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Are Tech Shares Set To Thrive In 2016?

It’s often at this time of the year when our finances shoot to the forefront. Once Christmas is out of the way we need to set in place the foundations for a more prosperous year ahead – eyeing up the ways to make the most from our money. Web Tech Shares 2016 money stocks

New Batman v Superman Trailer

It's still 2015 and we have pretty much got all the major plot points. Film superman batman Wonder Woman General Zod Lex Luthor

Who owns space resources?

Space is where the money is, but who will issue the ownership deeds? Web asteroids mining Outer Space Treaty mining rights COMSTAC

A Brief History of High Resolution

With the consumer market still digesting 4K TVs, Sharp has already taken high-resolution technology to the next level by releasing the world's first 8K TV this fall. Priced at over $133,000, Sharp's 85-inch LV-85001 is aimed at a corporate market and mainly represents a brand positioning move for Sharp. Show More Summary

A treat for real Star Wars fans, a new trailer

A must see for fans Film Star Wars Force Awakens Japanese trailer

San Francisco's war against Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley's rich employees are the unwelcome refugees to San Francisco Web san francisco silicon valley Proposition F high rents gentrification

Will Blackberry throw in the towel?

Blackberry's "Priv" might be their last phone. Web BlackBerry Priv sales john chen

Marty McFly will be arriving today

30 years have passed since Marty McFly got into the DeLorean to visit us today. Film Back to the Future day Delorean predictions Jaws 19 Doc Brown message Michael J. Fox Christopher LLoyd Robert Zemeckis

Get your name on the Moon

For $29 Project Moonspike will send your name to the Moon. Startups Moonspike moon trip to the moon Kickstarter

Russian police investigating Apple’s same-sex couple emojis

The complaint in a provincial Russian city could have broader consequences Web Apple iOS emoji same-sex gay russia complaint

A tailored microbiome could be the future for successful diets

Now bioligists can calculate which diet is best for you Web Science diet bacteria microbiome probiotics

The End is nigh - again

Asteroid 2012 TT5 could be the culprit. Web humor apocalypse asteroid impact 2012 TT5 24th Semptember 28th September blood moon

Shooting wrapped up on Ghostbusters 3, with a surprise cameo

Ernie Hudson makes a surprise cameo in the new Ghostbuster movie. Film Ghostbusters 3 Bill Murray Dan Aykroyd Ernie Hudson

Supergirl Villain is an Android

We don't have a good hand with AI, they always want to kill us Film Supergirl Red Tornado Menissa Benoist Iddo Goldberg CBS

The “New Girl” is Megan Fox

 Zooey Deschanel will  temporarily leave the show New Girl for the upcoming season after giving birth to her first daughter in August. In the show,  Zooey's character Jess will be sequestered on jury duty, and is forced to leave town. Show More Summary

Quantum Cognition, why we make bad decisions

Our brain’s ability to decide is what makes it different from a computing machine. Scientists often try to predict our behavior by using mathematical equations to simulate real situations, known as mathematical modelling. Psychologists...Show More Summary

The Saturn moon Enceladus could be an ocean world

There could be life beneath Enceladus's icy surface. Web Science Saturn Cassini Enceladus nasa moon ocean alien life

Space bound GoPro found after 2 years

Two years ago, a group of friends attached a GoPro camera, and a smartphone, to a high-altitude balloon to take their own “space” footage of the Grand Canyon. High-altitude balloons, commonly known as weather balloons, are usually filled with helium or hydrogen, and are a relatively cheap method of sending electronic equipment into the stratosphere. Show More Summary

Is the new iPad Pro really faster than a Surface Pro 3?

Comparing Apples to all things not Apple Mobile Apple iPad Pro Microsoft surface pro 3 A9X Intel i5 benchmarks

Squids help make self-healing bioplastic

Researchers make a bioplastic that only needs water to heal. Web Science bioplastic polymer self-healing squid ring teeth

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