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Intel x86: No cloud for you

While the 40-year-old x86 architecture is king of public cloud today, it is likely to become a legacy system in future application deployments.

Made in China or the USA? It won't matter: These jobs are going to robots

2 months agoTechnology : Tech Broiler

In the near future, where goods are made will have no real bearing on where the jobs are.

How social media is crippling democracy, and why we seem powerless to stop it

2 months agoTechnology : Tech Broiler

Tech-assisted gaslighting is destroying truth, justice and the American way. Can anything be done?

SMBs, take your meds: Four ways the cloud can reduce your stress and expenses

3 months agoTechnology : Tech Broiler

These are the key functional areas a small/medium business should be addressing with the cloud this year.

Anxious? Depressed? There's an app for that

4 months agoTechnology : Tech Broiler

You have racing thoughts and don't want to get out of bed. Put down the Twitter and Facebook, and try these instead.

Star Trek: 50 years of positive futurism and bold social commentary

7 months agoTechnology : Tech Broiler

The combination of positive, visionary futurism with relevant social commentary distinguishes Star Trek from every other science fiction television program that has followed it.

Tweeting trolls: Without tools, Twitter will remain a cesspool of abuse

8 months agoTechnology : Tech Broiler

We have no real tools to effectively manage the flow of information, and by shutting down the third-party client ecosystem, trolls have been enabled to run rampant.

Pokemon Go: An AR marketing experiment with monster potential

8 months agoTechnology : Tech Broiler

The hottest mobile game might be a passing fad, but its impact on how businesses compete in future augmented reality and geographically-enhanced apps will be staggering.

All your IoT devices are doomed

9 months agoTechnology : Tech Broiler

Until we look to emulate the open models of Wi-Fi and PCs, IoT will always be a source of never-ending e-waste.

If VW values its customers, it needs to be a challenger not a champ

9 months agoTechnology : Tech Broiler

The company needs to regain its challenger mindset and think very seriously about customer retention in the wake of its unprecedented $15bn settlement with the federal government and US diesel owners.

IoT sucks, but your home appliances are unreliable slabs of junk

9 months agoTechnology : Tech Broiler

Orphaned and proprietary IoT devices are annoying, but having major home appliances that fail after only a few years is extremely worrisome.

Huawei P9: China's flagship smartphone serves up Apple and Samsung's secret sauce

10 months agoTechnology : Tech Broiler

On the surface, the Huawei P9 doesn't look much different than the dozens of premium Android handsets currently on the market. But what's inside is a glimpse into the future of the smartphone industry.

Containers: Your secure, no-upgrade future in the cloud

10 months agoTechnology : Tech Broiler

Imagine a future with no malware and no workflow-interrupting software upgrades. It's coming.

Stop your bitching and stalling; just take the software upgrade already

10 months agoTechnology : Tech Broiler

Waiting until you have a catastrophic failure or a major security event to upgrade your system is never a best practice.

Why iPad flunked business school but hybrids could still score an 'A'

10 months agoTechnology : Tech Broiler

The PC hybrid is currently the only end-user business platform that is equipped to deal with next-generation cloud computing environments in dynamic mobile computing scenarios.

Amazon Kindle Oasis: E-reader for the one percent

10 months agoTechnology : Tech Broiler

At nearly $300 to start, Amazon's flagship ebook reader device is no bargain. But that isn't why it exists. This is how $30 e-readers are made. Rich people and early adopters take the price hit for the rest of us.

Made in China: Mars by Crazybaby is a wireless speaker that is out of this world

11 months agoTechnology : Tech Broiler

This UFO-shaped Bluetooth speaker features an integrated speakerphone, is water-resistant, incorporates a subwoofer -- and levitates off its charging base.

Podcast: The social impact of virtual reality

11 months agoTechnology : Tech Broiler

Jason Perlow speaks with the CEO of Sensics on the the potential impact of VR and AR technologies on the human brain.

Smartphone survival test: OnePlus X ideal for international travel

11 months agoTechnology : Tech Broiler

This stylish Android handset from a unique global-facing boutique Chinese manufacturer is a solid performer with few compromises at $249 -- if you do a lot of international travel.

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