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Giraffes Are In Danger Of Extinction

Last Saturday, more than a million people watched April the giraffe give birth via live-stream from a U.S. zoo, yet again highlighting the love and fascination people have for these iconic African creatures. Would these same people be...Show More Summary

In Europe, A Solidarity March For Science — And A Call To Action In Political Debates

Luc Soete, United Nations University On Earth Day, Saturday April 22 2017, scientists will descend from their ivory towers in more than 500 cities across the globe to stage a huge March for Science. The scientists are coming out en masse...Show More Summary

Defending Earth Every Day With Women Around The World

This Saturday, April 22, the world will mark Earth Day. Women and men in Washington, D.C., throughout the U.S., and around the world will take to the streets to “March for Science,” in recognition of climate science and the critical importance of governments upholding commitments to global environmental protection efforts and climate change accords. Show More Summary

What Is 4/20 Anyway?

Cannabis has long been the target of criminalization and its use remains a hotly debated topic. Yet more and more states are legalizing the substance. They’re putting plans into action on how to regulate weed, and with countries like Canada planning legalization by July 2018, there’s no more burying the subculture surrounding cannabis. Show More Summary

Our Smog Standards Are In Jeopardy Under Trump, And We Need To Fight Back

Take a deep breath, because you might need it. This week the American Lung Association issued a worrying report card about air pollution in America, just days after the Trump Administration took its first step toward trying to weaken...Show More Summary

An Earth Day Expletive

What do we mean, when we say that climate change could “drive us off a cliff”, or, that President Trump and rabid anti-environmental policies championed by his administration are a “runaway train”? For our species, the maximal climate change event is the elimination of civilized society. Show More Summary

Did Trump’s EPA Chief Just Rewrite The EPA’s Mission?

EPA chief Scott Pruitt has launched a new public relations campaign to explain his actions as a “Back to Basics Agenda.” The more accurate title of Pruitt’s campaign would be “Back to Pollution.” It Depends on What the Meaning of the...Show More Summary

Climate Change As Genocide: Inaction Equals Annihilation

Cross-posted with Not since World War II have more human beings been at risk from disease and starvation than at this very moment. On March 10th, Stephen O’Brien, under Secretary-General of the United Nations for humanitarian...Show More Summary

Trump's War On Federal Science Will Stifle Innovation And Hurt The Economy

Just after President Trump was elected last November, thousands of American scientists did something unprecedented. Startled by the incoming president’s blatant disregard for the facts, they sent an open letter calling on the new administration...Show More Summary

Why Small-Scale Farming Is Our Best Hope For Restoring Rural America (And Combatting Climate Change)

Boarded-up business districts. Abandoned warehouses. Barns and homes covered by tarps slowly collapsing into the earth. It was startling how often this scene repeated as I drove through the rural areas of the Midwest, South, and West...Show More Summary

Trump And Pruitt Attack EPA Clean Water Standard

If you like to swim, fish, or drink water, listen up. The Trump administration is coming for your clean water. Just a few days ago, Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) took a first step toward trying to roll back standards for our biggest source of toxic water pollution: coal-fired power plants. Show More Summary

Who Will Protect The Air We Breathe And Water We Drink? The Resistance

By Rich Stolz More and more Americans are coming to the conclusion that climate change is no myth at a time when the Trump administration is intent on ignoring reality and appeasing corporate interests. Some environmental leaders are...Show More Summary

Iowa City's Sustainability Showcase: Gaia's Peace Garden Blooms As Model Urban Oasis

Tucked away at the end of a residential cul-de-sac in Iowa City, just south of Interstate 80 and growing suburbs, the daffodils, violets and hyacinth in bloom, among the peach, pear, cherry and apple blossoms, Blair Frank tends to the...Show More Summary

What If Trump And Xi Were To See Eye To Eye On Sustainability?

President Trump and President Xi of China recently met. Imagine a world in which Trump and Xi, the leaders of the two largest national economies, came up with a plan to combat climate change, commit to renewable energy, and clean upShow More Summary

Environment Or Economy Is A Nonsensical Question

Our belief systems are one of the most powerful forces in existence. As history has shown this is true whether or not those beliefs are accurate. Inaccurate but firmly held beliefs fuel racism, sexism, Nazism and genocide. One of the...Show More Summary

Will Scott Pruitt Use Smoke-And-Mirrors To Deal With Smog?

When Scott Pruitt was trying to get confirmed as chief of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, he conceded that “ground-level ozone is a dangerous pollutant that can cause respiratory and cardiovascular harm.” The EPA, he told senators,...Show More Summary

Trump In Retrograde: America's Weakening Position As A Sustainability Leader

According to the acclaimed online astrologists of our time, the arrival of April is joined by four planets in retrograde: Venus, Saturn, Mercury, and Pluto. But this list of masses currently dampening everyone’s mood isn’t a comprehensive one. Show More Summary

Our Oceans Are A Human Casualty

My son pondered the ocean: Its life, its force, its energy, its vastness, and its beauty. Sadly, climate change and human interference could change all that. As I sat behind my son, watching him take in and rejoice the awe-inspiringShow More Summary

Donald Trump Just Signed A Death Sentence For Hibernating Bear & Wolf Cubs, Mothers In Wildlife Refuges

What kind of person thinks its acceptable to sneak into the dens of hibernating bears, and dogs nursing their young, and shoot or gas babies and their mothers as they sleep? Self-admitted serial molester, avid defender of the ‘sport’ killing of endangered species, and current President Donald J. Show More Summary

We Are All Water Refugees

How, in the face of the all-out attack by the Trump administration on environmental regulations and values, do we create a new strategy for Nature? Here are four steps to consider: First, we must propose a new coherent idea around which...Show More Summary

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