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Flying visit to RSBP Snettisham

…always escaping to the coast when we can, headed up the A10 (not quite as the crow flies, as we were in a car), took almost as long to get around King’s Lynn north to Snettisham as it had from here to King’s Lynn. Not to worry, we made it by midday. We’d missed the … Continue reading "Flying visit to RSBP Snettisham"

What is fipronil and why is it in our eggs?

Fipronil – broad-spectrum insecticide, one of a group of compounds known as phenylpyrazoles. Andy Brunning over on Compound Interest cracks open the story… To quote Compound Interest: It appears that Fipronil was mixed in with a red mite treatment, Dega-16, in order to enhance its effectiveness. Show More Summary

Are we getting warm yet?

Greenhouse gases –> global warming –> climate change Country by country temperature anomalies from 1900 to the present day as a neat chart, an international problem Animation by Antti Lipponen, a physicist at the Finnish Meteorological Institute.

The hemp-eating linen weaver – Linaria cannabina

Don’t often see avian couples together…or more to the point, I don’t often catch them “on film” together. Here are Mr and Mrs Linnet (Linaria cannabina) at their residence in Rampton Pocket Park a few miles north of Cambridge. The bird’s...Show More Summary

Classic Chords Reprise

Regular readers will know the Classic Chords series I started a year or two ago as a musical aside. It continues to attract attention and there are now more than 20 in the collection everything from The Beatles and The Rolling Stones to Rush and Foo Fighters. You can find the first Classic Chord here … Continue reading "Classic Chords Reprise"

Sciencebase popular photos on 500px

I’ve been on photo site/community 500px for years but only this year, with my focus on birds have I really got into the community. There are some stunning photos on there. And, it’s very gratifying to have one’s own photos seen and “liked”, of course. Here’s a contact sheet of my most popular snaps, all … Continue reading "Sciencebase popular photos on 500px"

Turncoats on the shore – Prisma view

The new artwork for my song “Turncoats” was a stylised photo of three people walking with their backs to the sea. The photo was nice enough, but messing around with the Prisma app gave me some even more stylised versions of the original, contact sheet below. This is perhaps my favourite Prisma version of my … Continue reading "Turncoats on the shore – Prisma view"

Moving housemartins – Delichon urbica

Swifts, swallows, and housemartins (Delichon urbica) never seem to stop their flight once they arrive at our shores in the spring. Today, there was a whole flock of housemartins gathering on overhead wires in Aldreth, Cambridgeshire, to preen and perhaps make their plans for the long and perillous return journey to sub-Saharan Africa. Show More Summary

Yellowhammer – Emberiza citrinella

Often the way, you’re looking for one bird, when you hear and then spot another. Happens a lot with the yellowhammer (Emberiza citrinella). Today, I was walking a short distance along the Aldreth Causeway and could hear avian jostling...Show More Summary

Just your average graduation ceremony…but what this student does next will make you ROFL

Graduation ceremonies are rarely exciting affairs…except for family members watching their beloved chill roll up in a mortarboard and cape to grab their scroll. But, watch one student, Alexander Godfrey, at his graduation ceremony as...Show More Summary

Wake up Maggie!

Apparently, magpies (Pica pica) are invoked in Christian allegory because they look like a composite of a white dove and a black raven…they were alleged to have perched on the prow of The Ark during the Biblical flood and to have cackled and laughed whilst the world drowned… Then there’s the nursery rhyme, made famous … Continue reading "Wake up Maggie!"

Hobby – Falco subbuteo

A pair of hobbies (Falco subbuteo) took up residence in an abandoned rook’s nest at “The Lodge” RSPB reserve some time ago. They hatched three chicks which are thriving and providing hours of entertainment for birdwatchers and staff at the reserve. Show More Summary

Baskets of wild stone

All along the North Norfolk coast you will come across galvanized baskets piled high and filled with great flint stones. Strategically placed, these are part of the sea defences. It’s well known that Britain is kind of tilting downward into the sea along what one might imagine is its north-south axis and so the east … Continue reading "Baskets of wild stone"

Prisma – the goose that lays golden photos

I tried the Prisma app when it first launched, a year or so ago, but then quickly forgot about it. A few friends have been playing with the app recently though and producing some nice filtered photos, so I thought I’d have another play. I picked a recent closeup of a greylag gosling I snapped … Continue reading "Prisma – the goose that lays golden photos"

Birds on a summer’s evening dog walk

Evening dog walk in and around Rampton Spinney, pair of bullfinches (only one photographed), willow warblers, long-tailed tits, great tits, blue tits, and robins, all with juveniles. Reed warblers, reed buntings and whitethroats on the Cottenham Lode. Show More Summary

Green flash at sunset

If you’re watching a sunset or a sunrise, occasionally you might see a green flash or green rays from the edge of the sun just as it disappears from view or begins to peek over the horizon. This a purely atmospheric, optical phenomenon, nothing to do with surface activity on the sun. By pure chance … Continue reading "Green flash at sunset"

American migrant – Pectoral Sandpiper

The pectoral sandpiper (Calidris melanotos) is a migratory wading bird that breeds in North America and Asia, winters in South America and the South Pacific, but also spends time in Siberia. However, you can see them in the UK and Europe. Show More Summary

Who is the thirteenth Doctor Who?

I am really pleased that Broadchurch actor Jodie Whittaker is to be the next regeneration of Doctor Who (I know it’s a kids programme, just to be clear). But, there’s a lot of talk about her being the 13th Doctor, I don’t think that’s even vaguely correct. Ignore Peter Cushing and Paul McGann who both … Continue reading "Who is the thirteenth Doctor Who?"

Cottenham War Memorial – A fishy tale

UPDATE: It’s definitely not a dolphin in Cottenham. Who else has noticed the large “fish” leaning head down against the back of the legs of the serviceman featured in Cottenham’s War Memorial? Friend of the blog Patrick Coughlan certainly has and he wonders what it’s all about.. Show More Summary

Classic Chords #23 Rush Tom Sawyer

Tom Sawyer is perhaps the best known Rush song. It was the Canadian power trio’s breakthrough hit in terms of sales and popular appeal and was the opener on their 1981 album Moving Pictures. I remember listening to it on vinyl the day it came out and wondering how on earth I was going to … Continue reading "Classic Chords #23 Rush Tom Sawyer"

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