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How Your Smartphone Will Radically Change Your Health Care

Have you ever wondered why doctors and hospitals own your medical records? You pay for the visits, labs, scans and hospitalizations but you have no product to show for it. And getting a hold of your data about your body is often exceedingly difficult. Show More Summary

The Trouble With the Middle of Nowhere: Studying Abroad in the Digital Age

Ronnie's Sex Shop is basically in South African Kansas. It sits along the country's rural Route 62, about three hours east of Cape Town, where the cows graze and the baboons get in the way of traffic. The shop's white countryside fa├žade...Show More Summary

A Reversed 'Execution,' Street Artist DRAN Finishes His Show

Either it will have proved to be a master class or an exhibition in hubris, says Pictures on Walls in their framing of the empty-framed show in progress by Dran in London's Soho. Public Execution was on display while it was in development...Show More Summary

Remembering the Short Life of Adele Biton

Photo: Courtesty / Adele Biton before the terror rock attack. On Monday evening, February 23, Israeli President Reuven Rivlin paid a condolence visit to the parents of Adele Biton, 4, the toddler who was critically injured by a Palestinian...Show More Summary

A Message To Netanyahu: Enough Is Enough

The killing of a security guard at a synagogue in Copenhagen over two weeks ago has renewed Netanyahu's call for mass immigration of European Jews to Israel. Although he has made such impetuous appeals before, he now makes a new brazen...Show More Summary

Dreams From My Helper: Part Three

This is the third story in a four-part series on the culture of domestic helpers in Hong Kong. While I consider my former helper to be one of the most important figures in my life, I won't pretend that our relationship hasn't affected the broader family dynamic. Show More Summary


After years, no decades, of a diplomatic low profile in the Americas, the United States is staging a comeback that just might bear the elements, and fruits, of serious strategy. Step one: Obama's monumental Cuba pivot. Step two, andShow More Summary

American Jews Worry That Netanyahu's Speech Here Can Hurt Israel

While few American Jewish leaders will speak openly on the subject, many thoughtful Jews are worried that Prime Minister Netanyahu's planned speech in the House of Representatives on March 3rd will actually harm Israel's security interests rather than help them. Show More Summary

Now is Not the Time to Give Up on Russia

LONDON--For a self-professed Christian who has long used the dangling cross he wears around his neck as a tool to define his public persona, it comes as little surprise that Russian President Vladimir Putin would make such a public showing out of his belief in original sin. Show More Summary

A Two-State Solution for Iraq

The unfolding chaos in Iraq is fundamentally linked to the historic religious and ethnic enmity among its three major ethnic and religious components. Iraq was created by forcefully merging three semi-autonomous Ottoman provinces of the predominately Kurdish Mosul, the Sunni-Arab Baghdad, and the Shiite-Arab Basra after World War I. Show More Summary

Hungary's Green Minister

When I first met Zoltan Illes in 1990, he was 29 years old and in his first month as the youngest state secretary in modern Hungarian history, working in the ministry of environment. He granted me quite a long interview and was unusually...Show More Summary

In the Crosshairs of Terrorism: Will France's Jews Stay or Leave?

President Obama unfortunately initially characterized the murders of four Jewish shoppers at the Hyper Casher market last month as "random," but France's Jews never saw it that way. I was in Paris during the Shloshim (30 day memorial...Show More Summary

Broadening the Spectrum for Engaging North Korea: Introduction

Although many speculated that we might see a breakthrough in North-South relations on the Korean Peninsula after high ranking officials made an impromptu visit to the Asian Games at Incheon in October of last year, tensions of late have...Show More Summary

Syriza's First 'Defeat' -- What Does It Mean?

What has been deployed over the last few of weeks, since the new elected Greek government unleashed its efforts to convince some of its European partners to align with it against the austerity oriented and Germany driven policies inShow More Summary

Caring, Partnership Help Polluted Nations

If you live in the U.S. or another country with strong rules for keeping the air and water clean, it's likely your neighbors don't have radiation poisoning or barrels of pesticide festering in the backyard. Those in low- and middle-income countries are not so fortunate. Show More Summary

Andrew McAfee: The Machine Age Is Approaching. Here's How We Can Prepare.

The Berggruen Institute's Dawn Nakagawa recently spoke with Andrew McAfee, a co-founder of MIT's Initiative on the Digital Economy. Your book The Second Machine Age opens with an explanation of how the Industrial Revolution is the only...Show More Summary

Retaking Mosul and the worst that could happen

Everyone wonders why the U.S. military command announced outlines of the plan to retake the city of Mosul from Islamic State control. There is surface clarity but there must be more underneath. The battle plan itself is simple: overwhelming...Show More Summary

Netanyahu Is an Ass, But He's My Ass

I can't take one more social media post, tweet, or article in which a Jewish Democrat whines about Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's speech on the Iranian nuclear threat before a joint meeting of Congress. I don't care that it is uncomfortable to be a liberal Zionist during these dark days of Invitegate. Show More Summary

Who and What We Trust Might Kill Us

Trust. It's a hefty word, stamped on American currency ("In God We Trust"), integrated into marriage vows, and considered a vital component for both professional and personal relationships. Yet too often trust is on autopilot, givenShow More Summary

Huangpu Park, Opium Wars and Information in the Digital Age

Shanghai, the world's largest city by population and China's global financial center and transport hub, is the symbol of a rising China. The name of the city in Chinese translates as "upon-the-sea." The city grew in importance during the nineteenth-century due to European recognition of its favorable port location and economic potential. Show More Summary

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