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Dwarf or planet? First visit to Pluto could reignite the row

How many solar system planets are there: eight, nine? Or 73 or 74? Arguments swirl on nine years after Pluto was struck off the official list

Philae awakes: What next for probe after 7 month nap on comet?

On Saturday night the German Aerospace Center in Cologne received 85 seconds of incredibly good news: a data chirp from the missing European Space Agency lander Philae

How New Horizons will probe mysteries of Pluto's oddball moons

One frozen ammonia world is too large even to be a moon, and no one can work out how four others got there. What's their story?

#RosettaWatch: Search party may have found missing lander Philae

After a painstaking search, Rosetta mission managers have ruled out four of five possible landing sites – but that doesn't mean Philae is really there

Our exploration of the solar system is just getting started

Pluto might be the final stop on NASA's Grand Tour, but our visit marks the start of a new wave of exploration of the myriad worlds in our neighbourhood

First visit to Pluto could rewrite the solar system's story

Rivers of neon, geysers of nitrogen, an oddly giant moon: the New Horizons probe promises revealing spectacles – and insights into deep solar system history

Supernova prized by astronomers begins to fade from view

A stellar explosion known as SN 1987A is a favourite among astronomers as it is one of the closest to Earth, but it is now disappearing

Sunlight could whip up water to slake lunar settlers' thirst

Moonshine might need a new definition on the moon: sunshine falling on to frosty lunar rocks could distil water for future colonists

LightSail spacecraft successfully deploys solar sail

A small spacecraft launched last month has overcome technical difficulties to unfurl a sail designed to catch the solar wind

Listening to meteorites hitting Mars will tell us what's inside

NASA's InSight mission may be able to use seismic waves from meteorite strikes to probe the Red Planet's interior

In so many words: How to ride the space-wind to the stars

If you want to go to another world, one of the biggest problems is how to power your space-car. One idea is to catch the light from the sun

Pluto's strange family of moons are locked in a mysterious waltz

Three of Pluto's four small moons are moving in step, and the fourth looks darker than the rest – creating a puzzle as to how they formed

What a Red Planet aurora might look like

Fancy seeing a blue light show? A simulation of the Martian atmosphere reveals what an aurora might look like to the naked eye

#RosettaWatch: 67P formed when two baby comets got together

A gentle dance involving two chunks of dirty ice may explain the distinctive duck-like shape of the Rosetta probe's quarry

Help me 3D print homes for a NASA mission to Mars

How might future visitors to Mars build shelter? NASA's 3D Printed Habitat Challenge aims to foster an innovative, sustainable solution, says Sam Ortega

Mars lander gets set for mission to probe planet's depths

NASA's InSight rover is being put through its paces in preparation for its trip to Mars next year

Spacecraft built from graphene could run on nothing but sunlight

An accidental discovery shows that shining lasers on a form of graphene makes it move forwards, a find that could lead to better solar-powered spacecraft

Dust from asteroid mining spells danger for satellites

Both NASA and private firms want to drag resource-rich asteroids closer to home to mine them, but that could stir up dust that could collide with satellites

Mission to Europa will test Jupiter moon's friendliness to life

NASA has announced the instruments for its next mission to Jupiter's icy moon Europa, one of the solar system's best candidates for hosting life

US SPACE Act extends easy ride for commercial space ventures

The House of Representatives has voted to exempt the fledgling space industry from much regulation for 10 more years, but critics say it doesn't protect passengers

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