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This World Humanitarian Day, the World Must Get Serious About Protecting Aid Workers

Earlier this week in the capital of war-weary South Sudan, the Associated Press reported that a female aid worker stared down the barrel of an AK-47 while a soldier threatened, "Either you have sex with me, or we make every man hereShow More Summary

Overwhelming Majority: Ban The Bomb In 2017

A nuclear working group at the UN concluded its work in Geneva today and the majority of governments voted to recommended that the UN General Assembly set up a conference in 2017 to negotiate a new treaty prohibiting nuclear weapons. Nuclear weapons are the only weapon of mass destruction that are not outlawed by international treaty. Show More Summary

Banning The Burkini In Italy Would Be Unconstitutional And Counterproductive

Could Italian mayors follow in the footsteps of their French counterparts and issue decrees outlawing the "burkini"? In order to answer this question, we would need to discuss the meaning that the principle of secularism has in eachShow More Summary

To Save the EU, Citizens Need to Wake Up and Refuse to Be Lied to

BERLIN -- As the philosopher Baruch Spinoza once said, there are two ways to approach complex systems. The first regards things in the spirit of what is temporary or provisional (sub specie durationis), while the second transcends time (sub specie aeternitatis). Show More Summary

As China Becomes A Major Player In UN Peacekeeping, Will It Respond To Crises?

As China has projected its economic and military power more widely not only in Asia but also in Africa and to some extent in Latin America, little notice has been paid by the general public to another arena of growing influence: United...Show More Summary

Why do South Korea's Supporters Treat it Like a Helpless Dependent?

Despite the success of America's post-World War II policy, its advocates act as if it is an abysmal failure. Consider the argument from the ROK's supporters for continuing to treat the Republic of Korea as a helpless dependent. No matter...Show More Summary

Mothers and children must be the priority this Humanitarian Day

The terms refugee or Internally Displaced Person (IDP) infer impermanence and a sense of people and communities in transit to a better, safer life. Yet since the Second Word War the opposite has been true. Rather than a short-term situation, it is a fulltime reality. Show More Summary

Iran and Syria Gave Birth to ISIS? : SAPRAC and The German-Saudi Alliance

The mainstream and predominant narrative depicts Iran and Assad as fighting forces against the Islamic State. Nevertheless, does ISIS actually serve the interest of ruling politicians in the Islamic Republic and Syria? Did Damascus and...Show More Summary

California Diaspora Protest Sends a Message to Armenian Leadership

Image: Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan and Dmitry Medvedev in 2010. A thousand ethnic Armenians in the diaspora enclave of Glendale, California, held a protest recently to demand that their homeland free political prisoners. Ethnic...Show More Summary

A Confession on the 4th of July

Egyptian war correspondent Yehia Ghanem reflects on political repression in Egypt. As of 2010, there was a strong feeling among the general public that Egypt was approaching a major political, social and cultural overhaul. It was a sentiment that had begun to take root earlier, in 2004. Show More Summary

"War Crimes Trials For Islamic State fighters"

FROM REALCLEARWORLD AUGUST 17, 2016 By Ronald Tiersky August 17, 2016 The military campaign against the Islamic State has jelled, and ISIS defeats continue to mount. As shown in the ouster of Islamic State forces last week from Manbij...Show More Summary

It's STILL the Occupation...

I'm sure many of my readers enjoy the eclectic and erudite essays of Michael Koplow, disseminated as "Ottomans and Zionists" and also by the Israel Policy Forum, of which he is the policy director. I generally agree with his point of view, though I'm often convinced that he doesn't take his own logic sufficiently far. Show More Summary

Suu Kyi And Sharmila: The Struggle Of Two Human Rights Activists

Aung San Suu Kyi of Myanmar and Irom Chanu Sharmila of India are two internationally recognized human rights activists of their time. Different circumstances entailed them to fight for democracy and human rights in their respective countries...Show More Summary

Self-Management Skills of VIPs Using Hydrogen Water

Written by veteran flight attendant and writer Ji Byung-lim Drinking water is very important for flight attendants who spend a lot of time in the cabin. As a major component that accounts to 70% of our body, water supplies oxygen that...Show More Summary

The Burkini Debate Sheds Light On The Widespread Intolerance In France

This year's debates are materializing in very poor form. The burkini debate has brought widespread rage to the surface, as a segment of our society continues to blame the "foreigners," or the Muslims, for all their problems. Politicians...Show More Summary

Harvard Alumni Nepali Youth Inspires the World From the UN Headquarter

It is an absolute honor for all the Nepalese to have a young Nepalese women leader leading young people around the world at the United Nations. We wish her the best in her future endeavors! A young Nepali woman, Jolly Amatya has been appointed as the "Youth Chair" for the Youth Assembly at the United Nations. Show More Summary

As Russia and Iran Strengthen Ties, U.S. Should Support Key Ally Georgia

As the US is engaged in pre-election navel-gazing, Russia is not taking a summer nap. The Kremlin never sleeps, and especially not in August, and not during the Olympic season. The Beijing Olympics in 2008 coincided with the Russia-Georgian...Show More Summary

Genocides, victims, perpetrators and the after play

It's been a long time since I read a whole book in one day. I just couldn't let go of Mannen från Harem (The Man from Harem) by Swedish journalist Emanuel Sidea. For years he has followed Saif, a young Sunni Muslim and former philosophy student from the small town of Harem near Aleppo in northern Syria. Show More Summary

Putting a Human Face on the Global Refugees Crisis

His eyes caught my attention...playful, innocent, and curious about this group of strangers in his neighbourhood. I was immediately drawn to this young boy, who smiled shyly and nodded ever so slightly when I asked if I could take his picture. Show More Summary

srael's Creeping Annexation of West Bank

In recent months, alarming signs have been accumulating that Israel is stepping up its creeping annexation of most of the occupied West Bank, and in doing so killing any prospect of ever reaching a two-state peace agreement with theShow More Summary

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