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How do you link the world’s blockchains? With another blockchain

Thousands of blockchain projects have failed because different blockchains can’t share data – now the makers of a meta-blockchain think they can restart the blockchain revolution

Making your brain cells longer could help ward off Alzheimer’s

People who die with plaques and tangles in their brain but no signs of dementia may have changed the shape of connections between neurons to withstand the disease

Latest climate talks actually made progress despite US obstinacy

While the US tried to promote “clean coal” at the COP23 Bonn climate meeting, other countries called for the dirty fossil fuel to be rapidly phased out

Spongy clay might create huge water deposits deep inside Earth

We might finally know how ocean-sized deposits of water hundreds of kilometres below Earth's surface are getting there: a spongy sort of clay that is bringing it underground

Your music tastes can be changed by using magnets on your brain

Around three minutes of brain stimulation is all it takes to change people’s love of music, and even how much money they’re willing to spend on it

The New Horizons spacecraft is heading towards a mystery rock

After its visit to Pluto, the New Horizons spacecraft is travelling through the Kuiper belt towards what seems to be one rock - but what if it's actually two?

We’ve just found a nearby exoplanet that could be right for life

A newly discovered nearby world is probably close in size and temperature to Earth. This exoplanet might be able to host life because of its unusually calm star

Porpoises twist laws of physics to aim their focused sonar beams

Porpoises scrunch up their heads to direct their sonar beams and keep prey within "sight". Understanding how they point sound could help us design better sonar

Why we should build AI that sometimes disobeys our commands

In our desire to make ethical artificial intelligence, we better be ready for machines that can choose to say no, says Jamais Cascio

Get closer to death to make the most of life

We distance ourselves from dying, but in doing so we could be missing out on the surprising upsides of mortality

Coffee and plant-based diets linked to lower heart failure risk

Drinking coffee, and diets consisting mostly of vegetables, fruit, beans and whole grains, have both been linked to a lower risk of developing heart failure

Should we seed life through the cosmos using laser-driven ships?

Our galaxy may have billions of habitable worlds. A proposal to spread life says we should use giant lasers and light sails to send microbes out to them

Climate change blamed for Arabian Sea’s unexpected hurricanes

A flurry of hurricane-strength storms struck the Arabian Sea in 2014 and 2015, and climate change seems to have played a role

Language: Unlocking the past’s most powerful secret

The to and fro that happens when we talk is key to understanding language, and challenges the way we view human nature, argue two books

Watch a monkey floss its teeth with a bird feather

Nicobar long-tailed macaques have learned to use an array of tools, from wrapping prickly food in leaves to avoid getting hurt, to using bird feathers to floss their teeth

Giant coconut crab sneaks up on a sleeping bird and kills it

Coconut crabs were thought to be purely opportunistic scavengers, but these huge arthropods are actually active predators that may dominate their island homes

Grow fake versions of rare delicacies like sea urchin at home

Japanese meat culturing project goes beyond hamburger to copy problematic delicacies like sea urchin, foie gras - and someday maybe dinosaur

Gluten-sensitive? It may actually be a carb making you ill

Rather than gluten, fructan molecules seem to be to blame for sensitive guts. If true, gluten-free people could eat soy sauce and sourdough bread again

Feedback: Want to improve your Dutch? Head to the pub

How alcohol can improve your language skills, plus: more climate skepticism in the US, Rhode Island's missing donkeys, a class on despair, and more

Meet the winners of the biggest ever face-recognition challenge

Everyone from Apple to the security services is scrambling to improve their face-recognition software – just how good is it?

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