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Microsoft gives OEMs a deadline: one year, then no more new Windows 7 PCs

Want to buy a new Windows 7 PC? Better get busy, because there are only 364 shopping days left. As promised, Microsoft is providing one year's notice to PC makers on Windows 7's end of life. The clock starts now.

Ed Bott's Weekly Wrap: Forced Windows 10 upgrades? Plus: Chrome OS farewell, unboxing Apple TV, startling Start screens

Microsoft really, really wants you to upgrade to Windows 10, as they explained this week. Elsewhere, new rumors have Chrome OS getting folded into Android, I learn that people still blog about unboxing Apple products, and Microsoft releases two OS previews in one day.

Why I dumped my iPhone 6 and went Android

After using an iPhone 6 Plus for six months, I've spent the past six months with Android devices. I expected it to be a learning experience. I didn't expect to find an Android device that is so much better than the iPhone for my needs that I can't imagine going back.

Ed Bott's Weekly Wrap: Surface reviews, Ballmer disses Amazon, MSFT earnings surprise

A small army of reviewers delivered their mixed judgments on Microsoft's new Surface hardware this week. Also in the news: Steve Ballmer talks like it's 2007, Google gets kinder and gentler, and Wall Street loves it when Microsoft quietly lays off 1000 people.

First look: Surface Pro 4 adds refinement and polish

The fourth iteration of the Surface Pro family contains only minor improvements, but the overall effect is profound. This hybrid device isn't for everyone, but the small changes add up to a significantly better user experience.

Ed Bott's Weekly Wrap: Accidental upgrades, insecure Android, and new life for old product keys

In the news this week: Microsoft swears its overly aggressive upgrade push was a mere configuration error and it won't happen again. Meanwhile, 90 percent of Android users should be concerned about security flaws, and maybe Apple forgot to sweat one detail on its new Magic Mouse 2.

Next big Windows 10 release will ease activation hassles

The latest preview release of Windows 10 includes the first glimpse of a new feature designed to eliminate one specific activation headache. When this change rolls out to the general public next month, you'll be able to use your Windows 7 or 8.1 product key to complete a Windows 10 upgrade.

Ed Bott's Weekly Wrap: New Surface devices, Azure adds Touch ID support, Google's 'do the right thing'

Microsoft's big Windows 10 launch heads the week's most interesting tech news. There's also a surprising change in the Google (now Alphabet) code of conduct, more support for Apple hardware from Microsoft, and big news for LastPass users

With new Surface Book and Surface Pro 4, Microsoft aims high

Microsoft unveiled two new Surface models in the laptop category yesterday. The Surface Pro 4 was pretty much as expected, but the Surface Book was a big surprise. Even more of a shock? Microsoft is pinning premium price tags on its new hardware.

Microsoft tries to clear the air on Windows 10 privacy furor

Executives in Redmond were caught flat-footed after this summer's Windows 10 launch by charges that the new operating system is spying on customers. Several new statements for consumers and IT pros today aim to explain why those accusations are unfounded.

?Windows 10 tips, tricks, secrets, and shortcuts: File Explorer

Even certified Windows masters can learn a trick or two from Ed Bott's series of how-to articles. This edition covers tips, tricks, secrets, and shortcuts for using File Explorer.

Office 2016: The Empire strikes back

It might not look all that different from recent predecessors, but the latest version of Microsoft Office has a ton of changes under the covers, most of them aimed at playing catch-up to the collaborative strengths of Google Apps.

Troubleshooting and repairing Windows 10 problems

Windows 10 has been in wide release for only a few months so far, and as with any version 1.0 release some early adopters are experiencing issues. Here's Ed Bott's guide to some time-tested troubleshooting tools and techniques.

Your Windows 10 troubleshooting and repair toolkit

If you're experiencing problems with Windows 10, these are the built-in tools you can use for troubleshooting and repair.

The many faces of the modern PC (Gallery)

Pick a form factor, any form factor. Can new, shape-shifting designs restore the PC industry to its former glory? Or will boring old desktops and clamshell laptops continue to define the PC?

Once-mighty PC industry tries to shape-shift its way back to health

This fall, when OEMs begin shipping their new Windows 10 devices for the holiday season, you're going to see a lot of decidedly unconventional designs. Can these mostly small, highly flexible, often quirky new designs attract mainstream support?

Windows 10 after one month: Hits and misses

Nothing about Windows 10 has followed the standard timeline for a new Microsoft operating system release. Even the FUD is flying faster than usual.

No, Microsoft is not spying on you with Windows 10

The Windows 10 privacy agreement doesn't mean Microsoft is secretly stealing the data from your hard disk. Where do people come up with these crazy ideas?

Windows 10 upgrades continue at a torrid pace

More than two weeks after the worldwide launch of Windows 10, Microsoft is keeping quiet about how many upgrades it's delivered. But third-party data suggests that the upgrade pace isn't slowing. The next major milestone? 100 million installs.

Microsoft quietly rewrites its activation rules for Windows 10

Windows activation is alive and well in Windows 10. Microsoft doesn't like to talk about the inner workings of its anti-piracy software, but it's clear from testing that Windows 10 included a major change in the way activation works...

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