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Flash successor announced

Flash, despite its vast success, is hardly an ideal storage medium - for one thing it gets slower and more fragile as it shrinks - so many expect resistance RAM - ReRAM - to win long term. Crossbar announces the first ReRAM that could replace flash.

Can you imagine a 1 TB DIMM? It's coming

When it comes to low latency and high-bandwidth the memory bus is hard to beat. But a terabyte? Diablo Technologies has announced one.

PC sales: how low will they go?

The longest PC sales decline in history has the industry in shock. We are in a new era with smart phones and tablets. But the bottom is deeper than many expect. Here's why.

Microsoft's wishful thinking

Microsoft's new strategy: be all things to all people - infrastructure, business, entertainment, services. Why would anyone think that would work?

The RAID5 delusion

RAID5 isn't for protecting your data – it is for keeping your applications running when there is a failure. And it is no substitute for backup.

The story behind Mavericks - the place

Mavericks is the name of the next OS X version. But Mavericks the place - one of the world's top big wave surf sites - is also a story of obsession, danger and death, not unlike the story of Steve Jobs.

Can Big Data make government cheaper?

The movie "Moneyball" celebrated a "Big Data" approach to maximizing returns from investments. Can Big Data do the same for government?

Is 3-D dead?

First ESPN dropped their 3-D sports channel. Now the BBC is putting a hold on 3-D. Is 3-D doomed?

The new Mac Pro: desktop mainframe

The tiny little power packed tube is engineered like a 1960s mainframe computer: a central processor with a lot of I/O. That makes the economic case for it very different than for other PCs.

DOTS: human-readable digital storage

Reading digital files require a computer, OS and app, which will all be different in 100 years. Why not store human-readable files instead? Now we can.

How efficient can storage be?

We want our data protected from failures. After a failure we want our data back quickly. And we want to pay as little as possible. How?

Is the new Mac Pro the Cube all over again?

Both are tiny and pretty. The Mac Cube was also expensive and dead in a year. Why should the new Mac Pro succeed where the Cube failed?

NSA: Problem is the secrecy, not the program

The problem isn't that the NSA has access to every single phone record and Internet session for every American citizen. The problem is they didn't tell us.

How does flash storage fail?

The flash failure mode is odd: when most things break you lose their contents. But when flash fails your data is still there. Did you ever wonder why?

Why we'll see even more disk drive choice

It's a paradox: we are down to 2 1/2 disk drive companies, but seeing more innovative disk drives then we have in years. Thin drives; hybrid drives; helium filled drives. Why?

Drobo & Transporter merger announced

The intended merger of Drobo, of almost management-free storage fame, and Connected Data, the brand-new maker of an innovative backup appliance, is good news for weary storage users.

Buy a pizza with Bitcoin?

A commenter on an earlier post said they wouldn't use Bitcoin until they could do things like pay a restaurant. Well, now you can - and the restaurant doesn't even know it. Here's how.

Bitcoin 2013 conference: the future of money?

I had many questions about Bitcoin (BTC) and how it works. Some of them got answered.

Digital money: store of value or illusion?

Digital coinage like Bitcoin can't do everything a physical coin can do, but that's not stopping people from giving up real money for them. Or are they trading one fake currency for another?

Why tablets are winning

I had a hulking 45 pound quadcore Mac Pro for years. But my little 3 pound i7 MacBook Air has faster Geekbench scores and feels snappier. This is why tablets are winning.

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