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Mathematicians play whack-a-mole in the endless infinity hunt

Logic tells us infinity must exist, and you can’t even define a circle without it. But if we can’t reach it, how do we know it exists – and what is it anyway?

Billion-light-year galactic wall may be largest object in cosmos

Astronomers peering into the distant universe have discovered the BOSS Great Wall, a vast superstructure of 830 galaxies that is a billion light years across

Mercury once had a graphite crust floating on a sea of magma

The nearest planet to the sun is darker than we'd expect – and now we may know why

Galactic collisions doom entire star systems to black-hole death

Star-gobbling black holes tend to inhabit galaxies that have recently collided, suggesting that cosmic pile-ups send whole systems flying

Ageing Milky Way stopped making stars before it ran out of gas

Our galaxy suddenly stopped forming new stars 8 billion years ago even though it still has fuel left, calling into question our grip on galactic life cycles

Summer on Titan may make its lakes ripple with waves

Saturn’s largest moon hosts lakes of liquid hydrocarbons, which normally appear mirror-smooth. Glints in the seas could be signs of breezier summer skies

Repeating cosmic radio blast adds mystery to their origins

The observation of repeating fast radio bursts is the final point in three papers all debating the origins of such mysterious signals

Cosmic radio blast result called into question within days

Last week a team claimed to have traced a fast radio burst to its source for the first time, but new observations this weekend call the result into question

Source of cosmic radio blast tracked down for the first time

Astronomers seeking mysterious fast radio bursts have traced one back to its host galaxy – and found such signals could have more than one type of source

Planet Nine hunters enlist big bang telescopes and Saturn probe

Astronomers are scrambling for unusual ways to find the proposed ninth planet hiding in the outer reaches of the solar system

Virgin Galactic claims new ‘Unity’ spaceship fixes safety issues

After a disastrous test flight in 2014, Virgin now hopes to make up lost ground in the commercial space race

India set to join hunt for gravitational waves with its own LIGO

The Indian government has granted initial approval for the construction of LIGO-India, a gravitational wave detector that will work with the two in the US

Long-lost stellar siblings probe the Milky Way’s violent history

A technique to track down which stars were once siblings could help find the sun's birthplace and understand how the Milky Way evolved

LIGO’s black holes may have lived and died inside a huge star

The merging black holes that led to the discovery of gravitational waves may have been enveloped inside a gigantic star, which gave off a burst of gamma rays  

Space solar: The global race to tap the sun’s energy from orbit

Solar panels in orbit could generate round-the-clock green energy and beam it down to Earth. Has the time for this epic feat of engineering come round at last?

I was one of the first to know gravitational waves are real

Matthew Evans is responsible for placing fake signals into LIGO data to test the system - so he knew right away that the gravitational wave signal wasn't a test

Gravitational waves open door to universe’s most exotic objects

LIGO's breakthrough discovery offers up new ways to test relativity, black hole collisions, dark energy, the first stars in the universe, and more

Feedback: Mars is blue, says chronicler of space oddities

Plus woof translator promises pet texting, in a spin over rogue wheelchairs, life’s uncertainties down to quantum effects, and more

Revolution in physics as gravitational waves seen for first time

Einstein’s last prediction and one of the most anticipated discoveries in physics has finally been confirmed. The LIGO experiment has seen ripples in space-time, caused by a black hole merger

Einstein’s last theory confirmed? A guide to gravitational waves

We're expecting huge physics news tomorrow – get ahead of the crowd with our primer on gravitational waves

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