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Putting HER First: A Step Toward A Long-Term Strategy For Women’s Rights

By Savannah Fox Shortly after millions of people joined the worldwide Women’s March in January, President Donald Trump issued a presidential memorandum that endangers the health of millions of women and families around the world. With...Show More Summary

“Massive Electoral Fraud” in Turkey's Referendum

A Turkish election analyst wrote a private email describing “massive electoral fraud” in Turkey’s referendum yesterday. It is no surprise that followers of President Tayyip Erdogan rigged the vote. It is surprising, however, that his...Show More Summary

News Roundup for April 18, 2017

It’s the daily news roundup and it’s another sad day... 1. The United States Supreme Court has denied the request for Arkansas executions to go ahead. These would have been the first state executions in twelve years. What was the rush? Their lethal injection drugs were going to expire. Show More Summary

The Evolution Of France's Left And Right Politics

Pierre Bréchon, Sciences Po Grenoble France is heading to the polls on April 23 for the first round of its presidential election. This election holds particular importance for the European nation, which finds itself at a crossroads, with its whole political system in question. From abroad, the situation seems puzzling to many commentators. Show More Summary

The Left Won In Ecuador's Presidential Election — Cue The Right-Wing Revolt

Soledad Stoessel, National University of La Plata If Netflix had known how Ecuador’s April 2 presidential election would turn out, it might have waited to promote the fourth season of its award-winning political drama House of Cards....Show More Summary

Iran: Don’t Let Ahmadinejad’s Candidacy Distract You From The Real Danger

Once more, former President Ahmadinejad has grabbed headlines. His chances in the upcoming presidential election are close to nil, but he has successfully diverted attention from a more serious and dangerous candidate. Ebrahim Raisi,...Show More Summary

India's Narendra Modi Should Use Big Political Victory to Advance Economic Reform

Despite imposing a disastrous “currency reform” that impoverished poorer people and small businesses across his nation, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi won big in five recent state elections. His Bharatiya Janata Party’s sweep was...Show More Summary

Turkey's Constitutional Referendum: Experts Express Fear For A Divided Country

Simon P. Watmough, European University Institute; Ahmet Erdi Öztürk, Université de Strasbourg; David Tittensor, Deakin University, and Ihsan Yilmaz, Deakin University Unofficial results from Turkey’s April 16 constitutional referendum...Show More Summary

Erdogan Could Be Turkey's Legal Dictator Until 2029

Turkey has conducted a referendum, which legally terminated their republic. But it had already died long ago, having been eroded under Recep Tayyip Erdogan since he took charge in 2003. “So this is how democracy dies, with thunderous...Show More Summary

After Nearly Three Years, An American In Egypt Walks Free

Aya Hijazi never planned to spend three years sitting in an Egyptian prison awaiting trial. On April 16, an Egyptian judge finally ended her unjust and pointless political imprisonment. Hijazi and her husband, Mohammed Hassanein, declined a formal wedding. Show More Summary

Erdogan's Pyrrhic Victory

President Erdogan of Turkey has been the strong man of Turkish politics for quite a long while, surely after the failure of the pathetic coup in July 2016. Since then, he and his government have ruled by emergency decrees, after detaining...Show More Summary

How The United States Can Help The Syrian People

Last week, President Donald Trump ordered a targeted military strike in response to Syrian dictator Bashar Al-Assad’s brutal chemical attack on his own innocent civilians. In his remarks after the attack, President Trump said, “no child of God should ever suffer such horror”. In light of the attack, there is renewed interest in ways the U.S. Show More Summary

Turkey’s Referendum: Free and Fair?

Turks will vote on Sunday in a referendum to amend the constitution, and establish an executive presidency, eliminating checks and balances. The referendum will change the way Turkey is governed, establishing one-man rule and transforming...Show More Summary

Trump’s Far-Right Israel Stance Creates An Opening For The Left

This is a revised and updated version of an article that originally appeared in In These Times on February 17, 2017 It was a surreal scene this past February, when President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met in Washington, D.C. Show More Summary

Will Turkey's Referendum Mark The End Of Democracy And The Birth Of 'Erdo?anistan'?

Simon P. Watmough, European University Institute and Ahmet Erdi Öztürk, Université de Strasbourg Turkey is approaching a critical juncture in its long-term political development. Irrespective of the outcome, the country’s April 16 referendum,...Show More Summary

These Missile Strikes Won’t Make Things Better For The Syrian People

Originally posted in Yes! magazine, April 7, 2017 The U.S. bombing of Syria’s Al Shayrat air base has brought more death and destruction to that country and is unlikely to deter additional war crimes by the Syrian regime. It will not...Show More Summary

Military Action Without Strategy? Not Again.

When we look to our leaders, whether in in our families, in business or at the highest levels of politics, we want to see consistency and clarity. And we want to know that they have thought deeply about the way ahead, and are focusing on clearly defined strategic goals. Show More Summary

Stockholm Terrorist Attack: When Love Overcomes Fear

It’s is now almost a week since the horrible terrorist attack in Stockholm. A man has been arrested and held on terrorism charges following the attack which killed four people. He hijacked a truck and drove it into the front of a department store. The days after, over 50,000 people gathered at the location carrying flowers, flags and messages. Show More Summary

News Roundup for April 13, 2017

None of this is good. 1. Sheila Abdus-Salaam, the first African-American woman on New York’s highest court, has been found dead in the Hudson River. More here. 2. The European Court of Human Rights has ruled that Russia failed to protect and save the hostages of the 2004 Beslan school siege. Show More Summary

Colombians Are Fed Up With Corruption, And Everyone Seems To Be Under Investigation

Fabio Andres Diaz, International Institute of Social Studies Civil unrest seems to be the order of the day – and the coming weeks – in Latin America. The sprawling Odebrecht bribery scandal that started in Brazil is now complicatingShow More Summary

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