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Why Android is a blessing

How would have smartphones developed if Android hadn't shown up? Web Android iOS Apple Nokia IBM Microsoft Windows

New Batman v Superman Trailer

It's still 2015 and we have pretty much got all the major plot points. Film superman batman Wonder Woman General Zod Lex Luthor

Who owns space resources?

Space is where the money is, but who will issue the ownership deeds? Web asteroids mining Outer Space Treaty mining rights COMSTAC

A Brief History of High Resolution

With the consumer market still digesting 4K TVs, Sharp has already taken high-resolution technology to the next level by releasing the world's first 8K TV this fall. Priced at over $133,000, Sharp's 85-inch LV-85001 is aimed at a corporate market and mainly represents a brand positioning move for Sharp. Show More Summary

Spectre, what do the critics think

The 24th Bond installment goes back to its action roots but it can not top Skyfall Film james bond spectre critic review Christoph Waltz

From VR, to AR and Holography: The Emergence of Magic

by Rob Enderle Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and holography can create a gateway to a new magical world. Web Virtual Reality augmented reality Holographics Oculus Rift qualcomm Magic Microsoft hololens

The App Developer Millionaires Index

There is still money to made in apps Mobile App developer millionaire appstore index

A new artificial fingertip could revolutionize robotic skin

Researchers have developed an electronic skin that can even hear. Web Artificial fingertip ferroelectric skin artificial skin e-skin

The million dollar iOS 9 hack

Anybody can have the iOS hack, exclusively, if they pay enough. Startups iOS 9 iOS 9.1 hack jailbreak zerodium Chaouki Bekrar

The Next Generation Of Wi-Fi and Smartphones: Qualcomm 820 and Mu-MIMO

by Anonymous One of the interesting things in the next generation of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon platform, the 820 (due out in phones next year), comes with something called Mu-MIMO built in.  This is, in theory, is similar to the jump between...Show More Summary

Scientology Church in Belgium facing fraud charges

If convicted the Scientology Church could be banned in Belgium Web Scientology belgium fraud

Virtualization and Remote Graphics

by Jon Peddie From pixel-pushing to web-based app, to cloud paging, now you can work anywhere, any time, on any machine Enterprise Jon Peddie Research virtualization Remote Graphics

How black can black get?

I always thought that black is black and there is not much to discuss, but in the world of science numbers count not perception. Quoting Wikipedia “Black is the darkest color, the result of the absence of or complete absorption of light.”, that sounds pretty much like a black hole where light is completely absorbed. Show More Summary

Lenovo’s Answer To The Surface Book And Their New 27” Tablet

These two offerings clearly showcase that Lenovo is in this race to win. Mobile lenovo Tablets surface Microsoft Apple

Batman vs Superman production wrapped up and someone killed Doomsday

Doomsday is out, fans desperately seeking a super villain Film Batman v Superman Doomsday Lexcorp OMAC Lex Luthor Brainiac General Zod

"Die Hard" hard to kill

Die Hard 6 will be set in 1979 New York with a younger John McClane Film Die Hard Bruce Willis Die Hard 6 Die Hard Year One Lorenzo di Bonaventura Len Wiseman

Privacy is an illusion, get used to it

Changing your privacy settings is not going to help much. Web privacy Internet apps secrets private data illusion

Get your name on the Moon

For $29 Project Moonspike will send your name to the Moon. Startups Moonspike moon trip to the moon Kickstarter

The End is nigh - again

Asteroid 2012 TT5 could be the culprit. Web humor apocalypse asteroid impact 2012 TT5 24th Semptember 28th September blood moon

Why you should look forward to HDR TV

HDR, the next big thing after 4K. Web HDR tv high dynamic range sony hd 4K BD

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