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Affordable Live Captioning Services for Students

The school system will start providing captioning services for students who do not benefit from sign language interpreters or would prefer to have access to every single word spoken via text. The Assistive Technology Lead Teacher attended...Show More Summary

I Tried Closed-Caption Glasses at the Movies

It has been a very long time since I have seen a movie at the movie theater. It is very expensive and many movie theaters do not offer open captioned films for all movies and at times I want to see the movie. I want to enjoy myself at the movies. Show More Summary

You Have to Be Flexible and Patient as an Itinerant Teacher

My days as an itinerant teacher of deaf and hard of hearing students are unpredictable and always changing. It is important that I am flexible and ready to go with whatever is thrown my way. My day does not always start at 8:00 and end at 3:30. Show More Summary

Using an FM System in School: Things to Consider

When I work with a student who uses an FM system in all of his or her academic classes, several questions and scenarios will fill my head, which I must discuss with the student. Here are some questions I usually ask the student to discuss...Show More Summary

Deaf/HH Topics I Don't Care to Hear About From Strangers

There are some things related to deaf and hard of hearing issues I don't really care to hear about from adult strangers I meet waiting in a line at the DMV, post office, some café, or store (usually after they see my hearing aid). While...Show More Summary

Oh, You're Hearing Impaired? Well, My Cousin is Deaf. I Haven't Seen him in Twenty Years.

If you are a stranger or an adult I have never seen before until you find yourself standing behind me in a line at the DMV, grocery store, post office, or some café, and you notice my hearing aid or somehow find out I am hard of hearing, please...Show More Summary

Self Advocacy For Shy Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students

I have some questions for shy and introverted deaf and hard of hearing students (and former students): What are some ways teachers can help you with becoming better at advocating for yourself at school? What bugs you about advocating...Show More Summary

When People with Good Intentions Fail to Acknowledge People with Disabilities

Throughout my life, I have heard people say the following: "I don't think he needs (insert accommodation). Why does he need (insert accommodation) since he is normal?" "I don't see disabilities. I see human beings." "I don't see her as a deaf person. She is just like everyone else." "You would not know he is deaf. He speaks so well. I don't see why he needs an interpreter."  "I

Explanation of Why I Do Not Use 'Audism'

Before I discuss racism and ableism in an upcoming blog post, let me explain why I don't use the term audism.  What is audism? Gallaudet Univerisity Library offers a few different definitions of this term: "The notion that one is superior...Show More Summary

Why Don't They Wear Hearing Aids?! What is Wrong With Them?!

One of my very young students told me that it makes her sad that the other kids in her class don't have hearing aids. She was honestly sad for them! I told her that they have lots of other things that make them unique. I describe all their different qualities and what makes each of them interesting. Show More Summary

"Adult Speak": How Adults Sounded to Me as a Hard of Hearing Child

"This is how they like to talk," I announced to my reflection. "Wa-blah-hubbity-bah-blah-froo."    When I was a little girl, I would stand on a chair peering into a large mirror speaking as if I was about to have a stroke. Yes, I suppose it was a bit strange. Show More Summary

Fun Pre-K Hearing Aid Activity: Hello! My Name is Ear Mold, What's Your Name?

I love working with preschoolers because I get to be creative and use silly voices or faces with them. I have a four year old student who is working on identifying different parts of her personal hearing aids. We practice this sometimes when I see her. Show More Summary

I Got a New Pink Hearing Aid Ear Mold

I got a new pink ear mold.  :)  I like how it looks. But I have forgotten how uncomfortable it can feel to wear a new ear mold. It feels tight and my ear becomes sore after wearing it for more than a few hours. Hopefully, my ear will "break it in" soon. (e

Deaf People Can Be Bad?

Every now and then, I will use the computer in the library of a high school. Usually I am sitting next to or near high school students who are also using computers. Sometimes I turn off my hearing aid to try to drown out their incessant chatter. Recently, I sat next to a student staring at her computer screen. Show More Summary

Title Back to "Eh? What? Huh?"

I changed the title of this blog back to Eh? What? Huh?, the original title. I think I will stick with it from now on. Welcome back Eh? What? Huh? ! (e

Any Advice for this Deaf Teacher of ASL Classes for Hearing Elementary Aged Students?

Good morning!   I just found your blog and read through some of your posts. Great stuff--thanks for sharing! Do you have any posts, or have any experience/information/etc on being a deaf teacher for hearing students? I'm having some issues with that in my job. Show More Summary

Advocating For Myself with a Bang!

I attended a Transition/Career Fair held by the local school district for students with disabilities. It contained several workshops and vendors with information about transitioning to college, obtaining accommodations and services, self advocacy, and assistive technology. Show More Summary

Horrible Tweets About Hearing Aids

I must enjoy torturing myself. I could not help but type in "hearing aids" on Twitter. Of course I had to share what I found. Some of them are so bad that they amuse me. Wow, there really does seem to be a stigma associated with hearing...Show More Summary

Ridiculous Tweets about Deaf People

I found a bunch of ridiculous and strange tweets about deaf people. I don't know if I should laugh or cry. 1 people that love coldplay. 2 people that don't know they love coldplay yet. 3 deaf people. Why do dancers make the same face...Show More Summary

Collection of Silly, Misinformed, and Bizarre Tweets about Sign Language

For fun, I typed in "sign language" in the search box of Twitter. Many tweets I found left me scratching my head and laughing hysterically. I found some real gems:   I ready to start my sign language classes in the summer.It's going look like I'm throwing up gang signs lol,. Show More Summary

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