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7 Workout Myths To Stop Believing

Getting your butt to the gym is hard enough without wasting your time and energy believing old wives' tales. Case in point: Lifting weights won't turn you into Hulk Hogan, just like a few extra squats won't make you a Kardashian. Those and more workout myths you should stop believing, right this way. Show More Summary

Offering a Helping Hand... to Yourself

A friend needs a push in the right direction. She wants information, but doesn't feel comfortable asking. She did, however, share her thoughts with you, and you do the asking for her. She'd love to work on that next project, but feels overshadowed by a co-worker. Show More Summary

How Interpretation Creates Your Reality

Life is a series of events, and with each event we attach a meaning. With each event we decide upon an interpretation. It is with these interpretations or attached meanings that we define who and what we are and what we can have and do. Show More Summary

Stop Blaming the Victims of Eating Disorders

What do emphysema, eating disorders and chronic liver disease have in common? They are all devastating illnesses where research lags due to blaming the victim. Why the diseases that cause the most harm don't always get the most research...Show More Summary

Does the Friend Zone Work?

When you hear people talk about the friend zone, it's never mentioned in a positive light. If you find yourself there, you're done. Finished. Game over. Do anything you can to avoid it. Science might give some hope to anyone that's stuck in the friend zone. Show More Summary

The Health Benefits of Bananas

Last week, a reader asked why I included bananas in my list of good carbs for the Adrenal Reset Diet. Her confusion is understandable, since some experts claim bananas are fattening or unhealthy. Recently, I read one such claim: "I tell...Show More Summary

3 Ways to Build on What You're Doing Right

There's a story we tell ourselves when we try to improve our lives, our resilience, and our stress levels. It goes like this: I want to change. I want to be different. Everything's got to go. I'm starting over. Then, things will be better. Show More Summary

The Parallel Universe of Beauty and Darkness Following a Terminal Diagnosis; Dragons Welcome

The youngest of seven children whose parents are deceased, Colleen Haggerty chronicles about the coalescing of her adult siblings following the sudden brain cancer diagnosis of their single/childless 53-year old brother, the makeshift...Show More Summary

3 Ineffective Ways I Tried to Manage and Enjoy My Drug Use

As an active addict, I was an amazing storyteller. "I don't have a problem" was one story I liked a lot. Another related one: "It's all under control." A third and more specific variation: "Coke is not interfering with my life." There...Show More Summary

WATCH: 3 Ways Sunshine Makes You Happy and Healthy

We all feel a little happier on a sunny day or riding in a car with the windows down. Sometimes the most calming place to be is sitting on the beach listening to the sound of the waves crash on the beach. Have you ever wondered why these...Show More Summary

I Don't Give A Crap About Being Perfect

From the moment we're born, people ooh and ahh over our tiny features and silly gestures, never taking their eyes off our adorableness, just waiting to see what our next move will be. But somewhere around five years old, the cute haze wears off and we cease to be so alluringly irresistible. Show More Summary

The Power of Disconnecting: How a Trip to Africa Saved My Mental Health

Last Sunday, I returned from a two-week volunteering trip to a remote village in Tanzania. My time was spent teaching at the local primary school, building bunk beds for the orphanage, working at the AIDS clinic, doing manual work like gardening and shoveling, and playing with an endless amount of children. Show More Summary

Stop Calling Me Skinny

"Stop calling me skinny." You don't hear that too often, right? Yeah, I thought so. I said this to my girlfriend the other day -- and she was quite surprised by it. She asked, "Why would that bother you so much?" I really didn't know the answer to that. Show More Summary

Thoughts and Emotions

This summer's Disney-Pixar movie "Inside Out" makes us think about our thinking. But, I wonder, first of all, "Can we even think about our thoughts?" In fact, over the summer with campers at Lausanne Collegiate School, beginning with...Show More Summary

The Outrageous Hype Behind Butter Is Back

If you follow nutrition headlines, you undoubtedly saw the announcement last year that butter was back both in the New York Times and on the cover of Time magazine in June 2014. Although these media articles were quickly analyzed and...Show More Summary

Fitting in Is Missing Out

If there's anything in life I'm sure of, its that it is incredibly hard to fit in. This is a relatively recent realization for me, but I'm 100 percent certain of it. Its pretty commonly accepted that the opposite is true, but it's also pretty commonly accepted that the safest path through life is a well worn road. Show More Summary

Mental Illness, Societal Oppression, and My Rebuttal to Bruce Levine

In a recent piece posted on, Bruce E. Levine made the bold statement that: For nearly two decades, Big Pharma commercials have falsely told Americans that mental illness is associated with a chemical brain imbalance, but the...Show More Summary

5 Tips for Reaching Your 100th Birthday From the World's Oldest People

By: Jeremy Glass Credit: Flickr/Ilya One of the many perks of living in the year 2015 is the realistic possibility of reaching age 100. We've got modern medicine, competent doctors, and helpful apps to help us keep an iron clasp on life,...Show More Summary

2 Questions You Must Ask Yourself When You're Feeling Stuck

photo credit: I'd like to think via photopin (license) Feeling stuck can be the most frustrating feeling in the world and by definition it depicts a picture of dis-empowerment and lack of progress, but it doesn't have to be that way....Show More Summary

This Breast Density Troublemaker Goes to Japan: The Impact of Shaking Up the Status Quo

Since the shock of my advanced-stage breast cancer diagnosis in 2004, I have relentlessly focused on empowering women with information about the strongest predictor of mammography missing cancer: dense breast tissue. After reviewingShow More Summary

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