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7 Ways to Improve Your Relationship with Siri

Voice command technology has improved greatly over the past few years. It doesn't just listen to your voice and execute a request; there is actual intelligence built in. Intelligence that can make life easier and give you easier access to information. Show More Summary

Breaking Up With You -- The Twitter Torture

Each day we're awash in information, much of it advice. Social media, by its relationship-­driven dynamic, bathes us in the warm, comforting waters of romantic guidance. But on our clear-thinking days we can sense the illusory nature...Show More Summary

Puerto Rico vs. China: My Email to Apple CEO Tim Cook

As Puerto Rico strives to emerge out of the darkest pits of recession, most of the chatter focuses on its apparent inability to foster economic development and repay its debt. Unfortunately, this crisis has overshadowed Puerto Rico's...Show More Summary

San Francisco's 10 Coolest Startup Offices

When you think about new tech startups, what comes to mind? For most, it's the image of Google's sprawling estate in Silicon Valley. And while not every company can have an office like Google, many are trying. Startup offices all over the country are fighting for top employees by including breathtaking amenities and on-site features. Show More Summary

Silicon Valley: Where Men are Wrong and Women are Wronged

In the early '90s, as one of the first women editors of a technology magazine, my female employees would plop themselves down in my office to recount the humiliations, the come-ons, and the frustrations over the lack of a clear promotion path relative to their male office mates. Show More Summary

Stress Conversations-A Journey through Poetry, Art, Tech and Wearables

"If you will stay close to nature, to its simplicity, to the small things hardly noticeable, those things can unexpectedly become great and immeasurable." -- Rainer Maria Rilke Maybe Wearables provide us with the opportunity to get a...Show More Summary

A Biomass Mountain Rises

By Don Willlmott Don Willmott is a New York-based journalist who writes about technology, travel and the environment for a wide variety of publications and websites. When is the last time you saw a truly pretty power plant? Looking something...Show More Summary

Europe's Remarkable New War on Facebook

Remember the name Max Schrems. He's a European David firing his slingshot at the modern-day Goliath you know as Facebook. Last August, the Austrian law student and privacy advocate filed a class-action lawsuit against Facebook, claiming...Show More Summary

How My DIY Computer Got Confused for a Cookie Box Because I'm a Girl

"Are those cookies?" I held our carefully constructed wooden box awkwardly in my hands, as I felt my cheeks start to flush. I remember feeling stunned, shocked even, that, as a fellow colleague at a prestigious technology entrepreneurship...Show More Summary

8 Signs You're Pissing Off Your Online Friends

It's embarrassing for most people to admit how much time they actually spend on social media, and we moms are among the worst offenders! If we're not bragging about our kids, we're btching about them. If we're not shouting about howShow More Summary

Hillary Didn't Backup, But You Should

Wait a minute. Hillary erased all her email? On purpose? Forget the logical, legal and/or political implications of her actions. From a purely technological point-of-view, in a world in which we are all deathly afraid of losing our files...Show More Summary

Major Transhumanism Conference Features Both Rising and Seasoned Experts

Transhumanist Scientist Maria Konovalenko in front of the White House -- Photo by Alexey Turchin; Transhumanist Lecturer Riva-Melissa Tez speaking - Photo by Dan Taylor / Heisenberg Media On March 21st, nonprofit organization Brighter Brains Institute held the first major US transhumanism conference of the year, located in San Jose, California. Show More Summary

Facebook Continues to Check the Boxes With Messenger Platform

Facebook's announcements at F8 this week should come as no surprise to anyone who follows mobile or Facebook closely. Smart players around the globe from Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Apple in the US, to Alibaba and Tencent in China, are amassing mobile assets at an unprecedented pace. Show More Summary

What Can You Do with Data?

I gave a speech about marketing and data science last week. Afterwards, one of the CMOs came up to me with panic in his eyes. He said, and I quote, "Help!" I get it. Big Data and Data Science are overused catch phrases that can mean anything anyone wants them to mean. Show More Summary

Crossing the Chasm to Coding: Three Career Backgrounds That Might Help You Convert

Marc Andreessen declared famously in 2011 that "Software is eating the World." With smart phone proliferation, the explosion of cloud services and disruptive innovation running rampant everywhere, his words ring truer today than ever. Show More Summary

Digital Trust Foundation Seeking Proposals on Digital Abuse Programs

The Digital Trust Foundation is seeking grant proposals around digital abuse. As the Request for Proposals (RFP) states, "The Foundation has found several gaps in digital abuse research and action" and is addressing that concern by seeking...Show More Summary

New WiFi Threat for Hotels - Security Tips for Travelers

It's never a good idea to connect to the public WiFi network at a hotel (or anywhere else for that matter), but here's yet another reason why travelers should be careful -- a new report found that the WiFi router used by most hotelsShow More Summary

Five Things I Love About Research

I know just enough about research to be dangerous. That's mostly a joke, but not entirely. As an undergraduate, graciously allowed to take Ed School graduate courses (thank you, Gerry Lesser!), I learned how to read and interpret research, and some rudimentary study design. Show More Summary

4 Steps for Etsy to Keep Sellers Happy in a Post-IPO World

Etsy's path to its IPO has been about tremendous user growth. Etsy currently has 20 million active buyers and 1.4 million active sellers, from which it pulled in close to $200 million in revenue last year. But for Etsy to succeed asShow More Summary

The Monsanto Privacy Model? Monsanto and Farmer Organizations May be Forging New Path to Data Cooperation

Monsanto is usually thought of (and sometimes reviled) for its sale of genetically modified seeds, but the company is increasingly becoming the key big data technology firm providing real-time data to farmers as they plant their fields. Show More Summary

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