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Taste, Toil and Ethnicity

Tastes travel and they travel well, obviously in terms of produce as the history of potatoes, chilies, and tomatoes show, or as stimulants such as coffee, tea and chocolate. Not so obviously tastes have also travelled well via immigrant-designed...Show More Summary

I Hate Fundamentalism

I'm angry, and I know I'm not the only one. My 8-year-old knows what happened in Paris last weekend. Kids and adults have the same question: Why? There are the facile answers: "They hate our freedoms." Those are the answers of a politician looking to drum up support for a war that should never have been fought. Show More Summary

4 Reasons the US Should Support the Resettlement of Syrian Refugees

The US House of Representatives voted last Thursday in favor of a bill suspending Syrian refugee resettlement pending new, stringent screening requirements for US agencies. The bill has gained Congressional support in light of the recent...Show More Summary

Dr. Strangelove Is Back: Say 'Hi' to the Cobalt Bomb!

I must confess that, as a physics professor, some of my nightmares are extra geeky. My worst one is the C-bomb, a hydrogen bomb surrounded by large amounts of cobalt. When I first heard about this doomsday device in Stanley Kubrik's dark nuclear satire Dr. Show More Summary

We've Seen This European Refugee Crisis Before

The images are indelible. A truck abandoned in the safety lane of an Austrian highway, the word HYZA painted on its side -- a picture of a chicken standing in for the Y. Inside the truck, the decomposing bodies of 71 people escaping a war. The Turkish policeman holding the body of a small boy, bare legs dangling from beneath blue shorts. Show More Summary

Losing the War Against ISIS -- Turning a Deaf Ear to Sun Tzu and Julius Caesar -- and Losing Ourselves

My introduction to religious oppression and bloody conflict came early in life. Iran became the "Islamic Republic of Iran" when I was 2 ½ years old. For the next decade the brutal morality police was at everyone's door and the war with Iraq meant up to six rocket attacks into Tehran per day. Show More Summary

Terrorism and a Tender Heart

This is a subject far from my normal genre of writing, but sadly it's one I feel needs to be addressed. Unless you have literally been living under a rock you will have heard about the terrorist attacks that happened recently in Paris. Show More Summary

The Clash of Cultures

The events of November 13 shocked the world once more, reminding us of the nightmarish times humanity is experiencing and reigniting in many of us the despondent thought that we're just at the start of a bad dream. The events also fueled...Show More Summary

Saudi Arabia and Pakistan's Evolving Alliance

In early November, Pakistan's chief of army staff, General Raheel Sharif, made an important visit to Saudi Arabia. The general met with King Salman and other top officials in Riyadh, where he stressed Islamabad's commitment to ensuring the safety and protection of Mecca and Medina, as well as Saudi Arabia's territorial integrity. Show More Summary

Exodus and the Flight of the Delivered

Since the time of Exodus at least, people have been fleeing persecution in their homeland. The great story of Moses is that he lead the "exodus," from Egypt, where his people were being made slaves, abused and killed. No one cheers the Pharaoh and his persecutors. Show More Summary

Paris Attacks: A Clash between Literal Islam and Human Desires?

This past week we were jolted once again by Islamists blowing themselves up in various places. If the world slept through the attacks in Beirut last week, it certainly woke up when Paris was attacked. Violence in the Middle East doesn't surprise us anymore. Show More Summary

"We Are Seen as Infidels and Traitors, for Hundred Years Now"

They look similar to everyone else in the audience at the auditorium at Paderborn University. Three, modernly dressed and clean-shaven men. Suddenly, they stand up and start screaming out their hatred against us. They claim that we falsify history, and that the genocide on Christians in 1915 never occurred. Show More Summary

On the Serious Side of Pride

Shoko Usami, a lesbian anti-violence activist from Japan cried openly when she saw the multi-colored handwritten sign, End Violence Against LGBTIQ! held by Ging Cristobal from the Philippines, my colleague and project coordinator for...Show More Summary

Shocked by anti-Muslim Hysteria? Churchill Wanted to 'Collar The Lot'

We're outraged by Donald Trump's demanding databases and I.D. cards to protect America from the super-hyped threat of Syrian refugees. We're ashamed by the memory of Roosevelt's interning more than 100,000 Japanese American residents and citizens during World War II. But Winston Churchill went even farther. Show More Summary

Chinese Cities Will Not Become Greener Without a Decentralized and Smarter Taxation System

This post is co-authored by Yan Xu In a recent visit to Xuzhou city, Jiangsu Province, a third tier Chinese city with nearly 10 million inhabitants and also a resource-exhausted city, we could not help but think what we would do and what we could achieve when facing the city's environmental and economic challenges. Show More Summary

Brussels On Lockdown, Sweeping Raids: By The Numbers

By Sarah Kaufman Brussels remained on lockdown for a third straight day on Monday as authorities continued to carry out sweeping raids in an effort to capture Salah Abdeslam, the fugitive wanted in connection with the deadly Paris terrorist...Show More Summary

History and Rehabilitation in China: A Vigorous Little Man Who Helped Shake a Nation

BEIJING -- He is little known outside China. Even here his name was hardly ever mentioned after his death in 1989 -- until recently. I first met him at the Great Hall of the People in 1982. "Met" is the wrong word. Encountered is better. Show More Summary

A New Arms Race Threatens to Bring the U.S. and Russia Back to the Nuclear Brink

The horror and reactions to the Paris massacre have overshadowed a troubling new twist in the U.S.-Russian rivalry that could prove even more terrifying. Russian state media recently "accidentally" revealed plans for a bizarre new nuclear torpedo. Show More Summary

Europe's Double Crisis: Refugee and Terror

The Paris terrorist attacks have compounded the EU's refugee crisis. They have shifted the weights of several factors in the equation. Some of the most basic do not change at all, though. Foremost in the latter category is the continued...Show More Summary

The Paris Attacks Are a Reminder We Should All Listen to the London-Based Khalifa (Caliph) of Islam

In the aftermath of the Paris attacks, we'd all be wise to listen to the 5th Khalifa of the Ahmadiyya Muslims Community who has repeatedly been giving viable solutions to remove the poison of ISIS while exhorting Muslims to be true to the faith they follow. Show More Summary

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