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How to do Big Data on a Budget?

To really make the most of big data, most businesses need to invest in some tools or services - software, hardware, maybe even new staff - and there's no doubt that the costs can add up. The good news is that big data doesn't have to cost the Earth and a small budget needn't prevent companies from stepping into the world of big data. Show More Summary

A Guy's Tech Show From a Woman's Perspective

It's not breaking news that CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas is the equivalent of a frat party for the tech industry. The male/female ratio resembles the grandstands at a football game. The booth babes (though more buff and less voluptuous these days) are plentiful and the lines at the ladies room are blessedly short. Show More Summary

The Impact of Digital Transformation is Way Bigger Than You Think

As a technologist, I have always discounted marketing hype. Frequently, I hear about "helping enterprises with digital transformation." However, every time I hear those words I start to wonder: what exactly is digital transformation? Isn't the entire IT spend already all about digital? A discussion of "two-speed IT" helps clear this up. Show More Summary

Why Accelerators Are the Best Way to Grow Your Startup

What do Airbnb, Dropbox, Reddit, Heroku, and Stripe all have in common? They all started at the world's best startup accelerator, Y Combinator. Founded by Paul Graham, Y Combinator's portfolio of companies now exceeds $30 billion. Due...Show More Summary

Using data to drive business intelligence

Whilst it's tempting to think of social data as largely frivolous, it is increasingly evident that it is capable of revealing a great deal about us, both collectively and individually. For instance, a Penn State study found that they...Show More Summary

Lean On: A Mobile Mentoring App for Women

It's 8:30 AM in Palo Alto and I'm skyping with the CEO of Lean On, Chedva Kleinhandler, who is telling me about her new mobile mentoring app for women. On the screen appears an elegant, well-spoken, dark-haired woman dressed for business even though it's already nighttime at her home near Tel Aviv. Show More Summary

The Most Unresolved Problem In Machine Learning

These questions originally appeared on Quora - the knowledge sharing network where compelling questions are answered by people with unique insights. Answers by Kevin Murphy, Research Scientist at Google, former Professor at UBC, on Quora. Q: What is the most important unresolved problem in machine learning? A: Unsupervised learning. Show More Summary

Our Founding Fathers Had the Same Gift-Giving Options as Many Top E-tailers Do Today

February typically means two things for school children: learning about George Washington's birthday and giving out Valentines. The truth is that the act of gift giving, especially the kind of gifts we give for our loved ones on Valentine's Day, hasn't really changed much since old G.W. Show More Summary

Here's What Happened When I Quit Social Media

When I gave up the screen-feed, my life woke up. I was addicted to the constant eavesdropping into the lives of people I loved, envied and loathed. My days were a series of mini-searches for something salacious, inspiring, engaging, endearing or so stupid I would feel righteous I hadn't been the one to post it. Show More Summary

Smiley Poop, Unicorns, Middle Fingers: What We Talk About When We Emoji

For by Laurie White (Photo by Helen Jane Hearn/TueNight) "Look at my taco emoji," my friend said last week. "Look at it!" "I can't see it. I'd have to upgrade my phone. The last time I did that, the battery life on the device...Show More Summary

An Evolutionary Approach to AI Learning

AI guru Nick Bostrom frequently highlights the crucial importance of the goal setting process when building a superintelligence. He outlines the complexities involved in doing this, with the many unintended consequences that lie in wait for us. Show More Summary

Apple Bye Bye

I was clumsy, and I spilled some beer on the keyboard of my Mac Air laptop, bought July 9, 2014.  I immediately  started drying my precious computer, overturning it, and my greedy Mac didn't gulp all that much beer, but.... I knew that liquid spills can easily kill a laptop. Show More Summary

In 2016, Think Twice About What You Share On Social Media

Just about everyone today uses some form of social media. U.S. adults alone share nearly 2 trillion gigabytes of data online per year. That's a lot of sharing. As we enter the new year, it's a good time to reexamine your social media...Show More Summary

Why Technology in Our Society Still Requires the Human Empathy Component

Self-driving cars are a hot topic. They were the talk of the recent Consumer Electronics Show with several companies vying to get into the business of this and other artificial intelligence based technologies. There are some promising opportunities for exciting new industries in the next decade. Show More Summary

Workplace Video: A 2015 Rewind and a 2016 Fast Forward

Getting feedback from customers on their use of video in the workplace is always a valuable exercise. The start of a new year is the perfect opportunity to review the state of play and offer a perspective on how this will change during 2016 and beyond. Show More Summary

Intel continues to set an example and take action

Intel just released its most recent set of diversity numbers. Like their peers at Google and Facebook, there's still work to be done; though unlike almost every other tech company releasing diversity data, Intel has seen major progress...Show More Summary

Candidates, Lies and the Internet

"The Internet and technology are incredibly important," Carly Fiorina said in response to an audience member on a snowy Friday in New Hampshire. Of course it is, but what would Fiorina do as president to ensure that Internet access is more affordable? That's when Fiorina fishtailed into a ditch. Show More Summary

UX Your Life

Am I late to the party? I am just now delving into the magical world of UX, and the more I read and study, I can't help but take the principles of this glorious tech/business/design world and think about how these frameworks apply to how I would like to live my actual life, too. Show More Summary

Going Against the Flow: Lynn Vojvodich, CMO of Salesforce

Lynn Vojvodich is the CMO of Salesforce. Previously, she was a Partner at Andreessen Horowitz, where she worked with portfolio companies on their go-to-market strategy and with Forbes Global 2000 CIOs and CMOs on their innovation agenda. Show More Summary

Play Your Part For Safer Internet Day

Tuesday is the global day of celebration for all things Internet safety. From humble beginnings in Europe in 2004, Safer Internet Day now includes 100 countries on every continent in the world. ConnectSafely is hosting the US gathering...Show More Summary

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