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Science Tidbits: Sasquatch Genome, Human Evolution, and DNA Up Close

Some fantastic genetics news: • Suspect Sasquatch Sequencing Hoax? Viral marketing? or major scientific breakthrough? Texas company DNA Diagnostics, headed by veterinarian Dr. Melba Ketchum, has announced that they have sequenced not one, but three different Sasquatch genomes. Show More Summary

Science and SF Tidbits: Extreme Life, Using our Brains, Celebrating Dawn

Some recent bioscience and science fiction articles I found interesting: • Ancient Microbes Found in Buried Antarctic Lake : Discovery News » Some of the strangest forms of life on Earth live in the coldest and hottest environments. As long as there is a source of water, life is likely to be found. Show More Summary

Going to Mars: are we humans fit to make the journey and when we arrive will there be life there?

Inlet covers for sample analysis at Mars. Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS Are we humans prepared to travel to Mars? And if we are, will we find life when we arrive? What has the Curiousity rover found on Mars? The Mars Science Laboratory...Show More Summary

Science and SF tidbits: middle-aged apes, fantastic cells, and SF genetics

Some recent reading about fictional biology: • JIM: More Compelling Than GATTACA | DNA Science Blog » If you are looking for a science fiction film with a scientifically plausible depiction of human genetic enhancement and cloning, you might want to check out JIM. Show More Summary

Thanksgiving special: inbred turkeys and feasts in space

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! While you are feasting, you might consider the humble origins of the turkey: • Tracing the taming of the turkey At Double X Science Emily Willingham looks at the origins of today's turkeys, whose wild ancestors...Show More Summary

Science & SF Tidbits: Brain Music

Music from the brain and the brain on music: • Scale-Free Brain-Wave Music from Simultaneously EEG and fMRI Recordings - PLoS One Neuroscience + art = the music of our minds A team of Chinese scientists has proposed a new method of translating the signals from EEG-fMRI brain scans into music. Show More Summary

At SIMF: Room needed on the Ark, for creatures great and small

I have a new post up over at Science in My Fiction - "Room Needed on the Ark" - that considers the following scenario: if Earth were in imminent danger of destruction and we had a space ark that could carry humans, animals, and plants...Show More Summary

Science & SF Tidbits: Speculative Genomics, Snot Whales, and Idiocracy (not)

Some fictional and speculative genetics and genomics for your reading pleasure: Free Fiction: • The Authors: Flash Fiction Fest - Four Weeks of Flash Fiction from December House » Publisher December House is posting several new short fiction pieces every day of November. Show More Summary

Science & SF Tidbits: Best science journalism and rosy futures

Recent reading: • AAAS - Winners Named in Science Journalism Awards »The American Association for the Advancement of Science announced the winners of the 2012 AAAS Kavli Science Journalism Award Competition. The winners include:CarlShow More Summary

Cyborgs and enhanced humans - should we worry?

Humani Victus Instrumenta: Ars Coquinaria (1569) Five or so years ago Nigel Ackland was involved in a terrible accident while working as a smelter. His forearm was crushed, and eventually had to be amputated. He's had a series of prosthetic limbs, but the most recent version - the bebionic3 myoelectric hand - is by far the most advanced. Show More Summary

Evolution of the Earth and aliens from a religious point of view

What would the discovery of intelligent extraterrestrials mean for humans? And is it even a likely scenario? Read on... But first a brief interlude: • Our Story in 1 Minute (YouTube) This video shows the creation of the earth and evolution of life in under two minutes. Show More Summary

Science Tidbits: Beatles, Birds and Brains

What Beatles and birds may tell about brains: • The Beatles' Surprising Contribution To Brain Science : NPR » It all started with an interesting observation by Georgetown neuroscientist Josef Rauschecker: if you asked him what order of the songs on his favorite Beatles album, he wouldn't be able to tell you. Show More Summary

Free Friday Flick: Rendezvous with Rama short "trailer"

This week's recommended free movie is a short film inspired by Arthur C. Clarke's novel Rendezvous with Rama. The movie was a student project by Aaron M. Ross, who is now lighting director at Blue Sky Studios. He has gone on to workShow More Summary

Science & SF Tidbits: intelligent dinosaurs, printed meat, extreme voting

Some recent links: • Extreme Voting: How Astronauts Cast Ballots from Space »If you are in the US, did you vote in yesterday's election? The American astronauts on the International Space Station did, submitting their absentee ballots...Show More Summary

Science & SF Tidbits: Life giving asteroid belts and the ethics of cloning

A couple of articles about what might help create life out there and what's possible for the creation of life right here: • Alien Life May Require Rare 'Just-Right' Asteroid Belts » Astronomers Rebecca G. Martin and Mario Livio and have...Show More Summary

Science & SF Tidbits: Presidential DNA Biohacking, Alien Jellies, Non-fruity Dragons

Recent links of interest: • The Lovely Lobed Comb Jelly (YouTube) This video from the Monterey Bay Aquarium is an artful display of beautiful and eerily alien-looking bioluminescent comb jellies. Image: "Frolicking" comb jellies at the...Show More Summary

OMNI Magazine free!

More than 200 scanned issues of OMNI magazine, originally published between 1978 and 1995, are now available for download at the Internet Archive. Totally free and presumably legal! (can you tell I'm excited?) While the science may be...Show More Summary

Friday Free Flick: District 9: Violent Prawns

In 2009 director Neill Blomkamp's low budget science fiction movie District 9 was a surprise hit, and now you can watch the full film for free: From Crackle: District 9 The story begins when a ship full of sickly aliens appears over Johannesburg, South Africa. Show More Summary

Science & SF Tidbits: Nov. 1: Biology of Politics and Sci-Fi Sleep

Today's suggested links:• Science In My Fiction » Sleeping Fiction »In science fiction, characters are rarely depicted as having a need for sleep. Sure they are put into suspended animation while traveling long distances or as the plot requires, but what is often overlooked are the biological functions of sleep. Show More Summary

Science & SF Bits: Oct. 31: Happy Halloween!

A few more spooky biology links for Halloween: • Plants are Cool, Too! Halloween Special (YouTube) Even plants can be scary - especially when they live on the flesh of innocent bugs. Biology professor Chris Martine gives a tour of some of the less animal friendly plants out there. Show More Summary

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