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Ode to a Cubicle

They say the sky is bright and clear, They say it's nice -- just beautiful, I wouldn't know if that is true, Since I'm stuck inside my cubicle. I bet the birds are belting out, Tunes so bright and musical, But noise and joy are not allowed, Here...Show More Summary

A Farewell to Instagrams

Rep. Aaron Schock (R-Ill.) distinguished himself during a short, meteoric career in Congress by, among other, decorating his Capitol Hill office in a "Downton-Abbeyish" style the Sultan of Brunei would have killed for and by drivingShow More Summary

Jeff Ross Asked Selena Gomez For Advice On Roasting Justin Bieber

As Jeff Ross puts it, roasting Justin Bieber is almost a "national pastime," but that doesn't mean there isn't a lot of preparation that goes into it. The comedian and self-appointed "Roastmaster General" started writing jokes about the Biebs as soon as the roast was announced and even asked the pop star's ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez for ideas. Show More Summary

Club Med(ical Practice)

I've just been invited to an exclusive club. It's not the Soho House. It's not the Illuminati. It's not even Costco. For $250, I can get a membership into the hottest club in Los Angeles - my primary care physician's patient roster. My...Show More Summary

Indiana Governor Gets 'Right Side of History' Tattoo on Forehead

Underscoring his decision to sign the Religious Freedom Restoration Act into legislation today, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence (R) visited the Metamorphic Tattoo & Body Piercing Studio in Indianapolis Thursday afternoon, walking out with aShow More Summary

Watch The Reactions Of These Adults Eating Lunchables

Remember how jealous you used to be of the kids whose parents let them eat Lunchables? As it turns out, adults don't find them quite as delicious. Buzzfeed asked a group of people who grew up with Lunchables in the '90s to try a few different kinds of the packaged meals. Show More Summary

Kentucky Basketball vs. College Basketball, In 14 Vines

This is Kentucky basketball: And this is college basketball: Again, this is Kentucky basketball: And this is college basketball: Kentucky basketball: College basketball: Kentucky basketball: College basketball: People who play on Kentucky: People...Show More Summary

Oh Fck, I Think I'm Raising Kids Who Swear

Be warned. This post is all, in its entirety, about the word "fck." Or maybe mostly about fck, but when you read it, know that this could really be about your word. Could be sht, or goddamn it or muzzfuzzer. You know your word. Because...Show More Summary

Best Teen Tweets Of The Week! (3/27/15)

Every week, we round up the best 140-character quips and insights from our esteemed blogging team -- and other equally awesome teen tweeters. Scroll down to read the latest batch and share your own suggestions by following @HuffPostTeen! pisses...Show More Summary

This 24 Carrot Gold Cake Is What To Make Your Most High-Maintenance Friend

"Put your money where your mouth is." That's exactly what Paige Russell did when she created the "most expensive cake in the world," called the 24 Carrot Cake (get it?). The decadent gold treat looks like it belongs in a bank. Luckily,...Show More Summary

What Lindsay From 'Freaks And Geeks' Would Be Up To Today, According to Linda Cardellini

The last time we saw Lindsay Weir -- in the series finale of the cancelled-too-soon gem "Freaks and Geeks" -- she was ditching an academic summit in favor of spending the summer following the Grateful Dead. But what would Lindsay beShow More Summary

10 Great 'Strangers With Candy' Moments To Celebrate One Of The Best Comedies In TV History

With the recent announcement from co-creators Amy Sedaris and Paul Dinello that Strangers with Candy, Comedy Central’s late-90s cult classic, will never be resurrected in any way, SWC fans are mourning the loss of Jerri Blank and her excellent taste in whack-ass jewelry. Show More Summary

'Indiana Is A Great Place To Be A Bigot' Spoofs State's Religious Freedom Restoration Act

The Internet Action Force (IAF) team is spoofing Indiana's controversial Religious Freedom Restoration Act with this tongue-in-cheek video. Mimicking a travel commercial, the clip praises Indiana for its world-class cities, sports teams...Show More Summary

Czr The 'Talking' Pit Bull Says Discrimination Is Bad In Awesome New Video

Czr the "talking" pit bull has a few things to say about discrimination. The dog, who replies with head shakes and grunts to such questions as "Do you want a cookie?" (answer: yes) and "Did you go outside?" (answer: no), recently provided...Show More Summary

It's Been 20 Years Since David Letterman's Infamous Oprah-Uma Joke At The 1995 Oscars

It's rare that we remember many specifics about any given Oscars ceremony. An streaker here or an unexpected expletive, perhaps, but rarely does a host's performance stretch beyond the Monday morning quarterbacking in the days that follow the awards. Show More Summary

Laughter Can Make People Feel More Comfortable And Reveal Their Secrets

They say laughter is the best medicine, but new research suggests it could also make people more likely to reveal their secrets. A study published in Human Nature found that cracking up is a catalyst for opening up: It makes people more...Show More Summary

This Map Shows The Booziest Places In America

Some of America's cities are thirstier than others. A recent nationwide analysis from CareerBuilder revealed that among the country's major cities, Las Vegas and New Orleans have the highest ratios of bartenders per 1,000 residents (Las Vegas has 5.5 bartenders for every 1,000; New Orleans has 3.4). Show More Summary

Humans Try To Catch Food, Aren't Nearly As Cute As Fritz The Dog

Fritz is one cool golden retriever. He loves playing catch with food like burritos and doughnuts. Fritz doesn't always catch his food, but he's still adorable. Just look at him! Humans, on the other hand, aren't as cute -- especially when they're trying to snatch flying food. Show More Summary

10 Epic Pranks Pulled Off By People With Way Too Much Time On Their Hands

When it comes to April Fools' Day, it's one thing to put tape on someone's computer mouse or place plastic wrap over a toilet bowl, but it's quite another thing to spend days -- even weeks -- crafting a single prank of epic proportions. Spoiler...Show More Summary

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