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Today on New Scientist: 13 March 2013

All the latest on, including: where supermassive black holes came from, Pi day, Mars water, lucky hammerheads, Frankenstein, and more

World's largest telescope array opens for business

ALMA, the largest ground-based astronomical project in the world, officially opens today high in the Chilean Andes

Japan taps methane hydrate from seabed

A successful test drilling sets the scene for commercial energy production exploiting an abundant new power source, says Sara Reardon

Today on New Scientist: 12 March 2013

All the latest on, including: material magic, the Neil Armstrong of Mars, fiery ice under the sea, Craig Venter's coming synthesis, and more

Living on the edge of the Snake

Teetering untidily on the edge of the Snake river canyon, the Idaho town of Jerome captures the continuing tension between human settlement and nature

Today on New Scientist: 11 March 2013

All the latest on, including: people who don't feel fear, irreversible melting in Canada, SpaceX SF rocket, China's internet, and more

Global greening as plant life moves northwards

A NASA visualisation shows how plants now cover parts of the globe that were once icy tundras

SpaceX Grasshopper rocket hops to new heights in Texas

SpaceX's reusable rocket prototype doubled its own hovering record in the company's latest move to make space travel cheaper and less wasteful

Today on New Scientist: 8 March 2013

All the latest stories on, including: desperately seeking a theory of everything, true face of the hockey stick, active brain map, and more

Sensors measure cow flatulence – for science

Cows equipped with sensors that monitor their farts could help cut humanity's greenhouse gas emissions

Today on New Scientist: 7 March 2013

All the latest stories on, including: boring Higgs, power from whirlwinds, fiery ice fuel of the future, briny Europa, and more

Bored robot waits his turn at CeBIT tech fair

This wheel-bound humanoid robot is just part of the furniture at the CeBIT technology conference in Hanover, Germany, this week

Today on New Scientist: 6 March 2013

All the latest stories on, including: survival of the friendliest, four hurdles to Mars, cosmology's dark heart, the father of all men, and more

Fire destroys the City of Science in Naples, Italy

Born to revive an old industrial site and to spread scientific culture in Italy, the City of Science may have been destroyed by Italian Camorra

Today on New Scientist: 5 March 2013

All the latest stories on, including: dispensing with sex, the root of reality, prizes for hero scientists, US braces for pain, and more

Satellite shows the world's saltiest seas

A new satellite map of the oceans' salt content reveals vast expanses of unusually salty water in the Atlantic

Today on New Scientist: 4 March 2013

All the latest stories on, including: crunch time for physics, uses of astronaut faeces, bunnies did for Neanderthals, and more

Close encounters with a living dinosaur

An award-winning photo catches the elusive cassowary, which has the reputation as being the most dangerous bird in the world

X-ray speed cameras clock superfast black hole

Two X-ray telescopes have teamed up to measure the spin of a supermassive black hole at the centre of a galaxy – and it's pushing the cosmic speed limit

SpaceX capsule hits a glitch on space station trip

The second commercial cargo flight to the ISS lifted off today – but SpaceX's Dragon capsule had trouble spitting fire once in orbit

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