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Too Many Self-Inflicted Deaths

McLean Hospital Guest Blogger Hilary Smith Connery, MD, PhD Self-inflicted injury is now the 8th leading cause of mortality, while suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the United States. That's a stunning number of people dying...Show More Summary

Can You Cheat Death With Hot Sauce?

Hillary Clinton credits her stamina to hot sauce. She reportedly picked up her spice habit in 1992, after reading that hot chilies help the immune system. I, too, am one of those people who carry hot pepper flakes in my bag - such is my fear of bland food. Spices for healing are an old belief with a modern incarnation. Show More Summary

Take the Scary Leap: Q&A with Career Expert Kerry Hannon

by Kara Baskin Author and New York Times columnist Kerry Hannon specializes in facing life transitions with resilience. She's authored several books about career success--including Love Your Job: The New Rules for Career Happiness--and she's also a personal finance expert, helping her readers relieve anxiety around money management. Show More Summary

Ebola's forgotten victims - what we can learn from them and what we can do

A hospital nurse checks the temperature of all visitors in Conakry (Guinea) in 2014, at the height of the Ebola epidemic. Marie-Agnès Heine/OMS, CC BY Eric Delaporte, Institut de recherche pour le développement (IRD) The 2013-2016 Ebola...Show More Summary

George H. Haddad - Unsung Excellence in Medicine

Ever wonder about the people who make our health care system work at a time when reports of greed, fraud, profiteering and harmful malpractice are rampant and remedies are not advanced? I was recently reminded how hard these proficient...Show More Summary

Why You Shouldn't Go To Bed Angry

There is an old saying that if you never have a quarrel in a marriage then the first time can end in divorce. So the good news is it's ok to have little spats every now and then. We have been married for over 30 years, and Inevitably there are times when one or even both of us loses it. Show More Summary

I've Completed Hundreds Of 30-Day Challenges. Here's What I've Learned

I've done maybe upwards of a hundred Challenges over the years. It started with health and fitness, way back in the day. My friend and I would meal prep in our little cottages, and we'd challenge ourselves to eat clean all week, until cheat day. Show More Summary

Dare To Be 100: The Fit Goose

The January 13 issue of Science magazine contains a challenging article entitled "Birds don't need exercise to stay fit for epic flights." This title challenges the very root of my belief system. I preach and live by the principle that...Show More Summary

The Secret to Finding an Awesome Therapist: Therapy Made Simple

The process of finding a therapist can be confusing and frustrating if you have no guidelines to organize your search. In a big city like New York, there are so many talented therapists, but the path to finding the "perfect" one is often...Show More Summary

What Would Gandhi Do About Trump? High-Time for a Science of Wisdom

This article first appeared on the blog of Intentional Insights, a nonprofit organization that empowers people to refine and reach their goals by providing research-based content to help improve thinking, feeling, and behavior patterns. Caption:...Show More Summary

The Affliction That Could Save Your Life

I have an affliction. I have no disease, no illness. I want to help people; that's my affliction. In becoming a nutritionist and discovering why people really do get sick and obese, I was eager to learn all I could in order to help the light bulb go off in everyone's head as to how to save themselves. Show More Summary

Improve And Maintain Your New Year's Food Resolutions After 'Ditch Day'

CO-AUTHORED BY LUCY HOPKINS - Communications student at McMaster University and Director of Innovation at The College Nutritionist. "Ditch Day", January 17th is the day when most people give up, abandon, or simply forget about the New...Show More Summary

The Following Sentence Might Save Someone’s Life

The following sentence might save someone's life. There are millions of Americans with a serious, life-threatening virus that can be cured, within roughly 12 weeks, if they simply get tested and find out they have it. The virus is Hepatitis C (HCV), which chronically infects an estimated 2.3 million Americans. Show More Summary

How To Get Your Boss To Give You Less Work

For Glamour, by Suzannah Weiss. Even the most hardworking among us get overwhelmed with work sometimes. Though asking your boss to lighten your workload may feel defiant, the truth is that they may not be keeping track of how much they’re giving you — or have a realistic idea of how long it will take. Show More Summary

Food Trends 2017: What a Nutritionist Sees and Hopes You'll See

By Keith-Thomas Ayoob, ED.D. A new year brings an opportunity to reflect on and reevaluate our lives. When you're a registered dietitian/nutritionist, it's also time to review food trends for 2017. That's why I look forward to the annual...Show More Summary

How Can I Get Better at Small Talk?

How can I get better at small talk? originally appeared on Quora - the knowledge sharing network where compelling questions are answered by people with unique insights. Answer by James Altucher, blogger, author, social media, wall street investor, on Quora: I want to get better at small talk. Show More Summary

Time's Running Out: Pick an Obamacare Plan by Jan. 31

By Lacie Glover If you haven't yet enrolled in an individual health insurance plan through former President Barack Obama's health care law, act fast: The deadline to sign up is Jan. 31. The Affordable Care Act might be repealed or changed...Show More Summary

Burning the Map

Expectation is premeditated disappointment. --Sogyal Rinpoche Everyone's life journey eventually arrives at a precipice or fork in the road. At some point we will come to the end of a path and no longer know our way. Hard as this is,...Show More Summary

Why A 'Revenge Body' Is Bad Motivation

As a coach and personal trainer, I encounter various forms of personal motivation when it comes to fitness. Some people want to be fit enough to run a half-marathon because it is something they have always wanted to do. Some people have...Show More Summary

Virtual Super Bowl Trip Can Get Kids Active, Healthy

Now that we know the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons will be meeting in the Super Bowl, the countdown to kickoff has begun. Football fans are not the only ones looking forward to the festivities in Houston. So are teachers and...Show More Summary

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