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Colorado GOP Leader Deletes Image of Castration Device

Richard Drake, the chair of the Saguache County, Colorado, Republican Party, has apparently removed an meme from his Facebook page depicting a castration device. Accompanying the image were the sentences, "Make'em think twice before entering the ladies room. Show More Summary

"That Mail Box Is Full"

"I'm sorry but that mail box is full." That's what you get when you call the Washington DC line of U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner (R-CO), even though a recorded voice, apparently Gardner's, tells you, "Please leave a message." Gardner's voicemail box has been full for days as citizens have focused on stopping the lawmaker from voting to repeal Obamacare. Show More Summary

Beware of Colorado Republicans Claiming to Have Multiple Replacements for Obamacare

The Colorado Republican congressional delegation is talking a lot about replacements for Obamacare, as if they have something in mind, or many options to choose from, without actually pointing to an actual factual replacement. As an example of how Republicans disguise their absence of a plan as a plan, check out this passage from a Jan. Show More Summary

Colorado Lawmaker Says "Each Individual Has To Be the Arbiter" of Fake News

If the left and right are ever going to agree on ground rules for stopping the spread of fake news, both sides will have to wear gloves and nose clips to endure the rot and stench of some awful Facebook "news"--while we focus on eliminating...Show More Summary

Former Lawmaker Refuses to Delete Fake News Alleging "Assassination of Scalia" by Clintons

At the end of last year, in an investigation of the Facebook pages of Colorado state legislators, I revealed that then State Rep. Gordon Klingenschmitt (R-Colorado Springs) posted a fake-news item claiming that Wikileaks documents proved...Show More Summary

Republican County Leader Suggests Castrating Transgender People Who Use Women's Bathroom

Saguache County, Colorado, Republican Chair Richard Drake apparently shared a Facebook meme last week depicting a castration device with the statement, "Make'em think twice  before entering the ladies room. Share if you know what these...Show More Summary

Congressman Sets Example by Deleting Fake News Tweet

Conservative Colorado activist Kelly Maher tweeted Wednesday that I should launch "57 tweets" at U.S. Rep. Jared Polis because he tweeted information from a Buzzfeed article with unsubstantiated allegations against Trump. In other words,...Show More Summary

Pro-choice Activists Call on Gardner to Reject "Horrifically Anti-Woman" Nominee

NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado called on Colorado Sen. Cory Gardner Monday to oppose the confirmation of anti-choice U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions, who is Trump's nominee for attorney general. Sessions "couldn't be more at odds with Colorado'sShow More Summary

State Legislator Sets Good Example by Deleting Fake News From Her Facebook Page

Outgoing State Rep. Kit Roupe (R-Colorado Springs) has cleansed a false "public service announcement" from her Facebook page. In May, Roupe shared the fake-news item, which falsely claimed that the "trend of wearing pants below yourShow More Summary

Planned Parenthood Will 'Fight Like Hell' To Stop Republican Health Care Cuts

The director of Planned Parenthood in Colorado said yesterday her organization will "fight like hell" against plans by Republicans to de-fund Planned Parenthood. "Defunding Planned Parenthood is bad for the people of Colorado, New Mexico,...Show More Summary

State Senator Declines to Sign Fake News Pledge, Saying Term Fake News "Smacks of a New Censorship"

You'd think twice about signing some pledges, if you're a politician. But a pledge not to spread fake news, if it's found to be false by "Snopes, Politifact,, or by a respected news outlet?"  And to remove such falsehoods...Show More Summary

The Fake News Pledge and Colorado Politicians Who Need to Sign It

Facebook and Google are taking a lot of heat for allowing falsehoods, packaged as news, to viralize across the internet, but lawmakers, who legitimize this fake news by spreading it, clearly contribute to the problem. That's what some Colorado state legislators are doing, as you can see below. Show More Summary

Atheists Should Attack Muslims, Not Christmas, Says CO Springs Radio Host

In a ironic twist, a billboard promoting atheism has prompted a Colorado Springs radio host to attack the religion of Islam. Demonstrating the same brazen bigotry of KNUS host Peter Boyles, not to mention Trump, KVOR 740-AM host Richard...Show More Summary

The Vicious War in the Conservative Media Bubble

Why did State Sen. Laura Woods (R-Arvada) share a recent Facebook post asking, "Remember when Americans could say 'Merry Christmas' without getting viciously attacked?" Where's the viciousness? At the Cherry Creek Mall where shoppers...Show More Summary

Professor Apologizes for Radio Comments Attacking Snowflake Students Wearing Safety Pins

An assistant professor of legal studies at Colorado Christian University apologized Friday for "any offense" she might have caused in stating during a radio show Wednesday that she'd fail students who "wear a safety pin and ask for a...Show More Summary

No Safety Pins or Snowflakes at Christian University, Says Professor

"I'm sure at Colorado Christian University, there are a lot of safe spaces right now," said KLZ radio's Dan Meurer in introducing an interview segment with guest host Jenna Ellis, an assistant professor of legal studies and leadership at...Show More Summary

In Trump Era, What To Do about Bigots on Colorado Talk Radio?

Bigotry toward Muslims is part of the hot air on some Colorado talk-radio shows, so much so that you get inured to it and kind of accept it. But now that Trump is about to be president, the air seems a lot hotter, and it's impossible...Show More Summary

Misunderstanding Of Electoral College Clouds Debate And Obstructs Reform

The results of the 2016 presidential election in which the electoral vote did not match the so-called popular vote has predictably resulted in demands for the abolition of the Electoral College and calls to aid and abet the duly elected...Show More Summary

Advocacy journalism is expanding in Colorado. Can you trust it?

While most people were asleep last week, the Colorado Independent's Corey Hutchins reported that Denver Post political reporter John Frank's view, offered during a panel discussion Nov. 15, that partisan news seems to be expanding in...Show More Summary

Conservative Writer Wants to Steal my Liberal Flag and Fly It Himself

If you read longtime Colorado writer Ari Armstrong, you know he swims in (mostly) conservative circles, but he's frustrated with today's liberals and conservatives. He's an outspoken proponent of abortion rights and drug legalization, for example, but he also opposes, generally, progressive government do-good programs. Show More Summary

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