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Better Health IT. Is sending docs to tech school the answer?

An article in Information Week caught my eye this morning. It reviews a new program offered by Texas A&M with support from Dell to help medical students and other healthcare professionals “come to terms with  the ways technology is changing their...(read more)

A Windows 8 app for telemedicine by the numbers

You know, and I know, there’s nothing especially new or exciting about telemedicine. From a technology standpoint, the capability to care for patients remotely via “telemedicine” has been around practically since the invention of television. What has...(read more)

What healthcare could learn from a technology company

Healthcare is very different from most other industries. It is fragmented, conservative, highly regulated, and hierarchical. It doesn’t follow most of the usual business rules around supply and demand or consumerism. An important aspect of my role at...(read more)

A “take over” of healthcare…… really?

I try very hard not to come off too much as a fan boy here on HealthBlog. Yes, I work for Microsoft. But I also have a lot of respect for many other technology companies that are doing good work in the healthcare industry.  The past few months,...(read more)

There’s no business like the healthcare business, like no business I know

Irving Berlin eat your heart out. There’s no business like the healthcare business or so it seems from a recently published info-graphic in the Wall Street Journal. Where are the jobs in America? You guessed it, healthcare. But is that a healthy thing...(read more)

Is the perfect computing device for clinicians not a “device” at all?

As you might expect considering my profession and where I work, clinicians frequently ask me, “What kind of computer is best for clinicians?” My answer typically goes something like this. “Well, it depends. If I’m out to dinner with my wife and on call...(read more)

Why one plus one equals ten for physicians and information technologists

An article in Becker’s Hospital Review caught my attention this morning, not specifically because of the topic but rather because of what it portends for the careers of physicians and health IT workers. The article, 10 Concerns and Trends Facing Hospitals...(read more)

Medical Mistakes: To Err is Human…. yes and no?

I must admit that I’ve been feeling a bit depressed this week about the human condition. A passenger jet gets blasted out of the sky ( mistake or not) by hostile forces. There are rising tensions in the Ukraine and a ground war is now underway in Gaza...(read more)

The Human Connection in Health—It’s not about the technology

So much is written about technology transforming health and healthcare. All too often we forget what makes health and healthcare so special--why so many of us selected a career in the healthcare industry when quite frankly, there are lots of easier ways...(read more)

How to provide a more intuitive user interface for clinicians and patients

Clinicians have told me they want a simplified, more intuitive user interface to clinical systems and all of the other applications they use on a daily basis. I also hear the same thing from health insurance companies and healthcare organizations that...(read more)

Electronic Health Record solutions don’t make errors, people do

HealthITNews reports that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is expressing increased alarm about patient care errors that are being introduced as a result of poorly designed or poorly implemented electronic health record solutions. The US...(read more)

Is the hospital of the future not a hospital at all, at least not as we know it?

A few years back I wrote a widely read piece on HealthBlog that was simply titled, If Disney Did Healthcare. In that post, I pondered how healthcare might be different if it was managed more like the Happiest Place on Earth. Here’s an excerpt: If Disney...(read more)

5 Trends for FY15 that will shape the future of health & healthcare delivery

Happy 4th of July! Or perhaps I should say, Happy New Year. You see, my company operates on a fiscal calendar so July marks the beginning a our new fiscal year. This is when I start reflecting on the most significant trends that I’m seeing in health and...(read more)

Innovator namesake Henry Ford Health System stakes its future on health innovation

Henry Ford was perhaps one of the greatest innovators of his day. It would be hard to imagine the American automobile business without the fingerprints of Henry Ford. It might surprise you to know that Mr. Ford’s genius wasn’t limited to innovation on...(read more)

Doctors, Surface Pro 3 is truly your dream machine

Colleagues, A few weeks ago I predicted that Surface Pro 3, the “ tablet that can replace your laptop ” would be a hit with doctors. I did so before I had even had an opportunity to put my hands on one. My prediction was based on my personal experience...(read more)

How to manage the Internet of (Your) Things, and those of your patients

If you’ve been paying attention, it would be hard to escape the sudden promotion of what we in technology sector describe as the “Internet of Things” (IoT). If you work in healthcare, you may already be dismissing the relevance of IoT to your industry...(read more)

Survey confirms more clinicians seek mobile access to electronic health records

A new survey commissioned by Software Advice in collaboration with digital data collection company, Research Now, suggests an ever growing demand for clinicians to be able to access patient data on mobile devices. The survey, which is on-going, has already...(read more)

Europe marches forward on how to scale tele-health services for all citizens

Regular readers of HealthBlog know that in my role at Microsoft, I and other members of my team, travel the world. We therefore get to see lots of innovative uses of technology in health and healthcare firsthand. I often write about some of the amazing...(read more)

Why you should care about having a personal health record and access to your data

I know, yawn, another IT pundit writing about personal health records (PHRs) and why you should care about them. Let’s face it. Most of you reading this don’t. I too will admit that I’ve been a bit cynical over the years. It’s not like consumers have...(read more)

Where does it hurt? Skype Translator applied to patient care

On May 27th at the inaugural Code Conference in Rancho Palos Verdes, Microsoft stunned the audience with technology right out of Star Trek. Gurdeep Pall (left), who serves as Corporate Vice President of Skype and Lync at Microsoft, gave the first-ever...(read more)

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