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Finding Your Peace In Uncertain Times

No one thought Donald Trump would win the election, so when he did it naturally threw many people into fear, outrage, sadness, and confusion. Life is very unpredictable and causes varied emotions and mind states, many of which are extremely challenging and difficult, even unbearable at times. Show More Summary

Holding My Breath: Life After Being Diagnosed With TB

In August, I was diagnosed with tuberculosis, an infection that is responsible for more deaths around the world than any other. There was a catch though--it is a latent infection, meaning that it is not spreading nor is it contagious. Show More Summary

Watching What You Put In Your Mouth Can Reduce Health Care Spending More Than Politicians

Much of what I write is about the expensive, inequitable and unnecessarily complex U.S. health care system. About how corporate interests control both our health care system and our government--regardless of who we vote for--and what...Show More Summary

Are We Looking at Psychiatric Disorders the Wrong Way?

McLean Hospital Guest Blogger Bruce M. Cohen, MD, PhD The first psychiatric patient I evaluated--42 years ago--presented with delusions and mood swings. Based on those symptoms, our attending physician diagnosed her with schizoaffective disorder. Show More Summary

Snapping Scapula Syndrome

What is snapping scapula syndrome? Snapping scapula syndrome is a condition causing painful grinding, clicking or snapping of the shoulder blade (Figure 1). The shoulder joint itself is called the glenohumeral joint. The acromioclavicular joint is associated with shoulder separation. Show More Summary

(VIDEO) AdTech Execs Support Scheppach's Run Against Childhood Leukemia

CHICAGO - In this fast-moving industry, it can be easy to keep your head down, obsess over the latest media metrics, and not really look up to see the bigger picture in life. But life forced Tracey Scheppach to do just that, when her...Show More Summary

25 Texts To Send A Loved One Living With Depression

Written by Sarah Schuster While a text message can’t cure depression, it can remind someone of their worth and let them know they’re not alone. But it can be tricky to know what to say — especially if you don’t understand what it’s really...Show More Summary

Lung Cancer's New Nemesis - Immunotherapy

There was a time, not long ago, when the words "immune system" and "lung cancer" didn't seem to go together. At the American Lung Association, I've spent a lot more time thinking about how the immune system relates to influenza or tuberculosis, or even asthma than to lung cancer. Show More Summary

Soda News: Election Results, Diabetes and the Art of Misinformation

Election results Soda taxes were on the ballot in 4 cities on November 8th. The fact that these measures were even there is meaningful: Every time soda is discussed as a public health issue, people are reminded that the evidence tying them to obesity, diabetes and heart disease is piling up. Show More Summary

Morton's Neuroma

Morton's neuroma is a benign, painful condition usually affecting middle-aged women who walk in narrow shoes (Figure 1). The pain is felt in the front of the foot extending to the toes, usually in response to irritation, trauma, or excessive...Show More Summary

What Your Dog Craves Most from You

For all you dog lovers out there, this news will come as absolutely no surprise: your canine companion loves to be petted! He even loves it more than praise. This reality of every dog guardian's life is now backed up by a study published in the journal Behavioural Processes. Show More Summary

The Litter Most Cats Would Choose If They Could

These days, many people owned by cats suffer from kitty litter confusion, and it's no wonder. The number of cat litters on the market is mind-boggling. If you're introducing a new cat to the family, or your kitty is having litterboxShow More Summary

Flight Emergency Advice Works Just as Well Back on the Ground

By Carolyn Massiah UCF Forum columnist Save yourself first! This one sentence is a valuable piece of advice I wish I had received and fully embraced so much earlier in life. In fact, it is still a notion that I struggle with because it is one that sounds selfish in nature. Show More Summary

How to Build Good Relationships with Pretty Much Anyone in Your Life

Theodore Roosevelt had said that "the most important single ingredient in the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people". Research after research show how good relationships with people around us are important for our health and even to our longevity. Show More Summary

Trumpism and the Bigotry of the Antagonists to Integrative Medicine and Health

Waking this day post election to the ascending era of Trump in national politics is unfortunately familiar territory for those of us in integrative health and medicine. We have our own long-standing problem of "integration" of cultures and tribes and economies. Show More Summary

How To Get Rid Of Canker Sores And Prevent Them From Ever Coming Back

By Roshini Rajapaksa, MD Canker sores are frustrating and painful. If you find you’re getting canker sores often, the solution may be as simple as avoiding spicy foods or acidic fruits, which can irritate the mouth. Also, try brushing and flossing right after meals to help remove food particles stuck between your teeth. Show More Summary

How to Master Your Fear of Failure

by Andrew Shatté Failure is a part of life--even for the most successful people in the world. Yet so many of us desperately fear it, ruining our productivity, delaying our dreams, and hindering many of us from doing the things that move us forward towards our goals. Show More Summary

7 Reasons You Can't Stop Coughing

By Amanda MacMillan What’s that cough? Everybody coughs; it’s the number one illness-related reason people go to the doctor, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Most cases of cough are temporary, says Peter Dicpinigaitis,...Show More Summary

Why Calm Down is Terrible Advice

It's your best friend's wedding and you are called upon to give a speech in front of two hundred people. Unless you are Barbara Walters, odds are this fills you with dread. Public speaking is pretty high on the list of most people's top fears. Show More Summary

When Dialysis is Not Available: New Treatments for a Life-Threatening Disorder

Potassium is a normal chemical in the body that is important to muscle function, especially in the heart. It helps conduct electricity in the body and helps muscles contract. But when the concentration of potassium in your blood becomes too high, muscle contractions become abnormal and can lead to difficulty walking and paralysis. Show More Summary

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