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Venus and beers

Once you’ve had yer fill…it’s time to head for the chippy but snapping, en route, the crescent Moon and Venus watching dispassionately from the Heavens over the annual Cambridge Beer Festival on Jesus Green. Just out of shot was also...Show More Summary

How not to have a middle age stroke

The number of middle-aged men and women suffering a cerebral stroke has apparently risen significantly in the last decade or so. It seems that the press release from the Stroke Association making this pronouncement which has been widely...Show More Summary

Flakka and bath salts

Alpha-PVP (?-pyrrolidinopentiophenone, alpha-PVP) is a synthetic stimulant of the cathinone class; the street drug – commonly known as flakka – is chemically similar to the illegal high MDPV (bath salts), but lacks the 3,4-methylenedioxy motif; the same difference that distinguishes methamphetamine (meth) from MDMA (ecstasy). Show More Summary

Three reasons diets don’t work

Interesting interview in The Washington Post that corroborates what I’ve thought about all these special weightloss diet scams and con tricks made to sell books and supplements. Here are the salient points: When you are dieting, youShow More Summary

Healthy green coffee

Last month I reported on research into “green” coffee for SpectroscopyNOW. From a quick glance at the reader statistics it looks like it was one of my most popular articles in recent months. What is it about coffee? We’re fascinated…...Show More Summary

Earthquake in Nepal

A cutting from the Nepalese government website for the National Seismological Centre dated 2011: “From the available data there has been no great earthquakes of magnitude >8.0 in the gap between the earthquakes of 1905 AD and 1934 AD...Show More Summary

At home with Fred’s House

A triumphant homecoming gig for Cambridge band Fred’s House saw a heaving Junction2 rocking to the rafters to the bands confident and big, big sound. The band old favourites at Strawberry Fair, Lodestar Festival and countless pubs and...Show More Summary

Butterflies and the nettle patch

Many species of brush-footed butterfly rely on nettles (Urtica dioica) for their caterpillars to thrive, among them, the comma (Polygonia c-album), the peacock (Inachis io), small tortoiseshell (Aglais urticae) and red admiral (Vanessa atalanta). Show More Summary

Puffins and razorbills

Apparently, puffins prefer to be deeper into rocky crevices on coastal cliff faces than razorbills (and guillemots) who cling to the edges. The puffin then has to wait until those other birds fly off, before it can get away itself to feed and socialise. Show More Summary

RSPB Bempton Cliffs

Sheer coincidence that we were visiting the East Riding of Yorkshire last week when the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) opened its new visitor centre at Bempton Cliffs. We approached the reserve on two walks first from...Show More Summary

Smartphone camera hacks

Some nice tricks to deviate from the norm with your smartphone camera: Drive-by panorama, water-drop macro lens, armless selfies with your headphone cable, cardboard “tripod”, underwater housing, binocular zoom and more Smartphone camera...Show More Summary

Do you like good music?

When we’re in our teens, it’s common that we first discover the music we see as our own, discarding the vinyl our parents played, and kicking back on beats to our own tune. For me it was a migration from 60s pop to 70s prog and hard rock. Show More Summary

There may be treble ahead

A catchy pop song of 2014 had the refrain “I’m all about that bass, no treble” or somesuch throwaway line. The accompanying video, much parodied and pastiched, was popular on teh interwebz and was apparently all about raising body image...Show More Summary

Raising more than the roof at the house of blue lights

In the words of the song “Shed a little light”: There is a feeling like the clenching of a fist, There is a hunger in the center of the chest, There is a passage through the darkness… As such, this story is one in the eye for all those...Show More Summary

White Line Warrior

A song of history, chemistry and exploitation White line warrior Heading up the Inca Trail Silkroad Surfer Hides behind electric veil Foothill courier En route to the promised land Fuelled with a bitter taste Torment is in her hand Global...Show More Summary

Listen up bat man, this is a sound book

Think of a plant trying to attract a pollinator and the image of brightly coloured flowers with sweet bowls of nectar perhaps come to mind. You might also be aware of the ultraviolet landing strips that guide insects towards the flowers sexy bits where pollen is picked up and deposited. Show More Summary

The hormone’s on the wall

Molecular astrophysicist “Invader Xan” just posted a photo on Twitter showing a chemical structure painted on the wall at Schloss Ringberg. It looked like a steroid hormone to me and Invader, but were weren’t sure which. It didn’t take...Show More Summary

Grammar numpty flowchart

We’ve all been there…spotted a typo in someone’s tweet, an unfortunate autocorrection, bad grammar, misused apostrophes, their instead of there, tragic spelling mistakes. Grammar and spelling are important, of course. But, is it your...Show More Summary

Dopamine and Desire #song #goth

We are all essentially addicted to dopamine…we seek out things that stimulate the release of this neurotransmitter in our brains, dopamine activity hooks into the pleasure and reward centres, it makes us feel good. Some things stimulate...Show More Summary

Epigenome links nature and nurture

“Cells use their DNA code in different ways, depending on their jobs [heart, brain, lung, skin cell etc] — just as the [chamber] orchestra in this video can perform one piece of music in many different ways. The combination of changes...Show More Summary

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