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#581 Looking at all the hair on the floor after you just got a haircut

It’s just so satisfying to look down at the clumps of hair shards covering the floor of the salon and think to yourself “That just came off of me!” Of course, the runner up to this feeling is when you … Continue reading ?

#582 When the guy at the deli counter gives you a free taste

Walk into a grocery store and you’re surrounded by freshly misted lettuce, bubbling lobster tanks, and hot croissantsrolling out of the oven. With your pupils dilated and mouth watering, there’s nothing finer than rolling your crookedy-wheel cart by the deli … Continue reading ?

#583 Drawing on steamy mirrors with your fingers

Peel back that mildewy curtain and let’s get down to business. Freshly soaped and squeaky clean your wet n’ steamy self towels dry and rolls on some Stink-B-Gone deodorant. But just before you pop from the hot steamroom into the … Continue reading ?

#584 That one email account you use for all your spam

Sorry, you need my email address? Sure, no problem open house real estate agent, clothing store mailing list, or random membership-required website. Hit me up at idontcheckthisaccount AWESOME! Photo from: here

#585 Figuring out the plot twist just before they reveal it

Because at that moment you go from a greasy slack-jawed popcorn-kernel-n-sweatpants covered couch potato to a fast-talking screenwriter with sharp eyes, a whizzing mind, and a backup second career. AWESOME! Check out The Book of Awesome Photo from: here

#586 That one old guy in the grocery store who knows exactly where everything is

Diced tomatoes? Sure, Aisle 6, three quarters of the way back, two shelves below the kidney beans. They’re on sale this week. AWESOME! Order The Book of Awesome Photo from: here

#587 Taking your ponytail out

Okay, you know how good it feels when you peel your socks off at the end of the day? You know how your crinkly leg hairs all get a chance to relax, stretch out, and breathe a sigh of relief? … Continue reading ?

#588 Tossing garbage in the trash can from far away

If your bad back, busted ankle, or bum knee is keeping you off the courts, then get ready to lean back in your desk chair and reminisce about the game you loved… Just crumple that hot inky sheet yanked from … Continue reading ?

#589 Making the first footprint in fresh snow

Peek outside on a snowy afternoon and the world moves in slow motion. Jumbo flakes float to the ground and coat your cracked sidewalks and patchy lawns in a thin blanket of bright white. Winds whisper through the willows as you … Continue reading ?

#590 Wearing a sweatshirt that hasn’t been washed yet

Feel that fuzz. Yes, when you toss on a brand new sweatshirt just smile and enjoy the smooth silky softness rubbing against your skin. There are no lint balls, fraying sleeves, or crinkled tags scratching at your neck. It’s just … Continue reading ?

#591 Sitting on your freshly made bed and admiring your work after cleaning your room

Once again your room is at the top of its game. No more tripping on crumpled jeans flowers on your way to the light switch. No more grabbing random sweaters off your desk only to notice streaky mustard stains later … Continue readin...

#592 Your mom’s scrambled eggs

Everyone’s mom’s are a little bit different. But your mom’s are the best. AWESOME! Photo from: here

#593 Swapping driver’s licenses with a friend and laughing at each other’s photos

If your friend’s paying for lunch and you accidentally make eye contact with the shiny, mullet-draped face staring at you from her wallet, then it’s time to laugh and peel out your pimply, glasses-covered driver’s license photo as payment. AWESOME! … Continue reading ?

#594 When your windshield wipers match the beat of the song you’re listening to

Cruising home from a friend’s place, driving the kids to school, rolling home on the highway, you smile softly and focus on the road as your head bops to the stereo. Suddenly clouds cover the sky, the air gets heavy, … Continue reading ?

#595 Anything on tap

Once upon a time my friend Chad went to college. Now, Chad likes to tell people what made him decide to go to school and the reasons why he traded in a job at Best Buy for a few hard … Continue reading ?

#597 When a cop finally passes you after driving behind you for a while

Cruising cops cause traffic stops. Yes indeedy, the rest of us law-aspiring citizens immediately slow to a speed limit cruise when we spot cops silently swerving behind our bumpers. We’re the jittery school of fish with jumpy eyes and they’re … Continue reading ?

#598 Secretly sniffing your armpits and realizing you don’t stink

Nobody’s gonna tell you you stink. Honestly, the much-needed finger-pointing, nose-pinching tipoff is harder to spot than an albino Bigfoot. See, there are limits to the amount of quiet social tips we’re willing to toss out there. When your tag’s … Continue reading ?

#599 Walking around naked when you’re home alone

You are charged with one count of checking yourself out in the mirror, two counts of irresponsible couch usage, four counts of shower-to-bedroom carpet drippage, and seventeen counts of temporary nudity of the first degree. How do you plead? AWESOME! … Continue reading ?

#600 When the DJ plays your request

Suddenly you’re a VIP. Yes, the dance party turns into a private rockout in your messy apartment as you jump on the floor, nod at the DJ, and start bringing down the house with your superfly moves. Cristal for everybody! … Continue reading ?

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