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#305 When little kids hit the age where they just start saying hi to everyone

Really outgoing two year olds are the friendliest people on earth. AWESOME! Photo from: here

#306 Wearing pyjamas outside of the house

Life’s too short to be uncomfortable. Look, we already figured it out at nighttime: baggy flannel keeping you cozy in the cold, smooth and silky underthings slipping and sliding in the sheets, and extra-large sweatpants and thin fraying T’s help … Continue reading ?

#319 Leaving your belt in your pants for tomorrow

Congratulations, Superdresser. You just saved twenty seconds of pushing that belt through your jeans tomorrow morning while bumbling around late for work. Also applies to leaving your shoelaces tied up, keeping your undershirt in your hoodie, and sleeping with your … Continue reading ?

#321 Taking the day off on your birthday

Once upon a time I ran a sandwich shop. Yes, it was back in the early 00’s when I was a mayo-squirting kingpin working in the sticky, mustard-smeared sandwich underbelly. Surrounding me were a hodgepodge of acne-covered teenage longhairs who … Continue reading ?

#329 Twisting the lid off a jar after nobody else could

I used to hang out at Jean’s place. Yes, back when I was in second grade and my sister Nina was in Kindergarten we spent our lunchtimes and after schools at a do-it-yourself daycare run by a leathery old woman … Continue reading ?

#332 When the dust gets so big you can pick it up with your hand

If you’re as bad at sweeping as I am then this is one of the few moments you get of complete cleaning catharsis. “Hey dust, you got cocky.” Also applies to hairballs. AWESOME! Photo from: here

#337 Getting buried under piles of heavy blankets on cold nights

Joey doesn’t have heat. Honestly, when I crashed at his cramped apartment a couple nights ago he welcomed me in wearing three sweaters and a set of chattering teeth while explaining that his apartment has no heat, so while he … Continue reading ?

#338 When the bus driver stops the bus to let you off near your home

Hey, Mr. Bus Driver. Thanks for shortening our walk, thanks for making things easy, and thanks for breaking all the rules in the name of AWESOME! Photo from: here

#348 That moment near the holidays when there’s suddenly cookies, chocolate, and candy everywhere

Let’s get fat together. Roll those rum balls, sprinkle sparkles on the shortbread, and dump the bulk bag of candy canes in the crystal dish by the secretary’s desk. AWESOME! For more Christmas posts check out this, this, or this! … Continue reading ?

#350 Just barely wrapping a gift with that tiny leftover scrap of wrapping paper

Thanks, jewelry box, random bar of soap, and chocolate orange. You came through in the clutch to help use the final shredded scrap of wrap. AWESOME! Photo from: here

#357 When that baby on your flight finally stops crying

Look, I love babies. Sure, we laugh, high five, sing songs, and play cars. We talk, read books, dream dreams, and stare at stars. But one thing we agree to disagree on is proper behavior on overnight transatlantic flights. Me, … Continue reading ?

#364 When you get caught in the rain and you just don’t care

Water, water, everywhere. Most of our brains and our blood and our bodies are water. Most of our babies and our beagles and our baths are water. Water rinses apples and washes cars. Water steams carrots and cures SARS. (Study … Continue reading ?

#369 Finally getting something for free off your loyalty card

I have a fat wallet. Stuffed to the gills with plastic cards and old receipts it sort of looks like a messy paper sandwich. I barely squeeze it into my jeans and when I sit down it sharply jabs my … Continue reading ?

#370 Backing your car out

And driving it right out. AWESOME! Photo from: here

#382 Catching up to that car that just passed you at the next red light

Wind whips through the windows, trees sway slowly outside, and music beats through the car stereo as we cruise calmly down empty streets on a long drive home. Then suddenly blurs flash in our mirrors and zoom past us in … Continue reading ?

#391 When your parents bring you back gifts from the business trip

It’s a tiny paper-wrapped bar of soap, mesh bag of gold coin chocolates, Teddy Bear dressed as a Buckingham Palace guard, little foam shoe shiner thing, clicky-pen with a conference logo printed on it, mini bottle of maple syrup, matches … Continue reading ?

#394 When your dad checks under your bed and finds no monsters

There’s something in the dark. Floors creak and doors squeak as furnaces click and ticking clocks tick. Fridges hum and oven burners pop as garage doors close and footsteps flip flop. Sometimes it sounds like there’s a monster hiding deep … Continue reading ?

#419 Correctly guessing if a door is push or pull

Doors can be trouble. Strutting to the mall, strolling to the store, you spy those glassy doubles in the distance just waiting for you to size them up and give them a big push or pull. Sure, it looks easy, … Continue reading ?

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