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Aurous for free music

Listen up! Aurous…nice name…ish…as you may have heard will look a bit like Spotify, behave a little like Apple Music and will be far more unsinkable than The Pirate Bay. If you liked the original music P2P systems, Napster, Kazaa, Audiogalaxy, Limewire, IRC sharing channels, Usenet binaries, and then Bit Torrents, cos you didn’t want […]

Facebook traffic light system

There are numerous traffic light systems around the world, obviously there are actual traffic lights to control vehicular movements, but there are also traffic light information systems for the salt, fat and sugar levels in processed foods you might buy from the supermarket. There are traffic lights for health checks (for those who ignore the […]

Smell of walnuts

Walnuts are an odd fruit…nut… I plucked one from a tree on a recent dogwalk and when I cut off the fleshy out coating this evening to get to the kernel the overwhelming odour it exuded took me right back to the first flat I shared with Mrs Sciencebase where we had a walnut tree. […]

Read without your reading glasses

Here’s a neat trick for long-sighted readers that exploits the underlying concept of a pinhole camera to let you read in close-up even if you forgot your reading glasses. The video also explains what it is about a pinhole versus a fixed lens that allows it to project a sharp image of something at any […]

Superduperbloodyruddyharvester moon eclipse

I generated a back of the envelope graphical representation of last night’s blood-red supermoon total lunacy eclipse that’s 99% clearer than 99% of the iPad photos posted after the event:

Emission control

Car manufacturers have been fiddling the books when it comes to pollutants for years, the latest scandal involving VW’s alleged “defeat device” is just the latest in a long line, the US EPA gave other manufacturers a hard slap on the wrist back in 1998, for instance. Thing is…this “defeat device” isn’t really a device at […]

Adding up Hinkley Point nuclear power station

The British government is going to sub the Chinese and EDF to build a new reactor for Hinkley Point nuclear power station. Estimates suggest Hinkley will cost £25 billion to build. But, as is the way with such things there will be delays and hidden costs. Look at London 2012 Olympics, the original estimate when […]

The apple story…

…no, not that one…not that one either…just the fruit. Now, our dog is a fruitarian. Well, actually that’s not strictly true, she’s a carnivore, a coprophyte, a toastaholic, a pescatarian, a big fan of blackberries, which she nibbles from the brambles, she’s a sloe learner too, similarly nibbling off the tiny, plum-like produce of the […]

Hickory dickory dock is that bomb just a clock?

It seems poignant to recall a post about juvenile experimenters and inventors that I wrote at the beginning of the year, given events this week. A 14-year old boy in Texas was arrested in school (and later released without charge) having turned up to class with a home-made digital clock in a box. A photo was shown at […]

Barefoot running – watch your step

Usually, as small children we spend a lot of time running around barefoot, as we grow shoes and trainers become de rigeur for most of us, especially if we’re involved in sport. And, Zola Budd and other top athletes aside, there were few who went running barefoot, at least until about ten years ago when […]

Music: emotion by proxy

I’ve always loved music, in the words of the song, “music was my first love”. From the time when I’d listen to my mother trilling the songs of Dusty Springfield on washday, to my Dad’s Big O and Frank Ifield impressions. From the time I had my first toy glockenspiel and a miniature guitar, through […]

Nettle stings

Wellcome Images describes its 100,000 strong collection of high-resolution images as “one of the world’s richest and most unusual collections”. You cannot deny that making a nettle sting the subject of a photo is an unusual thing to do: The image above is a colourised scanning electron micrograph of the sting cells of a nettle […]


A conducting wire that can be stretched to 14 times its original length has been developed by scientists at the University of Texas at Dallas, US. They say it could find use in flexible electronics devices and artificial muscles, as well as other devices such as giant deformation strain sensors. You can read my full […]

So long Google+

I have been on Google+ from week 1, as with all their other services, I hankered after an invitation to get started as soon as they were announced and did my best to make something of each of them. Indeed, I had 16000+ people circling me on G+ as of this morning and more than […]

A triple A-side meta single

Obviously, a good old-fashioned circular slice of polyvinyl chloride, PVC, or just vinyl to audiophiles, is a disc, two sides, A and B, sometimes labelled A and A…but what if you want three sides? Is it possible to have a hyper-disk with an extra groovy surface? In reality, maybe not. Show More Summary

George does Geordie Geography gently

The Geordie geography of TV’s George Gently (which has been on for years) is quite amazing…I watch it because it’s filmed in the land of my birth. But, Scene 1 might be in a children’s home in Teesside (which they spell Teeside), next...Show More Summary

100 songs

Having mentioned 100 million chemicals just now, be sheer chance, I noticed that “Push the Button” stacks up as my 100th original tune on SoundCloud. It’s part of the double A-side “single” – Life Love, and Lonicera, which includes my...Show More Summary

100 million chemicals

One little bit of chemistry news that I always try to cover are the milestones as the Chemical Abstracts Service announces the next “round number” in its database of chemical structures. It was September 2007 when I mentioned their reaching...Show More Summary

Dexter on the Rocks

A fascinating paper highlighted in F1000 Prime suggests that powdered tomato (the red-coloured lycopene in it, actually) has a protective effect on a liver diseased by alcohol. Specifically, “dietary tomato powder inhibits alcohol-induced...Show More Summary

Dave Bradley Photography

There are countless sites for depositing and sharing one’s photos online. Mine are scattered across Flickr, 500px, Facebook, Google+, FineArt, and various others as well as on my Imaging Storm Photography website. Below a hastily constructed test gallery of just a few of my many hundreds of photos. Show More Summary

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