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Become a Global Citizen

It's been 15 years since the turn of the millennium when the United Nations convened and world leaders committed to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs); a list of eight global commitments that, if met, would end extreme poverty.Show More Summary

Why Iran Matters to South Korea -- and Why South Korea's Middle East Posture Should Matter to the United States

The controversial Iranian nuclear framework agreement presented on April 2nd in Lausanne is being closely watched 6,500 miles east of Tehran, on the Korean peninsula. Beginning in 1994, the rogue state of North Korea broke a series of promises to the international community to submit to nuclear inspectors and disarmament. Show More Summary

Working with the Marginalized in Poland

Until the 1970s, drug addicts didn't exist in Poland - at least not officially. In those days, drugs were expensive and the supply was limited, so the Polish state could hide the problem by giving a different label to the small number of addicts. Show More Summary

Weekend Roundup: Work With Nature, Not Against It

Since Earth Day, which will be marked on April 22, was first commemorated 45 years ago, we have learned a lot about the planet's ecology. Above all, we have begun to understand the biological intelligence of nature itself that, for millennia,...Show More Summary

Amid Crisis, Rousseff Seeks Closer Ties With U.S.

The Brazilian leader will visit President Obama in Washington in June Confronted by calls for her impeachment in street protests fueled by a deteriorating economy and a deepening investigation on massive corruption at state oil giant...Show More Summary

Germany's Failed Austerity Policies

One would think by now the debate has been resolved on which economic model created a better recovery from this Great Recession or Lessor Depression, as P Krugman has called it. But no, Germany's Finance Minister Wolfgang Schauble keeps...Show More Summary

These Glow-in-the-Dark Critters Will Blow Your Mind

If you're familiar with the 2009 science fiction film, "Avatar", you may have enjoyed the beautifully lush extraterrestrial glowing rainforest. But the other worldly glowing rainforest that I experienced was far closer to home, in the...Show More Summary

Rescuing Migrants At Sea Might Not Be A Permanent Solution, But It Will Save Lives

Doctors Without Borders' recent announcement that they will begin search and rescue operations in the Mediterranean has created some media controversy, since sea rescue is not a part of the organization's usual activities. The decision...Show More Summary

Challenges Facing the Implementation of UNSC Resolution 2216 on Yemen

Challenges Facing the Implementation of UNSC Resolution 2216 on Yemen Raghida Dergham   The UN Security Council that drafted a political strategy for Yemen and gave international legitimacy to the military operations of the Arab coalition...Show More Summary

Honoring the Senselessly Dead: The Khmer Rouge and Modern Warhawks

Today marks the 40th anniversary of the fall of Phnom Penh to the Khmer Rouge. It is an event that made hardly a blip on the radar of international news back then, and its remembrance four decades on is likely to make even less of one. Kurt Vonnegut wrote that there is nothing intelligent to say about a massacre. Show More Summary

Good Governance in Sri Lanka

Good Governance in Sri Lanka The World Bank Group's Worldwide Governance Indicators are: voice and accountability, political stability and absence of violence, government effectiveness, regulatory quality, rule of law and control of corruption. Show More Summary

The Power of Investing in People

"Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime." Throughout the course of history, it has been proven that investing in a country's human capital contributes to economic growth, often alleviating the effects of economic depressions or recessions. Show More Summary

Somalis Become Victims of Al-Shabaab's Violence Twice Over

Following the murder of nearly 150 students in the Kenyan city of Garissa by the terrorist group Al-Shabaab, local leaders sought to lay the blame entirely at the feet of Kenya's large Somali refugee population. The attacks of Al-Shabaab have been portrayed as a fight between Christians and Muslims, between Kenyans and Somalis. Show More Summary

The End of History: Why America No Longer Needs to Back Saudi Arabia to the Exclusion of All Others

A fractured Middle East requires multilateral engagement, not blind loyalty based on circumstances that no longer exist. For a nation that professes to be fighting terrorism, Saudi Arabia, despite prodigious wealth, seems to have few firm friends. Show More Summary

Turkey's Best Asset To Tackle ISIS: Ankara or America?

As Turkish President Recept Tayyip Erdogan made his rounds recently in the Middle East talking with Iran about ending sectarianism in the region, and Egypt about freeing political prisoners, he would've done well to start at home. There's...Show More Summary

Different Prefixes, Same Meaning: Cyber, Digital, Net, Online, E-, Virtual

This week, the Global Cyberspace Conference takes place in The Hague (16-17 April). In March, UNESCO hosted a conference on Connecting the Dots in Digital Space. The NETmundial Initiative had a meeting in Stanford recently. In earlyShow More Summary

Greece or Europe on Trial in Latvia

More pragmatism including further professional advice in goodwill should hopefully produce a better state of mind all around at the Eurogroup's forthcoming gathering in Riga, Latvia, on 24 April. Against a background of Europe's still...Show More Summary

Girls Leading the Charge

There is "girl power" at the UN this week. Activists from around the world have come to the Commission on Population and Development to discuss how reproductive health and rights contribute to sustainable development. Things are different...Show More Summary

Iraq's Muddled Future

Despite a full endorsement from U.S. President Barack Obama in Washington D.C., Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi continues to face mounting pressures on all fronts. As a petro-state, Iraq's economy is being drained by the low price of oil. Show More Summary

Don't Worry About the Government (Hospitals)

I recently had the opportunity to work in the Indian Government Hospital setting as a transplant surgery adviser to the Government of Rajasthan and it reminded me of the Veteran's Administration Hospitals in the U.S. Any big bureaucracy anywhere in the world is bound to have inefficiencies and strange cultural quirks. Show More Summary

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