is invariably fatal. That well-phrased truth -- often attributed to British author Neil Gaiman -- led off a talk not long ago at San Francisco's Commonwealth Club by Atul Gawande, physician and author of, most recently, Being Mortal. Show More Summary

Releasing Resentments And Opening Up to Love

A while back I found myself in a not-so-happy place for a few days. My work at my counseling job was extra stressful, I had multiple things at home that needed to be done that weren't and my boyfriend and I weren't quite understanding...Show More Summary

What Pregnant and Parenting Teens Really Need

By Gloria Malone, a contributor to the Seleni Institute, a nonprofit mental health and wellness center for women and mothers in New York City. When I got pregnant and became a mother at 15, I experienced an overwhelming onslaught ofShow More Summary

Taking the 'Social' Out of Social Media and Turning Away From the Screen for a More Positive Self-Image

Social media -- you know, the Facebook, Twitter, Instagrams and such -- it's both what's good and horribly bad about the fitness and health industries. The good stuff seems obvious. If we take the good stuff at face value -- the nice...Show More Summary

Two Actions to Take Now to Generate More Compassion Toward Others

Recently, I feel as though I have been cracked wide open. This is the first time that I have dived deep into some powerful work with a therapist. It is messy. I am coming up upon stuff that I do not want to look at. I can see how certain experiences of my past have caused me to be limited in certain ways as an adult. Show More Summary

5 Easy Ways to Make Someone's Day

People often focus on the larger aspects of life, but it's the little things that truly make someone's day. A smile, some extra attention, or even just a little gratitude can immensely impact our lives. These top 5 tips will help you to greatly improve someone's day! 1. Show More Summary

4 Important Questions to Ask Yourself If You're Not Sure He's 'The One'

Originally published on Unwritten Unfortunately, relationships aren't always cut and dry. They change over time, just as we change. A relationship that was once healthy, thriving and stable can easily transform into the exact opposite. Show More Summary

9 Years of Survivorship: A New Perspective on Lung Leavin' Day

Every year following Lung Leavin' Day, I write a recap of the evening. This year I wanted to do something a little different. I know the event has a huge effect on people, and in the last couple of years people have shared their feelings about the night with me. Show More Summary

What's So Bad About Wheat

I was speaking with a friend the other day who commented that "wheat is just so bad for you." For me personally, yes, it is bad. Bad things happen to my insides when I consume gluten, the protein found in wheat and other grains such as rye and barley. Show More Summary

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