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Can Sexting Increase Relationship Satisfaction?

By Jeremy Adam Smith News coverage of sexting tends to focus on the negative. When teens and politicians get caught exchanging nude pictures and lascivious messages on their phones, they're publicly shamed. And their relationships can...Show More Summary

The Barriers to Innovation

It's hard to be an innovator. You have to come up with cool new stuff, make it work, and get people to use it. Not easy! Depending on your situation, there can be barriers, active and passive, to being a successful innovator. Lots of people in business and government love to talk about how they're innovative, and how they foster innovation. Show More Summary

Did You Know There Really Is a Craig of craigslist?

Forty years ago today I joined the grown-up work force. My entry point was at IBM in Boca Raton, Florida. Then later at General Motors in Detroit. Fast forward: My first twenty years were in the corporate world; the last twenty were at craigslist. Despite craigslist becoming a household name over the years, Craig Newmark was not. Show More Summary

Yahoo In Jeopardy, Facebook Restates Numbers. Hacking TV

Hacking TV #0059 Dreams and disappointments aplenty on this week's Hacking TV. Starting with cruel reality, Yahoo had to confess that it was the victim of the biggest identity hack in history two years ago, but it only found out right when it was trying to sell itself to Verizon. Show More Summary

"A Big One" the Half Billion Users Cyber Hack of Yahoo

While it's not a surprise to hear that this order of magnitude of users have been corporate hacked, the rise of the digital business means everyone is more or less online these days. What is shocking is the date, 2014 and the sense of resignation that some may have to the event. Show More Summary

How Women Are Changing The Refugee Crisis Response

Half of all refugees in the world are youth. As countries host millions of refugees and aid reaches the most vulnerable, programs that invest in youth and their potential have the opportunity to empower generations to come. Two organizations...Show More Summary

My Love/Hate Relationship With Social Media

I love social media. I thrive on the connection, the “news,” the dialogue, it’s my thing. Unapologetically. And right now I hate it. I hate it because of politics. We have the most ridiculous election season ever taking place and every...Show More Summary

Computer Scientists Close In On Perfect, Hack-Proof Code

By Kevin Hartnett for Wired. In the Summer of 2015 a team of hackers attempted to take control of an unmanned military helicopter known as Little Bird. The helicopter, which is similar to the piloted version long-favored for US special operations missions, was stationed at a Boeing facility in Arizona. Show More Summary

Our Lives In Data: 3 Takeaways

Data, and especially big data, has a certain appeal when uttered from the lips of Apple's Tim Cook and other deep-minded algorithm enthusiasts and marketers. Image courtesy of The Science Museum For those of us outside of the data mining...Show More Summary

Why Peak Car Ownership in 2020 Isn't So Farfetched

By Jeruld Weiland and Jonathan Walker, Rocky Mountain Institute Last Tuesday, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) released formal recommendations designed to help states regulate autonomous vehicles. The guidelines...Show More Summary

A Facetime Eulogy

Throughout my tenure as a spiritual leader, I have played a part in the significant life changing moments for many. I've been asked to preside over weddings (which I don't); meet individuals in hospital beds and homes, during their last hours of life; offer words at memorials and funerals. Show More Summary

Beyond Killer Robots

Photo by: Andrea Danti/Shutterstock This past April, experts from 87 countries gathered for a summit in Geneva on "Killer Robots." These state party representatives to the United Nations Convention on Conventional Weapons were thereShow More Summary

Lumi Gaming Drone Review, A Drone That Dances?

Let's try some quick word association. Ready? Say the first two things that pop into your mind when I say... DRONE Since I don't have the budget to hire Russian hackers to turn on your mic and send me what you said, I am going to have to take a wild guess at it. Show More Summary

Introducing Digital Raign: The World's First VR/AR/MR-Focused Executive Search Firm

If it seems like you've been hearing about virtual reality (VR) a lot lately, it's not just you; 2016 has been a banner year for "New Reality" or "Plureality" technologies, also including augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR). Show More Summary

Blockchain FinTech Startups in New York - What Will Be the Next Bitcoin?

The number of FinTech (financial technology) startups using blockchain platforms to power digital currencies, expand transaction security, and decentralize markets has exploded in the last few years. FinTech is a growing field in startup entrepreneurship, concerned with developing technology for finance. Show More Summary

Deaf Influence on Consumer Technology

When hearing people think about exciting new technologies for those who are deaf, their minds most likely jump to the latest developments in cochlear implants or hearing aids. Or perhaps they may vaguely recall reading about any number of devices being developed to translate sign language into speech (or speech into ASL, or ASL into text). Show More Summary

The Welcome Return of Black Wall Street

The post-Reconstruction South ushered in Jim Crow laws, systemically designed to condemn the black community to second-class citizenship. To counter this reality, several black communities across the country developed areas known asShow More Summary

The First-Ever Facebook Live From Jail Had A Life-Saving Message

The Facebook Live post that should change the way America has been addressing the intersection of the addiction crisis and criminal justice reform. This past week was the very first Prescription Opioid and Heroin Epidemic Awareness Week, designated by President Obama in a signed proclamation. Show More Summary

The IoT and Big Data: Making The Connection

The future of technology lies in data and its analysis. More objects and devices are now connected to the Internet, transmitting the information they gather back for analysis. The goal is to harness this data to learn about patternsShow More Summary

You've Heard of TeleHeath...But TelePumbing?

Teleconsulting isn't new, but it is breaking ground in new industries. The innovative ways people are using the internet to communicate are's a level of connection and interaction most of us couldn't have imagined 30 years ago. Show More Summary

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