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Science and SF Tidbits: Oct. 30, 2012: Spooky Science

Some spooky science for Halloween:• Science Friday » The radio program Science Friday rounds up their scariest stories, from Chupacabras to Zombies to Vampires. • Bone-Chilling Science: The Scariest Experiments Ever » My favorite "sounds like fiction" scary science project: training bats to bomb the Japanese during WWII. Show More Summary

SF and Science Tidbits: October 28, 2012: Biohackers and Mars Dreams

Interesting recent science: • The Deferred Dreams of Mars | MIT Technology Review » NASA originally suggested human exploration of Mars after landing on the moon, but funding cuts and technical problems have deferred that goal. Even now "basic problems" like how to feed astronauts on a Mars mission - have yet to be solved. Show More Summary

Science and SF Tidbits: Oct. 24, 2012: Alien Moons, Zombies, and Living Longer

Today's links are about aliens, zombies and how to get to be an old person: • Prions: The Real Zombie-Makers (YouTube) Prions: spread through brain eating, but not really zombie making - symptoms of prion-based diseases do include cognitive,...Show More Summary

Science & SF Tidbits: Oct. 22, 2012: Fictional Exoplanets, Scientific Goals, Resurrecting T.rex

Interesting links: • Science Fiction in the Age of Exoplanet Discovery » SF Author and astronomer Mike Brotherton provides some guidelines for science fiction writers who want to don't want their story set on a distant planet to seem...Show More Summary

Science & SF Tidbits: Oct 21, 2012: Sequencing Martian DNA, Animal Language, Anthropology SF

More bioscience and science fiction bits from around the web: • Genome Hunters Go after Martian DNA - Technology Review » It's a race: two biotech companies - J Craig Venter's Synthetic Genomics and Jonathan Rothberg's Ion Torrent - want to send a DNA sequencing machine (made by their company, of course) to Mars. Show More Summary

Free Friday Flicks: Tales of Tomorrow: Future Medicine from the Golden Age of SF

The science fiction anthology series Tales of Tomorrow ran from 1951 to 1953, and was the first TV show of its kind. The brainchild of Theodore Sturgeon and the Science Fiction League, the published stories of the SF League's illustrious...Show More Summary

Science and SF Tidbits: October 18, 2012: Hard SF, Silky Electronics, and Exoplanets

Recent interesting science fiction and bioscience bits: • Locus Online Perspectives » Stanley Schmidt: Art of Speculation » How would you define "hard" science fiction? Analog editor and SF author Stanley Schmidt thinks most fans are getting it all wrong. Show More Summary

Dance your PhD: Viruses in Space and Muscle Demons

I'm a big fan of work at the intersection of science and art, so I quite enjoy watching the entries in the annual "Dance Your PhD" contest. Anyone who has completed a PhD in a science-related field can submit a dance video, with theShow More Summary

Science and SF Tidbits: October 15, 2012: Thinking machines and changelings

Interesting articles elsewhere: • From Cooling System to Thinking Machine | Being Human » Carl Zimmer writes about the history of Western thinking on the function of the brain from ancient times to the present. Will our current thinking...Show More Summary

Science and SF Tidbits: October 13, 2012

Have you watched my live interview with artist Brian Kolm yet? We talk about his design of the Biology in Science Fiction logo, teaching art, and socializing with other artists. Be sure to check it out! From around the web: • G Protein-Coupled...Show More Summary

Gamify your PhD Winner takes you on a Fantastic Voyage Shooter

Last month the Wellcome Trust brought together 6 scientists and 21 game developers for the Gamify your PhD contest. Thomas Rawlings, a game consultant, explained the thinking behind the weekend game jam: “Science and games are a natural...Show More Summary

Science and SF Tidbits: October 10, 2012

Some interesting bioscience in fact and fiction links: • Sir John B. Gurdon - Interview » On Monday the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine was awarded to Sir John Gurdon of Cambridge University and Shinya Yamanaka of Kyoto University for their pioneering work in cloning and stem cells. Show More Summary

Science and SF Tidbits: October 8, 2012

Interesting science and science fiction from around the web: • Newfound Acorn Worm Named After Yoda “Discovered a new type of acorn worm, scientists have. Named it after Yoda, they did.” Researchers with the University of Aberdeen's ECOMAR project have found a new deep sea invertebrate, much more colorful than Yoda the Jedi. Show More Summary

Science and SF Tidbits: October 7, 2012

Recently around the web... • What If The Neandertals Didn't Die Out? » It turns out Neanderthals amongst us is a popular science fiction trope, especially in some really cheesy movies. I think my current favorite short stories in the genre are Asimov's "Ugly Little Boy" and Ted Kosmatka's "N-Words". Show More Summary

Free Friday Flick: Things to Come - science conquers all

This week's recommended science fiction movie is the British 1936 spectacular Things to Come. The story is adapted from HG Wells' novel The Shape of Things to Come. 70-year-old Wells wrote the screenplay himself, incorporating some ideas...Show More Summary

Interview with Brian Kolm of Atomic Bear Press

Brian Kolm is the talented artist who created the Biology in Science Fiction mouse-with-rocket-pack logo. I'm talking to him live today at 4PM Pacific Standard Time (11PM GMT). You can watch the video right here on this post, on the Google+ Event Page or the Science and SF YouTube Channel. Show More Summary

New post at SIMF: The Future of Green Energy?

I have a new post up at Science In My Fiction that takes a look at a literally green form energy: the use of the electrical potential between plants and the soil they are growing in to power electronic devices. While it is unlikely that...Show More Summary

Science and SF Tidbits: September 30, 2012

Some of the science and SF links originally posted on Google+, Twitter, and Facebook over the past few days. • Reminder: My live interview with artist Brian Kolm will be on Wednesday, October 3rd and 4pm (Pacific time). More information...Show More Summary

Free Friday Flick: Clonely

This week's free movie - Clonely - is a short film written, shot, edited and scored in a mere 48 hours as part of the 2008 Chicago 48 Hour Film Project. Clonely (Science Fiction) from Jerry Vasilatos on Vimeo. It's the story of a lonely widower who has his dead wife cloned, but who finds she really isn't the same woman he married. Show More Summary

Science and SF Tidbits: September 27, 2012

Bioscience and science fiction links recently shared on Google+, Facebook and Twitter: • Pre-Life Chemistry Happens At Space Temperatures: Scientific American Podcast » Even at the freezing temperatures of space hydrocarbons + ultraviolet light = interesting chemical reactions. Show More Summary

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