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What Is Behind Latin America’s Big Efficiency Gap?

Countries in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) could have been twice as rich, had they enjoyed the same level of efficiency in capital and labor use as the United States of America. That’s the stunning finding in a World Bank study...Show More Summary

The Trump-Le Pen Axis: A Warning For France

Many analysts have noted the ideological affinities between Trump and Marine Le Pen the far right National Front candidate for the upcoming election. Although their speaking style and orator's skills are different, the key similarity is the total rhetorical dishonesty that they resort to in order to hoodwink the working classes. Show More Summary

I Am Jewish And Now Learning To Heal The Pain Of Being American

The following is a guest post by Abigail Malis, the Senior Associate for Community Partnerships at the Jewish Volunteer Connection. This past year has been… a surprise. Not a pleasant one, like a surprise birthday party or an unexpected...Show More Summary

Mosul Is A Test Case For Trump

The retaking of Mosul by a hodgepodge of forces led by the Iraqi government has become imminent. It may happen in weeks, if not in days. It will be the recapturing of the land and buildings only, for the occupants are fleeing en masse. Show More Summary

What Should Human Rights Defenders Expect From President Trump?

It was an encouraging declaration Monday from the new United Nations Secretary General António Guterres. He said in a speech that “To human rights defenders, I say: thank you for your courage. The United Nations is on your side. AndShow More Summary

Trump’s Decision To Skip The White House Correspondents’ Dinner Sends Journalists The Wrong Message

President Donald Trump: I was pleased to see the measured tone in your address to Congress Tuesday night and your dedication to solving the problems of this country. But in order to do that and keep your promises to the American people, you’re going to need the press. Show More Summary

Standing In Solidarity With Our Jewish Friends

A Hebrew prayer sometimes recited in Jewish cemeteries is the El Maleh Rahamm, which means ‘God full of compassion.’ It invokes the images of divine wings, spread protectively over the soul of the deceased. May we find our common humanity...Show More Summary

Erdogan Exploits Islam For Personal And Political Gain

This is the third in a series of articles based in part on eyewitness accounts about the rapidly deteriorating socio-political conditions in Turkey and what the future may hold for the country. The first and second articles are available here: First, Second. Show More Summary

Global Order In A Post-United Nations Era

We live in a volatile world haunted by rising religious and secular extremism, proxy wars, geopolitical rivalries, predatory capitalism, and by the chronic deficiency of visionary leaders. This state of extreme uncertainty should compel...Show More Summary

'Banned From Our Own Lives': Intellectuals Mourn The Turkey That Once Was

Ça?la Aykaç, University of Geneva I write life for those who can catch it in a breath, in an exhale. Like one picks a fruit on a branch, like tearing out a root. – Asli Erdo?an, from Ta? Bina ve Di?erleri. Until very recently, Turkey was the place to be. Show More Summary

How Best To Prepare For Epidemics? Strengthen Primary Care

By Ashwin Vasan, Columbia University In global public health, 2016 was a year defined by the end of two important emergencies: Ebola and Zika. But that doesn’t mean the risk either of these viruses pose has gone away. Zika transmission continues despite the World Health Organization declaring it is no longer a public health emergency in November. Show More Summary

Do More Than Make Some Noise

The theme of this year’s Zero Discrimination Day is Make Some Noise. Raising our voices in solidarity for compassion, diversity, equality, inclusion and tolerance is core to our common humanity. Today we renew our commitment to achieving a world free of stigma and discrimination and a world where no one is left behind. Show More Summary

Living History in Ethiopia

The chanting of the two boys sitting under the tree reminded me of my Bar Mitzvah class over 60 years ago. The language was different – Amharic, not Hebrew – as was the religion – Ethiopian Orthodox, not Jewish -- and the boys bore little resemblance to the pudgy, pasty pre-adolescent friends of my youth, but the sounds were eerily similar. Show More Summary

Maybe Trump And Obama Don't Appeal To Two Totally Different Americas. Maybe.

Lest anyone doubt that the “American character” includes acute schizophrenia, we get a rare opportunity this week to hear the words of Barack Obama almost side by side with the words of Donald Trump. On Tuesday night, Trump will address a joint session of Congress, laying out fiscal and policy plans. On Monday, at 8 p.m. Show More Summary

U.S. Should Stay Out Of Syria: Keep Americans Safe Too

During the Republican primaries Donald Trump was almost alone in resisting the call for U.S. military intervention in Syria. While some of his competitors advocated shooting down Russian planes, Trump pledged to focus on ISIS. Yet he...Show More Summary

Asian Ports: Pitfalls Of China’s One Belt, One Road Initiative

By James M. Dorsey Troubled ports in Pakistan and Sri Lanka, envisioned as part of China’s string of pearls linking the Eurasian heartland to the Middle Kingdom, exemplify political pitfalls that threaten Beijing’s ambitious One Belt,...Show More Summary

This Is How A Resistance Movement Succeeds

One of the key aspects of democracy is participation and debate, including disagreement. For a healthy democratic system to survive, a diverse range of opinions must be heard. Being on the outside of popular opinion is just as important as being on the inside. Show More Summary

Everyday Misery In Venezuela

“There is no food in Venezuela,” my Venezuelan friend wrote. “Maybe this is the last time you hear from me.” I was shocked with these two sentences. Like him, millions of people are facing inhuman conditions in Venezuela right now. It was not easy for him to reach me. Show More Summary

Japanese Women Raising Voice Against "Girl Power"

By AsiaToday reporter Kim Ye-jin - More and more women in Japan are expressing discomfort over the term "joshiryoku (???)," which literally means "girl power." The term was one of the most popular Japanese expressions in 2009, but why...Show More Summary

Trump Can Prove He's Not A Putin Puppet By Blowing Up The World

Four weeks into Donald Trump’s presidency, New York Times columnist Paul Krugman wrote that “nothing he has done since the inauguration allays fears that he is in effect a Putin puppet.” The liberal pundit concluded with a matter-of-fact...Show More Summary

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