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A Look Back on President Buhari's First Year: Part One

As we approach the end of Nigerian President Buhari's first year in office, sworn in before celebratory crowds looking for change (May 29, 2015), the country will be waiting to hear his list of accomplishments. There seems to be two schools of thought on what type of report card his administration should have. Show More Summary

Austria Dodged A Bullet, But Brexit Is The True Test For Europe

The recent Austrian presidential elections have ensured that Altiero Spinelli's dream of a united Europe will live on -- for the moment. Green Party candidate Alexander Van der Bellen's victory over the right-wing candidate, NorbertShow More Summary

Love in the cell

I sat there and listened to her as she poured out her soul. She spoke of a life that was long gone and a nightmare that never ended. She told me stories of happiness, anguish, love, and loss. I listened to her unable to say a word. Tears formed in my eyes as I took her pain, and cradled it in my hands without judgment. Show More Summary

At Lord Buddha's Birthplace on His Birthday

On the occasion of 2560th birthday anniversary (Buddha Jayanti) of Gautam Buddha, we visited his birthplace in Lumbini, Nepal. Here is a collection of pictures which is worth to be looked on. These pictures were taken in Lumbini, birthplace of Gautama Buddha. Show More Summary

Buddha Was Born In Nepal

Photo: Buddha's Page There is no doubt that Buddha was born in Lumbini, Nepal. The word "Buddha" means a person who has personally been able to perceive the ultimate truth. Buddha was considered "Siddhartha Gautam" before being recognized as the enlightened being. Show More Summary

The Persistent Frontier: Our World Humanitarian Crises

French philosopher Henri Lefebvre introduced the concept of "the right to the city" in his 1968 book, Le Droit a la Ville, in which contemporary urbanist Neil Brenner refers to as a "radical demand for a democratization of control over...Show More Summary

The plight of female refugees in Turkey remains largely ignored

By Andrea Eisinberg The war in Syria - considered the humanitarian crisis of the 21st century - is now in its fifth year. It continues to dismantle the country and force millions to seek refuge in neighboring countries. Up to 2.7 million refugees have entered Turkey - the largest Syrian refugee population of any host country. Show More Summary

Part Two: A Look Back on President Buhari's First Year

In Part One of this two part series on looking back on how the Administration of Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari has done since taking office one year ago (May 29, 2015), we examined some of the steps he has taken to combat corruption,...Show More Summary

Dear Mr. President, Human Rights Should Never Be Mere Lip Service

President Obama visited Vietnam this week in hope of firming up his "rebalance to Asia" policy, which had faltered in recent years. It requires being friendly to dictatorial regimes in the region in order to shift their allegiances with...Show More Summary

Moving Markets: How the Middle East Gets Beyond Oil

By Amanda Zeidan Saudi Arabia, the world's largest oil-exporter, is kick starting non-oil growth by opening to foreign investment for the first time. Generational shifts in opinion on financial reform and regulation could lead SaudiShow More Summary

After 68 years of Nakba, is coexistence still possible?

By Mohammed Alhammami, Gaza project manager, We Are Not Numbers When I was a kid, my father used to tell me stories of past Jewish-Palestinian coexistence. "My mom had a Jewish neighbor in our hometown--Yaffa. She was her best friend," he'd always say. Show More Summary

Michel Temer Is Sending Brazil Back To The Past

The traitors didn't see this coming. Only a few days after Michel Temer became Brazil's interim president -- following a coup that drastically tore our democracy apart -- the stock market fell and the Brazilian currency lost value against...Show More Summary

Journey behind a Name: Reviving Circassian Mythology

I have often been questioned about my name in my home country. Every year, on the first day of school, all students looked the same; grey pants, striped shirts and maroon ties. But when roll call kicked off, I slid deeper into my seat and waited for the barrage of inquisitiveness from my teachers about my uncommon name. Show More Summary

Bhopal Call for Justice Missing on Key Facts

Recently saw Martin Sheen's youtube video asking for the White House for the justice for Bhopal. He also asked to sign a petition. I would really like to commend this gesture that even after so many years, people still remember the Bhopal Gas Tragedy, often called the Hiroshima of the Chemical Industry. Show More Summary

No More Excuses: The Need for an Inclusive Humanitarian Response

Ambroise, a 27-year-old man with a physical disability, in the M'Poko camp in Bangui, Central African Republic. His parents abandoned him when Seleka forces attacked their neighborhood. He had to be carried 2-3 kilometres to the M'Poko...Show More Summary

It Is Time To Engage In Nuclear Disarmament, President Obama

To The President of the United States, As the first US president to visit Hiroshima, ground zero, you will make history for your nation. But you will also make history for humanity. You're right to let historians debate the merits of President Harry Truman's decision to use the atomic bomb, since, as it stands, we cannot rewrite the past. Show More Summary

If We Are to Share Humanity, Education Cannot Wait

Photo courtesy of the World Humanitarian Summit Before reading further, pause and take a moment to recall your childhood hopes and dreams. Dreams, for many of us, were bright, aspirational, and even fantastical. For millions of children...Show More Summary

Buddha Jayanti: A Day for World Peace

This weekend was the special weekend because people around the world (especially Buddhists) observed International 'Buddha Day' paying obeisance to Lord Buddha and wishing for world peace. The day was not only the birthday of 'Lord Buddha', but also the day of his enlightenment and Mahaparinirvana (death of the Buddha). Show More Summary

Dispatches from the World Humanitarian Summit: Education as a Bridge Between Aid and Development

In my first post from the World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul, I discussed how the international community must not be satisfied simply providing humanitarian aid during conflicts, but instead must seek to eliminate the need for aid to begin with. Show More Summary

How lessons from past extinctions can help save Madagascar's lemurs

Sarah Federman, Yale University It is common knowledge that the world faces an historic threat to biodiversity and natural species everywhere. This threat, caused by climate change, loss of habitats and over-exploitation - among other things - may be new. Show More Summary

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