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Triple 9: Dirty Cops and the Russian Mob

Sometimes a trailer for movie just pops out at you. This one has hoping the movie lives up to the anticipation. Film Trailer

Is aggression crucial for the evolution of intelligence, and is Skynet inevitable?

Some Scientists believe that our intelligence is due to competition and that competition causes aggression. There is the fear that artificial intelligence will take the same natural course. Web artificial intelligence super artificial intelligence evolution aggression Skynet

Qualcomm: The 2016 Generation Of Supercharged Smartphones & Tablets

This week was Qualcomm’s update on the Snapdragon 820 shipping now in volume and going into the next generation of Smartphones and some tablets for 2016. Web qualcomm snapdragon smartphones Tablets Microsoft Continuum

San Francisco's war against Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley's rich employees are the unwelcome refugees to San Francisco Web san francisco silicon valley Proposition F high rents gentrification

Will Blackberry throw in the towel?

Blackberry's "Priv" might be their last phone. Web BlackBerry Priv sales john chen

CHIP, a nine dollar computer with impressing specs

A little computer with a big punch, the best thing after Raspberry Pi. Web CHIP mini computer Next Thing Co Kickstarter $9

Star Wars rumors - Lord Jar Jar?!

A fan believes that Jar Jar Bink is the real Star Wars villain, and impressively tries to prove it. Film Star Wars The Force Awakens rumors speculation. Jar Jar Binks Sith

For the first time Scientists measure real-world smartphone use.

With nearly two billion smartphone users worldwide, the number of publications examining the effects of smartphone use on our health and psyche has grown rapidly. Researchers argue that smartphone data can contribute a lot as a research...Show More Summary

Are 3D printers and robots the future of construction

 The robotic revolution is targeting our construction sites. Web robots 3D printing construction NCCR In-situ Fabricator automation

The Predator X34, a gamer's delight

Acer has announced a new $1,300 addition to its Predator line, a 34 inch curved monitor featuring Nvidea G-Sync, promising a smoother gameplay and sharper graphics. The Predator X34 has a 60Hz refresh rate that can be overclocked to 100Hz for those who need more frames per second. Show More Summary

Does your "best friend" have demence?

Your dog's strange behaviour could be a sign of demence Web Dogs dementia euthanasia

I saw The Martian and ...

Not a "Big Bang" but also not a waste of time. Games The Martian review Matt Damon Ridley Scott

T-Mobile Breach Really? Defenses And Obama (and Congress) Incompetence

So how would someone just breach the T-Mobile records and why? This is infuriating. Enterprise data breach t-mobile obama incompetence Varonis password manager cyber-security

A racist scientist doesn’t want immigration friendly countries to use his software.

I always thought education was a good tool to fight bigotry, apparently I was wrong. A German scientists, Gangolf Jobb, is revoking the licence for his bioinformatics software, Treefinder, for researchers in eight European, immigrant friendly, countries. Web scientist refugees europe software licence Gangolf Jobb revoke

The world’s biggest heart

It is the first time that scientists were actually able to retrieve a blue whale's heart and preserve it. Web Science biology blue whale biggest heart newfoundland preserved

Researchers shocked that mealworms can eat Styrofoam

Mealworms could help us clear up the enviorenment, although the critters are not keen on polymers Web Science mealworms polystyrene styrofoam digest

iOS 9 is taking a lot of criticism

The new operating system may not be the best option for older handsets Mobile iphone iPad iOS Apple iOS 9 critcism problems slower

The End is nigh - again

Asteroid 2012 TT5 could be the culprit. Web humor apocalypse asteroid impact 2012 TT5 24th Semptember 28th September blood moon

Marvel’s new Black Panther comic has an author

Ta-Nehisi Coates will be writing Marvel's new Black Panther comics Comics Black Panther Marvel Ta-Nehisi Coates Chadwick Boseman

James Bond, is beer the new martini?

Daniel Craig ends the day with a brunette and a blond Film james bond Daniel Craig spectre Heineken Herve Villechaize

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