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Will Tomorrow's City Be Green? Architecture, Cities and Climate Change

The global conference that will be taking place in a few weeks in Paris provides us with the occasion for looking more closely at several indicators. The date on which humanity exceeds what the earth can regenerate is moving forward a little each year: It was 21 October in 1993, 6 October in 2007 and 20 August in 2015. Show More Summary

From Brussels to Sarajevo: Why Belgium and Bosnia and Herzegovina Are Home to Islamic terrorists

Before he blew himself up in his home outside of Sarajevo, Enes Omeragic killed two soldiers of the Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) army and opened fire on a bus near the Rajlovac military base. The Bosnian prosecutors and the State Investigation...Show More Summary

Damascene Sufism: The Antidote to ISIS

When the Islamic State stormed the city of al-Mayadeen in the eastern countryside of Deir ez-Zour along the Euphrates River, they struck with particular vengeance at the homes of Syrian Sufis. Members of the Sufi order were arrested; their clerics were flogged, their spiritual corners torn down. Show More Summary

Francois Hollande's Finest Hour

As a longtime writer on French politics who was critical of François Hollande's performance since the feckless early days of his presidency, it's gratifying to report that Hollande is finally taking the measure of his job and the responsibility it carries. Show More Summary

Migration and Terror: Time for a Sensible Debate

The recent terrorist attack in Paris and ongoing manhunt in Brussels have exposed just how polarised the migration debate has become in Europe. On one side, there are calls to close Europe's external borders, dismantle the Schengen agreement...Show More Summary

Do Not Dehumanize Muslims and Liken Them to Dangerous Animals

Following the terrorist attacks in Paris a new and dangerous wave of islamophobia has emerged. Many claims have been made about Muslims and Islam that are scientifically incorrect, morally reprehensible, and very dangerous in practice. In...Show More Summary

Mapping the World's Territorial Disputes

In the map below, every country shaded in red is involved in a territorial dispute of some kind. Yellow markers represent disputed territories. Territorial disputes include border disagreements, unrecognized / self-declared states, disputed...Show More Summary

5 O'Clock Somewhere: Come for the Second-Best Water in the World, Stay for the Wine

This post is from Roads & Kingdoms' Five O'Clock Somewhere series: daily dispatches at cocktail hour from around the world. Find more food and travel storytelling at Roads & Kingdoms. By Kirsten O'Regan Pomegranate Wine in Dilijan I first heard about pomegranate wine in a village at the edge of the Iranian desert in the height of summer. Show More Summary

Something Called Peace

A simple but heartfelt statement shared by a Syrian woman with nothing to give but a promise will echo forever in a young American listener's ears. "There is something called peace." Sometimes you hear someone speak and their words ingrain themselves into the creases on your palms and the blood in your veins. Show More Summary

Shared Holy Spaces

We live in a world where religion has forcefully burst into the public arena, where religious divisions are salient, and where religion is perceived or discussed as the cause of numerous conflicts in the modern world. Religion is often...Show More Summary

After Paris and Beirut, It's Time to Rein in Saudi Arabia

This piece was originally published by Foreign Policy in Focus, November 20, 2015, After the carnage in Paris, Western governments turned immediately to debating...Show More Summary

Politics, the Internet and Changing Times

Our point of departure is the conviction that we are not merely undergoing an economic crisis, but a shift into a new era, and that this may be perceived and corroborated by analysing the relationship between the Internet and politics. Show More Summary

Amid Threats and Break-ins, I Won't Stop Investigating the Missing 43 Students

Editor's note: Today, The Huffington Post received the following letter from journalist Anabel Hernández detailing a threat she received this month clearly aimed at scaring her away from carrying out her work. Hernández is a HuffPost...Show More Summary

ISIS Loyalists Can Download A Secret Set Of Terrorist Emojis

By Gilad Shiloach A series of small, digital icons showing ISIS flags, weapons and execution scenes are popular among the terror group's supporters on the messaging app Telegram, where they're being posted as reaction stickers alongside...Show More Summary

More Sisters Vanish into UAE Police Custody

It's a familiar story. A hundred years ago British suffragettes Sylvia and Christabel Pankhurt went to jail for advocating women's right to vote. Dominican sisters Minerva and Maria Teresa Mirabal were imprisoned and eventually assassinated (along with another sister Patricia) in 1960 for their opposition to the violent Trujillo dictatorship. Show More Summary

Everything To Fear Including Fear Itself

For everyone that boldly states we must not give in to terrorists by living in fear, I agree. For every person that continues to move about in locations that draw crowds seeking leisure, companionship, and community with intent to stretch their middle finger in defiance to terror I applaud. Show More Summary

ISIS and Syria: What to Do -- And Not Do -- About It

The self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS) has become the world's number one generator of hatred and barbarity; it is now beyond discussion that the monster can no longer be contained, but rather must be eliminated. Taking on IS and annihilating it, however, encompasses a deadly catch-22. Show More Summary

A Two-Way Street: Emigration from Damascus

Twenty-seven US governors have recently closed their state's borders to Syrian refugees, including Michigan, Texas, and Alabama. Syrian Paranoia is in full-gear after at least one of the suspected Paris attackers was identified as aShow More Summary

Migrants in a Time of Terrorism

The past is a foreign country we no longer can see. We can't even visit--there is no passport to gain us entry--so it's high time we stop trying to live there. Immigration always looks better in hindsight. Whatever happened long-ago often gets remembered as a Golden Age. Show More Summary

Needed Now: A Syrian Kinder-Transport

The United States should invite 25,000 Syrian families to send one child 10 years or younger to the United States. There they would stay in foster homes until the war is over. The family could reclaim them any time they choose (theyShow More Summary

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