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Comics Alliance Presents: Why We Love Comics

Comic books are just fantastic, and we here at ComicsAlliance really believe that. While the name "ComicsAlliance" might have stopped making sense as a phrase and just become the name of the website around six or seven years ago now, it's something we strive for in how we cover and represent the comics and communities we feature. Show More Summary

Colinet And Charretier Announce 'The Infinite Loop Volume 2: Nothing But The Truth' [Exclusive Interview]

Originally released in 2015, Pierrick Colinet and Elsa Charretier's The Infinite Loop is one of those amazing stories that uses a wild sci-fi premise to cut straight to the humanity of its characters. It centers on Teddy, a time traveler...Show More Summary

Jughead, Bughead, And The Need For Asexual & Aromantic Heroes In Comics

Queer representation in comics has been making small but appreciable advances in recent years, but there are some queer identities that comics and all media seem to struggle to get to grips with. Asexuals --- people who do not experience...Show More Summary

Costume Drama: The Ever-Changing Look of America Chavez

After a couple of years as the undisputed champion of ‘character most bafflingly lacking their own comic’, Ms America Chavez finally has a solo title. With the second issue about to land, it’s a good time to look at one of the very best things about the character: her costume design. Continue reading…

'Riverdale' Post-Show Analysis, Season 1 Episode 8: 'The Outsiders'

This week, Veronica throws a party, Alice Cooper throws a righteous fit, and a couple of guys throw punches at Moose. Poor Moose. Guy just wanted to lift some rocks. "The Outsiders" was written by Julia Cohen and directed by David Katzenberg. Continue reading…

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier, Episode 3 – 'Above the Law' Review (PC)

"Above the Law" examines what family means to each and every one of its primary players so deftly, it's hard not to be in awe of what Telltale's writers have accomplished. Continue reading…

Five Stars: Starting At The End With Jeff Smith [Interview]

There are few cartoonists more admired than Jeff Smith. Inspired himself by the serialized newspaper strips he read as a child, Smith went on to create a string of acclaimed, inspirational comics works that have not only proved evergreen...Show More Summary

Reading List: The Ten Essential Jack Kirby Stories

Obviously Jack Kirby is the greatest comic book artist of all time, but most will agree he's also one of the medium's greatest writers. He wrote the way he drew: Big and loud and primal, but with a surprising amount of intricacy and nuance waiting to be discovered amid the crackling explosions. Show More Summary

Coming Of Age: The 'Persepolis' Mixtape

Marjane Satrapi’s incredible work Persepolis focuses on the experiences of a young Marji and her family growing up during the Iranian Revolution. The Revolution caused many changes to the relatively peaceful Iran of Marji’s youth, including...Show More Summary

Take Me to Your Teacher: Trevor Mueller and Gabo Discuss 'Albert the Alien' [Webcomic Q&A]

When preparing for the first day of school, having the correct supplies is essential. Are your pencils of the number two variety? Do you have a glue stick that dries clear? Are your supplies sentient and hell-bent on world domination?...Show More Summary

Key To The Universe: A Guide To The Heroes Of Gold Key Comics

Thanks to their respective billion dollar movie franchises, people everywhere are familiar with the superhero universes of Marvel and DC. But the Golden and Silver Ages of comics were boom periods for the superhero genre, with dozens...Show More Summary

'Runaways' Meets 'Coraline' in Cait May and Trevor Bream's 'Irregular' [Webcomic Q&A]

It's tough being a kid. It's also tough being a kid who's considered "different." It's exceptionally tough being a kid who's being chased by a secret organization because you're considered "different" by virtue of your mythological heritage. In...Show More Summary

The Russia House Of Ideas: An Interview With Russian Comics Publisher Bubble

You can't talk about Russian comics without discussing Bubble. Since its inception in 2011, this little-engine-that-could has grown into the largest comic book publisher in Russia. Shepherded by CEO/publisher Artem Gabrelyanov and editor-in-chief...Show More Summary

Jerrica And Rio Finally Talk It Out In 'Jem And The Holograms' #25 [Preview]

It's not all fun in the sun for Jem and the Holograms at the moment, because even though they're enjoying the sandy beaches of Hawaii, there's a dark storm clouds of emotion hovering over everyone, threatening to ruin their fun. It all comes to a head with Kelly Thompson, Gisele Lagace, W. Show More Summary

'Justice League' Is Probably Not as Long as That Rumored Three-Hour Runtime

On Wednesday night, the tweets started flying out of CinemaCon, claiming that Justice League’s announced runtime was a luxurious two hours and 50 minutes long. Articles were posted, fans were by turns excited or outraged, and IMDb was updated. Show More Summary

Ryan Browne And Pete Woods On Their Superhero Satire 'Project Superpowers: Hero Killers' [Interview]

Dynamite Entertainment founded its Project Superpowers line as a way to reverently pay respects to the Golden Age superheroes that had fallen into the public domain, but later this year a new series is taking a decidedly irreverent spin on the concept. Show More Summary

'Ghost in the Shell' Review: An Empty Shell With Nothing to Say

There’s a huge problem at the center of Ghost in the Shell. You already knew that, though. You’ve heard about the whitewashing controversy and the problems of co-opting Asian culture for western audiences. But as bad as you might have heard that whitewashing problem is, it’s even worse. Show More Summary

The Case for Better Black Supervillians

Black superheroes have undergone a necessary evolution over the last 50 years. Luke Cage was originally a jive-talking hero-for-hire, but he's become an altruistic mainstay of the Marvel heroes. Storm leads the X-Men, while Black Panther makes decisions that gravely affect the state of the universe. Show More Summary

Hack Into These 'Ghost in the Shell' Facts

If you’ve seen the original Ghost in the Shell anime, you remember some of the classic shootout scenes. But did you know to get authentic gunplay correct in the movie, director Mamoru Oshii took his staff to Guam to practice firing weapons?...Show More Summary

Reading List: The Ten Essential Neil Gaiman Comics

With Neil Gaiman’s American Gods coming to television soon, what better time to explore his work? While his writing career is extensive, including short stories, novels, movies, kids' books, and more, we’re going to focus on his work...Show More Summary

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