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Microsoft Moves To Replace TV With Hololens: From The Super Bowl To Quidditch

If you didn’t turn in early to the Super Bowl you likely missed one of the most fascinating ads.  This ad was a showcase of how Microsoft’s Hololens, which is in developer preview, could be used to transform TV watching.   Unlike Google...Show More Summary

Able2Extract, a PDF wizard everyone needs

I am sure most of us have encountered the situation where you receive a PDF, but there is a typo, a wrong reference, something is missing or the data is wrong. And if you have ever tried to edit a PDF, you know what a pain it can be. Web PDF converter Able2extract word excel wizard

AMD And The Forgotten Benefits Of The Desktop PC

One of the interesting things I’ve been observing with regard to the near forced march to mobile devices is the increased need for a desktop computer where you can just sit and get work done.   With all of the background sync capability...Show More Summary

How much smartwatch do we need? Is $50 enough?

Smartphones have reached a performance level that makes any further increase in screen resolution, size and cpu power unnecessary and unreasonable, forcing manufacturers to look for new ways to get consumers “excited”. Smartwatches seem...Show More Summary

Lenovo + SAP: The Anatomy Of A Good Partnership

One of the hardest things it seems to figure out are whether an alliance is worth more than the announcement that tells us of it.  Often it seems firms are kind of like teenagers in that they hook up a lot, every time they promise this...Show More Summary

Does Technology Aid Learning in the Classroom?

by Naomi Webb From school recruitment to homework sessions, the internet now pervades every aspect of school life. Why should it not? Social Technology Classroom Learning Innovation

Is our virtual social life a catastrophe or an evolution?

Are we losing the capability to socialize or are we just adapting to new technologies? Social Mobile social life social media online couch potato

Self-Drive Cars: What to Expect In 2016

by Naomi Webb In 2016 we expect to see more and more evidence of self-drive cars and features becoming available on the market. Web Self Drive Cars Evolving Technology Google Car Future Tech

Corning Moves To Kill Car Guages And You’ll Like The Result

One of the interesting displays at CES this month was the one by Corning where they showcased a car dashboard that was almost entirely flat panel displays.   Companies like Audi and particularly Tesla have been very aggressive at this...Show More Summary

Can Thin Film Technology give Solar Energy a boost?

Solar installations are expected to more than double over the next 12 months, growing from an estimated 7.1 gigawatts (GW) at the end of 2015 to 15 GW by year-end. Environmental concerns and high energy costs are making solar energy more relevant.  Web solar energy Solar Panels Thin Film Technology crystalline silicone

How To Protect Your Site From A DDoS Attack: 4 Step Protection Plan

by Naomi Webb Of all the online treats your company currently faces, a DDoS attack has got to be one of the most daunting and dangerous. Web DDoS attack DDos protection protection plan

Panasonic Kicks Tech Butt At CES

CES was full of great stuff but Panasonic was kicking it. Web panasonic CES digital camera OLED TV Technics smart city smart home

New Batman v Superman Trailer

It's still 2015 and we have pretty much got all the major plot points. Film superman batman Wonder Woman General Zod Lex Luthor

Ricky Gervais back to hosting the Golden Globes

Not all celebrities are looking forward to his return. Film Golden Globe 2016 ricky Gervais HFPA

The Nexus 6P has the swagg

Google and Huawei's joint venture is a premium handset worth praising. Mobile nexus 6P google review swagg best smartphone huawei

Scientology Church in Belgium facing fraud charges

If convicted the Scientology Church could be banned in Belgium Web Scientology belgium fraud

Are 3D printers and robots the future of construction

 Researchers at the Zurich based NCCR (National Center of Competence in Research) have developed an autonomous construction robot. The In-situ Fabricator will be able to build pre-designed brick constructions under real-life conditions. Show More Summary

Google made its first Chinese investment

After years of tension, Google is approaching the Chinese market again Startups google china Mobvoi search startup investment

There is water on Mars but we are not allowed to investigate it

The dilemma of contanimation Web space Mars Water Curiosity contamination Cosper

A star so strange that it could be a sign of alien civilization

A dyson structure is one explanation scientists have for the strange observations on KIC 8462852 Web Science exoplanet KIC 8462852 WTF 001 dyson structure SETI

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