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Watch our Facebook Live video with Tony-nominated ‘Eclipsed’ playwright Danai Gurira and director Liesl Tommy

On Friday, June 3, at 11 a.m. ET, ONE will host a Facebook Live Q&A with 'Eclipsed' playwright Danai Gurira and director Liesl Tommy—and we need YOUR questions!

These community health workers are changing lives, one mom at a time

"Deborah says she does not pay attention to any form of stigma. When she comes for her ARVs at the hospital, she does not pay attention to the stares she might receive. She says all she knows is that she is there to take care of herself and her family."

Irene’s story: How AFRIpads is helping girls and women in Uganda

As you all know menstruation is a very big problem that girls and women face here, and in many countries around us. I am very proud that I am one of the people who are making reusable pads, which are so helpful in the lives of these girls and women.

What is Red Nose Day?

Donations will be used to change the lives of kids who need it most. Our favorite part? Red Nose Day's 2016 partners include GAVI The Vaccine Alliance, The Global Fund, and more!

Why these ONE members are flying kites around the world

To highlight ONE’s Poverty is Sexist campaign and the opportunity for these global leaders to start conversations about how to help the world's girls and women truly soar, ONE members took to the skies with kites!

9 humanitarian quotes to #ShareHumanity

As we continue to address these issues in the months and years ahead, here are nine quotes from UN leaders to remind us of our common humanity and the need to act.

World Humanitarian Summit: Less talk, more action to address child marriage in emergencies

As the world becomes more unstable, child marriage could become an even bigger problem. A growing body of evidence shows that adolescent girls are more vulnerable to child marriage as a result of emergencies such as conflict, displacement or natural disasters.

The international community needs to think bigger and move faster

There are 900 million people in the world living in poverty, an estimated 125 million people in need of emergency humanitarian assistance, and 60 million displaced people who’ve been forced to flee their homes.

Why good nutrition is a gift for mothers and children everywhere

Investments in nutrition could save lives, especially if the efforts are concentrated in the first 1,000 days—the time from when a woman becomes pregnant to her child’s second birthday. Here's how.

7 African museums you HAVE to see

Maybe you've been to the MoMA in New York City or one of the Smithsonians in DC... but have you ever seen any of the world-class museums in Africa? In honor of International Museum Day, check out this list of some of the most intriguing museums on the continent.

Inside the fashion world of Nigeria: 7 names you need to know

It’s no secret that Lagos, Nigeria, is quickly becoming a recognized fashion capital of the world. Nigerians are known for their entrepreneurial spirit and distinctive style—and as a result, the international community has been increasingly engaging with Lagos over the years.

How one woman is helping fight “hidden hunger” in Kenya

She says Kenyan diets are often rich in carbohydrates, but lacking in the meat and brightly colored vegetables that provide things like vitamin A, folic acid, and zinc—which is particularly critical for children and pregnant women.

Why the Kenyan announcement on refugees should be reversed—and what we need to do to help

On May 6, the Kenyan government announced it would no longer be hosting refugees, citing reasons including the security threat of Al-Shabaab, the lack of financing  and the economic impact of hosting large numbers of refugees.  On May 11, the government clarified that they will only be shutting down the Dadaab complex—the largest refugee complex…

To tackle corruption, target systems, not just people

When financial stories make the news, they usually come with a villain attached. People love the “Who” in the fight against corruption. Banks like Goldman Sachs become the Darth Vader of the financial crisis. It’s much harder, however, to tell a story about systemic problems—the “What” and the “How.”

How the artisan sector can change the world

Empowering artisans—and especially women—is a powerful way to drive economic growth and sustainable development in communities around the globe.

5 simple changes that your government can make to make the world less corrupt

Some of the money siphoned out of developing countries each year—more than $1 trillion according to ONE’s estimates—ends up in banks, real estate, sports cars, and artwork in the Global North. It doesn’t get there via teleportation.

Interview: Liberian novelist Vamba Sherif talks about influences, his love of film, and what’s on the horizon

When we put Vamba Sherif's "Bound to Secrecy" on our list of African novels you need on your bookshelf, we knew it was a mystery about power and transparency. What we didn't know was that Vamba is currently trying to have the book made into a feature film!

5 times we were impressed by Canada PM Justin Trudeau

We like Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's attitude toward global health and development, as well as gender equality—two issues that we're really passionate about, as seen in our Global Fund and Poverty is Sexist campaigns.

Q&A: Why the Global Fund is more important than ever

Today, Canada officially announced that it will host the fifth replenishment for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis (TB), and Malaria this September. Read on and learn why the Global Fund is more important now than ever bef...

Why I’m proud that Canada will host this year’s Global Fund conference

"Canada has been an important part of the Global Fund from the beginning—it's also the seventh-largest contributor. As a Canadian, I’m proud that PM Trudeau is stepping up to lead on replenishing the Global Fund."

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