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From where I stand: Maruti Joshi

Cross-posted from UN Women Photo courtesy of Maruti Joshi. “When I joined the Indian police force in 1997, I was the first and only female officer in a batch of 35 male officers. I was doing routine police work then. In 2011, I got an opportunity to join a new United Nations Mission in South Sudan. Show More Summary

Poorer Countries Admire Leaders' Strength, Wealthier Countries Admire Their Ideals

By Paul A. Friesen A recent report by WIN/Gallup International gathered survey research from 65 countries around the world, asking respondents to choose whether they have a favorable or unfavorable view of leaders from the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Russia, China, India, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, and Iran. Show More Summary

The Race to Raqqa: The Next Russian-American Proxy Battle?

A bombed out street in Raqqa, Spring 2016 The war against the Islamic State (IS) is about to enter a new, possibly decisive phase. For the first time since it overran large portions of Syria and Iraq and declared its caliphate, IS militants...Show More Summary

Modest Objectives for the Russian-Gulf Dialogue

The objectives of the strategic dialogue between Russia and the six countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council are not complicated, but fulfilling them requires the Gulf states to take clear decisions on several issues. This week in Moscow,...Show More Summary

May 30 Judgement Day for Americans Tortured In UAE

On Monday, two Americans who have been held in an Emirati jail for almost two years will find out in court whether they will be sentenced to up to 15 years in prison. Successful businessmen Kamal Ahmed Eldarat, age 58, and his son Mohamed,...Show More Summary

This Week in World War I: May 28-June 3, 1916

The Battle of Jutland British fleet enroute to the Battle of Jutland, May 30, 1916 At the onset of World War I, there were a series of naval battles throughout the world's oceans that saw the Royal Navy largely destroy the German Navy's surface combatants outside of the Baltic Sea. Show More Summary

Insight Into the Former Soviet Union's Fake Degrees

Image: Bribetaking. Stock Illustration. There are lots of ways to get a university degree in the former Soviet Union without working for it. One is to cheat your way through the degree. Another is to bribe your way through -- pay off professors, deans and even university presidents. Show More Summary

Escape from Falluja

Harrowing accounts from residents, who in recent days managed to escape from the Iraqi city of Falluja, which is under control of the armed group calling itself Islamic State (IS), paint a frightening picture of starving civilians living...Show More Summary

South America's Leftist Implosion: Let The Debate Begin

From Venezuela to Brazil to Argentina, the political left is crumbling, raising real questions about the durability of South America's so-called "Pink Tide." In Caracas, the future of Chávez protégé Nicolás Maduro remains unclear amidst plunging world oil prices, rampant inflation, power shortages and scarcity of basic goods. Show More Summary

The Problem With Saving Tunisia

In a region marked by so many acrimonious policy differences among Western governments and think tanks, Tunisia has indeed seemed quite exceptional. Sure, there have been some quibbles here and there since the country's 2011 revolution...Show More Summary

The "Supervised Injection" Laundromat

In a response to the recent spike in U.S. deaths from heroin usage (from 3000-4000/year to over 10,000 in 2014), there has been increasing interest in "supervised injection facilities," or SIFs. Users can bring their drugs to the supervised...Show More Summary

Almost There

''While the world watches in awe or indifference, Turkey is in the midst of a rough power grab. Dismantling the system from its main elements, and with a rudderless opposition, Erdo?an seems only inches away from being an autocratic ruler.'' This was a meeting we as a small group of selected journalists had regarded with anticipation. Show More Summary

Beyond Recriminations and Apologies: The Unique U.S.-Japan Relationship

"My father was killed in Hiroshima," said the disc jockey when I began my internship at Tokyo's then powerhouse radio station JOQR. It was 1983 and at 15 years old I didn't quite know how to respond to what I later learned was a joke-part of the initiation process for the newbie. Show More Summary

Initial Results After One Year of Fighting Racism and Anti-Semitism

To fight racism and antisemitism, not just with nice sentiment, but with real public policy, defined by clear priorities and backed up with human resources and funding -- this was what the President of the Republic promised at the end...Show More Summary

The Brazilian Coup and Washington's "Rollback" in Latin America

It is clear that the executive branch of the U.S. government favors the coup underway in Brazil, even though they have been careful to avoid any explicit endorsement of it. Exhibit A was the meeting between Tom Shannon, the 3rd ranking U.S. Show More Summary

A Tour Guide's Thoughts on President Obama's Visit to Hiroshima

My name is Masaaki Murakami, I'm kind of like the Obama of the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park. I graduated from university last spring. Currently, I am working part-time at night and serving as a guide at the Hiroshima Peace MemorialShow More Summary

Putting One's Ear to the Ground: Rumblings of Mounting Discontent

By James M. Dorsey (Lecture at MEI Conference: The Middle East Peace Process After the Arab Uprisings) When Jeremy Bowen, the BBC's Middle East editor, returned to Jerusalem earlier this month, he was asked by colleagues what story he would be covering. Show More Summary

The Two Sides Of Dilma Rousseff's Impeachment

The impeachment process of President Dilma Rousseff has two sides. One of them is legitimate, and the other is not. On the legitimate side of the process are the millions of Brazilians who took to the streets asking for the president's departure. Show More Summary

From where I stand: Nahimana Fainesi

Cross-posted fromUN Women Photo: UN Women/Catianne Tijerina “This is my second time living in communal camps, second time running away from civil war to protect myself. What made me leave [Burundi] was the problem of random people invading others’ homes, attacking those without husbands. Show More Summary

First Nepal Day Parade in New York: A Long Way to Go

Photo: Pradeep Pariyar Thapa The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. This is the first step of this journey. Nepalese Americans still have a long way to go. Everybody can't get a chance to make the history. Only a few people get a chance to make the history. Show More Summary

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