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Windows 10 tip: Use Cortana's secret dictionary

Need to look up the meaning of a word? There's no need to fumble for a reference book or open your web browser. Just learn this magic word and you can ask Cortana.

Microsoft's mobile hardware mess: Android isn't the answer

Microsoft's phone business is in disarray, and a couple of my colleagues think the answer is for Redmond to go full Android. My response: Where's the business justification?

Microsoft plans to build ad blocker into its Microsoft Edge browser

In a session for Web developers today, Microsoft highlighted ad blocker capabilities in its Edge browser. [Updated with comment from Microsoft]

Windows 10 tip: Create a recovery drive

If your Windows 10 PC is operating perfectly right now, great. Take advantage of the opportunity to create a recovery drive so you have a way to perform repairs if something ever goes wrong.

Windows 10 tip: Defrag secrets for hard disks and SSDs

Should you defrag your solid-state drive? Absolutely not! Here's how to keep conventional hard disks, SSDs, and even virtual disks running at peak efficiency.

Microsoft plans to build ad blocker into its Microsoft Edge browser

Who needs extensions like AdBlock Plus? In a session for Web developers today, Microsoft revealed that the next version of Microsoft Edge will include its own ad blocker.

Microsoft says Windows 10 is now running on 270 million devices

In the opening keynote for its Build conference in San Francisco, Microsoft's Terry Myerson announced that the number of active devices has risen sharply since the start of the year. But can that pace continue?

Windows 10 tip: Find any setting in seconds

One confusing aspect of Windows 10 is the way it keeps some options in the old-style Control Panel and others in the new Settings app. The good news is you don't have to guess where to look, once you learn these two search secrets.

Windows 10 tip: Disable annoying app notifications

By default, Windows 10 apps (even desktop programs like Outlook) can interrupt you with notifications. Here's how to take control of those pop-ups and sounds so they don't become a distraction.

Sticking with Windows 7? The forecast calls for pain

For small businesses and consumers without enterprise deployment tools, a clean install of the aging Windows 7 can take a full day. And the problem's getting worse. Here's why.

Windows 10 tip: Reclaim precious disk space with these storage tools

Is your Windows 10 laptop or tablet running low on free space? Built-in storage management tools let you pinpoint exactly which files and apps are to blame. In many cases, you can recover that free space with just a click or two.

Microsoft updates ready-to-run Windows 10 virtual machines for developers

Want to kick the tires on Windows 10 developers' tools without the headache of building a separate test machine? Microsoft just released updated versions of its ready-made virtual machines, suitable for Macs or PCs. Here's what's inside.

Windows 10 tip: Hunt down battery-draining apps

Buried deep in the Settings app on a Windows 10 laptop or tablet is a list of which apps and desktop programs have been burning through your battery lately. You'll also find special Battery Saver settings that can extend your remaining battery life dramatically.

When will Microsoft pull the plug on your version of Windows or Office?

Windows 7 is still wildly popular on desktop and laptop PCs, but the support clock is ticking. What happens when time runs out? And how long until other currently supported versions of Windows and Office suffer the same fate?

Microsoft goes all in with Android apps for business

In the past year, Microsoft has been delivering apps at breakneck speed to the Google Play Store. Some are strictly for fun, but the majority are aimed at Microsoft's bedrock business customers. Here's an overview of what you'll find for your Android phone.

10 must-have Microsoft apps for your Android phone

Surprise! Microsoft is among the most prolific developers of apps for the Android platform. And Redmond has turned on the afterburners in the past year, releasing a string of quality business-focused apps. Here are my 10 picks for the best of the bunch.

Windows 10 tip: Access symbols, emojis, and other special characters

Entering special characters, including foreign currency symbols, fractions, and emoji, is a cumbersome task on most physical keyboards. Use this hidden Windows 10 option to open an on-screen keyboard that puts all those options at your fingertips.

Google, Microsoft, Apple: Where does the money come from?

It's that time again. I've gone through the most recent financial reports for the three companies that dominate the computing landscape in 2016. One company's transformation has been nothing short of amazing.

Windows 10 tip: How to access Cortana's secret calculator

Who needs Windows Calc? Cortana can do simple math, and with one extra keystroke you can display a full-featured calculator in the Start menu.

Windows 10 telemetry secrets: Where, when, and why Microsoft collects your data

How does Windows 10 telemetry really work? It's not a state secret. I've gone through the documentation and sorted out the where, when, and why. If you're concerned about private documents accidentally leaving your network, you might want to turn the telemetry setting down.

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