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How Hyundai Could Steal The Luxury Electric Car Market From Tesla and Porsche

Hyundai has been surprising the car market with cars that compete effectively with cars costing far more. Mobile Hyundai Porsche Tesla electric car

Why Android is a blessing

How would have smartphones developed if Android hadn't shown up? Web Android iOS Apple Nokia IBM Microsoft Windows

The perfection of Headphones

A set of headphones the price of a car, they must be good. Web Sennheiser Orpheus world's best headphones

RF Capture, a new method for looking through walls

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed a method to detect human motion behind a wall using wireless signals. Web RF Capture surveillance mit Emerald radio frequency

Android Buzz: Microsoft earning on Android - Chrome OS uncertain future - Huawei up and Samsung down

Microsoft making good money thanks to Android.The future of Chrome OS not really clear.Huawei has a great third quarter but Samsung is struggling. Web google Android Microsoft huawei Samsung earning

Your head does the talking when it comes to emotions

Robots could better understand how you are feeling by observing your head movements. Web Science head movement emotion robots human interaction

Supergirl has landed

CBS’ Supergirl premiered Monday night and ranked second behind The Big Bang Theory, for the young-adult audience. It did well among this fall premieres too, rating first for adults 18-49. Film Supergirl TV series pilot Melissa Benoi...

The ultimate iPhone water test

Now you can be sure that your iPhone can not take a bath Mobile iphone water test waterproof water bucket

Space probe Cassini taking a cold shower over Enceladus

Cassini will be flying close over Enceladus to take probes from the mysterious water plumes over its south pole. Web space Enceladus Cassini Saturn moon plume ocean water sample

Ricky Gervais back to hosting the Golden Globes

Not all celebrities are looking forward to his return. Film Golden Globe 2016 ricky Gervais HFPA

The Nexus 6P has the swagg

Google and Huawei's joint venture is a premium handset worth praising. Mobile nexus 6P google review swagg best smartphone huawei

Engineered antibodies may be able to eliminate HIV

A promising new approach might be the solution to fighting HIV. Web HIV AIDS cure treatment bispecific antibodies

Nanoparticles, an unknown risk

We know too little about the impact of man-made nanoparticles on our health and the environment Web Science environment nanoparticles nanotechnology carbon nanotubes asthma

Google made its first Chinese investment

After years of tension, Google is approaching the Chinese market again Startups google china Mobvoi search startup investment

The howling cannibal in the desert is a mouse

Cute isn't always friendly Web Grasshopper mouse wolf mouse cannibal

Observing Earth to help find another Earth

Observing Earth from a distance might help to find other habitable planets. Web Science exoplanet space LCROSS crescent phase alien life

The End is nigh - again

Asteroid 2012 TT5 could be the culprit. Web humor apocalypse asteroid impact 2012 TT5 24th Semptember 28th September blood moon

Snowden has a theory of why we can’t hear aliens

Maybe there is a Galactic Security Agency that forces aliens to encrypt there messages. Web edward snowden Neil DeGrasse Aliens encryption star talk

Supergirl Villain is an Android

We don't have a good hand with AI, they always want to kill us Film Supergirl Red Tornado Menissa Benoist Iddo Goldberg CBS

The “New Girl” is Megan Fox

Sexy Megan substituting Zooey for Season 5 Film Megan Fox

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