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800 Corgis Took Over A Beach In California This Weekend

What do you get when more than 800 corgis invade one beach for a day? For starters, you get 800 wiggling corgi butts. Just imagine this, multiplied by 800: You also get 3,200 adorably stumpy corgi legs, 500 pounds of dog food donated to Queen's Best Stumpy Dog Rescue and one hell of a party. Show More Summary

8 Ways to Be Your Therapist's Favorite Patient

So you're in therapy and secretly or not-so secretly, you have taken your therapist on as a second mom or dad. Your therapist's advice is peppered throughout your conversations with friends like, "Well my therapist said this..." or "Well...Show More Summary

It Turns Out A Laugh Doesn't Mean Something's Funny

No joke: Most laughter isn't generated by what we think is funny. So says a new installment of the PBS Digital Studios series "It's Okay To Be Smart." Less than one in five chuckles comes "in response to humor," according to the video. Show More Summary

What You're Both Thinking (But Not Saying) During A Breakup

  It's hard to say which type of breakup is preferred. You have the angry ones where everyone's being totally honest and the other person's feelings are an afterthought, and personal items are burned or thrown out the window. And then there are the awkward ones, where no one wants to be the bad guy, but also no one's really speaking their mind. Show More Summary

Open Letter To The Ticket Counter Lady At The Ferry Terminal

Dear Ferry Ticket Counter Lady: Whew! That was close! I'm writing this letter to you whilst sitting on the ferry you in no way helped me board. Thank you for your complete indifference and 0.0 sense of urgency to the line of customers waiting for assistance in getting on this ferry. Show More Summary

Badass Dad Gives Teens Ultimatum With 'Taken'-Inspired Note

Parents, want to keep your kids in line? Just threaten to take them offline. That's what one tech-savvy dad figured out as a way to discipline his messy teens -- all with a little help from Liam Neeson. Shane Labuzan was sick and tired...Show More Summary

Tina Fey Thinks Donald Trump Is 'Great For Comedy'

In 2008, Tina Fey proved that comedy and politics are pretty much indistinguishable. Now, as the 2016 primary fights heat up, she thinks the latest crop of candidates could prove just as entertaining. At a Television Critics Association...Show More Summary

When Does Sex Count?

There's always an argument when it comes to love - we happen to hear a lot of them. And just like there is always an argument around the term "hooking up," there are also a few semi-sexual experiences that leave us thinking... did that...Show More Summary

Pornosophy: The Four S's

Remember when women used to shave their legs--and other parts? Now that Brazilian or bikini waxing is waning, old fashioned shaving is experiencing a renaissance for those who don't want to remove body hair forever. Before the advent of electric razors, shaving commercials filled the broadcast waves. Show More Summary

This Is Why You Don't Park In The Bike Lane

A video uploaded to YouTube Monday gives a whole new meaning to the term "parking enforcement."  While everyone else was stuck spinning their wheels, this man just straight-up lifted a car out of the bike lane in which it was rudely parked: Onlookers cheered as he moved the vehicle out of the way. Show More Summary

'The Bachelorette' Season 11 Finale: Kaitlyn Bristowe Chooses Shawn Booth, Finds (Reality TV) Love

?It's 2015. By now, reality TV is a young adult, but it hasn't grown out of "The Bachelor" franchise. Despite its bizarre dating rituals, low success rate, and questionable racial and gender politics, the stable of shows is, if anything, more popular than ever. Show More Summary

Scared Corgi Puppy Tries The Stairs, One Adorable Paw At A Time

  You're going to have to take this one step by step, little fella. In this video, a 9-week-old corgi puppy whimpers as he tries to walk down stairs. Spurred by his owner's gentle encouragement, Peanut Butter begins his descent. C'mon,...Show More Summary

'Conan' Is Being Sued For Allegedly Stealing Jokes From Twitter

Conan O'Brien, his production company and TBS are being targeted in a lawsuit claiming the talk show host's jokes were stolen from a man's Twitter account and blog. In a lawsuit filed in California on July 22, comedy writer Robert Kaseberg claims that "Conan" allegedly violated copyright on four of his jokes between January and June of 2015. Show More Summary

I Don't Get Amy Schumer

"I have no problem if someone says 'I don't think you're funny.' I do have a problem when someone says, 'You're not funny.'" ~Comedian Mike Toomey Right now, Amy Schumer is on top of the world. Adam Sandler, not so much. Amy's movie Trainwreck is a bona fide hit; Sandler's Pixels was being called a bomb before it even opened. Show More Summary

With Trump For President: The Board Game, 2016 Is Now! And Probably A Nightmarish Hellscape!

  Tired of those same dull board games that require sanity and a conscience? Well, throw those games out the window -- let the poor play 'em! Funny Or Die introduces the new Trump For President: The Board Game! It's a little like Monopoly and a lot like being possessed by Satan himself. Show More Summary

Do-It-Yourself Donald Trump Story!

(1) Donald Trump once again (2) during a speech he gave yesterday (3). "(4)," Trump said, which immediately resulted in (5). He followed this up by (6) and threatening to (7). Despite, or perhaps because of this latest incident, Trump is still (8). Show More Summary

'Grown Ups' Director Defends Adam Sandler: 'I Don't Give A Fk What Critics Think'

Director Dennis Dugan knows his film collaborations with longtime friend Adam Sandler aren't always a hit with critics -- but that doesn't mean he has to agree with them. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Dugan defended himself and Sandler from the critical onslaught they've faced for the better part of a decade. Show More Summary

17 Drinks For The Modern (Exhausted, Overworked) Mother

Oh, don't pretend you haven't considered uncorking a bottle of chardonnay at 5 p.m. and drinking it until it's GONE. Motherhood is hard. Sometimes you need a pick-me-up. Or, something. In that vein, the cocktails of motherhood, with a twist: 1. Show More Summary

Kaitlyn Bristowe And Shawn Booth Swear To Pay Jimmy Kimmel $1000 If They Break Up

Following the final rose ceremony on Monday night's finale of "The Bachelorette," Kaitlyn Bristowe and her now-fiancé (spoiler alert!) Shawn Booth appeared on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" to talk about their reality TV-born relationship.  The...Show More Summary

Donald Trump Sells NYC Penthouse For $21 Million

   There's one view of Donald Trump's we wouldn't mind having for our own: the one from his just-sold New York City penthouse. The Wall Street Journal reports Trump unloaded his $21 million unit in Manhattan’s Trump Park Avenue just last week. Show More Summary

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