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From Paintshop Pro to Photoshop to and back to PSP

Years ago I used Paintshop Pro as a lightweight alternative to Photoshop, then I got turned to Photoshop (I had a legit copy of version 2!) but later abandoned it for other programs such as Unfortunately, that applicationShow More Summary

Does hotter water freeze faster than cold?

It sounds like #deceivedwisdom, but there are lots of reputable scientists who believe the Mpemba effect wherein hot water freezes faster than cold water is real. Youtube was replete with videos of people fling pans of boiling waterShow More Summary

Winter halo around the moon

There was a gorgeous winter halo around the pre-full moon last night. The near 22° halo is an optical phenomenon occurs as moonlight is refracted by millions of ice crystals suspended in the atmosphere. The halo is large with a radius approximately the size of an outstretched hand at arm’s length. As light passes through … Continue reading "Winter halo around the moon"

What Facebook knows about your photos

Have you ever wondered what Facebook thinks of your photos…here’s a simple trick to find out courtesy of my friend Amit Agarwal’s Digital Inspiration blog. First, in the Google Chrome browser, open any photograph on the Facebook website...Show More Summary

Japanese manga STEM girls

Ana Verissimo of the University of Leicester is mashing up her love of Japanese art with a passion for science with the launch of a new series of manga characters. ‘STEM Heroes’ follows the adventures of four high school girls usingShow More Summary

A better year

Is it just me or do you feel it’s been a truly bitter-sweet year, there have been many highs but far too many lows? A Better Year by Dave Bradley A Better Year When life takes a turn for the worse, the worst it could ever be And you yearn for something to quench that … Continue reading "A better year"

Did you get hacked?

The Rayban scam is doing the rounds again, don’t click any friends’ updates where there’s an offer of cheap sunglasses, I mean come on, look at the weather. Some people imagine hackers sitting typing in passwords one after the other until they get into your account, this is not what hackers trying to break into … Continue reading "Did you get hacked?"

Mozart beats Metallica at Operation

Men should avoid listening to rock music when playing board games, such as Operation, according to UK scientists who, presumably on the last day of term brought in some toys to play in the lab. Mozart may enhance a man’s performance in board games – while Metallica may hinder their chances, they suggest. Show More Summary

Starburst Christmas Tree

I snapped a few night-time shots of the Christmas tree and lights on our village green this weekend. I did a few “pulling” the zoom with a fairly low shutter speed so that I got some night drawn out light effects from the tree and the Xmas lights encircling the green. Having seen the starburst … Continue reading "Starburst Christmas Tree"

The Elements redux

My good friend Helen Arney has updated every chemist’s favourite Tom Lehrer song The Elements, bringing in the new elements discovered or synthesised since 1959 and including the recently announced official names of elements 113, 115, 117, and 118 [nihonium (Nh), moscovium (Mc), tennessine (Ts), and oganesson (Og), respectively]. Show More Summary

Comment is with you

Five years ago this month I got so fed up with the spam to genuine comment ratio…1 in 100 comments were real, the rest were spam…and with 7000 comments up to that point on the site, that was an awful lot of fake, fraudulent, scammy, spammy traffic (at the time, trolling wasn’t actually a problem … Continue reading "Comment is with you"

Elemental Discoveries

Back in 1995, my blog (before they called them blogs) was a chemistry news site called Elemental Discoveries, which had started life in the newly launched young chemists’ magazine from the RSC, which I renamed “New Elements” (It used to be called Gas jar, back in the, back in the, back in the day). Anyway, … Continue reading "Elemental Discoveries"

Stonehenge and its dog

New evidence from Stonehenge suggests that travellers made the journey from what is now the Vale of York (250 miles away) with their “pet” dog thousands of years before the stone monument was even built. You can read my comment on this scientific discovery on the Materials Today site.

Future History

Time travellers with nothing better to do just sent me a GCSE history exam paper from the summer of 2066…makes for interesting and yet worrying reading… GCSE History Paper 2 23rd June 2066 World War III (20 January 2017-21 January 2017) Answer all questions in this section. You are advised to spend 90 minutes of … Continue reading "Future History"

Beam me up for Christmas

Calling Trekkies and ubernerds everywhere…fancy an exact replica of the original Star Trek communicator just 50 years after the show launched and hopefully in time for Christmas. The Wand Company who first brought you a universal remote...Show More Summary

Fifty states of grey

I was thinking of writing an essay about how much I’d travelled in my youth. Not to brag, you understand, but just to say how I’d always felt I was a citizen of the world hopping from place to place. I worked in the US, travelled coast to coast and back (23 of the 50 … Continue reading "Fifty states of grey"

The evolution of language

Language changes as time marches on, usage becomes abusage and vice versa with phrases like “the number of people” morphing into the grammatically incorrect “the amount of people”, as if someone pureed the crowd and weighed it rather than counting everyone present. Show More Summary

NMN, next year’s big food supplement

Remember when your parents told you to eat your greens…well…there are plenty of benefits, but one of them might bear fruit if you would like to long long and prosper. Scientists at Washington University School of Medicine in St Louis have demonstrated increased longevity in mice fed a compound known as NMN, nicotinamide mononucleotide. Show More Summary

Heavy metal MOFs

Metal-organic frameworks, MOFs, are a relatively recent discovery. They are crystalline three-dimensional materials formed from a regular network of metal ions interlinked by organic molecules. The organic groups act as spacers to keep the metal ions apart, generally giving rise to permanent porosity within the solid. Show More Summary

Fall Sky

It’s always quite intriguing where conversations on social media end up. I posted a photo on Facebook of the view from my office at sunset last week, the sky was quite vivid and red and it was a nice shot. One friend, music PR and singer Jo Forrest, whom I first met when we recorded … Continue reading "Fall Sky"

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