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Illinois Voters Beware: Deceit Season Is Here

Opinion by Reboot Illinois' Madeleine Doubek It's deceit season. Voters beware. An envelope arrived last week from Friends of Marty Moylan. The letter inside was dated Aug. 16 th and in big type, it read: "Petition to Crack Down on Child...Show More Summary

To Save The Village

There's a new documentary out dealing with the history of the Cabrini Green project in Chicago. 70 Acres in Chicago deals with the many complicated issues of race and urban poverty. But as the Slate article about the documentary notes,...Show More Summary

How the Sharing Economy is Reshaping the Business Services Sector

Lyft created an express pay program that lets its drivers get paid daily if they wish. Airbnb has at least one host in each of Chicago's 50 wards and, worldwide, 86 percent of its hosts live in the homes they share. Lyft, Airbnb andShow More Summary

Illinois Democrats Taunt GOP For Ignoring Trump

A day after Gov. Bruce Rauner called the Illinois Democratic Party a "corrupt political machine" during a rally at the Illinois State Fair, Democrats fired back on Thursday, accusing Rauner of holding the needy hostage over his reform...Show More Summary

Clintonites' Feigned Outrage About Violence Threats

After Trump's asinine quip about a 2nd amendment "solution" to stopping Clinton's presidential run, her campaign manager, Robby Mook, had this to say: "What Trump is saying is dangerous. A person seeking to be the President of the United...Show More Summary

Hot Dog! Chicago Sure Knows Franks

Jim Mudd knows his Chicago dogs: Vienna all-beef frank, sesame seed bun, sliced tomatoes, pickle strips and even the secret ingredient: celery salt. I know this because I once had a Chicago dog party with these same ingredients, ordered direct from Vienna Beef Products and delivered to my home in dry ice. Show More Summary

What the #$%@ Happened to Lake Fannin

There is a tranquil place that replenishes my soul and rejuvenates my spirit. It physically resides behind my home, just 30-minutes from the hustle and bustle of Michigan Avenue in downtown Chicago. I've intentionally hidden here a zillion times within its natural beauty. Show More Summary

Can We Have More Than Silly Sniping From Our U.S. Senate Contenders?

Opinion by Reboot Illinois' Madeleine Doubek I had such high hopes for the U.S. Senate race in Illinois with Tammy Duckworth, D-Hoffman Estates, taking on incumbent Mark Kirk, R-Wilmette. Here we have two respected, disabled military...Show More Summary

Tears for Zack: Saying Good-Bye to your Pet

I never thought I'd cry while slicing cucumbers. I never thought I'd cry while sweeping the crumbs off the breakfast room floor. I never thought I'd cry while I turned off my bedroom lights. Two weeks ago, I said good-bye to my best friend and companion, Zack. Show More Summary

Advancing Policies Over Politics

Popular political rhetoric often suggests an "up from the bootstraps" approach to economic security. When it comes to the real issues affecting our communities, though, individual hard work is not enough to solve inequality. Where are...Show More Summary

The People Said No: On The Convention And Beyond

Thousands of Bernie Sanders supporters and delegates from across the nation converged last week inside and outside the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia for 5 days, at times marching under 90-100 degree temperatures. Refusing...Show More Summary

Muslim Religious Leaders Must Step Up In The Fight Against Radical Islam

After the despicable attack in Nice, it can no longer be business as usual. As the French Interior Minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, said recently, the Nice attack shows that we are facing a new type of terrorism in the homeland. In this new form of terrorism, the timeline for radicalization, planning and execution of an attack is now very short. Show More Summary

Tackling Violence Against Women In Africa

When one of Africa's biggest music superstar, Kofi Olumide was recently caught on camera angrily kicking one of his female dancers at the Nairobi airport, many African women were shocked but not surprised. Violence against women in both public and private settings is common place in Africa. Show More Summary

Video: Will Voters Get To Sound Off On Redistricting Reform?

More than 560,000 Illinoisans signed a petition for a constitutional amendment to remove politicians from the process of drawing their own district maps. But the Illinois Constitution says citizens only can amend the constitution as it pertains to the structure and procedure of the Illinois General Assembly. Show More Summary

Bruce Rauner Reignites His Push for Term Limits

Locked in a bitter struggle with House Speaker Michael Madigan over a reform agenda that's largely been ignored by Democrats, Gov. Bruce Rauner on Monday renewed his push for the reform he prizes above all others: term limits for state...Show More Summary

Letter To A Bernie Activist

You didn't seriously think they'd allow you to take over their party, did you? As we're both Chicagoans, we know how democratic the Democratic Party really is. Our former mayor covered for decades of systemic torture of black people by Police Commander Jon Burge and a host of his colleagues. Show More Summary

Rhetorical Analysis: Trump Is Just Another Word For Nothing Left To Lose

I had a couple of beers before heading over to the Quicken Loans Arena, where alcohol was only served in the private suites. So when I saw a guy with an "America First" sign, I felt just loose enough to ask, "If America's first, whoShow More Summary

We've Got An All New For You

Yep. You're right where you belong. Hello and welcome to your new Reboot Illinois! After surveying many of you, listening to your suggestions and conducting research on the best of the web, we're pleased to introduce the new websiteShow More Summary

I On Beauty Chapter 19: Still Modeling After 70

PHOTO COURTESY OF IRENE MICHAELS IT IS HARD TO BELIEVE BUT TRUE! Throughout my life I have worn many hats and the most lucrative has been modeling. As some of you may know, most modeling careers are over by the age of 40, and I believe one of the reasons my career has lasted so long is my attitude and zest for life. Show More Summary

Mourning the Blue: A Different Perspective

It's been a very emotional 48 hours in America and the Monday morning quarterbacking, present company included, about the events that took place in Dallas; costing five civil servants their lives, adds to the stress. Let me state, my commentary is not intended to discount anyone's opinion. Show More Summary

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