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Unity Farm Journal - Second Week of January 2016

I’ve finished the University of Massachusetts winter semester and submitted my final homestead map - pictured below. It contains:Woodshed - store 8 cords of wood for heatingStorage Barn - 20x24 structure for equipmentAnimal Housing which...Show More Summary

Unity Farm Journal - First Week of January 2016

The citizens of Unity Farm have experienced a deep freeze this week - nightly temperatures in the single digits. How have they fared?The geese and ducks have a heated house but choose to stay outside - those down jackets they are wearing have done a good job. Show More Summary

Keeping Your Equanimity in 2016

2016 is a year when CIOs will feel even more overwhelmed than last year - demand will exceed supply (no matter what your budget), the pressure to deliver faster/cheaper/better will accelerate, and security concerns will dominate the agenda. Show More Summary

Unity Farm Journal - 5th week of December 2015

It’s been a great first week with pigs. Hazel Marie, the 100 pound two year old pot belly, experienced her first snowfall. Although I’m building all season dutch doors for the pig barn, they are not finished yet, so I installed a piece of plywood in the doorway, cutting out a piece so that she can easily access the entry ramp. Show More Summary

The 2016 Standards Advisory

ONC recently released the 2016 Standards Advisory. I think this document is more important than Meaningful Use or Certification in accelerating interoperability. Why?Many view Meaningful Use as no longer aligned with the work we need to do for population health, care management, and alternative payment models. Show More Summary

Unity Farm Journal - Fourth Week of December 2015

Last week I mentioned the Unity Farm Christmas list.I’ve been an avid student of permaculture - creating an ecologically sustainable farm that keeps everything in balance. I harvest thousands of pounds of vegetables per year but compost the imperfect vegetables.. Show More Summary

My 2016 Predictions for HIT

As the year ends and we archive the accomplishments and challenges of 2015, it’s time to think about the year ahead. Will innovative products and services be social, mobile, analytics, and cloud (SMAC)? Will wearables take off? Will clinicians be replaced by Watson? Here are my predictions1. Show More Summary

Unity Farm Journal - Third Week of December 2015

December continues to be unseasonably warm. The bees are very confused - breaking cluster and leaving their hives in search of nectar which is not available this time of year. We’ve created feeding boards for each hive, covering a hardware cloth screen with a patty of sugar. Show More Summary

The December 2015 HIT Standards Committee Meeting

The December 2015 HIT Standards Committee focused on 3 key projects as we wrapped up our work for the year.Cris Ross presented the work of the Certified Technology Comparison Task Force. The idea behind this work is simple. AlthoughShow More Summary

Unity Farm Journal - Second Week of December 2015

We’ve had a very warm December that has enabled us to do much more outdoor work than usual. The effort of the past weekend focused on refining our mushroom areas and permaculture plantings. Our end goal is 500 logs in production as follows360...Show More Summary

The State of Information Security 2015

When I wrote about the most important healthcare IT stories of 2015 (such as ICD-10 and Meaningful Use), I did not include a discussion of Information Security. That’s because security deserves its own post. Increasingly complex threats...Show More Summary

Unity Farm Journal - First Week of December 2015

Thanksgiving was a busy time at Unity Farm, turning our harvest into dinner for the family, “in-laws to be”, and all the animals. Life on the farm is one of constant learning - every day is filled with new experiences and challenges....Show More Summary

2015 In Review

It’s now December and as each year ends, I always look back on the challenges and achievements of the past 12 months. Here’s my sense of 2015.ICD10 - billions were spent, countless other projects were delayed, and the transition occurred on October 1 without a major incident. Show More Summary

Unity Farm Journal - Third Week of November 2015

The leaves have fallen, the nights are below freezing, and the water systems have been drained for the season. Salt marsh hay covers all the outdoor vegetable beds, all cider has been moved indoors, and every bucket has been taken down from outdoor paddocks (heated buckets keep liquid water available inside the barn.). Show More Summary

A Followup on the MU Path Forward

After last week’s post about my suggested path forward for Meaningful Use, I received a large number of comments. I thought it would be useful to summarize them and clarify some of opinions.In general, 95% of commenters agreed that CMS...Show More Summary

Unity Farm Journal - The Second Week of November 2015

There are still a few weekend opportunities to work outside before the snow falls. We’ve shut off the irrigation, blown out all external pipes, put away the hoses, taken down all the temporary fences we used to keep the poultry out of fresh plantings, and covered all the firewood with tarps. Show More Summary

The Path Forward for Meaningful Use

Below is my assessment of the current Meaningful Use program and a proposal to better serve the needs of stakeholders. I’m likely going to violate many rules with this post. First, it’s over 1500 words, which is not ideal for social media. Show More Summary

The First Week of November 2015

We’ve had a sudden burst of warmth that enables us to do additional outdoor work. Among our 15 acres are several very old and large trees. The old oak on the hill now hosts the 12x12 tree house. The old maple in the marsh now hosts a 4x4 foot platform. Show More Summary

The November HIT Standards Committee

The November HIT Standards Committee included a comprehensive review of the CMS Meaningful Use Stage 3/Modification Rule and the ONC 2015 Certification Rule.We begin the meeting with a presentation from Robert Anthony of the Meaningful Use Stage 3 and Modification Rule A robust discussion followed. Show More Summary

Unity Farm Journal - Fifth Week of October 2015

I’m back from China and have caught up on the accumulated farm work that built up in my absence. I did what I needed to do in Asia, lecturing about Meaningful Use accompanied by lasers and fog, but not fireworks. Kathy kept everyoneShow More Summary

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