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New technology reveals 16th century Edinburgh

The lost townscape of sixteenth-century Edinburgh has been brought back to life by researchers at the University of St Andrews.

Study examines effects of peer influence on members of European Parliament

Whether out to dinner with friends or attending a conference with co-workers, your experience will be directly impacted by people in close proximity. For example, if everyone at dinner spends the night complaining about the food and service, you may leave unsatisfied, even if you liked the restaurant. Show More Summary

Why pro-inclusive policies may sabotage their own goals

Research published in European Education examines how policies that are meant to help encourage inclusion of communities can in fact achieve the opposite.

Ancient, near-pristine Buddha to make Kabul museum debut

Having withstood time, the elements, looters and war, a spectacular Buddha restored and removed from one of Afghanistan's most dangerous regions is to make its public debut in the country's national museum.

Challenges veterans face when transitioning from the battlefield to the classroom

A research team investigating the mental health burden and treatment-seeking behaviors of student veterans attending rural community colleges in the southern United States has found that this population has difficulty integrating into the campus community and needs support to help it succeed.

Egyptian statue recently discovered is not Ramses II

Egypt's antiquities minister says a massive statue recently discovered in Cairo and thought to be of one of the country's most famous pharaohs may actually be of another ancient Egyptian ruler.

Research first to show effectiveness of Federal Reserve emergency lending 2007-09

This week, the Federal Reserve hiked interest rates for just the third time in nine years. While many Americans know the Fed for its role in making monetary policy, it serves another lesser-known but hugely important purpose: providing temporary, short-term funds to banks as a "lender of last resort."

Using customer names pays off – unless you get it wrong

Personalizing products and services is becoming more prevalent. Coffee shops, such as Starbucks, put customers' names on beverage cups, flight attendants address first-class fliers by name and direct mail, such as catalogs, is often addressed to specific consumers.

Not like the other black girls

The presumed sisterhood between young black women in the United States doesn't exist between the different classes. In fact, a tense relationship is actually par for the course between poorer black women and their more affluent counterparts,...Show More Summary

A preference for casual sex increases risk of harassment

Adolescents who sexually harass others have had casual sex more often than those who do not harass others. They also fantasize more about casual sex and find it more acceptable to have sex without any commitment or emotional closene...

Providing housing for homeless is cheaper and better for society

It is cheaper to provide last resort housing to homeless people than to leave them sleeping rough, a new report from the University of Melbourne has found.

Intact mushroom and mycophagous rove beetle in Burmese amber leak early evolution of mushrooms

Mushrooms are common, conspicuous and morphologically diverse fungi. Most agaricomycete fruiting bodies are ephemeral, so they are extremely rare in fossils. Up to now, all described species of gilled mushrooms, or agaricales, have been known exclusively from amber. Show More Summary

US states mull laws allowing religion in science class

Angela Garlington feels alone in the way she teaches science at a high school in Odessa, a Texas city populated by oil field workers.

Why CEOs of failing companies jump ship... or don't

It's a common scenario in the corporate world. A company begins to fail, and before long the CEO is out the door. Sometimes the person is asked to go, but other times it's a voluntary move—a decision that may be driven largely by the executive's so-called "social capital," according to a new study led by the University of Arizona.

The science 'reproducibility crisis' – and what can be done about it

Reproducibility is the idea that an experiment can be repeated by another scientist and they will get the same result. It is important to show that the claims of any experiment are true and for them to be useful for any further research.

Serious games for police officers under stress

Stress has a negative impact on the wellbeing and performance of police officers, because it affects their judgements and decisiveness. Supported by an NWO grant of over 750.000 euros, Radboud researchers Karin Roelofs, Isabela Granic...Show More Summary

States with expanded Medicaid program saw higher voter turnout

Since becoming law, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has been used by political parties in attempts to mobilize voters. In a new study, Jake Haselswerdt, assistant professor of political science and public affairs at the University of Missouri, found a correlation between voter turnout and Medicaid expansion, a key component of the ACA. Show More Summary

Study of youth gangs from street to village

A new study of S?moan youth gangs in South Auckland has found that sending troubled youth back to their homeland can be detrimental to their wellbeing, and that of the village they are sent to.

How Trump's immigration policies are making unaccompanied migrant youth even more vulnerable

The Trump administration has released a series of executive orders targeting immigration at the U.S. southern border. Central American families and children traveling alone represent nearly half of all unauthorized migrants apprehended by Customs and Border Protection. Show More Summary

Women in finance face harsher discipline than men

While most contemporary women's rights protests focus on workplace issues such as unequal pay, one form of gender discrimination has largely flown under the radar.

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