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Gravity Suite

My musical celebration of the recent announcement of the discovery of gravitational waves, ripples in spacetime, the very fabric of our reality, generated by the collision of two black holes 1.3 billion light years away that began their outward journey at the time multicellular life on Earth was first beginning to emerge.

Halley’s Comet

I remember reading about Halley’s comet, (aka Comet Halley or 1P/Halley) when I was a kid. It troubled me that its short-period orbit was about 76 years, would I get to see it, I wondered? Well, it finally appeared in the sky, visible to the naked eye when I was almost 20, so there always […]

From Lebanon to Cornwall

You may have seen a graphic doing the rounds and offering support to the very worthy “refugees welcome” campaigns. The graphic, which actually started circulating in September 2015, says that: "Lebanon, a country barely the size of Cornwall, is currently housing two million refugees" and that Britain is panicking over a "migrant crisis" and has […]

Why are all our rock heroes dying?

Why are all our rock heroes dying? David Bowie, Motorhead’s Lemmy and former drummer Phil “Philthy Animal” Taylor, Yes’s Chris Squire, Toto’s Mike Porcaro, Mott the Hoople’s Dale Griffin, blues legend B.B. King, REO Speedwagon’s Gary Richrath, bassist Jimmy Bain, electronic music pioneer Edgar Froese, Greek great Demis Roussos, APP’s Chris Rainbow, Free’s Andy Fraser, […]

Better connected than Zuckerberg

Forget six degrees of separation. According to Facebook’s own research and data my “degree of separation” from others in the social networking site is just 3.09. Which means I am actually better connected than FB pres Mark Zuckerberg (3.17) although not as well connected as FB COO Sheryl Sandberg (2.97). Intriguingly, I have no direct mutual contacts with Zuck, […]

Sweat test app

A wearable sensor that carries out chemical analysis of your sweat when exercising, for instance, and sends data about metabolites, eletrolytes and skin temperature to a smart phone app, could be the next device to assist in sports and health science, in athletic training for professionals and amateurs alike and offer them a detailed view […]

Synthetic biology to fight Zika virus

Could synthetic biology be used to fight Zika virus and other emergent pathogens carried by mosquitoes? Andrew Maynard, Director of the Risk Innovation Lab, at Arizona State University, thinks so and discusses the possibilities in The...Show More Summary

Down old Pompeii way

Pompeii was an ancient Roman town-city near modern Naples founded in the seventh or sixth century BC at the foot of Mount Vesuvius and famously destroyed by the volcano in AD 79. According to contemporary historians the eruption is documented as having started on 24th August 79 (Pliny) but archaeological excavations suggest that the city […]

Nacreous cloud spotting

UPDATE: These definitely are nacreous clouds, so-called because they look like nacre (mother-of-pearl). Lots of people posting photos all over twitter right now. Just after the sun set over our village north of Cambridge, England, a whisp of white cloud caught my eye as I was staring out of my office window. Next to it […]


I hope this doesn’t sound like too much pseudo, psychobabbly, philosophical claptrap. But…it’s been said before, we are stardust. The matter from which we are composed was forged in ancient stars that exploded and spread their atoms across the galaxy, later to seed life on Earth billions of years ago. The bottom line: we are […]

Lemmium (Lm)

Regardless of petitions and campaigns, it’s unlikely that IUPAC/IUPAP will accept lemmium (Lm) as the new name for one of those recently discovered heavy metals because of basic naming constraints and because names usually go with institute or discoverer or some scientific hero rather than the late bass player from an awesome heavy metal band. Of […]

Xmas Round Robin

Far too busy to send Xmas cards, but plenty of time to write a personal essay about your wonderful life? Check out the Xmas Round Robin, first one just received… The Annual Xmas Round Robin Well, what a year it’s been! We’ve all been so busy and no time for any of that keeping in […]

Suspending the sprays, sidestepping side-effects

People rarely read the patient information leaflets that come with their medicine…well, I say that, I have no evidence for it other than anecdote and the fact that I don’t. Well, I have occasionally, but hadn’t for my asthma meds (a combined reliever, preventer called Symbicort that contains formoterol (long-acting beta-agonist, LABA, reliever) and the […]


I remember in junior school, Mrs Nancarrow’s class, I was aged 10 or thereabouts, that I got told off for using some silly expletive and she saying that swearing was a sign of a poor vocabulary. I posited at the time that I actually knew all the proper words and the swear words so didn’t […]

Snowman…more like snowgnome

There’s a nice joke doing the rounds again, a snowman going cheap, needs attention. But, let’s just look at those volumes again, shall we? Just how big a snowman would he have been? That carrot would’ve been outsize for sure…in any position…

General musical inspiration, relatively speaking

A century since Einstein’s published his General Theory of Relativity and the launch date of the new track from Diagrams, the artistic moniker of Sheffield-based Sam Genders on which I played a tiny advisory role on a nanoscopic part of the lyrics. “I’m fascinated by science and had been reading Einstein’s biography on the last […]

Sciencebase in Emoji

I strongly suspect this bunch of emoji translate into something lewd, rude, crude, insulting…but it was just meant to be a few of my favourite things…so apologies if you speak emoji and are offended :-/

The ubiquitous Sciencebase

I’ve been on the net in one form or another since January 1989. First web page 1995 and registered in July 1999. Now where am I? Here, there and everywhere… Twitter     Facebook     Tumblr     Flickr     Youtube     Vimeo     LinkedIn     BandCamp     Spotify     SoundCloud     ReverbNation     Instagram     […]

Beyond Bernoulli

It was Schrodinger who said the one question he wanted God to answer was that of turbulence…in an imaginary forthcoming popular science book entitled Beyond Bernouilli, the author explains how science will one day predict the behaviour of clouds, smoke, fluid flow and choppy seas…

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