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SpaceX Falcon Heavy test: Sacrificing Teslas on the altar of progress and inspiration

Was last week's test launch cheesy and tactless -- or a necessary technological demonstration of our country's ability to achieve actual greatness to a disaffected and unprepared generation?

Oscars for the apocalypse: The end of the world according to Hollywood

These dystopian and apocalyptic science fiction films won or were nominated for Academy Awards. Some of our favorites didn't make it, though.

Going rogue at CES 2018: Is Huawei a 21st century Dell?

Does the Chinese smartphone giant really need carrier participation to be successful in North America?

Holding ISPs accountable: Let's build an app to monitor net bias

2 months agoTechnology : Tech Broiler

In the continuing fight for holding our broadband providers accountable for their actions, our front line weapons will be the cloud and the Internet of Things.

Star Wars is dead, Gen-Xers. Get over it

2 months agoTechnology : Tech Broiler

Let the past die. Kill it, if you have to. No truer words about Disney's multi-billion dollar franchise have ever been spoken. [Spoiler ahead.]

Netflix is watching you. We're all watching you

2 months agoTechnology : Tech Broiler

The video streaming giant calling out its users on Twitter is creepy. But it's only the beginning of monetizing viewing data for media content services.

Fast charge USB power banks: Juice your smartphone for the holidays

2 months agoTechnology : Tech Broiler

With so many portable battery banks on the market, which one do stuff your stockings with? It's not as easy as you think.

Welcome back, sneakernet: Why net neutrality repeal will drive us to the edge

3 months agoTechnology : Tech Broiler

VPNs, Wi-Fi Meshes, pods, supernodes, and intelligent distributed cloud services will become the lingua franca of the new Biased Net.

Alexa in your car: Sirius XM needs some Amazon Prime

3 months agoTechnology : Tech Broiler

The satellite radio service serves up great content. But Sirius XM is one of the most frustrating companies to deal with for customers. Could Amazon improve the experience?

No more Uber, Hertz, or even car owners: How Amazon and Apple will take us all for a ride

3 months agoTechnology : Tech Broiler

As driverless technologies improve, cars will likely become more of a membership perk than objects of ownership.

First, Amazon destroyed retail -- now, it's coming for Starbucks

4 months agoTechnology : Tech Broiler

It was a foregone conclusion that Amazon was going to kill retail. Now, your favorite coffee store is in its sights.

Oculus Go: We must control virtual reality before it controls us

4 months agoTechnology : Tech Broiler

We must face up to the potential dangers of widespread virtual reality technology before it's too late.

What Star Trek: Discovery taught me about cloud consulting

4 months agoTechnology : Tech Broiler

NCC-1031's crew is a prime example of an IT services consulting firm gone dysfunctional.

In the cloud, everyone wants to be your partner

5 months agoTechnology : Tech Broiler

No single integrator is good at doing it all in the cloud. Just because your previous partner was a virtuoso back in the day of on-premise technologies doesn't mean they can handle your migration project.

Jailbreaking your connected coffee machine: The idiocy of things

5 months agoTechnology : Tech Broiler

How many more of these IoT devices that use DRM technology to validate the use of proprietary refills do we have to endure?

Technology we hate with a passion

5 months agoTechnology : Tech Broiler

Hate is back in fashion again. Tech is no exception when it comes to being the target of our anger and frustration -- but this stuff truly deserves it.

Star Trek: Discovery continues the mission of futurism and bold social commentary

5 months agoTechnology : Tech Broiler

The combination of positive, visionary futurism with relevant social commentary distinguishes Star Trek from every other science fiction television program. "Star Trek: Discovery" -- premiering September 24 --adds a new twist.

Hurricane Irma: Storm trackers and other survival tools for mobile and desktop users

6 months agoTechnology : Tech Broiler

Your tablet and smartphone can be invaluable tools to help you stay out of harm's way during hurricane season.

Net neutered: When ISPs like Comcast crash the cloud

6 months agoTechnology : Tech Broiler

Upstream service providers should not be breaking basic web service protocol connectivity.

Beyond Crashplan and Carbonite: For cloud backups, own the blob

6 months agoTechnology : Tech Broiler

Learn from the Crashplan abandonware experience -- own your data, in an archive-agnostic format.

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