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Pot for Pensions

Imagine the police officer or firefighter who spent a lifetime serving and protecting for the betterment of society, and is expecting to receive a pension when he retires. While many of these jobs are essential to maintain peace, order and safety, they don't always pay the greatest salary. Show More Summary

5 of the Most-Committed Crimes by Illinois Prison Inmates

There are as many reasons for incarceration in the Illinois prison system as there are prisoners themselves (about 50,000), but the Illinois Department of Corrections files each offense under one of 28 broad categories, according to its 2013 annual report. Show More Summary

Why I Was Heartbroken When the Wisconsin Badgers Lost to Duke (And Why That's Normal)

It's a tale as old as time: You're a sports fan. A sports fan who thinks this could be "the year" for your team. You want your team to win so badly it hurts (like, it actually hurts, because you cheered so loudly you no longer have a voice, and you're pretty sure the nail-biting stress of the postseason has given you acid reflux). And then... Show More Summary

RIP, Leon Bass

Leon Bass told the story of his remarkable life in his memoir. No matter how glorious a life we live, how dizzying the heights we scale, death comes to us all. On Saturday, it came to Dr. Leon Bass, a man whom I was honored to call my...Show More Summary

Illinois Poll Shows Strong Opposition to Fracking

Nearly half of Illinois voters oppose fracking, according to a new poll by the Simon Institute. The statewide poll reveals 48.6 percent oppose fracking while only 31.8 percent believe it should be encouraged, even if there are economic benefits. Show More Summary

15 Illinois School Districts With the Top-Paid Administrators and Teachers

Education in Illinois comes under much scrutiny. But in order to propose effective ideas to make the system better, Illinoisans should know what the current system looks like. Here are 15 Illinois school districts with some of the highest-paid administrators and teachers in the state. 50. Show More Summary

Shaw: Police brutality can be traced to police secrecy in Illinois

With a national conversation surrounding concerns about police brutality taking center stage, the Better Government Association's Andy Shaw examined where such issues come from when they happen in Illinois. Shaw writes: Police brutality...Show More Summary

Reading and Writing as Ticket Out of Solitary Confinement -- and Prison

In 2004, at 16, I was arrested, charged, and incarcerated as an adult at the Washington, D.C. Jail. I grew up in one of the most dangerous housing projects in the city, East Capitol Dwellings. Shootings, drug dealing and what I callShow More Summary

A Century of Progress

Ever hear of Oscar DePriest? He made history a hundred years ago Monday. Few today remember him -- about the only lasting nod to his legacy is an elementary school bearing his name in East Garfield Park -- but a hundred years ago, on...Show More Summary

5 of the Worst Tornado Disasters in Illinois History

Keep an eye on the skies, Illinois--it's officially tornado season in the Midwest and other tornado-alley states, which usually runs between March and June. But over the past few years, more tornadoes have touched down in Illinois outside of this timespan than during the peak spring season. Show More Summary

5 Fun Festivals You'd Only Find in Illinois

Illinoisans have no shortage of fun festivals from which to choose when planning a good weekend. Traditional festivals such as world-class concerts, food tasting, holiday marts and county fairs proliferate through every season. But what...Show More Summary

Illinois's pensions system saw one important change in 1989

Excerpt from pension history section of General Assembly's 2015 report on condition of Illinois pension systems. Eventually, this debt's going to come due, folks. So, you know, realize that in this bill there are all kinds of windows that have been opened for all kinds of people... Show More Summary

Green Schoolyards Are a Win for Kids, Communities and the Environment

Imagine if every neighborhood in every city in America had a safe, vibrant and accessible outdoor place that served as a neighborhood hub. A place where kids could play and participate in sports; where neighbors could get together for...Show More Summary

Adventures of a Creationist at the Field Museum

"I don't know how to say this word, so I'm just going to pretend that I know how to say it." That's how creationist Megan Fox opens her self-styled "audit" of the exhibits of the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago. This homeschooling...Show More Summary

A Court (Finally) Seeks Justice for the Women in Long-Ago Rapes

Finally, a court has ruled in favor of the women victims of long-ago rapes and sexual assaults. A South African judge has convicted a one-time mixed doubles tennis partner of America's Billie Jean King of rape and sexual assault decades...Show More Summary

10 of Illinois' Safest Cities

Illinois is home to 19 of the country's 100 safest cities with more than 25,000 people living in them, says Neighborhood Scout. Though the No. 1 safest city in the country is Zionsville, Ind., with just over 2.6 crimes per 1,000 residents...Show More Summary

Miller: Aaron Schock could have a bright career post-Congressional resignation

March 31 was U.S. Rep. Aaron Schock's last day in office after resigning from Congress following questions about possibly improper spending. But while the resignation and fall from public favor have been a disappointment for Illinoisans...Show More Summary

Not So Simple Machines

My second grade daughter has lived through an extreme fixation on the study of simple machines at school. My sixth and eighth grade kids also studied simple machines when they were in second grade, but it involved a few worksheets and a classroom project designed to catch a leprechaun. Show More Summary

Dog Flu: Canine Influenza

Approximately three weeks ago, my Chicago practice experienced a tremendous rise in the number of dogs experiencing respiratory diseases. Initially many of these dogs were energetic with deep, harsh coughs without a fever. The doctors...Show More Summary

Want to Solve Inequality and Child Poverty? End the War on Drugs

Robert Putnam, the author of Bowling Alone, has just published an exhaustively researched book on inequality, Our Kids: The American Dream in Crisis (2015). He explores the differences between rich children, defined as those with parents having college degrees, and poor children, parents with high school degrees or less. Show More Summary

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