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Baby Adorably Lets Out Sigh Of Relief After Sneezing

There's nothing like the pure feeling of relief that comes after a big sneeze. This baby would have to agree. Reddit user Hokie200proof shared a simple but sweet video of his infant daughter sneezing and then sighing. According to his...Show More Summary

President Obama's Hiroshima Apology

MEMO From: Tyler Wigg-Stevenson To: President Barack Obama Cc: Ben Rhodes, Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic Communications Re: that draft of Hiroshima remarks you were looking for [To be delivered as written] I've come to Hiroshima to say that I'm sorry. Oh, wait. Show More Summary

Inside A Chinese Factory That Mass Produces Masks Of Donald Trump

JINHUA, China (Reuters) - There's no masking the facts. One Chinese factory is expecting Donald Trump to beat his likely U.S. presidential rival Hilary Clinton in the popularity stakes. At the Jinhua Partytime Latex Art and Crafts Factory,...Show More Summary

Only Adele Can Make Forgetting Her Own Lyrics Enjoyable

In our eyes, Adele can do no wrong, but even award-winning singers like her make mistakes. The 28-year-old hitmaker accidentally forgot the lyrics to her own song during a concert and immediately began swearing. "St! Wrong words! St, st, st!" the "Hello" singer said before bursting into laughter. Show More Summary


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"Poppie's French Connection"

By Jerry Zezima Of all the Romance languages, the most beautiful, in my humble opinion, is Pig Latin. Take this simple phrase: "Hiya, toots!" Translated into Pig Latin, it becomes: "Iya-hay, oots-tay!" Eloquent, isn't it? The second most beautiful Romance language is French, in which I am not, unfortunately, conversant. Show More Summary

Elizabeth Warren Lays Waste to Donald Trump With This Epic Takedown (VIDEO)

Sen Elizabeth Warren is one of the few politicians who can convey the blood-curdling terror we feel when we contemplate the cataclysm of a Trump presidency. In one epicly awesplendent 10-minute speech, Warren summons the spirit of the original Furies, the Greek goddesses of Vengance, and emasculates the Republican sure-to-be nominee. Show More Summary

We, Who Are About to Be Beaten With the Ugly Stick, Salute You

Oh, dear. Not pretty. Yes. Already. The upcoming presidential campaign is ugly now and destined to ratchet up to epic uglier as soon as Bernie Sanders decides to bow out. Which is imminent. Not soon enough for Hillary Clinton, but not...Show More Summary

Lewis Black Yells At Your Annoying Roommate For You

Is your roommate pissing you off? Are they slamming doors, stealing your food, or not cleaning up after themselves? Lewis Black stopped by "The Late Show" Tuesday and -- in his very distinct style -- provided a helpful service to the...Show More Summary

One Day, Restaurants That Only Make Food For Instagram Will Exist

Let's be real here. There will be -- in our lifetime -- a restaurant that will cater exclusively to people who want simply to photograph beautiful-looking food. That will happen. And at that time, I will solemnly close my laptop, and...Show More Summary

'Star Wars' Hit Theaters 39 Years Ago And Changed Our Universe Forever

Thirty-nine years ago in a galaxy not so far, far away, "Star Wars" was released in theaters. The film, later titled "Episode IV - A New Hope," spawned a franchise and a following of astronomical proportions. Recently, Chewbacca MomShow More Summary

Chewbacca Just Got Himself A 'Chewbacca Mom' Mask

Just when you thought you had seen enough of "Chewbacca Mom," Chewbacca went and turned the tables. Last week, "Chewbacca Mom" became a viral sensation thanks to Candace Payne, a mom who returned some clothes at Kohl's and decided to buy a noise-making mask of the "Star Wars" character with her money. Show More Summary

A 10-Day Detox and Other Ways to Hate Yourself

I'm always the first person to sign up for some kind of detox or cleanse diet. I love the idea of recharging our bodies, re-setting our immune systems, and purging toxins. I especially like the idea of losing a few pounds in the process,...Show More Summary

Itsy Bitsy Spider: Climbing the Waterspout Was an Exercise in Futility

The Itsy Bitsy Spider has vowed never again to climb the waterspout. "Our culture indoctrinates us to be preternaturally optimistic. It's rife with aphorisms about perseverance--never give up, try-try-try again, hold on to your dreams--it's endless. Show More Summary

16 Perfect Tweets From Parents About The Nightmare That Is Homework

While it's great to get involved and help your kids learn, the homework struggle is so very, very real when you're a parent. As we near the end of the school year, we'd like to take a moment to acknowledge the hilarious parents on Twitter who have given spot-on descriptions of the homework process. Show More Summary

Rock on the Range 2016

Ohio has been really good to me. Throughout my 29 years of standup comedy, it just seems like I keep circling back to Ohio where I continually meet good people in good places regardless of weather conditions, with a smile on their face...Show More Summary

And Now It's Time To Watch Mold Grow To The 'Game Of Thrones' Theme

Maybe Tyrion Lannister didn't outright declare, "There's a fungus among us!" when he was on trial for King Joffrey's murder. But that seemed to be his point. Now, there seems to be no doubt about it. A kooky video titled "Game of Molds" reimagines the show's iconic intro with time-lapse footage of mold. We know, it sounds weird. Show More Summary

That Time I Was Psychic for a Day

I'm endowed with some impressive super powers. I have sexy hand model hands. I'm good with date recollection. (e.g. R.E.M.'s Automatic For The People was released on October 6, 1992.) And I can harmonize the crap out of the last line of the Happy Birthday song. Show More Summary

This Might Be The Only Way Moms Can Get Some Time Off

Is there a way for mothers to ever truly get a break? The BreakWomb moms have an idea. In the trio's latest video titled "How Moms Get Time Off," one of the moms has a sprained ankle and must rest on the couch. When her friends hearShow More Summary

This Adorable Sleepy Pup Is A Reminder How Strong Exhaustion Can Be

Sometimes sleepiness gets the best of us. You know, that feeling when you just cannot keep your eyes open. This wiped-out pup totally gets it. The little canine makes a valiant effort to stay awake in this video. We're not even sureShow More Summary

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