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Spatial order increases cooperation in quantum prisoner's dilemma game

Although we know that cooperating with others usually brings about the best results for everyone, oftentimes being uncooperative can be more beneficial to an individual who takes advantage of others who do cooperate. One of the mostShow More Summary

Self-charging battery gets boost from nanocomposite film

( —In 2012, a research team at the Georgia Institute of Technology led by Professor Zhong Lin Wang fabricated the first self-charging power pack, or battery, that can be charged without being plugged into a wall socket or other source of electricity. Show More Summary

Scientists discover bulk material that exhibits monolayer behavior

( —Most materials behave very differently in bulk (3D) form than they do in monolayer (2D) form. The difference occurs because of weak forces holding the multiple layers of a bulk material together, which results in electronic and vibrational coupling that alters the material's properties. Show More Summary

Fractal wire patterns enhance stretchability of electronic devices

( —Fractals—patterns defined by their scale-invariance that makes them look the same on large scales as they do on small scales—are found in nature everywhere from snowflakes to broccoli to the beating of the heart. In a new...Show More Summary

Quantum communication scheme provides guaranteed security without quantum memories

( —Quantum mechanics offers the potential for creating communication technologies with an inherently higher security level than today's classical technologies. Using quantum digital signatures (QDS), for example, messages can be sent to multiple recipients with the guarantee that the messages cannot be forged or tampered with.

Photons' journeys across the universe help unravel cosmological mysteries

( —The faint background glow that exists throughout the Universe, called the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB), is made of photons that have been scattering since the universe was just 400,000 years old. Now in a new paper,Show More Summary

Optical data storage has virtually unlimited lifetime

( —Data stored on today's CDs and DVDs has a lifetime of several decades before the physical material begins to significantly decay. Researchers are working on prolonging the lifetime of stored data, but so far reaching even 100 years has been challenging. Show More Summary

The twain finally meet: Nanowires and nanotubes combined to form intracellular bioelectronic probes

( —Miniaturized bioelectronic probes stand to transform biology and medicine by allowing measurement of intracellular components in vivo. Recently, scientists at Harvard University and Peking University designed, fabricatedShow More Summary

Spiderman robot spins draglines to cross open space (w/ video)

( —Inspired by spiders' abilities to produce draglines and use them to move across open space, researchers have designed and built a robot that can do the same. Similar to Spiderman shooting a dragline from his wrist, the robot produces a sticky plastic thread that it attaches to a surface, such as a wall or tree branch. Show More Summary

It's alive! Scientists combine liquid crystals and living bacteria

( —The prospect of integrated living organisms into a non-living substrate has long held a compelling appeal for those investigating active matter – the study of a type of easily-deformable out of equilibrium soft matter that...Show More Summary

3-D Air-Touch display operates on mobile devices

( —While interactive 3D systems such as the Wii and Kinect have been popular for several years, 3D technology is yet to become part of mobile devices. Researchers are working on it, however, with one of the most recent papers demonstrating a 3D "Air-Touch" system that allows users to touch floating 3D images displayed by a mobile device. Show More Summary

Unpacking the past: Identifying a key evolutionary step in E. coli metabolism

( —Evolution is a process that takes place over long periods of time over which genetics and ecology may interact, producing novel phenotypic traits. Researchers previously found that after roughly 31,500 generations had passed...Show More Summary

Nanoscale heat engine exceeds standard efficiency limit

( —In 2012, a team of physicists from Germany proposed a scheme for realizing a nanoscale heat engine composed of a single ion. Like a macroscale heat engine, the theoretical nanoscale version can convert heat into mechanical work by taking advantage of the temperature difference between two thermal reservoirs. Show More Summary

The ties that bind: Recreating Darwinian ligand evolution in vitro

( —A key feature of certain chemicals is their ability to bind to other molecules – a property that emerged through evolution – but current chemical theory lacks the ability to design binders from first principles. To resolve...Show More Summary

Future solar cells may be made of wood

( —A new kind of paper that is made of wood fibers yet is 96% transparent could be a revolutionary material for next-generation solar cells. Coming from plants, the paper is inexpensive and more environmentally friendly than the plastic substrates often used in solar cells. Show More Summary

Anti-protest law changes Twitter users' behavior, but not network structure, physicists show

( —With the rise of social media, it is possible to organize public demonstrations on larger scales and in less time than ever before. In response, some governments are trying to decide how to regulate and impede the organization of these demonstrations, in order to maintain safety, order, or for other reasons. Show More Summary

Acoustic lens generates tunable 'sound bullets' for ultrasound applications

( —Scientists have developed an acoustic lens that produces pressure pulses that are so intense they're called "sound bullets." Although they are too high-pitched to be audible to the human ear, the sound bullets could have a variety of uses such as in medical ultrasound, underwater mapping, and other high-intensity acoustic applications.

Reflections in the eye contain identifiable faces

( —Eyes are said to be a mirror to the soul, but they may also be a mirror to the surrounding world. Researchers have found that our eyes reflect the people we're looking at with high enough resolution so that the people can be identified. The results could be applied to analyzing photographs of crime victims whose eyes may be reflecting their perpetrators.

Quantum-to-classical transition may be explained by fuzziness of measurement references

( —The quantum and classical worlds are clearly very different, but how a physical system transitions between them is much less clear. The most well-known attempt to explain the quantum-to-classical transition is decoherence, which is the idea that interactions with the environment destroy quantum coherence, causing a quantum system to become classical.

Meta-hologram produces dual images and multiple colors (w/ Video)

( —Holograms have attracted wide attention for their ability to produce a realistic 3D image of an object by recording the object's light field and later reconstructing the light field on a 2D surface. Now researchers have fabricated...Show More Summary

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