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128 Technology: All Your Networking Gear Is Obsolete

10 months agoTechnology : TG Daily

A new company announced this week in the networking space that did what rarely happens and tends to be very disruptive if it works. They rethought how to do networking largely from scratch to address the primarily the massive problems of security and excess complexity which are opening our firms up to successful exploits. Show More Summary

Lenovo’s Bendable Smartphone Snaps Onto Your Wrist, Just Like That

10 months agoTechnology : TG Daily

These futuristic products were displayed by the company at their annual Tech Event.

The Porsche Panamera Teaser Shows You Porsche in a New Avatar

10 months agoTechnology : TG Daily

The automaker has teased the upcoming version of the Panamera.

Scientists a Step Closer to The Secret of Life

11 months agoTechnology : TG Daily

The team made the discovery using the Diamond Light Source, the UK’s synchrotron which works like a giant microscope.

Indus OS, An Android Version Tailored for The Indian Market

11 months agoTechnology : TG Daily

The India-based company is primarily focused on making Android simpler for entry-level users.

Don’t wait for the police: plugging holes in your website forms to avoid SQL injection

11 months agoTechnology : TG Daily

A cybersecurity researcher exposed serious vulnerabilities in the Lee County Supervisor of Elections Office website…and was promptly arrested.

The Empire Attacks Milan Italy

11 months agoTechnology : TG Daily

Han Solo, Princess Leila, and a host of other characters performed to the legendary Star Wars soundtrack.

RLV-TD, First Indian-Made Space Shuttle Successfully Launched

11 months agoTechnology : TG Daily

RLV-TD is a scale model, almost 6 times smaller than the planned final version shuttle.

Italtel And TCI Agree To Cooperate On Telecom Development Projects In Iran

by realwire Italtel plans to develop and modernize TCI's telecom network. Web tech telecommunication cooperation deal Itatel Iran TCI

Oxecam: a health monitoring camera

Hanwha Techwin, the manufacturer of Samsung branded video surveillance solutions, and Oxehealth, the developer of contact-free health monitoring software, are joining forces to make a camera based health monitoring system. The technology developed by Oxehealth uses standard digital cameras to “read” and extract vital signals. Show More Summary

Everything You Need To Know About Apple CarPlay

by Naomi Webb You’ve probably spent quite a lot of money on your car. First, there was the upfront cost of buying a vehicle. Then there was the expense of insuring it, taxing it, and paying for ongoing servicing, repairs, maintenance and MOTs. After all that, of course, is the most regular cost of all – fuel. Mobile Apple Technology CarPlay

5 Ways Technology Has Changed Product Design

by Naomi Webb Product design is constantly evolving. For example, an item as straightforward as a lead pencil has enabled the discovery of graphene, thanks to technology. There are countless other examples of how technology has transformed...Show More Summary

The Past and Present of Photography Technology

Before the advent of the digital camera, there wasn’t much innovation in photography. Films became smaller and more sensitive, but that was the extent of the changes. Companies like Leica have been making nearly the same physical camera for 100 years. Show More Summary

AMD Wants To Dominate The World Of VR-And They Are Starting Off Big!

AMD is at the Game Developer’s Conference and this year they put on what was likely one of the biggest party events of the show.   It was focused on VR and they clearly plan to be a major player in this new gaming arena.   For some time...Show More Summary

Turn your old laptop into a Chromebook

An easy, and free, method to bring your old laptop back to life Web chrome os Chromebook CloudReady dual boot

Lenovo + Juniper: Leveraging the Partnership Model

There are two ways to approach a complex solution opportunity. One is to fully integrate and build it all in-house. This path has been taken by HP and Cisco with regard to the hyper-converged solutions. The other is to partner with vendors whose offerings complement your own, and this is the path that Lenovo and Juniper Networks are on. Show More Summary

PrimoPhoto iOS photo management tool - Promo and Giveaway

PrimoPhoto, a photo management tool for iOS devices. Web Promo giveaway iOS app photo management PrimoPhoto

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