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ResetPlug: The IoT of everything in your home

A simple $60 device that plugs into your power strip can reset your broadband Wi-Fi router in the event of connectivity loss.

Made in China: XGIMI projects innovation in Android entertainment

A new 3D LED pico proiector combines the platform flexibility of Android with a Harman Kardon sound system to create an all-in-one portable home theater device.

Let China rule commodities: Nanolumens' lesson for US companies

The United States will never return to its former glory as a manufacturing powerhouse, but there are still areas in which it can distinguish itself -- such as a supplier of extremely high-end, high-margin goods.

Made in China: Smart lighting shines on Xiaomi's Yeelight bed lamp

We launch our series on premium technology products produced by ODMs and OEMs in mainland China with an intelligent lighting unit made by Xiaomi.

Made in China: It's more than a giant factory for Apple and HP

Are Chinese products simply imitations of what is produced in Japan and Korea? Or is the country creating its own unique designs and brand identity?

MWC, 4G, 5G. OMG: When your smartphone rocks but your network sucks

New innovations shown in Barcelona for SoC, display and modular/convergence designs for mobile handsets appear promising, but the key issue that seems to be ignored is 4G over-subscription.

MWC: When all smartphones are identical and nearly free, only services matter

Partnerships between carriers and cloud service providers, SaaS and content providers and between drop-in OS vendors running on commodity low-cost smartphones will define the future of the mobile industry and create prime differentiation between handset offerings.

Why personal networks are tomorrow's internet of things

Ten, fifteen years from now, hybrid clouds with vastly improved wireless connectivity will be the sum total of your personal computing experience.

iPad at Work: The essential guide for business users

Apple's iPad is an impressive piece of technology. Here's what you need to know to get the most out of it as a business tool.

Get your ass to Mars: Martians and the Red Planet in fiction

Ancient canals, dying civilizations, thoats, scantily-clad princesses, cartoon bad guys, Schwarzenegger and killer tripods. We got them all.

Your social data is doomed, and don't count on Facebook to save you

Your status updates, your uploaded photos, your videos, all of it is going to be inaccessible sometime in the future. Not just by you, but by your descendants as well.

Oculus Rift: We must control virtual reality before it controls us

We must face up to the potential dangers of widespread virtual reality technology before it's too late.

New Years Resolution: Control my technology addiction

Last year I addressed a life-long addiction to food that nearly killed me. This year, it will be how I change my relationship with enabling technology.

Why the future of Science Fiction will be in the Clouds

While Hollywood and the broadcast networks will continue to produce profitable films and television, the most creative and freshest material will be the domain of subscription content distribution services.

Why Star Wars is the last movie I ever want to see in a theater

The lines. Sold out showings. The high prices. The obnoxious, loud people. I'm done with the theater-going experience.

Texting: Worst messaging platform, ever

Why are we so reliant on an outdated technology like SMS for interpersonal communications, in an age of cloud computing and web services?

iPad at Work: The essential guide for business users 2015

Apple's iPad is an impressive piece of technology. Here's what you need to know to get the most out of it as a business tool.

IoT Abandonware: When your cloud service leaves you stranded

A cloud service provider or an IoT vendor going belly up can cause your internet accessible devices to stop functioning. What can the industry do to mitigate further Aethers and Rdios from happening again?

Tstand: The iPad and tablet accessory your back didn't know it needed

Using large tablets can encourage bad ergonomic behavior. Fortunately there's a solution to that problem.

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