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New Batman v Superman Trailer

2 months agoTechnology : TG Daily

It's still 2015 and we have pretty much got all the major plot points. Film superman batman Wonder Woman General Zod Lex Luthor

Will the next Bond be driving an e-car?

4 months agoTechnology : TG Daily

As sexy as an electric car can get Web Aston Martin DBX electric car james bond Rapide

Yakuza Apocalypse, an avantgardist work of art or just plain stupid?

4 months agoTechnology : TG Daily

A new film from the director of Fudoh: The New Generation and 13 Assasins Film Yakuza Apocalypse Takashi Miike Yayan Ruhian Riri Furanki review

The End is nigh - again

5 months agoTechnology : TG Daily

Asteroid 2012 TT5 could be the culprit. Web humor apocalypse asteroid impact 2012 TT5 24th Semptember 28th September blood moon

Saturn's mysterious hexagon

5 months agoTechnology : TG Daily

Saturn's hexagon storm is still a mystery but scientists are getting closer to understanding it. Web Science Saturn Cassini hexagon mystery

Candy for Star Trek fans

5 months agoTechnology : TG Daily

A fan is bringing a virtual Enterprise-D to life. Web Star Trek Enterprise-D 3d Unreal Game engine Jason Virtual Reality

Is the diet working? Do the math first

5 months agoTechnology : TG Daily

Now bioligists can calculate which diet is best for you Web Science diet bacteria microbiome probiotics

Snowden has a theory of why we can’t hear aliens

5 months agoTechnology : TG Daily

Maybe there is a Galactic Security Agency that forces aliens to encrypt there messages. Web edward snowden Neil DeGrasse Aliens encryption star talk

Supergirl Villain is an Android

5 months agoTechnology : TG Daily

We don't have a good hand with AI, they always want to kill us Film Supergirl Red Tornado Menissa Benoist Iddo Goldberg CBS

The “New Girl” is Megan Fox

5 months agoTechnology : TG Daily

Sexy Megan substituting Zooey for Season 5 Film Megan Fox

Stephen Hawking, his new black hole theory and what it means

5 months agoTechnology : TG Daily

Stephen Hawking's new black hole theory is getting scientists excited Web Science science made simple stephen hawking black holes information paradox new theory

Time travelling Tweet sent 18 years before Twitter launch

6 months agoTechnology : TG Daily

Amiga World magazine was way ahead of its time Web Amiga World Amiga Tweet Twitter Twitterverse Arnie Levin telecommunications

Ad blocking software on the rise, costing publishers $21.8 billion

6 months agoTechnology : TG Daily

New report shows 41% growth in ad blocking software use world-wide Advertising Ad blocker adobe PageFair ad blocking software cost-per-click CPC Advertisers publishers

The Interesting Reason That Gorilla Glass Is Moving To Cars

6 months agoTechnology : TG Daily

Gorilla glass is not only clearer it can be made far thinner then tempered glass. Web corning gorilla glass automotive bmw i8

Google re-org, gosh darn it

6 months agoTechnology : TG Daily

Google is too big. So, it's becoming like every other multi-national conglomerate but oh so much cooler. Web google Sergey Brin larry page Alphabet corporate reorganization

Dealing with drones (quad-copters) part 2

6 months agoTechnology : TG Daily

I wrote an article about drones a few days ago and one reader took me to task. Mobile drones quad-copters Mike Williams faa RC

Windows 10: Execution Is At the Heart of an Amazing Strategy

6 months agoTechnology : TG Daily

Microsoft doesn't lack for innovation. It just needs to do a lot better at funding and executing its better ideas. Enterprise Apple Microsoft Samsung Zune iPad iphone ipod Windows 10

Let’s turn off the Internet

6 months agoTechnology : TG Daily

The Internet is evil and must be stopped. Web Clinton censorship internet censorship terrorists Twitter Facebook

Dealing with drones

6 months agoTechnology : TG Daily

What can be done about idiots who use drones to buzz airports or public places or want a better view of a wildfire? Mobile drones faa drone regulations

Hillary Clinton wants to kick ISIS off Twitter

6 months agoTechnology : TG Daily

#hasntgotaclue Social Hillary Clinton isis Twitter social media Facebook terrorism

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