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Why I ditched my servers for the Cloud

Old habits die hard. But it no longer made sense for me to maintain my own systems anymore.

Our smartphone-obsessed society will leave behind few digital Mona Lisas

A de-emphasis on the permanence of expression as well as a lack of desire to preserve digital content will almost certainly result in the loss of many culturally significant works.

Apple, kindly fix your Wi-Fi on iOS

The latest Wi-Fi routers use 40Mhz channels for best throughput on the 2.4Ghz band. Problem: iOS only supports 20Mhz.

Six clicks: Ways to keep your tech, your home, and yourself cool

Trying not to overheat this summer? Here is some (literally) cool tech for you.

To the Moon: 45 years after Apollo 11

A new generation of manned missions to the moon by NASA is not a certainty, but many of the parts are being put into place to make it possible.

To the Moon: Rocketdyne, Keeper of the Flame

Our third installment in our series is about Rocketdyne, the company which built and designed the mighty rocket engines for the Saturn V.

To the Moon: Grumman, One Giant Landing for Mankind

Our third installment in our series is about Grumman, the company which built the Lunar Module (LEM) which made the historic manned landing on the Moon's surface on July 20, 1969.

To the Moon: The Integrators

Our second installment in our series is about IBM and UNIVAC, the two primary computer systems integrators for the Apollo missions.

To the Moon: How we built the technologies

While many of the proud Americans who were involved in the Apollo project are no longer with us 45 years later, the technologies they built still live on, will be further refined, and will return us to that lonely world and beyond.

New Linksys 802.11ac range extenders are a cord cutter's best friend

Got a living room too far away from your router for your streaming devices? You need a wireless range extender with media bridge capability.

They don't make mobile gear like they used to

A chance encounter with an old cell phone had me thinking about how far we've come, and how much we've lost with our latest communications technology.

Cutting the cord: Why I kicked my cable TV company to the curb

I decided I was sick of spending crazy amounts of money for video content I could get for free, or for far less using various streaming services.

Six Clicks: Cool and innovative mobile accessories

Carefully selected by ZDNet's editorial team, these add-ons for your smartphones and tablets aren't your run of the mill add-ons.

Without Aperture, what the heck do I need a Mac for?

I loved Apple's professional photo editing software. But if it's destined for the software graveyard, I no longer need Macs in my personal technology stable.

Hell no, we won't pay: How technology transformed our perception of value

What does this culture and technology of anti-spendism mean for the future consumption and valuation of goods and services?

Mr. Spock's Smartphone: A spectrometer for your keychain

Consumer Science, an Israeli start-up is bringing Star Trek "Tricorder" technology to your mobile devices to open up an entirely new world of chemometrical apps.

Why Detroit will squander Tesla's patent present

Chrysler, Ford and GM need to be willing to kick Big Oil in the crotch to bring affordable EVs to the general public.

Google is as Google Does

I'm not a smart man, Violet. But I do know what revenue is.

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