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Watch this Amazing Conversation Between bell hooks and Melissa Harris-Perry

The New School hosted an amazing conversation this afternoon between MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry and acclaimed writer bell hooks. You really won't spend an hour this weekend doing anything better than watching their whole discussion. We'll...Show More Summary

Talking Costumes with Cosplayer Chaka Cumberbatch

Costumes aren't just a Halloween thing for a lot of Americans. Bitch Creative and Editorial Director Andi Zeisler talked with cosplayers at Seattle's Geek Girl Con this month, including Chaka Cumberbatch, about why they think costumes...Show More Summary

Let's Talk About Sexy Halloween Costumes.

It's sexy costumes season! In this 20-minute conversation from our Dress Up podcast episode, Bitch Creative and Editorial Director Andi Zeisler and Online Editor Sarah Mirk talk with independent fashion designer Adam Arnold and Portland...Show More Summary

20 Feminist Halloween Costumes

It can be hard to find a good costume, what with the current trend in sexy cheeseburgers. Don't worry, here are 20 great costume ideas. 1. Any of the amazing characters from Adventuretime. (image via American Cosplay Paradise) 2. Kaylee from Firefly. Show More Summary

We Need to Raise the Bar on Being an Ally.

Racism is an integral part of US culture, but the shape and nature of racism changes with every generation. This country’s roots in slavery and colonization gave way to Jim Crow, reservations, and racist immigration policies. Since the...Show More Summary

Seven Stories of Ways to Stop Street Harassment

Street art from Stop Telling Women to Smile. Street harassment has been part of my existence since I was a young teenager, but it wasn’t until I was in graduate school in 2006 that I even learned the term “street harassment.” I found the term on the website of the Street Harassment Project (founded in the early internet days of 1999). Show More Summary

The Rise of the Anti-Rapist Anti-Hero

Egyptian comics character Qahera, a new Muslim superhero who street harassment and sexual violence. At the beginning of September, around the time news broke of Ciudad Juárez’s Diana, “Huntress of Bus Drivers”, my dad informed me that...Show More Summary

As George Zimmerman Shows, Violence in the Street Can Mean Violence at Home

George and Shellie Zimmerman, appearing in court. Photo via. In case you haven’t heard, George Zimmerman went berserk Monday, punching his father-in-law in the face and pulling a gun on his estranged wife. Shellie Zimmerman, who is filing...Show More Summary

Interview with Activist Emi Koyama on Silencing and Male Feminists

It’s upsetting when an activist group winds up alienating the very people they’re supposed to be supporting. That’s exactly what happened to long-time social justice activist Emi Koyama two weeks ago at the Forging Justice conference...Show More Summary

On Being Friends With White People

I eagerly read Brittney Cooper's article on Salon this week, "The Politics of Being Friends with White People." While she and I have many demographics in common--being the academically accelerated Black girl in mostly white classes—there are huge differences in our experiences. Show More Summary

We Need to Talk About Hugo, Race, and Feminism

Hugo Schwyzer is a narcissistic blowhole. This week, many of the women whom Schwyzer attacked and villified online over the years have successfully pushed the media frenzy around his recent admission that he's a fraud and an abuser into...Show More Summary

Every Street Should Be a Safe Space

Whether it’s getting catcalled or being told to smile, almost every woman deals with street harassment. But it took until this summer to stage the first-ever international conference on street harassment, which took place over the weekend...Show More Summary

Eight Questions on Bitchiness for Seattle Poet Natasha Marin

This month, Bitch is collaborating with Her Kind, a literary community hosted by VIDA: Women in Literary Arts, by posing a series of questions to a talented woman writer. Seattle interdisciplinary artist and poet Natasha Marin took on...Show More Summary

Why the Foster Article Exposes Our Racism

Last week, you might have read Questlove's piece about his experiences being profiled daily as a black man in light of the George Zimmerman verdict. "You ain't shit. That's the lesson I took from this case.... These words are deep because...Show More Summary

Despite the Haters, I Love Cosplay.

The author (far right), her sister, and two other cosplayers dressed as Marceline and Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time, taken at Sakuracon 2013. Summer is a good time to be a geek. This week is San Diego Comic-Con—the country's...Show More Summary

When I Say My Daughter is Transgender, Believe Me.

Many transgender people have made their story public in recent decades, including Nikki (above) a 12-year-old who graced the cover of People magazine in June. Decorated war veteran Kristin Beck made headlines in recent weeks after Anderson Cooper interviewed her on CNN. Show More Summary

Fat Liberation is Totally Queer

Last Wednesday, my partner and I woke up to wonderful news: DOMA and Prop 8 are defeated! After our wedding this summer, we will be legally married. It’s a time for celebration, and for inspiration. What work still needs to be done?Show More Summary

Three Michigan Muslim Teen Girls Discuss Their Hijabs

Whether it's debates over France’s ban on headscarves, schools banning girls from wearing scarves, or fights over what hijabs represent to society, what is often missing from media coverage of women wearing hijabs is the voices of Muslim...Show More Summary

This Father's Day, More than 1 Million Fathers Are in Prison.

Many kids will spend this morning hanging out with their fathers. But 1 in 7 African American children will have a hard time seeing a parent today—they’re in prison. Father’s Day is a particularly moving chance to reflect on the sheer...Show More Summary

Academia's Anti-Fat Problem.

“Dear obese PhD applicants: if you don’t have the willpower to stop eating carbs, you won’t have the willpower to do a dissertation #truth” That tweet from University of New Mexico evolutionary psychology professor Geoffrey Miller ignited uproar last week. Show More Summary

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