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Seeing the (UV) light: Previously undetected difference in human mutation rate unique to Europeans

(—Although humans are a single species, not all genetic variation is shared between populations – and the ability to sequence our entire genome has allowed scientists to catalogue mutations that occur in one ethnic group alone. Show More Summary

Now you see it: Real-space observation of many-body proton tunneling in water nanocluster

There's more to quantum tunneling than meets the eye – or rather, the visualization technique. Most quantum tunneling discussion focus on incoherent single-particle tunneling; on the other hand, quantum tunneling in the context of proton...Show More Summary

Universe may be on the brink of collapse (on the cosmological timescale)

(—Physicists have proposed a mechanism for "cosmological collapse" that predicts that the universe will soon stop expanding and collapse in on itself, obliterating all matter as we know it. Their calculations suggest that the...Show More Summary

Detection of mini black holes at the LHC could indicate parallel universes in extra dimensions

(—The possibility that other universes exist beyond our own universe is tantalizing, but seems nearly impossible to test. Now a group of physicists has suggested that the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the largest particle collider in the world, may be able to uncover the existence of parallel universes, should they exist.

Half-millimeter-thick battery could be worn in a wrinkle-smoothing patch

(—As the batteries under development in today's research labs are looking less like large blocks of metal and more like pieces of plastic wrap, their novel applications are coming closer to reality. One of the latest flexible...Show More Summary

Magic states offer surprisingly low error rates for quantum computing

(—Quantum computers hold a special allure, as they offer a way to harness quantum phenomena and put it to use to do things that are impossible for ordinary computers. But as powerful as quantum computers could be, they are also delicate in a way, since they must be shielded from the "noise" in the environment that causes detrimental errors. Show More Summary

Loophole in theory offers insight into the 'lithium problem'

(—There's not as much lithium in the universe as predicted, and scientists aren't sure why. According to the theory of big bang nucleosynthesis (BBN), isotopes of the three lightest elements—hydrogen, helium, and lithium—were created within the first 20 minutes after the big bang. Show More Summary

Traveling without moving: Quantum communication scheme transfers quantum states without transmitting physical particles

(—While Einstein considered quantum entanglement as "spooky action at a distance," and those who fully accept entanglement acknowledge it to be counterintuitive, current entanglement-based quantum communication schemes for transferring...Show More Summary

Glasses-free 3D display is made with tiny spherical lenses

One of the most common methods of creating the illusion of 3D is the autostereoscopic display, which is based on parallax: each eye is presented with a slightly different angle of a scene. Often this is done with many tiny microlenses, each projecting a small amount of light. Show More Summary

Tomorrow's tomography today: Simultaneous 3D imaging of vascular and neuronal networks in mouse spinal cord tissue

(—Given that blood supply to the brain and spinal cord is fundamental to central nervous system (CNS) physiology and pathology, it's not surprising that trauma and disease in spinal cord blood vessels and neurons lead to a range of neurodegenerative pathologies and other serious consequences. Show More Summary

Buckybomb shows potential power of nanoscale explosives

(—Scientists have simulated the explosion of a modified buckminsterfullerene molecule (C60), better known as a buckyball, and shown that the reaction produces a tremendous increase in temperature and pressure within a fraction of a second. Show More Summary

Na-ion batteries get closer to replacing Li-ion batteries

(—As lithium resources continue to decline worldwide, the next generation of portable electronics will most likely be powered by something other than Li-ion batteries. One potential candidate is the sodium-ion (Na-ion) battery, which stands out because sodium is cheaper, non-toxic, and more abundant than lithium.

Light, meet matter: Single-photon quantum memory in diamond optical phonons at room temperature

(—Photonic quantum technologies – including cryptography, enhanced measurement and information processing – face a conundrum: They require single photons, but these are difficult to create, manipulate and measure. At the same time, quantum memories enable these technologies by acting as a photonic buffer. Show More Summary

Could classical theory be just as weird as quantum theory?

Quantum mechanics is often described as "weird" and "strange" because it abandons many of the intuitive traits of classical physics. For example, the ideas that the world is objective, is deterministic, and exists independent of measurement are basic features of classical theory, but do not always hold up in quantum theory. Show More Summary

Pen draws flexible circuits using half-meter long carbon nanotube fibers

(—While it may look like researchers from Tsinghua University in Beijing are sketching out an idea for a circuit on a piece of paper, they're actually using a special pen that draws real circuits using carbon-nanotube-based ink.

Rapidly reconfigurable waveform generator on a CMOS chip could be used for high-speed wireless communication

(—An arbitrary waveform generator can, as its name implies, generate waves of almost any shape by controlling the amplitude, frequency, phase, and other wave characteristics. Waveform generators working in the radio frequency...Show More Summary

Red light goes green: Metal-free organic sensitizers portend significant advance in artificial photosynthesis

(—Photosynthesis – the ubiquitous yet remarkable process by which most plants, algae, and cyanobacteria convert light energy into chemical energy – provides the atmospheric oxygen and organic compounds fundamental to the evolution...Show More Summary

Nano switch could store memory using coordinated 'dance' of atoms

( —In one of the tiniest switches ever made, five atoms appear to "dance" around each other in a complex choreographic sequence, with their final arrangement corresponding to one of two stable states. This concerted motion of...Show More Summary

Scientists go to great lengths to extend superlow friction

(—When nanosized pieces of graphite slide against each other, there can be virtually no friction between them. For many years, superlow friction, or "superlubricity," was known to exist only on the nanoscale. Then in 2012, scientists...Show More Summary

No Big Bang? Quantum equation predicts universe has no beginning

( —The universe may have existed forever, according to a new model that applies quantum correction terms to complement Einstein's theory of general relativity. The model may also account for dark matter and dark energy, resolving multiple problems at once.

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