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Political Impotence and International Arousal: Get Up!

On Thursday, October 8, 2015, the entire world woke up to some distressing news. An intrusion took place far away from US soil, targeting North American interests, in breach of protocol and acceptable code of conduct, which caused quite the stir in this pot world of ours. Show More Summary

14 Years and Counting: Afghanistan and The Longest US War

October 7, 2015 marked the 14th anniversary of US direct intervention in Afghanistan in the aftermath of attacks perpetrated by the terrorist group Al Qaeda on September 11, 2001. Osama Bin Laden used the failed state of Afghanistan (under the control of Taliban) to hatch the plan of attack on the twin towers in New York and the Pentagon. Show More Summary

"It's Your Allies, Stupid" -- America's Greater Middle East Disaster (Pt 2)

For Part 1 on Afghanistan, click here. America may still be the greatest military power on the planet by far, but across the Greater Middle East the U.S. is being challenged, its standing subverted, its reputation diminished -- not only...Show More Summary

Nobel prize is an award for the power of social movements

Every year in October there is a collective moment when the world thinks about peace, and the individuals and institutions who make peace happen. The Nobel Peace Prize has traditionally put the spotlight on the work of stateswomen and...Show More Summary

No Country Is As Deadly For Aid Workers As Afghanistan

By John Knefel A recent deadly U.S. airstrike against a hospital in northern Afghanistan was only the latest attack amid the myriad dangers humanitarian workers face in the war-riven country. From 1997 to the end of 2014, more than 450...Show More Summary

Yet Another Deadline in Athens

Tsipras's coalition with Independent Greeks is akin to Bernie Sanders forming a government with Sarah Palin. It should be obvious how this is going to end. Tsipras's refusal to coalesce with the moderate parties is troubling. And now for the bad news... Show More Summary

Why Turkey Aims for 'Zero Problems' With Russia's War in Syria

ISTANBUL -- Russia's intervention into Syria shines a light onto the stark contrast between Ankara and Moscow on what to do about the Syria conflict. Since the outbreak of the Arab Uprisings in 2011, Russian President Vladimir Putin has been the most dependable ally of the Assad regime in Syria. Show More Summary

Confused About Russia's Intentions in Syria? Putin Wants You to Be.

It's not easy being a Western diplomat dealing with Russia. First there's the cold, the poor pay and the long hours. Then there's the bugs, creepy happenings and monitoring you have to put up with in Moscow. But the worst problem is that your counterparts lie. First in Ukraine and now in Syria, Russia's disinformation warfare is outplaying the West. Show More Summary

Women's Situation Rooms Boost Peaceful Voting in Africa

Cross-posted from UN Women It’s 28 March 2015—Election Day in Nigeria—and scores of youth incident reporters are working around the clock to record complaints, observations and queries about violence against women, fielding calls from across the country received at a toll–free line. Show More Summary

Mouth Wide Shut

Barack Obama was, in 2008, the anti-torture candidate. It's a sad comment on the state of U.S. democracy that such a thing ever existed. After all, it would be startling to hear appeals from a pro-oxygen or an anti-apocalypse candidate...Show More Summary

Crossing Borders

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I'll meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass he world is too full to talk about. - Rumi A man, a woman, and a little girl in pigtails. Three black silhouettes leaning forward, almost desperately, against a bright yellow background. Show More Summary

The Druze of Israel: Hope for Arab-Jewish Collaboration

In the war-torn Middle East, it is rare to find two groups with different religions, nationalities and histories working together and developing a flourishing relationship. Yet, in Israel the strong relationship between Arab Druze and Israeli Jews shows hope for the future of the Middle East. Show More Summary

The Interfaith Resonance of "Allegiance"

On Tuesday I was fortunate to be in the audience of "Allegiance, the New Musical Inspired by a True Story." It was the first night of the previews of George Takei's new Broadway musical at Longacre Theatre. I'm no critic, but I know what I like. Show More Summary

5 O'Clock Somewhere: 'As a Beer Though, It Sucks'

This post is from Roads & Kingdoms' Five O'Clock Somewhere series: daily dispatches at cocktail hour from around the world. Find more food and travel storytelling at Roads & Kingdoms. By Joe Freeman Hunter in Dhaka Hunter, Bangladesh's local beer, does not come highly recommended. Show More Summary

The Nobel Peace Prize Would Seriously Harm Merkel: This Is Why

The Nobel Prize Committee in Oslo will announce the 2015 Peace Prize grantee tomorrow-- and Angela Merkel is the top contender. But if the Nobel Committee does end up giving it to the chancellor, it would severely harm her. It's not just experts who seem certain that she will win. Show More Summary

UK Think Tanks Reveal Who Funds Them as Sector Embraces Transparency

At least nine major British think tanks will disclose who funds their research and advocacy over the coming month, marking a systemic shift towards greater financial transparency across the entire UK policy research scene that mirrors a similar, ongoing seismic shift in the United States and beyond. Show More Summary

'It's Your Allies, Stupid' -- America's Greater Middle East Disasters (Pt 1)

The devastation of the Médecins Sans Frontières hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan by an American AC-130 gunship is a microcosm of much that is wrong with U.S. policies across the entire region: in a couple of words -- America's allies....Show More Summary

Why the SDGs are Dangerous

On September 25, one of the most important global agreements in recent history was inked in New York. World leaders adopted 17 Sustainable Development Goals during the Sustainable Development Summit at the United Nations. These goals...Show More Summary

Russia in Syria - Opportunism or Opportunity?

Facing Factions Nearly five years of civil war in Syria has produced more than 300,000 war victims, and unleashed an exodus of Biblical proportions, with four million refugees converging on Europe and neighboring Middle Eastern countries...Show More Summary

Ambassadors Awarded for Achievement in U.N. Global Goals

It's a heady experience to be surrounded by world leaders, so it was a particular pleasure for me to attend a special celebration of the adoption of the new Global Goals by the 193 government members of the United Nations. The intimate,...Show More Summary

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