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Tiny worm burrows may reveal when first complex animals evolved

Microscopic fossil burrows found in ancient rocks reveal that small worm-like animals existed more than half a billion years ago

Control a drone with your mind at New Scientist Live

There are over 100 amazing things to do, see, hear and touch at New Scientist Live

Democracy needs an upgrade to ensure it keeps people on its side

If an election winner gains fewer votes than the loser, the system is flawed. To stay the best mode of government, democracy needs to use new technology

We need a more grown-up conversation about the menopause

It’s not just about women – a frank conversation acknowledging the link between cognitive symptoms of menopause and Alzheimer’s disease would benefit everyone

Some of Uranus’s small moons are doomed to collide

The first measurement of the mass of a small Uranian moon suggests it will be obliterated after smashing into one of its neighbours in the next million years

Explore what it means to be human at New Scientist Live

From conception to old age and every life stage in between, you’ll find a wealth of fascinating talks about the human body and mind at New Scientist Live  

Why the ostrich is the only living animal with four kneecaps

The ostrich appears to be unique in the animal kingdom, because it has two kneecaps on each knee rather than one. The question is why

Solved: Why tropical plants have such enormous leaves

Tropical plants like bananas have much bigger leaves than temperate ones like heather, a puzzle which has baffled plant scientists for over a century

Spiralling galaxy arms spread oxygen around for future planets

The spiral arms of a galaxy called NGC 1365 contain 60 per cent more oxygen than the space between, the most extreme variation seen in a galaxy like this

Some TRAPPIST-1 planets may have the right conditions for water

Water on the planets nearest the TRAPPIST-1 star would be destroyed by UV radiation but it could survive on the cooler worlds in the habitable zone

Make the military-industrial complex great again

Trump's research priorities invoke a golden era of American power, but nostalgia for the 1950s is no way to run a modern science program

Feedback: North American eclipse heralds arrival of doomsayers

If you're reading this it wasn't the end of the world after all. Plus: jewels, jowls and a scientist brewer, and one chain pub you've not heard of before.

I watched the eclipse with scientists hunting the sun’s secrets

Leah Crane joined solar researchers to watch yesterday’s eclipse, a rare chance to look at a scorching ring of space around the sun that we can almost never see

Atomic assembly lines are a small victory for chemists

Chemists are about to realise their ultimate goal – precise control of the building blocks of matter

Gas-filled black balloons create eerie floating worlds

Artist Tadao Cern's pairs of helium and air-filled balloons floating in glass tanks show just how easily scientific principles can be turned into art

To tackle extremism, we need to know the enemy

We can’t counter extremism without understanding it – and that means supporting those researching it, not suspecting their motives

A surveillance state is no fix for Brexit’s Irish border issue

The UK has called for "technology-based solutions" to manage the Irish border, but tracking the flow of goods and people could mean intrusive surveillance

Feedback: NASA seeks a planet-protecting superhero

Plus: the pubs frequented by spacemen, fossils and monkey-lions, Ireland's longest distance delivery van, and a man named Chicken Rooster.

Web firms shunning neo-Nazi site isn’t necessarily good news

The neo-Nazi website Daily Stormer has been booted out by web services for crossing moral lines, but should tech firms decide what we see online?

Feedback: Gem-studded power pants to put a sparkle in your life

But there's one thing they can't help with. Plus: 1-tonne kangaroos roaming the West Country, a place to get a very cold beer, and a farewell to Daedalus

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