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Defining Funny in a Politically Correct Age

4 hours agoHumor : Rooftop Blog

  Many negative words have been written about Millennials, also known as the “Participation Ribbon” generation, and for the most part I have tried not to be a grumpy old man in this situation. I read about the student who sued his professor over a bad grade, and shrugged it off as an isolated incident. I […]

Stand Up Shots, May 20th

2 days agoHumor : Rooftop Blog

Trophy wife… @ClairetheJones — Stand Up Comedy (@Stand_Up_Shots) May 14, 2015 Bill Cosby is a dolphin. Here is proof. — Jim Capie (@Jim_Capie) May 14, 2015 A rampage #Archer would approve of. Show More Summary

Do Not Go Gentle

3 days agoHumor : Rooftop Blog

I was never a huge fan of Brett Favre. I worked in the restaurant industry, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, during his ascension, and was “lucky” enough to hear all the stories of his drug use and constant womanizing before they made their way to the general public. Not that there’s anything wrong with either vice, but […]

Live Comedy: Week of May 18

4 days agoHumor : Rooftop Blog

Hey, it’s Monday, time to start thinking about the weekend… What are you going to do with your days and nights? Go see live stand up comedy, of course. As the saying goes, laughter is the best medicine. Unless you have a broken bone. Or Ebola. Then seek a doctor. (Are people still making Ebola […]

A Real Life Del Griffith

last weekHumor : Rooftop Blog

Chances are I drive more than you do. Last year I put 40,000 miles on my car. This makes me especially touchy when it comes to shitty drivers, a description that can encompass a wide-range of people. By my limited perception, I drive “normal.” 5 mph above the speed limit, cruise control on, right hand […]

Live Comedy: Week of May 11th

last weekHumor : Rooftop Blog

Wherever you are, wherever you is, wherever you may be, somewhere out there someone is slinging jokes into a microphone. Go find them. Here are 5 shows happening around ‘Merica that you could check out, should you live close enough to any of the highlighted locations. If not? Well, get out and get your giggle […]

Stand Up Shots: May 13

last weekHumor : Rooftop Blog

“Satan enters through the ears…” @nathantimmel — Stand Up Comedy (@Stand_Up_Shots) May 13, 2015 “And then what happened?” “Well.. Mr. Cosby.. he.. ejaculated into the Jello.” “As you can see, your honor, the...Show More Summary


2 weeks agoHumor : Rooftop Blog

“Just give them a good show, sweetie. You never know who’ll be in the audience.” Those words are sounding inside me as I stare uncomfortably at the doe-eyed woman I have been conversing with. A petite 5-foot-nothing, she is charmingly pretty, and starting to tear up as she struggles to express herself. Unfortunately, everything has […]

Live Comedy: Week of May 4th

2 weeks agoHumor : Rooftop Blog

You know the story by now… getting out of the house and supporting live comedy is 1,000x more fun than staying in the house and picking Doritos out of your belly-button. Laughter is medically proven to make you feel better, so if you’re still upset Floyd Mayweather proved there’s no such thing as karma, go […]

Stand Up Shots: May 6th

2 weeks agoHumor : Rooftop Blog

Homeless guy… #GregGiraldo — Stand Up Comedy (@Stand_Up_Shots) May 1, 2015 So, #GreysAnatomy killed off a popular character. This after 11 years of killing viewers brain cells. #ZING — nathan timmel (@nathantimmel)...Show More Summary

Comedy For Charity

3 weeks agoHumor : Rooftop Blog

Comics can be a bunch of infighting, bitter, “I-can’t-believe-he-got-the-big-break” jerks… …but they can also unite and support one another like nobody’s business. Meet Martin. Martin is an open microphone comedian in Iowa. A few months ago, his ex moved to South Carolina with their daughter. Neither of them can afford a lawyer, so everything being […]

Live Comedy: Week of April 27

3 weeks agoHumor : Rooftop Blog

Hey, you. Yeah, you. Sitting at home, on line, watching comedy without the full experience of seeing it live. First of all, it’s fantastic you’re supporting comedy. Kudos to you for that. Now it’s time to take it one step further. Dust those Cheetos off your crotch (that’s where all the crumbs congregate), stand up […]

Stand Up Shots: April 29

3 weeks agoHumor : Rooftop Blog

Hump day, when everyone sees the horizon and it somehow looks a little closer than it should. Either way, the week is half-way over, so enjoy this giggle. Follow some new comedians. Unknowns, those who are immensely popular… Just follow. See you next week. #Vaccines @nathantimmel — Stand Up Comedy (@Stand_Up_Shots) April 22, 2015 […]

Inside The Mind of a Comedian 2.0

4 weeks agoHumor : Rooftop Blog

You do it out of love. There is no other reason to become a comedian. No other reason to drive the countless hours in your car, a toilet paper “manpon” wedged in your ass crack to catch sweat the best it can. (Truckers may be the assholes of the highway, but they do hold certain […]

Live Comedy: Week of April 20

4 weeks agoHumor : Rooftop Blog

The weekend, it’s for giggling. Get out of the house and support live stand up comedy. You know you want to. From Ann Arbor MI to Akron adjacent Cuyahoga Falls OH, there’s something for everyone. Well, something for everyone near the 5 venues and comedians being promoted this week. But there’s probably live comedy near […]

Stand Up Shots: April 22

4 weeks agoHumor : Rooftop Blog

It’s Wednesday, which means fast and funny giggles for you. Spread the wealth, share the word, and follow the funny people on Twitter. (And check back every Wednesday for more giggles) (And check here every week for more comedy posts on the Rooftop blog)     Being single… @billburr — Stand Up Comedy (@Stand_Up_Shots) […]

The Woodshed

last monthHumor : Rooftop Blog

It’s amazing how something obvious can take you by complete surprise. When the Foo Fighters arrived in 1995, I was as stunned as anyone. Here was the drummer from Nirvana fronting a band. Not only was he fronting it, he played all the instruments on the debut album, having written every song. And those songs […]

Live Comedy: Week of April 13

last monthHumor : Rooftop Blog

You know it: live comedy is the best thing you can do with your weekend. Get off the couch, get outa the house, giggle. Alvin Williams, Beth Stelling, Johnny Beehner, and Nick Griffin all have CDs at the Rooftop Store.  You can go download them. Right now! Really! Nathan Timmel blogs, podcasts, and posts more videos than […]

Stand Up Shots: April 15

last monthHumor : Rooftop Blog

Great abs are a man's way of advertising "I literally had nothing better to do". — Riki Lindhome (@rikilindhome) March 30, 2015 If all you friends jumped off a bridge… @arifishbein — Stand Up Comedy (@Stand_Up_Shots) April 8, 2015 iOS 8.3 is trending, because people are complaining about the emoji. Dear millennials: this is why […]

Adam Newman Interview

last monthHumor : Rooftop Blog

Adam Newman is on fire. In the past few years he has: Appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman Had a Comedy Central Half Hour Special Appeared on John Oliver’s New York Stand Up Show Appeared on Gotham Comedy Live Toured these last few months with Bo Burnham Now Adam has released his latest CD, […]

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