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Stunning seeds: a biological meteor wreathed in flames

Some seeds have a look that evokes all-consuming fire, says an artist who captures their portraits with a flatbed scanner

Today on New Scientist: 22 February 2013

All the latest stories on, including: into the impossible with Leonard Susskind, spidey-sense suit, shrink-aiding smartphone, and more

Curiosity offers up first scoop of buried Martian dust

The first sample taken by the Curiosity rover should give offer a glimpse into Mars's past, as the newly exposed rock is free of weathering

Today at New Scientist: 21 February 2013

All the latest stories on, including: human manure's fertile future, your brain-scanning overseer, monarch migration, Pistorius, and more

Lone firefighter finds environmental harm's sharp edge

An award-winning photograph of burning waste in Bangladesh shows how environmental degradation has personal and unpredictable consequences

First space tourist plans independent Mars mission

Dennis Tito paid $20 million to visit the International Space Station in 2001 – now he is promising to launch a Mars mission in 2018

Today on New Scientist: 20 February 2013

All the latest stories on, including: first asteroid sentinel in space, the faint young sun, e-cigarettes, and more

Higgs may spell doom, unless supersymmetry saves us

The mass of the celebrated boson may actually mean we live in an unstable universe, but heavier partner particles offer a glimmer of hope

New retinal implant gives sight to nine blind people

Electrodes under the retinas of people blinded by disease – but who still have vision-processing neurons – allow them to see again

Today on New Scientist: 19 February 2013

All the latest stories on, including: a jazz-age electrical elixir of youth, evolution's detectives, oxygen on exoplanets, and more

Moody Mercury shows its hidden colours

False-colour pictures let us see the chemical and physical landscape of the normally beige planet closest to the sun

Today on New Scientist: 18 February 2013

All the latest stories on, including: bleaching life on Mars, top predators and climate, Twitter and riots, asteroid quake, and more

The fish with a rainbow eye

See the spectral eyes of the Caribbean trumpetfish glowing in many different colours in an award-winning photograph

Today on New Scientist: 15 February 2013

All the latest stories on, including: the computer cosmos vs quantum physics, Russian meteor, asteroid fly-by, shoulder surfers, and more

Quake could rock asteroid as it skims Earth

The near-Earth fly-by of the huge space rock 2012 DA14 could reveal an asteroid quake in action

Baby black hole is swaddled in a supernova remnant

Congratulations – it's a black hole. The massive newborn is cradled in a colourful supernova remnant, and could be the youngest black hole in the Milky Way

Today on New Scientist: 14 February 2013

All the latest stories on, including: the upside of anger, what we really know about courtship, runaway stars, mosh pit physics, and more

Success comes from sticking with your monkey lover

Each day is Valentine's Day for owl monkeys – these paragons of monogamy can count the rewards of fidelity in the number of their offspring

Today on New Scientist: 13 February 2013

The latest stories on, including: quantum simulation, how to prevent the next horsemeat scandal, State of the Union, Superman rat, and more

Sea slug amputates tip of its penis

After this sea slugs has sex, its penis drops off. Fortunately, it has a spare

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