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Healing from a Place of Strength

Two of the key reasons for the huge leap forward in healing I have made over these past couple years are motivation and hope, which were made possible by enormous gains in self-awareness. Some of you may know that this site began asShow More Summary

The DSM5 and Dissociation

In an editorial to the most recent Journal of Trauma and Dissociation (Vol. 11, pp. 261-5), Dr. David Spiegel writes about how dissociation will likely be addressed in the forthcoming DSM5. For those of you not familiar, the Diagnostic...Show More Summary

Cop Dreams

It was not long ago in Piano Dream that I wrote about my recent resurgence in dreams and nightmares. I do not quite have an explanation for all this new sleep activity. But it was pretty absent for some time (like close to a year I would...Show More Summary

Expressive Arts Carnival No. 4: Breath

Welcome to the September 2010 edition of the Expressive Arts Carnival. This month's theme, see announcement, was to "draw or paint your breath, before and after listening to relaxing music." Because of the before and after images, I decided it would be complicated visually to make a slideshow. Show More Summary

The Uncertainty Principle

"Learn from science that you must doubt the experts. As a matter of fact, I can also define science another way: Science is the belief in he ignorance of experts." The famous physicist Richard Feynman said those words. And while it can...Show More Summary

Co-Consciousness and Denial

This is not at all the post I was intending today that was supposed to relate to my last post about a recent dream. Instead, I would like to pose a problem to readers and ask how they deal with this. I realize this is a departure from how I normally write on this site. Show More Summary

Piano Dream

I do not generally post my dreams or nightmares. I just think they are usually so far out there that they will be of no use to others. This one is no exception. But I am posting it today because it will help provide context for the next...Show More Summary

The Inner Light

I have just started to play Irish "tin" whistles; a misnomer because mine are not made of tin, but brass. I have John Sindt High D as well as a much harder to play Howard Low D. I thought I would do a quick recording and share it with you all. Show More Summary

Out of Control

Last week when I wrote Vacation, Changes, and Derailment, I had high hopes that I would be able to settle things down internally and find some balance. And, rightly so. Over the past few years, I have made great strides at self-awareness and acceptance. Show More Summary

Expressive Arts Carnival Activity No. 4

Welcome to Activity No. 4 of the Expressive Arts Carnival. Thank you to all who participate and welcome if you are new! This is a two part activity. The activity is to draw or paint your breath. Start when you know you will have quiet time to yourself without distractions. Show More Summary

Vacation, Changes, and Derailment

Last week was our family vacation to the beach. I had mixed feelings about going. One of the reasons was that I had been "off the healing track" for months and felt like I was just getting things back on track in the couple weeks leading up to the trip. Show More Summary

Expressive Arts Carnival No. 3: Two Colors

Welcome to the August 2010 edition of the Expressive Arts Carnival. This month's theme, see announcement, was to "choose two (and only two) colors and make a painting that represents where you have been mentally for the past week orShow More Summary


I stand by the road Watching lives go by Trapped in a world Without knowing why Too scared to love To believe, to soar Afraid to find out What's behind the locked door Alone in the dark Being called from outside Hearing the footsteps There's...Show More Summary

Camera Painting

I have been quite an active photographer since the 90s and discussed some of my relationship with photography in Photojournalism as Psychologically Aware Seeing. Around that time, I began wanting to explore abstract photography. Well, yesterday was my first attempt. Show More Summary

Sex Injury: Past and Present

In Trauma and Sexuality, I wrote about sexual healing being a taboo subject in both the literature and in therapy. Nobody wants to talk about it. Yet it is one of the main areas where childhood sex abuse victims were damaged. It is my...Show More Summary

Other Internal World Images

For last month's Expressive Arts Carnival, I had a few choices for what I was going to submit. Experiences shift so quickly. One minute I felt whole. Another I felt fragmented. The above was the image I was going to submit. This is the normal way to represent my internal experience. Show More Summary

Expressive Arts Carnival Activity No. 3

Welcome to Activity No. 3 of the Expressive Arts Carnival. Activity: On a white or black background, choose two (and only two) colors and make a painting that represents where you have been mentally for the past week or so. Feel free...Show More Summary

Societal Denial and Our Role

How society views child abuse has changed dramatically over the years. In the 70s, there was nearly complete denial, a virtual "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy. In the 80s, reports of abuse shot up in frequency, the pendulum swung in the other direction and survivors were often validated. Show More Summary

Expressive Arts Carnival No. 2: Internal World

Welcome to the July 2010 edition of the Expressive Arts Carnival. This month's theme, see the announcement, was to "use any visual means (e.g., drawing, painting, photography) to represent, in an abstract way, your experience of allShow More Summary

Pediatric Symptom Checklist

Yesterday my daughters both had their annual pediatric physicals. Before the appointment, in the waiting room, we had to fill out a "Pediatric Symptom Checklist," see link below, developed at Massachusetts General Hospital. Of course, I was heartened to see it. Show More Summary

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