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Drought blossoms into spectacular bloom of Joshua trees

The streets have no name in the Mohave but Joshua trees may have found what they're looking for as they burst into flower, with or without you

Today on New Scientist: 11 April 2013

All the latest stories on Milky Way's dark matter shadow, phantom limbs for all, virtual travel goes 3D, tools and evolution, and more

New bat genus earns its stripes in South Sudan

This beautifully patterned bat, with pale yellow spots and stripes on dark black fur, took researchers in the grasslands of South Sudan by surprise

Today on New Scientist: 10 April 2013

All the latest stories on, including: OMGOMGOMG, austerity's toxic genetic legacy, guessing names from faces, and more

Last desert nomads defy a raging sandstorm

Playing in a Gobi desert sandstorm, these children follow an ancient nomadic lifestyle that is now up against the interests of international mining companies

Today on New Scientist: 9 April 2013

All the latest stories on, including: the hunt for alien megaprojects, what North Korea could hit, big penises, and more

Japanese fish ride to Washington on a tsunami boat

On an epic two-year journey across the Pacific, a bait box in a Japanese boat turned into an aquarium when five striped beakfish made it their home

Today on New Scientist: 8 April 2013

All the latest stories on, including: body language, one-way ticket to Mars, nuclear forge, red meat alert, antimatter, and more

Old salt lizard at home in Darwin's primal landscape

Photographer SebastiĆ£o Salgado sets the armour-like scales of the world's only seafaring lizard among the hard landscape of the Galapagos Islands' laval rocks

Today on New Scientist: 5 April 2013

All the latest stories on, including: first Americans, smartphones keep baby milk safe, infinite maze in your living room, and more

Warship's ram reveals how ancient Greeks made weapons

A new analysis is revealing how ancient Greeks made hefty metal rams for their warships

Today on New Scientist: 4 April 2013

All the latest stories on, including: black hole firewall, US nuclear power, North Korean nuclear bombs, women's powdered eggs, and more

First turtle genome shows beauty more than shell-deep

The genome of one of the most abundant turtles on Earth gives clues to their longevity and ability to survive without oxygen during hibernation

Today on New Scientist: 3 April 2013

All the latest stories on, including: rivers in the sky, dark flow, dark matter, how the US is fighting the flab, and more

Shark-tooth sword is clue to two vanished species

A 19th-century sword bristling with teeth proves that two shark species used to ply the seas around the Gilbert Islands

Today on New Scientist: 2 April 2013

All the latest stories on, including: your possessions in the cloud, present tech shock, Antarctic ice paradox, stupidity, and more

Cherry-blossom volcano spews forth lava and lightning

Sakurajima volcano, on the southern tip of Japan, is almost constantly erupting?- and sometimes there's accompanying lightning

Speedy astronauts make fastest trip yet to the ISS

For the first time, astronauts riding a Soyuz capsule to the International Space Station have launched and docked in under 6 hours - it usually takes days

Today on New Scientist: 28 March 2013

All the latest stories on, including: tender turtles, foot and mouth vaccine, digital shrinks, Henrietta Lacks, women in science, and more

Tiny blue-bellied fish discovered in the Rio Negro

Tiny fish makes a big splash as Amazon researchers find an entirely new genus in their nets

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