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Bureau Of Prisons Seeks Software To Predict Post-Release Outcomes

The Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) is hoping to find as-yet unrecognized patterns of adaptation and recidivism — which the agency terms “inmate reintegration into the community — by asking software developers to provide informationShow More Summary

Trump’s Wall Is Worthless If He Doesn’t Back It Up With Tech

By Issie Lapowsky and Lily Hay Newman for WIRED. If Congress were to fail to pass a spending bill before the end of the day Friday, the government could shut down. That’s why President Trump just blinked. He shelved a plan to demandShow More Summary

Ad-Blocking Just Might Save The Ad Industry

By Klint Finley for WIRED. The Coalition for Better Ads, a consortium of ad, publishing, and tech companies, wants to save the advertising industry — by killing it. Or at least parts of it. Companies in the coalition will discuss, among...Show More Summary

The Rise Of AR Will Recreate Your Filter Bubbles In The Real World

By Cade Metz for WIRED. Last week, Mark Zuckerberg unveiled what he calls the world’s first augmented reality platform, a way of layering digital effects atop anything we see through our smartphone cameras. Eventually, he says, thisShow More Summary

Encrypted Chat Took Over. Let’s Encrypt Calls, Too

By Lily Hay Newman for WIRED. As end-to-end encrypted messaging apps have exploded in popularity, several well-known services have added encrypted calls as well. Why not, right? If it works for text-based chat, voice seems like a natural extension. Show More Summary

The U.S. Requires An Energy Technology Strategy

The Trump Administration’s energy and climate policies are evolving, although few specifics have been proposed to date. Let’s focus on what we do know: 1. The Administration has stated its intent to stimulate increased production and...Show More Summary

Avoid The Worst Products Ever With These Insider Strategies. (Trust Me, You'll Want To)

If you ask me, the shoddiest products on earth are toys. I don’t mean that in a derogatory sense ? as in, they advertised a computer, but instead they sold me a toy. I mean a literal toy. I’ve never had any luck with playthings. My three kids have broken so many of them, often within minutes of receiving them, I’ve lost count. Show More Summary

Are You Ready For The Technological Singularity?

We’ve got great news if you’re in love with your phone ? the technological singularity will happen sometime in the next thirty years. Futurist Ray Kurzweil believes that by 2029 computers will achieve human levels of intelligence. Which...Show More Summary

6 Easter Scams You Want To Avoid

Easter is a time for family, colorful parties and egg hunts, but sadly it also attracts scam artists looking to make a quick buck during the high-fructose corn syrup free-for-all. There are all stripes of Eastertime cons and scams waiting for you if you’re not paying attention — or even if you are. Show More Summary

How Facebook is Responding to Fake News

People want to see accurate information on Facebook and across the web. As a response, Facebook just launched a new educational tool to fight misinformation. False news and hoaxes are harmful to our community and make the world less informed. Show More Summary

Bureau Of Land Management Puts Bankrupt Peabody Coal Banner On Website Home Page

Jettisoning the image of children gazing across scenic landscapes on public land, the Bureau of Land Management has replaced its website homepage banner with an old Peabody coal website image from the bankruptcy era of the coal titan,...Show More Summary

Would You Fly In A SpaceX Rocket?

If nothing else, Elon Musk, the mastermind behind Tesla Motors, SolarCity, and SpaceX, knows how to get attention. Recently, he made headlines when he revealed that next year SpaceX, the private space exploration company he founded in...Show More Summary

The Unintended Consequences Of An Easy Life

A little while back, I wrote about Keynes’ prediction that our greatest challenge today would be what to do with all the leisure time we now have as a result of technology doing all the work that previously kept us occupied. My conclusion...Show More Summary

The Disposable Society And My MacBook Pro

What is the difference between the machine on the left and the one on the right? They are both machines for creating documents. They both have a keyboard. The difference is, the one on the right still works. The one on the left is a worthless paper weight. Let’s start with the one on the right. This is an Underwood manual typewriter, built in 1912. Show More Summary

Wellness Apps Evade The FDA, Only To Land In Court

By Megan Molteni for WIRED. Smartphone apps are great at lots of things, from sending selfies, to solving late-night taco cravings. And even if they occasionally fail, the stakes are usually low — unless you consider being carnitas-less at 2:00 AM a life-threatening situation. Show More Summary

Silicon Valley’s Plot To Reinvent The Dreaded Conference Call

By David Pierce for WIRED. Stepping into one of the “project rooms” at speaker-maker Sonos’s office in downtown Boston is like opening a teleportation portal. The large, messy space, cluttered with half-built soundbars and heaping piles of screws, almost exactly replicates a room 3,000 miles away in Santa Barbara. Show More Summary

The Conservative Case Against Trashing Online Privacy Rules

By Klint Finley for WIRED. Protecting Internet privacy should be a bipartisan issue, right? After all, Americans seem united in their dislike of the phone and cable behemoths that dominate internet service in the US. More importantly,...Show More Summary

Robots & AI Will Likely Claim Your Job, Sooner Than You Think

Globally, we consume films that show us dystopian life after some apocalypse. Yet we never want to ask the question: How did this happen? The assumption is always some sort of nuclear madness, alien invasions, or global epidemics. The...Show More Summary

Living With The Incivility Of Trolls Online And Surviving

Anyone is capable of troll behavior, according to recent research from Stanford University and Cornell University. Wake-up on the wrong of bed, having a bad day or simply become irate over an online discussion and your fingers may go...Show More Summary

Confused By Data Visualisation? Here's How To Cope In A World Of Many Features

Matt Escobar, University of Tokyo The late data visionary Hans Rosling mesmerised the world with his work, contributing to a more informed society. Rosling used global health data to paint a stunning picture of how our world is a better...Show More Summary

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