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How to Make Your Weekend a WOW Experience

My Five Ingredient Recipe for Total Rejuvenation. Every year comes freshly stocked with 104 weekend days. That’s 28 percent of all available days in the year. It’s like a full quarter! The trouble is that we treat our weekends like a slush fund to bankroll more work. We’re forfeiting a tremendous amount of time we could invest in better uses. Almost a […]

Why Sandbagging Your Goals Kills Your Productivity

6 Steps to Lead Your Team to Peak Performance. I’m a fairly conservative person but not when it comes to setting new goals for myself or for my business. We may think setting conservative goals is wise, but it actually makes us and our teams less productive. Too many leaders believe they’ll accomplish more if they lower the bar and set goals they can […]

Why Skipping Lunch Is Bad for You and Worse for Business

2 Reasons to Take Advantage of the Lunch Hour Dividend. Did you skip lunch last week—either by gobbling down something at your desk or forgoing food altogether? The odds are good that you did. A 2012 workplace survey by Right Management found just one in five employees take actual lunch breaks. That’s a problem because both the lunch and the break are good for you. […]

How to Make Your Non-Fiction Reading More Productive

Record These 8 Elements to Maximize Your Reading. I’m a serious reader and have been most of my life. Most leaders I know are. We realize there’s a major ROI on time dedicated to reading. As I’ve blogged about before, reading makes us better thinkers, improves our people skills, and helps us master communication—not to mention the rest and rejuvenation it offers. We […]

The Surprising Benefit of Being Inflexible

How No-Exception Priorities Protect Your Productivity. When I coach people on reaching their goals, I advise them to be flexible on their strategies. The goal might be sacred, but we can change strategies as often as we need. But that’s not a blanket endorsement of flexibility. Show More Summary

How to End Every Day Feeling Accomplished

It Can Be Done When You Master These 3 Skills. If there’s one thing that has the power to encourage and motivate us unlike anything else, it’s the feeling of accomplishment and the momentum it brings. It’s a feeling we all want, but one that often eludes us. The busyness of the day takes over, and instead of celebrating the day, proud of what you’ve […]

When and How to Use Habits to Achieve Your Goals

Plus My Favorite Habit-Tracking App. Great results don’t just happen. You don’t usually drift to a destination you would have chosen. Instead, you have to be intentional, force yourself to get clear on what you want and why it’s important, and then pursue a plan of action that accomplishes your objective. Sometimes, this involves setting an achievement goal with a […]

Why I Started Using Evernote Mobile Again

5 Features to Make You More Productive on the Go. If you’ve followed my blog for more than a few months, you know I love Evernote. It is an application I use every day. It’s not only my digital brain, it’s the main tool I use to implement my personal productivity system. But I’ve found myself using the mobile version of Evernote less and less […]

The Fine Line Between Working Hard and Letting Go

Plus the Simple Heuristic I Use to Know When to Press in and When to Back Off. In life, we have to learn there is a fine line between working hard and forcing an outcome that isn’t meant to be. Sometimes we have to let go and simply trust.

Special Edition: The Real Reason You’re Afraid to Set Goals for 2017 [Podcast]

(And How to Beat It). Welcome to this special edition of the This Is Your Life podcast. In this episode, Megan Hyatt Miller (my oldest daughter and Chief Operating Officer of Michael Hyatt & Company) and I discuss the real reason you’re afraid to set goals in 2017. We all know what it’s like to hesitate because we’re afraid of […]

How to Avoid 3 Pitfalls of Goal-Setting

Goals Can Backfire, But Not if You Know How to Use Them. I’ve been an advocate of goal-setting for decades. Most successful people I know are. They set big goals and recommend others do as well. But some people are more doubtful. They point to significant goal-related disasters and suggest goals can backfire. Show More Summary

The 2 Most Powerful Words for Reaching Your Goals

One Simple, Proven Trick that Will Set You up to Win in 2017. Tell me this hasn’t happened to you: At the end of the year, you brainstorm several goals. You start the New Year full of determination and enthusiasm. But after several weeks, you get distracted and lose ground. Show More Summary

Special Edition: The Top 10 Mistakes Derailing Your Goals [Podcast]

(And How to Fix Them). Welcome to this special edition of the This Is Your Life podcast. In this episode, Megan Hyatt Miller (my oldest daughter and Chief Operating Officer of Michael Hyatt & Company) and I discuss the top 10 mistakes that are derailing your goals. Goals are the solution we need to make meaningful progress in the areas […]

One Sure-to-Fail Strategy for Setting New Goals

And What You Actually Need Instead to Take Control of the Coming Year. December is here. That means not only holidays and family, but also taking stock. What targets did you hit this year? What goals did you miss? Here’s a big one I missed. Earlier this year my friend Daniel Harkavy and I published our book, Living Forward. This represented years of work, and one of my […]

Why Gratitude Makes All the Difference in Hitting Your Goals

3 Reasons to Stay Thankful All Year. When I asked successful business and thought leaders how they prepared to reach their goals in the upcoming year, several said gratitude gave them an edge. Some mentioned setting aside special time to reflect and express gratitude for all the positive they experienced. Show More Summary

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