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Lee Child's NIGHT SCHOOL; Blame It On Tom Cruise

Book Review - Jackie K Cooper NIGHT SCHOOL by Lee Child A few years ago I read my first Lee Child novel on the recommendation of a friend whose opinion I valued. That book was titled MAKE ME, a "Jack Reacher" story, and it was an interesting read; not great but it made me interested in reading the next "Jack Reacher" book. Show More Summary

The Resurgence And Allure Of Anais Nin

I am a baby boomer, so Anaïs Nin has been a huge influence on my development both as a writer and as a woman. She has liberated my inner voice and has given me the courage to be honest about my feelings. For years I've been entranced...Show More Summary

All the King's Men Couldn't Put Humpty Back Together Again

After the initial shock waves had subsided, it began to be apparent that the Trump victory was a revolution on the part of the disenfranchised, in this case non-college educated white males who had become sidelined by the forces of immigration and outsourcing. Show More Summary

A Teen's Guide to Modern Manners: Sam Norman Talks About His Witty Poems

Sam Norman's new book, A Teen's Guide to Modern Manners, is a witty, hilarious, and completely delightful collection of poems featuring cautionary tales about teenagers whose poor choices, from leaving clothes on the floor to makingShow More Summary

Is There a Phenomenological or Psychoanalytic Solution to the Homelessness Crisis?

Heidegger and Freud both used the term Unheimlichkeit which literally means not being at home. Freud employed the word in his discussion of the uncanny, a phenomenon that occurs when something familiar suddenly looks strange. But does...Show More Summary

The Dinner Party Of Dreams

If I'm being completely honest, I can't believe I haven't written this post soon; it combines my two most favourite things: books and food. You can't go wrong... I've managed (with the help of some friends) to dream up the best dinner party of all time. Show More Summary

The Winners of the 2016 Kirkus Prize

Originally published on Kirkus. For more from Kirkus, click here. -- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

Fighting Blind: A Green Beret's Story of Extraordinary Courage

By Ivan Castro and Jim DeFelice A Simple Man I was born in Hoboken, New Jersey, and lived the first few years of my life in the New York City area, but if you ask me, I'll tell you I'm Puerto Rican. Puerto Rico is where I mostly grew up. Show More Summary

Harbinger: Betty Smith And Election '16

Betty Smith's semi-autobiographical novel A Tree Grows in Brooklyn features both the 1912 and 1916 presidential elections. We see not only the polling places, but also the important social interactions that help form an individual's political identity. Show More Summary

Ioan Grillo on Books and Writing

Ioan Grillo is a journalist and writer based in Mexico City, Mexico. This interview has been edited lightly. Your book "Gangster Warlords" was published earlier this year. Would you tell us a little bit about it? "Gangster Warlords" is about the rise of drug cartels and hyperviolent gangs across Latin America and the Caribbean. Show More Summary

A moving story of big business, big love, and big giving

Did you know that McDonald`s started out as an innovative restaurant with good food, locally-sourced potatoes and fresh milkshakes made from scratch? And that no female employees were allowed for years, lest they distract the customers?...Show More Summary

Seeing Beauty: A Writer's First Job

When I was a teenager I was a passionate fan of music, movies, and novels. I could not, however, have been less interested in politics. This was in the late 70s and early 80s, a time still very much influenced by the upheaval of the 60s, particularly in the arts. Show More Summary

How I Read 65 Books in a Year Without Speed Reading

"Give me a place to stand on, and I will move the Earth." --?Archimedes, Greek mathematician and astronomer Books are to me what the lever was to Archimedes?--?they allow me to lift objects beyond the limitations of my natural abilities. For the price of a beer, I can purchase an author's lifetime of wisdom. Show More Summary

Forget Happiness, Let Joy Find You

In the Declaration of Independence, such a blessing in other ways, Jefferson dedicated us to "the pursuit of happiness." A misdirection, say the authors of Return to Joy. According to Andrew Harvey and Carolyn Baker, happiness is an entertainment, shallow, fickle, short-lived, a perfect complement to a consumer society. Show More Summary

THE WRONG SIDE OF GOODBYE Proves Michael Connelly Is Still Master of His Universe

Book Review - Jackie K Cooper THE WRONG SIDE OF GOODBYE by Michael Connelly Michael Connelly is the master of the universe in which he lives, and that is the sphere of crime thrillers. This man is so good at what he does that each and...Show More Summary

Weighing the Scales on War

A review of Maj. Gen. Bob Scales' new book Scales on War: The Future of America's Military at Risk By Sarah Lohschelder In Scales on War - The Future of America's Military at Risk, retired Major General Bob Scales takes account of what he thinks is wrong with America's military. Show More Summary

Bridge of Words

The man who called himself Doktoro Esperanto (Doctor Hopeful) was a modern Jew, a child of emancipation adrift between the Scylla of anti-Semitism and the Charybdis of assimilation. Ludovik Lazarus Zamenhof was born in 1859 in multiethnic Bia?ystok under the Russian Empire, the son and grandson of Russian-speaking language teachers. Show More Summary

A Master of Fantasy: Rereading "The Tombs of Atuan" by Ursula Le Guin

In this series, Ilana C. Myer is revisiting the fantasy classics that first shaped her love of the genre, and evaluating them with new eyes. Sometimes the best way to comprehend the nature of a journey, when you're in the middle, is to look back to its beginning... This is an extraordinary book. Show More Summary

Don’t Forget to Vote! 4 Picture Books About Elections and Voting

This article was written by Devon Corneal for Brightly. A Presidential election is a big deal, promising a whole year of primaries, debates, slogans, and a never-ending news cycle demanding we pay attention to every word the candidates utter. Show More Summary

'The Left Brain Speaks, the Right Brain Laughs': An Interview with Ransom Stephens

There's no shortage of books about the brain. Over the centuries, authors have scribed many, many texts on the topic--and I've read a few, but I've never heard of a fictional one. Until now. In The Left Brain Speaks, the Right BrainShow More Summary

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