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Squatters Push for More Opportunity as Young Spaniards Flee

By Karolina Chorvath MADRID -- Hand-painted flags fluttered from the balconies, waving passersby into the building. Young locals greeted each other with kisses at the enormous open doors, welcoming the mid-summer air through the entrance...Show More Summary

Lawfare and the Threat of Human Rights

Following the dawn of the new millennium, conservative forces within liberal democracies have been at the forefront of a campaign against human rights organizations. This relatively new campaign is intricately linked to the "war on terrorism"...Show More Summary

Israel and American Jews Should Not Lobby Congress Against Iran Deal

I am in NYC this week and there is a "Stop Iran" rally here in Times Square to urge congress to block the Iran deal. I am not going. Israel is gearing up to push congress to block the deal. I am not supportive of that approach. I think...Show More Summary

Not Your Granma's Cuba: A New Day in the Caribbean

Much has changed since Fidel Castro arrived in Cuba on the Granma yacht in 1956. By Otaviano Canuto, Samuel George and Cornelius Fleischhaker Today, July 20, 2015, Cuba and the United States reopened embassies in Washington and Havana for the first time in decades, marking a crucial step towards the normalization of relations. Show More Summary

Knives Are Out for Those Who Challenge Militarization of the Korean Peninsula

When we began our project "Women Cross the DMZ," we knew the landmines in the DMZ would be nothing compared to the explosions of anger, vitriol and hate from those who oppose any contact with North Korea. Some U.S. and South Korean government...Show More Summary

Rising Anti-Semitism in Europe: History Repeating Once Again

The anti-Semitism news from Europe in over the past year has been terrible: Jews murdered in Paris and Copenhagen, synagogues attacked by mobs and firebombed, and increasing Jewish emigration attributed to fear of more attacks. A new poll on anti-Semitic attitudes, however, may offer some reason for optimism amid an otherwise bleak picture. Show More Summary

Are Nuclear Arms Control and Disarmament Agreements of Any Value?

The recent announcement of a nuclear deal between the governments of Iran and other major nations, including the United States, naturally draws our attention to the history of international nuclear arms control and disarmament agreements. Show More Summary

The UAE and China's Thriving Partnership

Throughout the 21st century, China's ties with the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) have strengthened in various domains. China and the UAE's growing relationship is a case in point. Since Beijing and Abu Dhabi established a diplomatic...Show More Summary

The Lessons Learned (And Not) From Vietnam and Iraq Shape the Fight Over the Iran Deal

According to a report from the Associated Press, congressional Republicans are divided when it comes to the Iran deal. Some of them rejected it right away, while others wanted to read it first before slamming it. Falling into the first category is Scott Walker. Show More Summary

Iran Deal Could Help Palestinian Cause

The Palestinian-Israeli conflict might get an unexpected shot in the arm as a result of the recently concluded Iran nuclear agreement. While the P5+1 talks in Vienna focused only on the issue of Iran's nuclear capability, many are looking for how this agreement will effect regional conflicts. Show More Summary

ISIS: The Latest Bean Counter's Folly

The fall of Mosel to ISIS in June, 2014 was not anticipated by the established intelligence experts in the Department of Defense. As Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin Dempsey, stated on PBS Frontline, "There were several...Show More Summary

Attaining Innocence -- Overcoming Turkey's Dark History

Four years ago, my father passed away in Turkey. My mother and I went there this year to settle some undealt paperwork. "It was only two years ago that I learned of your existence, there was a TV series in which one of the characters named Joseph, was the Assyrian/Syriac," the administrator of the municipal office said unashamedly. Show More Summary

Oleh Rybachuk on Viktor Yushchenko, Interview with Former Ukrainian President's Chief of Staff

Oleh Rybachuk was the Chief of Staff to former Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko, and the Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine for European Integration from February to September 2005. Rybachuk agreed to sit down for an interview with me on July 13, 2015. Show More Summary

Germany, Greece and the New World Order

With the Greek crisis being played out before our eyes, Germany is being accused of a variety of draconian policies and taking a hard line against Greece, and by extension the Greek people, to further Germany's aims. Many have brought...Show More Summary

Brazil's Gun Violence Problem Is 'Made in Brazil'

Rio de Janeiro´s famously laid-back residents are in a state of panic. A string of high profile knifings in well-heeled areas of the city are putting Cariocas on edge. The recent stabbing of a doctor inspired the drafting of new legislation to control knives. Show More Summary

The Nuclear Agreement with Iran Is a Good One, But Not Its Approval Method

It is nothing short of amazing that the Obama administration was able to get an ever-hostile Iran to drastically reduce its nuclear program, to which it has a right as a signatory to the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, for 10-15 years. Show More Summary

EU-China Relations: Invoking A Low-Carbon Future From Past Cooperation

Closer European-Chinese ties can emulate the past success of the ancient Silk Road, this time for the exchange of low-carbon goods, ideas, policies and technologies, to inspire global civilisation towards more resilient development with...Show More Summary

Obama Bravely Ignores the Clamoring of the Warmongers with Iran Deal

NEW YORK -- The accord struck in Vienna to rein in Iran's nuclear activities has warmongers fulminating. Citizens worldwide should support U.S. President Barack Obama's brave effort to outmaneuver them, taking heart from the fact that...Show More Summary

Europe's Worst Crisis in Decades Is Also Populism's Greatest Opportunity

BRISTOL -- The Greek crisis has been one of the most analyzed political events of recent years, and yet one aspect of the drama has been under-discussed. This lacuna was most evident when the result of the referendum came in and several political leaders hailed it. "It's fantastic to see the courage of the Greek people," said one. Show More Summary

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