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Skin Cancer Halted With Herpes Virus Immunotherapy

A melanoma skin cancer immunotherapy treatment made from genetically-engineered cells of the herpes simplex virus-1 may be effective for patients both in early and advanced stages of the disease. Results of a phase three clinical trial,...Show More Summary

Half of the World’s Endangered Saiga Antelopes Have Mysteriously Died

Decades ago, the saiga antelope onced roamed the Eurasian steppe in vast numbers. In the 1990s there were more than a million of these animals, which are known for their distinctively oversized tube-like snout and pointy antlers. Today,...Show More Summary

Parasite May Help Explain the Decline of Honeybees

For years, a parasite known as Nosema has annoyed beekeepers in Europe and the United States, infecting adult honeybees and shortening their life span. Researchers didn’t think, however, that it was capable of infecting very young, larval bees. They were wrong. Show More Summary

FIFA Corruption: Who Are the Officials Involved, and What Charges Do They Face?

On Wednesday, Swiss authorities arrested seven officials of FIFA, international governing body of association football, as part of a large bust by the United States attorney’s office. In total, 14 people with business connections to FIFA were charged with racketeering, wire fraud and other charges related to corruption. Show More Summary

Something in the Way You Groove? Abbey Road, Other Studios to Hand Emerging Artists the Keys

Walking across London’s Abbey Road, guitar in hand, to record at the eponymous studio across the way seems like a near-impossible prospect in 2015 if you’re not already Paul McCartney. But over 10 days in September, the famed recording...Show More Summary

It’s Either U.S. Boots on the Ground or Backing the Shiite Militias

The takeover of Ramadi by ISIS on May 17 highlights the stark choice the United States faces in Iraq. If the United States wants to substantially degrade ISIS and loosen its territorial grip on much of Iraq, it has to accept that the...Show More Summary

One of the World's Most Luxurious Hotels Home to the FIFA Corruption Bust

If there was ever a place to get arrested, its the Baur au Lac in Zurich, Switzerland. The customer service is divine, regardless of if you've just been accused of a years long, extremely lucrative corruption scandal inside one of the...Show More Summary

Vox Media Acquires Technology News Website ReCode

ReCode, the tech news website led by Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher, announced on Tuesday its parent company, Revere Digital, is being acquired by Vox Media. The deal comes just over a year since Mossberg and Swisher founded the site,...Show More Summary

Hamas Executed and Tortured Palestinians

Hamas forces carried out a brutal campaign of abductions, torture and unlawful killings against Palestinians accused of “collaborating” with Israel and others during Israel’s military offensive against Gaza in July and August 2014. A...Show More Summary

Photos: Flash Flooding Overwhelms Texas

Heavy rainfall has left eight dead, at least 12 missing and damaged thousands of homes in central Texas and Oklahoma since Sunday. Texas Governor Greg Abbott has deployed the National Guard and declared a state of emergency in two dozen...Show More Summary

‘Look Who’s Back’ Is Hitler Satire at Its Best

It’s a summer day in 2011 Berlin, and Adolf Hitler has just woken up in a vacant lot in a quiet residential neighborhood. He’s 56 years old, in full military regalia and doesn’t remember anything about his own death. Cue laugh track. Released...Show More Summary

Training for an 'Iron Curtain' Expedition With World's Leading Explorers

The helicopter rises vertically and then tilts forward, heading over Lake Windermere in the direction of some of the Lake District's most impressive peaks. Inside sit Charley Boorman, the well-known motorcycle adventurer, and Leo Houlding, a British rock climber considered to be one of the best of his kind. Show More Summary

Ebola-Like Lassa Fever Confirmed as Cause of New Jersey Patient’s Death

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the New Jersey Department of Health confirmed on Sunday the death of a patient from Lassa fever. The virus, which presents with symptoms similar to Ebola, is common in West Africa and affects 100,000 to 300,000 people in the region every year. Show More Summary

Malaysian Police Reveal Grim Secrets of Jungle Trafficking Camps

Malaysian police forensic teams, digging with hoes and shovels, began pulling out the remains of dozens of suspected victims of human traffickers on Tuesday from shallow graves discovered at a jungle camp near the border with Thailand. The...Show More Summary

Richard Dawkins: What the Divisive Atheist Would Ask God

"I hate your fing guts. I hope you get hit by a big church van tonight. And then you die slowly." Not my words, I remind Richard Dawkins, but an excerpt from an item of lively correspondence generated by his atheism, posted on his website. Show More Summary

Iraq Launches Offensive to Force ISIS Out of Anbar

The Iraqi army Tuesday launched an offensive to recapture Ramadi and drive the militant group ISIS out of Anbar province. The operation was announced by the Iraqi defence minister via state-owned channel Iraqiya TV and in a statement...Show More Summary

‘Obama at War’ Shows How Syria Was Lost

Leon Panetta, the former defense secretary and CIA chief, famously gibed in his 2014 memoir that President Obama “avoids the battle, complains, and misses opportunities.” Alas, Panetta’s withering judgment is more than borne out in an...Show More Summary

Will the Fall of Ramadi Hasten Kurdish Independence?

With the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria’s (ISIS) latest victory in Ramadi, contentions that its rapid advances had stalled must be revisited. In the wake of the visit to Washington by Kurdistan Regional Government’s (KRG) president,...Show More Summary

Photos: Malaysia Begins Exhuming Mass Graves, Combing Through Suspected Trafficking Camps

On Sunday, Malaysia’s home minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi announced the discovery of mass graves and camps suspected to have been used for human trafficking near the country’s border with Thailand. The national police chief, Khalid AbuShow More Summary

Pentagon Slams Sectarian Iraqi Code Name for Ramadi Offensive

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Pentagon on Tuesday said it was "unhelpful" for Iraq's Shi'ite militia to have announced an openly sectarian code name for the operation to retake the Sunni city of Ramadi and added that, in the U.S. view,Show More Summary

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