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Mr. Spock's Smartphone: A spectrometer for your keychain

11 months agoTechnology : Tech Broiler

Consumer Science, an Israeli start-up is bringing Star Trek "Tricorder" technology to your mobile devices to open up an entirely new world of chemometrical apps.

Why Detroit will squander Tesla's patent present

12 months agoTechnology : Tech Broiler

Chrysler, Ford and GM need to be willing to kick Big Oil in the crotch to bring affordable EVs to the general public.

Google is as Google Does

12 months agoTechnology : Tech Broiler

I'm not a smart man, Violet. But I do know what revenue is.

My Grandfather: Business analytics in wartime, 1942

12 months agoTechnology : Tech Broiler

Like many American veterans, my grandfather fought in World War II. But he didn't fight with bullets -- his weapon against the enemy was his brain.

Tesla's Gigafactory: Beyond EVs to a greener grid

When it comes to cleaner sources of electrical power, the devil is in the details.

Tesla model S: The finest coal-powered car money can buy

Web cartoonist Matthew Inman loves his Tesla. But like many proud EV owners and proponents, does he even realize his "Magical Space Car" runs on fossil fuels?

Internet of things weakest link: Residential broadband

Most enterprises have backup Internet connectivity in the event their primary WAN links go down. So why don't providers offer this to end-users?

Fix your life with smartphone-free Sundays

Reduce your device-induced anxiety by leaving your phone home at least one day a week. And cook up some ribs and have a few margaritas while you're at it.

Forget Glass: Vertical is the future of wearable computing

The consumer is not always the litmus test for validating the worthiness of various technologies.

Fixing Google Glass: A Prescription for Perception

Can wearable computing be saved when its users are Glassholes?

Game of Services: Revenge of the cloud dragons

In a world where mobility and service-oriented access to cloud-based applications and data becomes the established computing paradigm, the politics between the Great Houses of the Internet becomes more complicated than you can ever possibly imagine.

Heartbleed's lesson: Passwords must die

With the multitudes of accounts we have to deal with for email, social networking and other applications that require password authentication, we need a better solution.

'If it ain't broke don't fix it'? Bad advice can break your business

Old adages don't apply to the fast-paced world of technology and business continuity requirements.

RoboVault: Self-storage for the rich and famous

This high tech, hurricane-resistant and ultra-secure facility in Fort Lauderdale is where Florida's elite store their exotic cars, precious valuables, works of art and wine collections.

Aereo signals cloudy future for broadcast TV

Whether the New York-based streaming remote DVR service lives or dies at the hand of the Supreme Court, the future for television programming is firmly seated in the Cloud.

Hypervisors are the pillars of the Cloud, not the Achilles Heel

Bromium's Simon Crosby strongly advises us not to succumb to Cloudophobia.

iPad: The Missing Printing Manual

Have you ever wanted to print from your iPad or iPhone? Here's the skinny: It involves AirPrint, Apple's little-known wireless printing protocol, and some gotchas.

How a digital Cold War with Russia could threaten the IT industry

If we return to a state of escalated tensions similar to that of the US and Soviet Union in the mid-20th Century, what does it mean for the future of our relationships with Russian software companies, developers, and strategically outsourced tech talent?

Six Clicks: Top ebook apps for iPad

Apple's iPad has arguably become the ultimate ebook reading platform, with several prominent reader apps that are now supported on the device. Here's the lowdown so you can make the best choices in which ebook app software to use on your iPad.

Buffalo Tech: New 802.11ac router with Open Source firmware

Buffalo's flagship WZR-1750DHPD 802.11ac router features DD-WRT open source firmware out of the box. At $189.00 street, is it worth it?

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