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Privacy is an illusion, get used to it

Changing your privacy settings is not going to help much. Web privacy Internet apps secrets private data illusion

Get your name on the Moon

For $29 Project Moonspike will send your name to the Moon. Startups Moonspike moon trip to the moon Kickstarter

The End is nigh - again

Asteroid 2012 TT5 could be the culprit. Web humor apocalypse asteroid impact 2012 TT5 24th Semptember 28th September blood moon

Why you should look forward to HDR TV

HDR, the next big thing after 4K. Web HDR tv high dynamic range sony hd 4K BD

Supergirl Villain is an Android

We don't have a good hand with AI, they always want to kill us Film Supergirl Red Tornado Menissa Benoist Iddo Goldberg CBS

Rich fans want to get the Concorde back in the air

Club Concorde plans to restorate a Concorde Web Concorde Club Concorde revival

Konami, the makers of Metal Gear, giving up console games.

Is the Phantom Pain the last of its series? Games konami metal gear Console mobile ganes Hideo Kojima Julien Merceron

The “New Girl” is Megan Fox

 Zooey Deschanel will  temporarily leave the show New Girl for the upcoming season after giving birth to her first daughter in August. In the show,  Zooey's character Jess will be sequestered on jury duty, and is forced to leave town. Show More Summary

The Apple Watch, first opinions

There are two kinds of Apple product buyers, some buy the latest product no matter what it is and there are the others who think twice before spending lots of money on an extra or upgraded gadget; there is also a third category who has no idea what they are using, their kids keep telling them what to buy. Show More Summary

Christopher Nolan may be involved in an "Akira" Trilogy

Rumor has it that Christopher Nolan might be reviving the 1988 cult animation movie, Akira Film Akira Christopher Nolan anime Trilogy Katsuhiro Otomo Warner Bros

A home appliance that can count calories for you

GE is making a device that count the calories in your food using microwaves. Web Calories GE calorie counting diet microwave home appliance

Samsung’s foldable phone, Project Valley, could come as early as January

Samsung may bring the first telephone with a foldable screen to the market, a hybrid phone-tablet. Mobile Samsung Apple project valley foldable screen flexible screen

The Cicret behind the futuristic bracelet

The Cicret bracelet could be a smart watch killer. Startups wearable bracelet smartphone cicret

The seductive mouse

Female mice sing back when they want sex Web Science mouse courtship sex singing

Feds are chasing Apple unicorns

The Justice Department is considering suing Apple over iMessage encryption Mobile Justice Department Apple imessage wire-tap encryption RokaCom

DARPA recruiting innovation at the “Wait, What?” Forum

The Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency is looking for new ideas. Web Science darpa Wait What forum military

The Transporter Refuelled, is it really a Transporter without Statham?

Was anybody expecting The Transporter Refueled to be a success? Film Transporter Refueled Jason Statham Ed Skrein

Fermat’s Last Theorem

The “truly marvelous proof” that took 357 years to prove Talent Fermat Fermats last theorem math Andrew Wiles

Welcome, a home security camera with real face recognition technology

Welcome will send you a message when the kids come home from school Web gadget home security wifi camera Welcome Netatmo

DreamMe, sleeping with your smartphone

DreamMe, justify sleeping with your phone. Startups short gadget Kickstarter smartphone accessory DreamMe

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