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Ukraine: World War II Fiasco Leads to Public Relations Disaster and Thorny Questions for Kiev and Foreign Diaspora

For Kiev, winning the public relations war against Vladimir Putin would seem to be a no-brainer. For a year now, the Kremlin has conducted a thinly-disguised war of aggression in eastern Ukraine resulting in the deaths of thousands.Show More Summary

Greece: A Nation Divided -- Will Russia Take the Initiative?

The Greek referendum set for July 5, 2015, is about "yes or no to Europe." The nation is divided. One camp for the Euro, for membership of the European Union (EU), and ultimately for Europa; the other one against the Euro, against EU membership and ultimately against Europe. Show More Summary

Pilgrimage to the Land of Salafism

Bilateral relations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have been fraught with hostility, tension and confrontation. This is while both nations are Muslim majority nations. I recently had a firsthandShow More Summary

Europe's Broken Mirror

Greece's political life is tightly correlated with the road that Europe is on, as is the collective identity of Greeks, which was formed in reference to the assertions of Europeans in regards to the protection of personal and political freedom. Show More Summary

How the Computational Capacity of Economies Explains Income

Most people think that information and computation are new things when in fact they are as old as the big bang. In the beginning, there was the bit, as my MIT colleague Seth Lloyd likes to say. Only recently, however, we have learned...Show More Summary

America's Got War

Poverty, Drugs, Afghanistan, Iraq, Terror, or How to Make War on Everything Cross-posted with War on drugs. War on poverty. War in Afghanistan. War in Iraq. War on terror. The biggest mistake in American policy, foreign and domestic, is looking at everything as war. Show More Summary

Countering political violence: Tackle the root causes

By James M. Dorsey European officials, describing recruitment efforts by the Islamic State in Bosnia Herzegovina, mired in a toxic mix of economic malaise and ethnic tension, reportedly fear they may regret having failed to tackle the...Show More Summary

The Islamic State One Year Later: Whose Winning the War?

Islamic State's Projection of Territory Under Its Control by 2020 June 29th marks the first anniversary of the proclamation of Islamic State (IS). It has been a busy year. After conquering an area covering over 80,000 square miles and...Show More Summary

The Flotilla Question

Many questions concerning the Israeli-Palestinian conflict are being asked in Israel these days. One of the most popular of the questions is related to a decision made by me, an elected Arab member of the Israeli Knesset, to participate in a "controversial" flotilla to Gaza. Show More Summary

12 Devastating Consequences if Greece Returns to the Drachma

Lately we see, artfully cultivated from various circles, a climate in Greece in favor of returning to the drachma. There's an orchestrated propaganda push to influence public opinion by profit motivated business centers with selfishShow More Summary

Will P5+1 and Iran Clinch a Deal?

After years of negotiations, the Islamic Republic and the six world powers, known as the P5+1; China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States, plus Germany, are only a few days away from the June 30th deadline to seal...Show More Summary

#FreedomFlotilla III Exposes Anti-Democratic Extremism of the Israeli 'Center'

Supporters of continuing the Israeli occupation of Gaza, the West Bank, and East Jerusalem would like global public opinion to believe that the occupation can be maintained and yet Israel can be considered a democracy. A central challenge...Show More Summary

This Week in World War I, June 27-July 3, 1915

British Bi-Planes: The Beginning of Air Combat in World War I Those Daring Young Men and Their Flying Machines As the importance of air warfare grew, so too did the fame surrounding the men who flew the machines. Ace fighter pilots came to be regarded as folk heroes. Show More Summary

P5+1 and Iran have settled framework for sanctions relief timing, says Iranian sources

Contrary to public posturing on the timing and pace of sanctions relief, a framework for handling this critical matter of the nuclear deal has been resolved, according to Iranian sources. Iranian officials have on numerous occasions insisted that sanctions relief must come immediately upon the signing of an agreement. Show More Summary

Are we living Islam's darkest hour?

How much terrorism can the world take in 24 hours? Friday 26 June, 2015 will certainly go down in history as a day that pushed the limit. Just in case the daily dose of evil committed by the likes of ISIS or Iranian-backed militias in...Show More Summary

Victims of Illusions: The Non-Solution of the Greferendum

The seemingly never-ending Greek drama has become a story of amateurism versus dogmatism with incompetence and cowardice on both sides. The Greek government has squandered all its goodwill within half a year through a combination of arrogance, belligerence, naivety and utter incompetence. Show More Summary

Why Both Erdoganism and Kemalism May Finally be Dead in Turkey

Two years ago protestors took over the streets of Istanbul, Turkey's first city. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan beat them down and last year was elected president. His critics feared his plan to invest the largely ceremonial post with Putin-like authority. Show More Summary

U.S. Should Talk to North Korea's Kim Jong-un

Secretary of State John Kerry recently visited Seoul. The main agenda item: what to do about North Korea. As usual, no one knows what is going on in Pyongyang. Its internal politics appears to be bloodier than usual. Ironically, this...Show More Summary

Weekend Roundup: Refugees and the 'Left Behind' Rock Europe

A flood of desperate refugees from across the Mediterranean and the related surge of indignant fringe parties, including now from iconic, self-satisfied Denmark, are battering the discredited political establishment in Europe. Writing...Show More Summary

The world reacts to US Supreme Court legalization of gay marriage

By Ghazala Irshad While supporters celebrated Friday's US Supreme Court decision that deemed marriage between people of the same sex to be constitutionally protected nationwide, many outside the US or with a global view cautioned that...Show More Summary

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