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SMBs, take your meds: Four ways the cloud can reduce your stress and expenses

These are the key functional areas a small/medium business should be addressing with the cloud this year.

Anxious? Depressed? There's an app for that

2 months agoTechnology : Tech Broiler

You have racing thoughts and don't want to get out of bed. Put down the Twitter and Facebook, and try these instead.

Star Trek: 50 years of positive futurism and bold social commentary

4 months agoTechnology : Tech Broiler

The combination of positive, visionary futurism with relevant social commentary distinguishes Star Trek from every other science fiction television program that has followed it.

Tweeting trolls: Without tools, Twitter will remain a cesspool of abuse

6 months agoTechnology : Tech Broiler

We have no real tools to effectively manage the flow of information, and by shutting down the third-party client ecosystem, trolls have been enabled to run rampant.

Pokemon Go: An AR marketing experiment with monster potential

6 months agoTechnology : Tech Broiler

The hottest mobile game might be a passing fad, but its impact on how businesses compete in future augmented reality and geographically-enhanced apps will be staggering.

All your IoT devices are doomed

6 months agoTechnology : Tech Broiler

Until we look to emulate the open models of Wi-Fi and PCs, IoT will always be a source of never-ending e-waste.

If VW values its customers, it needs to be a challenger not a champ

6 months agoTechnology : Tech Broiler

The company needs to regain its challenger mindset and think very seriously about customer retention in the wake of its unprecedented $15bn settlement with the federal government and US diesel owners.

IoT sucks, but your home appliances are unreliable slabs of junk

7 months agoTechnology : Tech Broiler

Orphaned and proprietary IoT devices are annoying, but having major home appliances that fail after only a few years is extremely worrisome.

Huawei P9: China's flagship smartphone serves up Apple and Samsung's secret sauce

7 months agoTechnology : Tech Broiler

On the surface, the Huawei P9 doesn't look much different than the dozens of premium Android handsets currently on the market. But what's inside is a glimpse into the future of the smartphone industry.

Containers: Your secure, no-upgrade future in the cloud

7 months agoTechnology : Tech Broiler

Imagine a future with no malware and no workflow-interrupting software upgrades. It's coming.

Stop your bitching and stalling; just take the software upgrade already

8 months agoTechnology : Tech Broiler

Waiting until you have a catastrophic failure or a major security event to upgrade your system is never a best practice.

Why iPad flunked business school but hybrids could still score an 'A'

8 months agoTechnology : Tech Broiler

The PC hybrid is currently the only end-user business platform that is equipped to deal with next-generation cloud computing environments in dynamic mobile computing scenarios.

Amazon Kindle Oasis: E-reader for the one percent

8 months agoTechnology : Tech Broiler

At nearly $300 to start, Amazon's flagship ebook reader device is no bargain. But that isn't why it exists. This is how $30 e-readers are made. Rich people and early adopters take the price hit for the rest of us.

Made in China: Mars by Crazybaby is a wireless speaker that is out of this world

8 months agoTechnology : Tech Broiler

This UFO-shaped Bluetooth speaker features an integrated speakerphone, is water-resistant, incorporates a subwoofer -- and levitates off its charging base.

Podcast: The social impact of virtual reality

8 months agoTechnology : Tech Broiler

Jason Perlow speaks with the CEO of Sensics on the the potential impact of VR and AR technologies on the human brain.

Smartphone survival test: OnePlus X ideal for international travel

9 months agoTechnology : Tech Broiler

This stylish Android handset from a unique global-facing boutique Chinese manufacturer is a solid performer with few compromises at $249 -- if you do a lot of international travel.

Android's existential crisis: Why Java needs to die on mobile devices

9 months agoTechnology : Tech Broiler

Web-based standards and native code are the future of application development on mobile devices.

Made in China: Meizu Pro 5 Ubuntu Edition dares to be different

9 months agoTechnology : Tech Broiler

This powerful smartphone handset with flagship-class hardware isn't Android-based. It uses a completely open source OS.

Smartphone survival test: Huawei Honor 5x

9 months agoTechnology : Tech Broiler

This handset from the little-known Chinese consumer electronics giant demonstrates that it is still possible to have high-quality engineering and impressive industrial design at a lower cost.

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