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China's Population Policy Now a Problem, Not a Solution

By Andrew Mason Note: This commentary first appeared in China Daily on 7/21/15 For decades China has pursued policies intended to slow population growth by reducing childbearing. Slowly, attention is shifting to the dangers of super-low fertility, population decline, and rapid aging. Show More Summary

Strategic Investment and Engagement in Africa: Theory or Practice?

Think of Africa. What comes to mind? Ebola? Boko Haram? ISIS and violent conflict? Famine, poverty and disease? Wild animals and threatened species? What if I told you that the cradle of civilization is conducting cutting edge research...Show More Summary

Strategic Investment and Engagement in Africa - Theory or Practice?

Think of Africa. What comes to mind? Ebola? Boko Haram? ISIS and violent conflict? Famine, poverty and disease? Wild animals and threatened species? What if I told you that the cradle of civilization is conducting cutting edge research...Show More Summary

FBI Director: ISIL Is 'Not Your Parent's al-Qaeda'

Above, watch FBI Director James Comey and CNN "The Situation Room" Host Wolf Blitzer discuss a range of topics in "The Complexity of Today's Global Threat Environment" session at the 2015 Aspen Security Forum. Federal Bureau of Investigation...Show More Summary

5 Things You Should Know About the CIA's 'Robotic' Drone Assassination Campaign

Since 2001 drones have become a signature weapon in America's war on terrorists and insurgents in the Muslim world and have been deployed from sub-Saharan Africa to the Philippines. But for all the fact that drone strikes are regularly...Show More Summary

During Trip, Obama Should Raise Case of Kenyan Detained at Guantanamo

President Obama has a long list of security-related issues to raise with the Kenyan government during his trip this weekend, including corruption, the rise of violent extremism, and the Kenyan authorities' failure to adopt an inclusive...Show More Summary

How to 'Git' Out of Gitmo

Despite persistent charges of incompetence from the Republican Party, as the New York Times noted yesterday, Barack Obama has drastically reduced unemployment, shortened sentences for drug use, undertaken a major revision of the prison...Show More Summary

Yes, Europe's Jews Have a Future

In the six months since the Charlie Hebdo and Hyper Cacher attacks, Europe's landscape has not improved: terror in Lyon, the Greek default crisis, and worrying actions against refugees and migrants. Such strain on the continent's socioeconomic system, indeed its very ideals, has put increasing pressure on the most vulnerable, especially minorities. Show More Summary

Will Uber and Driverless Cars Help Kill the Planet?

The fight over Uber can be reduced by the media in a place like New York City as a fight between hide-bound yellow cabs and high-tech Uber "innovators"--but that's a frame that ignores the more than 95% of the population that don't use...Show More Summary

Iran As a Regional and Strategic Threat

On July 10, the last Friday of this year's Ramadan, millions of Iranians celebrated the annual 'al Quds day'. A celebration marked by the usual anti-Israel and anti-Semitic slogans. In addition of course, the US and the UK came in for...Show More Summary

A Death in Brussels

Let's tell it straight: "Europe" committed suicide last weekend in Brussels. It was an assisted suicide. The IMF wrote the original story line and set the scene; the European Central Bank provided the revolver and ammunition; while Germany...Show More Summary

Provoking the Past in the Greek Referendum

By Daniel M. Knight, Durham University On June 26th the Greek government announced a snap referendum on a new Troika (European Commission, European Central Bank and International Monetary Fund) austerity package, causing the European Central Bank to cap Emergency Liquidity Assistance. Show More Summary

Ukraine's Volunteers Saving the Day

Young Maley in a Kiev hospital bed recovering from shrapnel wounds in war against Russia KIEV, UKRAINE Days after Russia took over Crimea last year, Ukrainian teenager "Maley" contacted his local army recruitment office to sign up. His...Show More Summary

Nixon vs. Khrushchev: The 1959 Kitchen Debate

It was undoubtedly one of the most unorthodox - and therefore memorable - settings for a major political debate. On July 24th, 1959, the United States opened the American National Exhibition at Sokolniki Park in Moscow. The Soviets and Americans had agreed to hold exhibits in each other's countries as a cultural exchange to promote understanding. Show More Summary

Who Should Be Trusted in the Iran Deal?

Many commentators greeted the recently announced agreement over Iran's nuclear program with deep skepticism. They dismissed the two years of negotiations between the six most powerful countries in the world and Iran with a single assertion: the deal should be rejected because the other side cannot be trusted. Show More Summary

Our Simple Role as Global Citizens in Fending Off Discrimination

Discrimination has always existed. Attacks on different ethnicities, races and even entire populations have always usurped the news. But, I have never seen them capture the headlines in such a propelling manner, one by one after another. Show More Summary

As Obama Visits His Father's Home, Kenya and the U.S. Must Look to the Future

NAIROBI -- Inscribed in our national coat of arms and underpinning Kenya's rich tapestry of culture and history is the spirit of Harambee (Let Us Pull Together). Harambee, or to give it its modern interpretation, interdependence, is central to our belief that only by pulling together can we and will we solve our problems and advance our communities. Show More Summary

The Global Extremes of Population Density

Only 5 percent of the world's population lives in the entire blue region. For comparison, the same number of people live in the small red region. Believe it or not, it's true. There are just as many people living in the small red area as there are living in all the blue areas combined. Show More Summary

30 Symmetrical Photos So Good They'd Make Wes Anderson Weep

Director Wes Anderson is known for crafting near-perfect symmetry in many of his scenes, so much so that an entire video has been created to show off just how often he does this. It's easy to see why he does this: symmetry is beautiful. Show More Summary

No, Islam Is Not Inherently Misogynistic. Here's Why.

Junaid Jamshed, Pakistani pop singer turned Islamic preacher, landed himself in hot water when he recently made misogynistic remarks on television. Erroneously trying to prove that women do not have an independent status of their own...Show More Summary

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