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Soccer riots reflect long-standing discontent in Iran's predominantly Arab Khuzestan

By James M. Dorsey Long-simmering discontent in Ahwaz, the soccer-crazy, predominantly ethnic Arab capital of Iran's Khuzestan province that Iraqi president Saddam Hussein unsuccessfully tried to exploit when he launched the Iran-Iraq...Show More Summary

Financial inclusion: Stepping-stone to prosperity

© Muzammil Pasha/World Bank Two and a half billion people in the world do not have access to formal financial services. This includes 80% of the poor – those who live on less than $2 a day. Small businesses are similarly disadvantaged:...Show More Summary


Yang Yoon Mo March 15, 2015 By the time I leave Kentucky's federal prison center, where I'm an inmate with a three-month sentence, the world's 12th-largest city may be without water. Estimates put the water reserve of Sao Paulo, a city of 20 million people, at sixty days. Show More Summary

Weekend Roundup: The Politics of Polarization Always Ends Badly

Whether in Russia, Venezuela or Israel, the ugly politics of polarization may work in winning elections -- but it always ends badly. Netanyahu's scaremongering against Arab voters and dashing of a two-state solution (his bad faith post-election...Show More Summary

Israel's Victory of Fear

TEL AVIV -- Binyamin Netanyahu is probably the most deficient prime minister in Israel's history. His blunders and vices have been laid bare in great abundance during his nine years in power. When he embarked on his most recent campaign...Show More Summary

ISIS: A Priority in the Region at the Expense of Palestine and Other Issues

The anticipated American-Iranian deal has an implicit Palestinian/Israeli dimension that could force Tehran to change its political discourse regarding Palestine and Israel, and alter the Iranian regional policy based on compensation -- at least verbally -- for the Arab failures on Palestine. Show More Summary

Bahrain's Prisons At Their Breaking Point

Something's wrong at Bahrain's main jail, Jaw Prison. It's hard to get full details but the authorities and the families of prisoners agree that serious disturbances happened there on March 10. The authorities say there was damage to...Show More Summary

Taking HeforShe to the Farm

Gender equality cannot be reached without engaging men as well as women in the fight. When launching the UN's recent "HeforShe" campaign, actor and UN Women Goodwill Ambassador Emma Watson asked: "how can we change the world if only half of it is participating in the conversation?" This approach is manifesting itself in many ways. Show More Summary

Swaziland, the King of Old-Fashioned Repression

It sounds like a case from the 1950s--a human rights lawyer thrown into jail after daring to criticize the country's judiciary. But Thulani Maseko is unlucky enough to be living in Swaziland, Africa's only remaining absolute monarchy,...Show More Summary

Street Artist Alice Pasquini On The Magic Of Creating Art In Public Spaces

I have an academic background in art, and that's part of the reason I decided to get out into the streets. "Art died with Duchamp, forget about drawing" -- that's what my professors taught me and that's why I wanted to get out of the studio and the academy. Show More Summary

Israel's Vicious Circle of Fear

Israel is still in turmoil following Tuesday's re-election of Netanyahu, and the media is already slamming him for backing away from a two-state solution as part of his desperate last-minute campaign (a statement from which he has already backed away from, again). Show More Summary

Bibi's First Order of Business: Swallow His Pride

AFP Photo/Jack Gue "Dear friends, against all odds we have achieved a great victory for Likud, for the national camp which is headed by Likud, for our people. I am proud of the Israeli people, who recognized what's important... and stood...Show More Summary

UN Security Council: Right Venue for Iran Deal, Right Venue for Israel-Palestine

In the wake of the Israeli election -- in which now re-elected Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu spectacularly unmasked himself and his supporters as diehard opponents of a diplomatic resolution to the Israel-Palestine conflict, and in...Show More Summary

When Blood Spills Over the Bardo's Works of Art

On Wednesday, Tunisia, a country enriched by 3,000 years of history and celebrating a newfound freedom, was struck at its core -- the capital city of Tunis. This soil, of gatherings and of civilizations, this hospitable and tolerantShow More Summary

Three Key Lessons From São Paulo's Water Crisis

São Paulo and many other cities around the globe are struggling with water crises. But there's hope: Cities that embrace natural solutions can help improve water quality and availability. (Photo © Erika Nortemann) São Paulo faces a crisis:...Show More Summary

Four Proposals To Tackle the Growing Militarization of Schools

A couple weeks from now, the world will commemorate the one-year anniversary of the kidnapping of about 200 Nigerian schoolgirls by Boko Haram. But a mass abduction that was seen a year ago as unprecedented -- sparking justifiable outrage...Show More Summary

The 47 Republican Ronin

In traditional Japanese culture, a samurai without a master is known as a ronin. The most popular tale featuring these leaderless samurai is the 18 th -century Chusingura. It tells of a feudal lord who must commit ritual suicide after assaulting the court official who had insulted him. Show More Summary

Obama Says He Should Have Closed Guantanamo on Day 1 -- He Still Can

Asked by a Seventh Grade student from the Citizens Leadership Academy in Cleveland yesterday what advice he would give himself if he could go back to his first day in office, President Obama responded: "I think I would have closed Guantanamo...Show More Summary

Social Entrepreneurship in Mexico: Local Solutions to Global Problems

"Which country will become the more dominant economic power in the 21st century? I now have the answer: Mexico." This was the opinion of Thomas Friedman, NY Times columnist and Pulitzer Prize-winning author in 2013, after his visit to...Show More Summary

The Tragedy of Bibi's Victory

As the fog of shock begins to dissipate and the devastating reality sets in, it becomes clear that the results of Israel's election constitute a loss for all involved. Let me count the ways. Israeli Arabs In the 11th hour of his campaign...Show More Summary

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