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Space-grown lettuce tastes like salad rocket

Astronauts aboard the ISS have grown and eaten romaine lettuce – and report that it tastes like arugula, also known as rocket, appropriately enough

Sniff out alien life with giant library of weird chemicals

The search for vital signs of life in the atmospheres of other planets has taken a new turn with a vast library of biosignatures that could help us detect ET

Neil Armstrong shortlisted in public vote for exoplanet names

The IAU, which oversees the naming of cosmic objects, has opened a public vote on the names of 32 exoplanets and 15 of their host stars

Nuclear apocalypse or nanotech invasions could reveal alien life

Instead of seeking living aliens, ET hunters suggest looking for alien civilisations that have wiped themselves out through technology

Listen to the world’s first duet for piano and pulsating star

An astronomer and composer has translated a star's vibrations into music, playing the accompaniment himself on the piano

What if … The universe is an illusion?

The world around us does a good job of convincing us that it is three dimensional. The problem is that some pretty useful physics says it's a hologram

What if … We came from space?

All our best theories about the origins of life have one thing in common: it started on Earth. But maybe it didn't – maybe we were all aliens once

Kepler sees hints of asteroids pursuing planets near other stars

Asteroids called Trojans sit in gravitational wells around planets in our solar system – now data from the Kepler spacecraft suggests it happens elsewhere too

Spacecraft could use sat-nav for directions to the moon

Fly me to the moon, sat-nav. Repurposing GPS satellites to direct lunar-bound spacecraft could make getting there cheaper and also improve navigation on Earth

Infrared view of super-typhoon Soudelor as it heads for Taiwan

Satellite views of the most powerful storm of the year, which is set to hit land on Friday, reveal different facets of the progressing storm

Hawaii astronomy meeting glosses over telescope controversy

As 3000 astronomers descend on Hawaii, protesters fighting a planned telescope are arrested on Mauna Kea. Yet the meeting will barely discuss the issue

Watch the far side of the moon pass in front of Earth

NASA's DSCOVR spacecraft has snapped the side of the moon we rarely see as it passes between our planet and the sun

Giant old galaxies, not Milky Ways, are best for life to thrive

Looking at how quickly stars form can nail down the galaxies that should be best for life – and our own doesn't come out on top

#RosettaWatch: Philae lander reveals comet 67P’s fluffy surface

Comet 67P has previously unseen organic molecules and fluffy surface grains – just a few of the discoveries in the first set of papers from the Philae team

Ancient crystals show Earth’s magnetic field switched on early

Earth needed its magnetic field to protect the nascent atmosphere – but when did the field turn on? Magnetic rocks show it was earlier than we thought

In So Many Words: minute world with big stories to tell

In so many words is where we retell our stories on space and physics using only the 1000 commonest words in English

Is Pluto a planet or a dwarf? Such labels matter less and less

Our planetary distinctions are crumbling as we continue to uncover incredible diversity in celestial objects, says Jeff Hecht

Neptune’s sudden jolt could explain weird ring in Kuiper belt

A band of strangely tight-knit icy objects in the Kuiper belt has defied explanation. Now a simulation rewinding the solar system to its babyhood has an answer

Clusters of living worlds would hint life came from outer space

Using future telescopes to map exoplanets where life may exist could help test the panspermia theory - that life can cross space and take root on new worlds

New Horizons spots oozing glaciers and hazy skies on Pluto

The New Horizons spacecraft took a backlit shot of Pluto after its historic fly-by, and saw surprisingly Earth-like features

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