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Data Driven Predictive Medical Devices: An Interview

In 1987, James Gleick wrote the book Chaos which was a layman’s description of different instances where chaotic behavior was displayed in systems. In one of the last chapters titled Inner Rhythms, he described the then latest research regarding physiological system characteristics and the seemingly oxymoronic idea that variable response of the system indicated health […]

FDA Guidance on Software Changes

On October 25, 2017 the FDA released its guidance on "Deciding When to Submit a 510(k) for a Software Change to an Existing Device". A draft of this guidance was released in August 2016 and I commented on that draft here. The scope of what was changed is not easy to discern, especially since the draft […]

Even More Proposed Medical Device Connectivity Legislation

The FDA, medical devices, and cybersecurity are popular subject matter for proposed Federal legislation, even though most bills in this arena never clear committee. One wonders sometimes if those introducing such bills really care about them being enacted, or are they just an exercise in publicity and perhaps self-aggrandizement. On October 5, 2017 H.R. 3985: Internet of […]

Having Problems with Your Emergin System?

Years ago, many hospitals bought Emergin as a point solution to bring messaging to specific interfaced systems. Many of these were used to get event data out of nursecall and other systems that was communicated to caregivers or other point of care use cases. These point solutions were installed in closets or data centers and […]

Proof of Concept: Medical Device Directory for Integration Services

This post details the medical device directory I built demonstrating the concept of a knowledge base and expert system that would assist a healthcare organization in their medical device integration efforts. My idea was to input into an expert system (or reasoner) with an associated knowledge base a medical device inventory with the result of […]

Interactive Healthcare Messaging Mind Map

You've seen static images of mind maps on this site before (here and here). Now, you can get access to the interactive mind map for the health care messaging market. I've been collecting data and refining the market map for several years. This analytical tool enables you to quickly find what companies are making claims […]

Connected Medical Device & IOT Security Summit

Introduction – Why Attend the Summit Cybersecurity is not about human stupidity, random vulnerabilities, or technical exploits. Those are symptoms. The malignancy we face are multitudes of intelligent, cooperative and ambitious bad actors. Show More Summary

Update: Integration/interfacing of Medical Devices to an Electronic Health Record

Overview of Medical Device Integration Task I provided an overview of integrating medical device systems and information into an EHR in a paper I wrote in 2008. The figure below provides a graphical representation of the overview. The system architecture for medical device integration consists of a medical device which is attached to a network, […]

Usability Heuristic Test of Mobile Fitness Application

I just finished a master’s in healthcare informatics and through that process learned quite a few things.  I am planning a series of blog posts (three or four) that highlight several of the papers I wrote that might be of interest to readers of this blog.  The subjects will cover usability of a popular mobile […]

The Healthcare Messaging Conference & Exhibition

Venue and dates secured! Wednesday and Thursday, November 29-30, 2017 in Boston Martin Conference Center at Harvard Medical School This site has a great auditorium and breakout rooms for the three tracks of presentations and post-conference workshops we have planned. There are over 30 speaker slots planned covering many of the big messaging use cases […]

An Explanatory Framework for Comparing Health Care Messaging Systems

Comparing features and capabilities between various health care messaging solutions requires an understanding of how messaging systems do what they do and a common vocabulary so you can talk about it with others. And because health care messaging is a growth market with first or second time adopters, there is not yet a widely accepted […]

Housekeeping: Update on Comments

Due to a sustained brute-force password attack on this site’s administrative panel, I have turned off post comments for the time being. As always, you can email me at any time with your question, comment or inquiry. All of the 800+ comments made on the site up to now are still there, and will remain […]

Innovation Hotbed: Interstitial Markets in Healthcare

Much of the tech innovation occurring in health care is happening in interstitial markets. Yet some of the innovators or their prospective customers are not fully aware of interstitial markets or their impact. We’re going to define interstitial markets, look at why they’re a big deal, and discuss how you can apply this newfound knowledge. Health […]

New Conference on Health Care Messaging

Planning has begun for the inaugural Health Care Messaging Conference. A search is underway for a venue, and once that is secured, the dates for the conference will be finalized. Produced by Satish Kavirajan of The Center for Business Innovation, the conference will occur some time around October or November of this year (2017). To my knowledge, […]

Health Care Messaging Use Cases

Leading Messaging Use Cases Secure messaging is a hot topic with many health care providers. The term secure text messaging implies person-to-person messaging, and there is a real need for this as witnessed by the early adoption of these systems. But there are many more messaging use cases beyond simple secure texting that offer as […]

FDA to Address Cybersecurity at Workshop

Cybersecurity continues to be a hot topic in healthcare with several areas of concern. These include the theft of personal health information from a provider’s database, using ransom wear to extract payment from providers without actually...Show More Summary

Eight Questions Every Prospect Needs Answered Before They Buy

When making a considered purchase, like most high tech products in health care, buyers have to feel comfortable about making the purchase decision. These prospects need to know certain things to feel comfortable making a commitment to you and your product. In mature replacement markets, buyers already know the answers to all or most of […]

DocBox Introduces New Open Clinical Decision Support Platform

While reading a couple of articles in the healthcare IT industry, several statements stood out as they highlighted some of the issues with EHRs, the data they collect, and how useful that data is to clinicians.  In a recent Healthcare IT news article Dr Anders of Medicomp stated with regard to his desire to follow […]

Sussing Out SaMD

Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) is terminology under the aegis of a work group of the International Medical Device Regulators Forum (IMDRF) of which the FDA is a member. SaMD is distinct from software in a medical device although “in” these days may have a looser meaning closer to is a part of.  The notion that […]

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