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Unity Farm Journal - First Week of December 2016

As winter approaches each year, we work hard to prepare the farm property for the cold, dark, snowy days ahead. Weekends and nights are spent clearing brush, /storing all irrigation infrastructure, and doing the last digging/hauling/siftng before soil freezes solid. Show More Summary

Unity Farm Journal - Fourth Week of November 2016

Happy Thanksgiving from Unity Farm! A new pig has joined the herd - Lunchbox. He’s 3 years old and has a remarkable personality. He loves humans and is very good with children. We’re gradually introducing him to Hazel and Tofu through a livestock fence. Show More Summary

The BIDMC CareKit app

The following is a guest blog post from Seth Berkowitz, MD, who authors many of the innovative apps in the BIDMC Crowdsourcing program:Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, a teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School, has developed BIDMC@home, a new app for engaging patients using Apple’s CareKit and ResearchKit frameworks and the HealthKit API. Show More Summary

Unity Farm Journal - Third Week of November 2016

This week we had the Supermoon - the largest/brightest moon since 1948 The pigs enjoyed basking in the moonlight while rooting and hunting for grubs/worms. Here’s a picture of hazel in the moonlight Pigs are hedonists and there are three things that make them happy1. Show More Summary

What Does the Trump Presidency Imply for Healthcare and Healthcare IT?

Many organizations have asked me to comment on the impact of the Trump Presidency on Healthcare and Healthcare IT. I served the Bush administration for 4 years and the Obama administration for 6 years. I know that change in Washington happens incrementally. Show More Summary

Thursday Unity Farm Journal - Second Week of November 2016

Yesterday in Massachusetts everyone was fatigued from a long night of watching election results. Everyone was asking about the impact of the surprising result. What will happen to the economy, the stock market, mood, culture, and domestic...Show More Summary

What is Patient and Family Engagement?

I recently participated in a nationwide (not the United States) healthcare IT planning effort and one recommendation was universal availability of patient portals. Several reviewers commented that patient portal is a loaded term - it implies that clinicians control the data and patients are given a view into it. Show More Summary

Unity Farm Journal - First Week of November 2016

Now that I’m back from my Asia Pacific travels, I’m hard at work in the evenings and weekends catching up on the farm work I missed. The storms of Fall have caused a lot of fallen branches and trees. The 5 inches of rain (so much for the drought), have created a soup of mud, hay, and poop in the animal paddocks. Show More Summary

On the Road

Over the past few months, I’ve been in England, China, Denmark, New Zealand, and Canada.Each of them is rethinking their healthcare IT strategy and is not entirely satisfied with past progress. I’m often asked by senior government officials to help harmonize IT strategy at the country level. Show More Summary

Unity Farm Journal - Fourth Week of October 2016

After two weeks of international IT collaboration, I’m returning to the farm tomorrow. Kathy and I have been in constant contact despite the 6, 12 and 17 hour time shifts during my travel.What has Kathy done in my absence?1. A few baby...Show More Summary

New Zealand Can Lead Healthcare IT

I’ve been in New Zealand this week, meeting with government, academic, and industry leaders to discuss the IT challenges ahead - social networking-based teamwork for health, mobile applications, precision medicine analytics for decision support, and cloud computing all within a framework of protecting privacy. Show More Summary

Unity Farm Journal - Third Week of October 2016

I’ve been in China this week, so Kathy has been running Unity Farm. As usual, the farm continues to be an ever evolving and exciting place. Here’s a typical email from her“Many visitors were here today. Our young intern was here helping...Show More Summary

The Quality Payment Program Final Rule

Many people have asked me to review the Quality Payment Program final rule, released on October 14, 2016. Several summaries have already been written but your best bet is to rely on the CMS Quality Payment Program website at More Summary

Unity Farm Journal - Second Week of October 2016

Despite my international travels this week and next, the farm waits for no one. 150 creatures need food and warmth. The buildings and infrastructure need tending. The vegetables and fruits need harvesting. Between Denmark and China,Show More Summary

Dispatch from Denmark

Today I’m in Denmark speaking at a yearly national healthcare IT conference. Denmark is a remarkable country of 5 million people with a robust social support system. Healthcare is provided for life as part of being Danish. If you lose your job, generous unemployment benefits provide for the ongoing well being of you and your family. Show More Summary

Unity Farm Journal - First Week of October 2016

What a year at Unity Farm: a plague of winter moth, a spring gypsy caterpillar infestation, deep drought, and maybe Hurricane Matthew, which is heading up the coast, might affect our foliage color and branch-falling. Life on a farm is never boring.Every October we press cider using the apples that were most successful that season. Show More Summary

Unity Farm Journal - First Week of October

The drought has taken its toll on the Fall color, with leaves going from green to brown then dropping off the trees. The mornings are crisp - in the 50’s and the afternoons barely reach 70. The shadows are long and the hoop house loses sunlight at 3pm. Show More Summary

Social Media Guidelines for our Clinicians

We recently published this guideline at BIDMC based on the input from a multi-disciplinary working group. I thought it might be useful to share with the community, since many healthcare organizations are at the early stage developing social media policies.1. Show More Summary

Unity Farm Journal - Fourth Week of September 2016

It’s the first week of Fall and leaves are beginning to drop. The drought of Summer has stressed all the trees and they are going dormant early. We’ve done our best to keep our orchards thriving, but the Apple harvest is about half the usual quantity as well as a few weeks early. Show More Summary

Reducing my Digital Burden

Last weekend, I started a process that some may consider regressive. I began deleting my social media accounts to improve the signal to noise ratio in my life.10 years ago I wrote about the importance of social media and building networks...Show More Summary

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