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With Cloud Computing, Feds Should Swing for the Fences

Bryce Harper is hitting the cover off the ball for the Washington Nationals. He's already hit more home runs this season than all of last season. For Harper, the sky's the limit because he finally has reached his potential. But a few...Show More Summary

Want to Fend Off Cybercrooks? Wear Protection!

Every year at this time we anxiously await Symantec's Internet Security Threat Report, hoping that this would be the year that all cybercrooks would disappear. But, as usual, our hopes have been stomped upon by the facts. We're all aware of the large-scale attacks against big companies, which have gotten big play in the media. Show More Summary

Code as a Second Language

On appearance, Kaira Villanueva seems to be an average sophomore student at Columbia University tracing her way through New York with a well-worn backpack, scratched-up MetroCard, and a youthful curiosity. Except she's not typical. As a Latina computer science major, unfortunately, there is nothing common about her career path. Show More Summary

Hope or Fear? What Guides Your Company's Tech Future?

Last year at the MIT CIO Symposium, I had the opportunity to participate on a panel regarding the Board / CEO relationship with the CIO. The panel was moderated by the Wall Street Journal's Michael Hickins. Earlier in the year, Michael and I spoke about the challenges of security and innovation in a post-Snowden / Target era. Show More Summary

If You're in EdTech, Then Hoping Someone Buys You Is Better Than a Business Model

For quite some time now, entrepreneurs have been looking to the EdTech market as one where money will be made. The inevitable transformation of the schools model by technology will open up vast possibilities for innovation. Vast fortunes...Show More Summary

Rouse Social Simplifies 12 Sites in 1 App

In the ever evolving world of technology, it's painfully obvious that there is an app for everything. Whether to connect to the bank, pay something on-line or host numerous cyber conversations at once, we are mobile. Whatever you're doing, there is no doubt you are multitasking. Show More Summary

A Former Waiter Remembers the Day He Served Steve Jobs and the Lesson He Learned

What interaction did waiters who served Steve Jobs have with him when they served him at restaurants in Palo Alto and the rest of the Bay Area?: originally appeared on Quora: The best answer to any question. Ask a question, get a great answer. Show More Summary

Exclusive Interview with Taylor Reaume, Marketing Coach and Small Business Website Promotion Expert

Photo: Taylor Reaume Courtesy of: Taylor Reaume In this, my latest installment of interviews with outstanding marketing professionals, I visit with Taylor Reaume, marketing coach and owner of the Santa Barbara, California-based marketing agency Search Engine Pros, a privately-held international provider of search marketing services. Show More Summary

Congress to Vote on Surveillance Reforms After Misuse

Several key provisions of the USA PATRIOT Act, enacted in the wake of 9/11, have afforded the government considerable access to electronic communications records. Some of them expire at the end of May, and their future is mired in uncertainty. Show More Summary

Folly Is Joy

Click here for the previous part of this series and here for part one. The near future A man and a woman stand in a kitchen prepping food and watching a pot boil. M: Come on babe, that's too much salt. W: What? I barely put any in. M:...Show More Summary

IOT Wearable From the Emerging Eco-system in Israel

Israel is known for becoming the second Silicon Valley owning to its talented and highly motivated human-power, equipped with the abilities to create something from nothing. The emerging fields of IOT, robotics and wearable had in recent years produced innovative and exciting products. Show More Summary

#Startups: Low-Tech Pitches Rule the High-Tech World

Regardless of Web 3.0 collective intelligence--and the 128GB smartphone in the pocket--the digital crutches are stripped away as the startup founder takes the stage to tell her startup story and seek venture capital funding. The human-to-human...Show More Summary

(VIDEO) Tim Armstrong's Goal of "Open" AdTech Dominance: "Open is the New Black," Says Banker Terry Kawaja

In a  keynote address to some 500 leaders of the adtech industry gathered in New York by the investment bank boutique LUMA partners, AOL CEO Tim Armstrong shared an expansive  view on the sale of AOL to Verizon and the future of AOL....Show More Summary

From Bicycles to Spaceships (VIDEO)

Burt Rutan, the legendary aerospace engineer and designer of the Ansari XPRIZE-winning SpaceShipOne, explains how the achievement a couple of bicycle shop owners (Orville and Wilbur Wright) inspired the most significant individuals in...Show More Summary

The REAL Reason Airplane Wi-Fi Costs So Much

by Brian Sumers, Condé Nast Traveler The reason isn't corporate greed. Have you logged on during a cross-country flight and wondered, Why does this cost so much? You may wonder how Gogo, the company that provides Wi-Fi for many U.S. airlines, can justify charging $50 for one day of access. Show More Summary

Who (or What) Is Behind the Uniquely Cuban Version of Netflix?

Cubans have a word for the ridiculous lengths they must sometimes go just to make ends meet. The word is resolver. Little chores that the rest of the world often takes for granted -- buying eggs, repairing a broken doorknob, finding helium balloons for a child's party -- often require determination, endless patience and MacGyver-like ingenuity. Show More Summary

How to Survive Being a Digital Nomad

Nomadism is no longer just an ancient tribal way of life. These days, numerous freelancers and remote workers go nomadic, revealing an emerging radical shift in our perception of work and its role in our lives?--?the shift that battles...Show More Summary

Waking Up From Digital Detox Surgery

My voluntary digital detox surgery cut me open, revealing years of toxic junk. It was messy. It did not look good. Symptoms: exhaustion, burnout, tired eyes, even more tired body, mental fog and increased anxiety. I knew whole heartedly...Show More Summary

4 Signs Your UX Relationship With the Product Manager May Need Some Work

There are a lot of articles on the differences and definitions between the UX designer and the UI designer role (I posted one not too long ago myself). However, another topic that has recently came up in conversation with my fellow UX...Show More Summary

Audit Your Facebook Pages for Diversity

San Diego's Crawford High school where I graduated in 1977 was once determined by the California Department of Education to be the most diverse high school in the state. Since California is the most diverse state, I will stretch things...Show More Summary

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