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#597 When a cop finally passes you after driving behind you for a while

Cruising cops cause traffic stops. Yes indeedy, the rest of us law-aspiring citizens immediately slow to a speed limit cruise when we spot cops silently swerving behind our bumpers. We’re the jittery school of fish with jumpy eyes and they’re … Continue reading ?

#598 Secretly sniffing your armpits and realizing you don’t stink

Nobody’s gonna tell you you stink. Honestly, the much-needed finger-pointing, nose-pinching tipoff is harder to spot than an albino Bigfoot. See, there are limits to the amount of quiet social tips we’re willing to toss out there. When your tag’s … Continue reading ?

#599 Walking around naked when you’re home alone

You are charged with one count of checking yourself out in the mirror, two counts of irresponsible couch usage, four counts of shower-to-bedroom carpet drippage, and seventeen counts of temporary nudity of the first degree. How do you plead? AWESOME! … Continue reading ?

#600 When the DJ plays your request

Suddenly you’re a VIP. Yes, the dance party turns into a private rockout in your messy apartment as you jump on the floor, nod at the DJ, and start bringing down the house with your superfly moves. Cristal for everybody! … Continue reading ?

#601 Setting the new high score on a video game

It’s a big deal. When I was a little kid my friends and I took pictures of the TV screen after setting new high scores. It was so important to us we’d even mail the photos to video game magazines … Continue reading ?

#602 Staring ahead at a brand new year

Because anything could happen. And maybe anything will. AWESOME! Photo from: here

#603 Getting through it

That was a tough one. Come on in and stop for a second to shake your head, dust yourself off, and look back at how far you’ve come. Sure, it’s been a long year. Some crushing lows slapped you and … Continue reading ?

#604 Walking on grass with bare feet

Good grass is hard to find. Yes, if you’ve paid a visit to your local playground or backyard recently, you know those fresh, clean, silky smooth greens are a rare breed. Broken glass, dog doo, and crumpled fast food bags … Continue reading ?

#605 Getting your guests to help you move something really heavy

Hey man, thanks for coming over. Wait, wait, wait, hold on, uh, don’t take off your shoes for a second. Listen, I’ve got this desk, and I sorta really need to get it out to the garage. Could you, I … Continue reading ?

#606 The Kid’s Table

The Kids Table is where all the kids eat dinner at holiday family gatherings. It’s generally a rickety card table from the basement pushed beside a yellow plastic one from the playroom that ends up turning Grandma’s hallway into an … Continue reading ?

#607 Christmas hugs

AWESOME! (Happy holidays everybody and thanks sincerely for reading.) Photos from: here, here, here, here, here, and here

#608 When strangers wish you happy holidays

Holidays are stressful. Gift shopping, mall hopping, money dropping, and through it all you’re planning in-law sleepovers, giant family dinners, and complicated travel plans. It’s nice in these roaring revved-up moments when a complete stranger catches your eye and wishes … Continue reading ?

#609 Finding hidden compartments in things you already own

My friend Rob welcomes visitors to his swanky apartment by flash-bulbing them in the face with a dusty old Polaroid camera. After the picture slides out and the  color fades in he staples it to a foam board in his … Continue reading...

#610 Plugging in the Christmas lights from last year and having them all work

Nope, not even a year twisted into a ball of knots in the basement could take the sparkle out of these bright little bulbs. So untie them slowly, hang them quickly, and help get the whole neighborhood shining. AWESOME! Photo … Continue reading ?

#611 Typing in your username and password at the speed of light

Put your hand up if you type slow. Yes, if you’re a clickity-clackity finger-punching purist whose chubby fingers stab at the keyboard with the rhythm and grace of a tiny bird picking pebbles at the park, then you’re not alone. … Continue reading ?

#612 Finally farting after the guests leave

When the dinner party wraps up, the quilting bee buzzes off, or your friends all grab their coats and head down to catch a cab, it’s time to take a second to stand alone in the center of your place, … Continue reading ?

#613 Your tongue

Babies are funny. While zooming down the highway with my friend Agostino last week he broke into a story about his one-year-old daughter. Apparently while feeding her a bowl of mushy peas she suddenly started sticking her tongue out, slowly … Continue reading ?

#614 When you tune the radio station perfectly so there’s absolutely no static

I’m a terrible tuner. Yeah, I’m the guy twiddling clock radio dials before bed every night with scrunched up eyebrows. Usually I end up on a crystal-clear station that I quickly realize isn’t the one I was aiming for or … Continue reading ?

#615 When your friend makes sure you got into the house safe after dropping you off at the end of the night

When your friend drops you off after a lazy hazy night it’s always nice when they sit with their engine quietly revving till you get in the door. And when you pop it open make sure to wave back so … Continue reading ?

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