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The real reason those refugee children seem so grown-up

Your home town is being ravaged by artillery fire from friend and foe alike, the outskirts have been littered with landmines, there are snipers and suicide bombers on almost every torn apart street corner. Your significant other and your two middle children are buried under six feet of breeze blocks and rubble. Show More Summary

Online hearing tests

Okay…as a wannabe rockstar and record producer, my ears are important…as are yours, of course. I’ve always felt that I could hear slightly better with my left ear (listening to music on headphones highlighted this) but in mixing music it’s not been apparent over the last few years, so maybe they evened out. I do … Continue reading "Online hearing tests"

Goodenough for the BBC

It’s 36 years since German-born John Bannister Goodenough (now 94 years old) demonstrated a practical rechargeable lithium ion battery at Oxford University the successors of which let you argue with people you don’t know on the other side of the world and look at blurred photos of their food while sitting in the pub with … Continue reading "Goodenough for the BBC"

Symptoms of DVT

Deep vein thrombosis formation of a blood clot (thrombus) within a major blood vessel carrying blood back to the heart. DVTs often occur in the deep veins of the legs. Symptoms of the clot itself may not be apparent, although signs and symptoms of DVT from NHS website may include: Pain Swelling and tenderness in one … Continue reading "Symptoms of DVT"

Aurora – In search of the Northern Lights

Melanie Windbridge has put together a wonderful tome describing her search for the perfect aurora. A plasma physicist by trade, Windbridge is Business Development Manager for the fusion start-up Tokamak Energy, and believes that science and exploration go hand in hand. Show More Summary

Scientific calculators

I first encountered Mateusz Mucha when he put together a website that let you track your blood pressure (a boon for both hypo- and hyper-tensives as well as hypochondriacs). He has now expanded his repertoire and built a collection of...Show More Summary

Sun dogs

I think I probably first knew the term “sun dogs” courtesy of a book by Robert Greenler entitled “Rainbows, Haloes and Glories” back in the 1980s, but it was in the Rush song Chain Lightning when I first took notice of the term and started spotting them in the sky. Sun dogs are sometimes known … Continue reading "Sun dogs"

Classic Chords #16 – Writing is on Oasis Wonderwall

Perhaps one of the most reviled of busker songs is the 1995 Oasis hit “Wonderwall” from the album  (What’s the Story) Morning Glory? The song is namechecked by Scottish band Travis in their first single “Writing to reach you” when singer...Show More Summary

Meningitis FAQ

You know when they say the symptoms of meningitis are commonly a headache and a stiff neck and perhaps purple blotches on the skin that don’t pale when pressed…well…it can be far worse than that and can kill. If you’re in a vulnerable group, make sure you’re vaccinated. It is highly recommended that new university … Continue reading "Meningitis FAQ"

Lost to the Weather #Rock

I was musing on finding a subject for a new song that was more of a short story than my usual stream of consciousness stuff when I saw the phrase “lost to the winter weather” in a random tweet…I’d not really come across that phrase “lost to the weather” but it put me in mind … Continue reading "Lost to the Weather #Rock"

Via Riccardus Filius

Currently underway is the demolition of the ancient residences of Via Riccardus Fillius on the site of what is now Newcastle University; known in the modern tongue as the Ricky Road flats. The department of archaeology has been on the site for several weeks and has so far unearthed at least 17 traffic cones, thought to be terracotta, … Continue reading "Via Riccardus Filius"

Protected: Six-string cabinets

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Bull stiff

There’s a brand of coffee apparently being touted as more than your usual pick-me-up…and aimed especially at men, it seems. It’s got herbal extracts (tongkat ali, maca root and guarana) that are meant to boost libido and health and are all-natural (whatever that means, isn’t everything natural?). Show More Summary

Three-parent babies

Okay…so the news is full of the first baby to have allegedly been born with DNA from three people (sperm and egg from a man and a woman and mitochondrial DNA from a second woman). The baby is five months old, according to New Scientist. So, how come earlier this year (June, to be precise), the likes of … Continue reading "Three-parent babies"

Alma mater tempus fugit

Spiral Nebula, by Geoffrey Clarke RA, is an iconic piece of sculpture that stands in front of the Herschel Building at Newcastle University, site of many a failed physics practical and slept-through early morning lecture (no wonder I took 4 years to get my chemistry degree!). Show More Summary

The Yahoo hack FAQ

Was my account hacked? Well, there were 500 million users affected of 1 billion active users, so chances are 1 in 2 that it was. But, you will get an email from Yahoo at some point if you were definitely affected. What should I do now? Login with your current details, change your password to a strong, unique … Continue reading "The Yahoo hack FAQ"

The smart vibe “cha cha cha”

Earlier, I issued a warning about slipping a USB stick into your slot for fear of infection or physical damage. But, it’s not just USB devices you have to worry about. According to Naked Security today, which quotes Gizmodo, the “We-Vibe...Show More Summary

Practice safe USB

There is, unfortunately, no insulated digital condom for USB sticks. Infections can be transmitted both ways as soon as you slide the stick into the slot, whether it’s a laptop, TV, copy machine or any other USB device. But, it’s not...Show More Summary

Here comes the flood

Peter Gabriel’s 1977 song Here Comes the Flood is, as far as I know, nothing to do with downpours, weather, or indeed floods. Rather the lyrics muse on the bizarre and fantastical notion of universal telepathy suddenly occurring across...Show More Summary

Water cannot dehydrate you

Here’s a thing, we’re endlessly told we should be drinking more water…well, that’s not strictly true, you get water from food and lots of different types of drinks and unless you have particular needs because of age or disease or are in a particularly desiccating environment it’s actually quite hard to become clinically dehydrated. Show More Summary

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